Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Question For Targets: Does It Make Sense The Way We Carry On?

I wake up in the morning and, as usual, start doing those exercises that undo the corruption to my system the usual through the night DEW attacks cause. I have to move to an area I know is less prone to attacks, and be quick about what I am doing to get anything from the activities.

I know that my evasive tactics are working because, while I am about my morning routine, a perp upstairs always comes to the steps where I can hear him, coughing, whistling and spattering loudly, making precisely those noises they have sensitized me to.

He is attempting to frustrate my attempts to do the right thing by making me know he is watching? What kind of imagination is that?

I have rushed up the stairs an few times, but the perp always anticipates my coming and disappears behind doors only those with a key to the block of flats on that side can enter. No need even trying, the perp is always ahead of me what with equipment strait out of the establishment’s classified weapons store.

I have tried to imagine how this perp looks. He probably has a sagging belly, fat feminine breasts, unsightly turkey neck, ugly as hell. I meet these kinds a lot on the streets and I try my level best to avoid looking directly at them, lest they feel even less than they are. I have found that the motivation for what they do, though covered with a transparent veneer of national security or survival, is nothing other than outright jealousy. For example, showing them how my body really looks always leads to screams, after which attacks intensify.

This bunch, all the way up to the top where commands are issued, are in the grips of complexes that they have over the years learnt to cover up with cool sounding motivations, which don’t stick. It makes me puke every time they attempt to gain my attention, showing off nothing other than the fact they are psychopaths who are no better than the average paedophile, deviants that have no business attempting to even control one like me. Go is go, and attempts to frustrate the progress of someone after the order is simply revealing the core that is as low of self esteem as can be.

Dutch TV reporter handcuffs herself to Hugh Grant at Amsterdam premiere of Music & Lyrics.

I find the image of a Dutch fan chaining herself to the actor Hugh Grant to be an apt pun, philistine fool, but then who would expect a psychopath who gets his kicks from locking people up to reciprocate?

As soon as I leave the relative security of the high rise building, all hell breaks loose, and each time, everyday, I ask myself why I pretend?

The way I really feel I should be clad while going about my day’s activities. Provided the base can also be made of conducting material that has a grounding effect, this would be the best way of getting around in a DEW happy city like London.

When you have not had food for a while, you get hungry. Hunger is not so much the body telling you to replenish it, but the feeling your brains have learnt to identify as hunger. Because you are a living being that requires to process food, or shall we say uses food as the energy for life, the lack of it in the system is bound to be felt, from the very point where it is utilized to where it is absorbed, as each and every part of the body, including your stomach that will start pulling at crumbs stuck to its inner walls, will be running out of reserves of life energy.

If you have a pathogen in your body that is winning the fight against the body’s natural defence mechanism, you feel weak and unwell. Again, as with hunger, there is no need for the presence within you of a mechanism specially designed to warn you something has invaded your body. Entry of foreign bodies into your system will trigger a reaction of rejection from your body during which it sends soldiers in the form of white blood cells that put their all into getting rid of the invaders. A battle ensues during which trial and error leads to lessons on fighting this new kind of invasion that will get stored in the system’s memory for future use. This capacity to learn how to deal with different kind of threats means the body has a mechanism for switching attack types until it finds one that works.

All of this and more has to happen as fast as possible before the system gets overwhelmed, in which case demise will be the next step, meaning the body diverts its life energy reserves to this battle happening within the depths that will require more resources when the new invader is winning (otherwise you will not even be aware of this fight), as such you are going to feel weak. Also, because your body has been invaded by foreign elements that are causing damage, it starts diverting resources for repair work.

The combination of elements suddenly released into the blood is equal to a change in your body constitution that can be likened to taking a strong drug. This different blood constitution is definitely going to make you feel different mentally (dizzy, giddy) and leave a strange taste in your mouth fluids. Adding this sensation to the enervation due to diversion of resources, you get the unique feeling of being sick that is going to be different for different diseases.

To say your body has ways of telling you of states is to imply there is an inherent mechanism that kicks in as soon as a certain condition is reached, similar to an alarm, which is not really the case. What is happening in all cases where such a mechanism is supposedly kicking in, including what happens when you get physical trauma, etc., is as straightforward as the system monitoring change. Changes such as injury, hunger, sexual arousal, heat, cold and disease happen frequently enough in our lives so that the mind has ample time to store the sensation to memory and easily be able to identify it in future. If you were to accidentally sit on a thorn you have not seen, you will not know it is a thorn, but you will know some object is pricking your skin, from memory.

Becoming a target of microwave attacks is no different in this respect. Let me disappoint by adding to this that a difference does exist which, once explained, supports the assertion. This difference is that as long as attacks are done properly, the victim will notice change, but will attribute it to something else, for example wrongly feel their home is incredibly hot, think they are sick, and at times strangers who may or may not be in on the attacks, who may be doctors, may honestly or deliberately diagnose schizophrenia, or some other disease, including cancers (on seeing the blister formations).

In real life, attackers can never be careful enough. There will always be the moment when the wattage is high enough to cause either an actual burning sensation or a feeling of being electrocuted, if not cause blisters or surface or sub-dermal burns. Also, as was the case with me, it may become hard to reach the target because they have erected obstructions, and visible results are demanded from the leaders to show to the public. Attackers then have no choice but to launch brutal attacks that become as discernible as what you may observe when test subjects are exposed to declassified military weapons, such as the American Military’s new microwave ray gun intended to break up demonstrations and such.

But once someone makes you wise to what is really going on, and if you are really a target of DEW attacks, there is no turning back. Each and every time you are attacked with the weapon you will know, and you will be able to tell, even when in retrospect, that this was the case, when others looking at you react to the effect that subtle attacks using low intensity levels have on how you look.

With this in mind, I am finding more and more that it does not make sense going around town all exposed when I know I am becoming a target of opportunistic microwave weapon attacks wherever I go, not to mention the poisoning attempts using an endless gang of especially horrible looking, former east European alcoholics, in most probability ex-KGB, who have flocked to the west since their countries entered NATO, and are roaming the streets ready to do anything for a buck.

To hell with thoughts of being considered abnormal if being normal means roaming the streets unprotected, getting zapped all the time, taking to motorized vehicles and clinging to parts or sections where there is most metal, which includes sticking to the steps on double-deckers, to minimize the duration you are exposed to such weapons, only to end up in traffic jams.

What is the point of walking on the streets when you know you are going to get zapped into a state? You might as well stay in one location where you are safe from such attacks, otherwise, if you have to move to survive, and there are no alternative, safe routes to take, then it makes sense that you go out there wearing as much protection as is possible.

It should really not matter that the majority of the population is still finding it hard accepting the reality microwave attacks are really happening, that there are people in society who are being attacked 24/7.

Apart from those who are part of the psychopath gang, primitives capable of having a ball zapping people up and down the land, I really do not think it should matter what the public thinks, provided we are not breaking any laws by being clad thusly, provided we are not causing any harm to the environment.

It is not as though being dressed in this way could get one sectioned.

Frankly, I cannot get nor tolerate people who cannot take the trouble to do the research, those who are so foolhardy they think it is necessary, and others who are going around thinking targets of directed energy weapons are misreading other symptoms, especially by implying some people are just sensitive to the overabundance of RF energies concomitant to modern day life. I think I have said all that needs to be said in answer to this group, though I cannot resist the temptation to add that if reality is vague to you, if your senses are so blunt you cannot tell whether you are sick or getting zapped, then you can mistake mobile phone emissions for a concentrated blast from a high power microwave, do not make the mistake of projecting this on others.

I do break out in a sweat on a hot day if I hold my mobile phone to my ear while using it, as opposed to when I use earphones, but then this is due to the fact I have become sensitive to RFs due to the attacks I endured before. Still, mistaking such sensitivity for an actual attack with a DEW, is impossible. If you were to be in my shoes, then I assure you that the same will apply.

I think we are defeating the purpose of raising awareness if we remain fearful of what it will make us look like if we were to go all out in a system that has gone all out against us in this war. Anti microwave gear should become fashion, forget the recent attempts to make fun of people who wear such things, including those who have gone to exceptional lengths attempting to prove, using what is purported to be high tech equipment, that wearing a tin foil hat can amplify some frequencies. Keep in mind the interaction of any electromagnetic waves with conducting material should have an attenuating effect, that when you wrap food in tin foil and place it in a microwave oven, it will not cook properly. Do not worry that the tin foil eventually burns in a microwave. This is because the device gives out high power levels. These are levels that the army will never use on its own citizens. The last thing the government will want to do to you is provide evidence that they are attacking you, least of all cause harm that could get them sued.

Tin foil hats work, provided they are layered sufficiently and, because they cannot easily be grounded, should be designed of two layers insulated from each other. This will have a higher blocking effect.

As for the amplification effect some pseudo scientists have been talking about, I am curious what the frequencies in question really are. Also, I do know that microwaves have corporeal existence. They are matter, and where energy conversions are in effect, nothing can come from nothing. The scientists in the experiment, that I find deliberately designed to make fun of targeted individuals, do not attempt to find where the extra energy required for amplification is being generated from.

This here, believe me, is fake science.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Multiple Layers: Hidden Strategy of Social Control

I am now positively aware, of this there is no doubt, that there are definitely two, maybe even more, intelligence service, judicial or police levels, i.e. a system where two or more are joined together as one, each concerned with the traditional role that intelligence agencies and other organs play in society, in reality each of which operates differently and independently of the other.

By so saying I am not alluding to the well known specialization inherent in such organs whereby one part concerns itself with, for example, internal issues, while the other deals with those of international import, etc. A typical example here would be the United Kingdom's MI5 and MI6 agencies. What I am talking about is the existence of these separate entities within one agency or organ, whereby though they are both tasked and dealing with the same tasks, they have radically different ways of approaching and solving them.

In the case of intelligence services, where the one part is primarily concerned with the identification, prevention and protection of citizens from perceived national threats, the other, latter in this case, is actively involved in as much the creation of problems (either in order to lure potential trouble makers into trouble in a similar manner sting operations do, or simply to get rid of those the system fears by overexposing them to a fault in society so that they become expendable) as their resolution.

For this arrangement to work, the latter has to be cognizant of this arrangement, while the former, comprising everyday, conscientious civilians who can tell the difference between right and wrong, who believe and have to be kept believing in the system for the whole thing to work, for it to be possible that everyday people aspire to run the needed institutions in the first place, are ignorant of this, if not of such subordinate stature within the ranking system as to take orders without question.

In the case of targets of covert warfare, there are those within the intelligence services who ore actively engaged in the target designation process. They know why so and so is a target. They know the interests that are at stake, and are also very aware of a greater agenda.

They are the ones who scour the grounds for those who could be eligible for elimination by ignorant, scumbag perps, who dutifully carry out the harassment and torture without asking any questions. The latter part of the intelligence services will be actively involved in the logistics of the operation while the former believes that the target is indeed guilty as charged and will directly or indirectly aid and abet the harassment, through actively participating, or aiding and protecting perps.

The true story of just why this particular person has been selected, what exactly it is that they did, and what has been done to the particular individual to make them extra-visible to a fault will only be known to a few, those who, to be able to keep this information within their ranks, have to believe they are an organ within the organ, consisting those above the law.

It is hard to see a lot of people aspiring to become lawyers if word is out that this rule of law society is a masquerade, that there are people out there who are "legally" beyond the law. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time as exposure to certain information, or getting clients who bring suit against such powerful people can be lethal. Likewise, it is hard seeing kids harbor ambitions of becoming police officers if it was common knowledge that they will be working for some strange, incomprehensible or inimical agenda. Society cannot function when some truths are exposed to the public. In this sense, a lot of people are actually being played, or, better put, living a lie.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Spate of Stabbings in London: Tell Tale Signs of Mind Control Experimentation

Periodic government statistics about violent crime are hardly as illuminating as would make them worth relying on. After all, the establishmentarian is weighed down with the task, or duty, of reassuring the public, keeping the public safe and feeling safe, at the same time painting self in a good light, failure of which would lead to demands for accountability. These, and more realities, inevitably weigh in on the final outcome of surveys. The final reports can rightfully be considered self-serving to the extent the average citizen is bound to be left in the dark about what is really going on, if not misled.

As a London resident today, one thing I know for sure is that the atmosphere in the city is getting aggressive in ways I have not known, and I am not alone in these perceptions. More and more people are witnessing and talking unprecedented violent crime rates, especially the fact it is happening at times and in places never before seen. It looks a lot like citizens have ceased playing games, and are going for each other's throats.

People's memories can be short, I realize, but I doubt this is true concerning matters of frequency or location of particularly violent crime, because if memory was that short in this department, then it would also be short in related areas. Many would regularly forget the familiar, such as faces seen before, names, or even where they live.

Judging by how much of this spate of violent crime is being reported by the media, which is a lot, the deduction can be made that it is becoming harder and harder to sweep such crimes under the carpet, considering cultural sensibilities that the media is conscious of.

Perish the suspicion mainstream media is partaking in Disaster Capitalism. Terror by governments on their own citizens meant to keep them in line is orchestrated and meant to reach media outlets. The leaders do their part to scare the citizens senseless by making the media report on all the incidences they create for the purpose, then recede into the background and wait for the medicine to take effect. According to informed sources, there is actually more crime happening in London than is being reported on, pointing out that a lot of it is not orchestrated, unless some of the violence acts as cover for elimination activities.

As already intimated, words exchanged between citizens are logically the better guide to what is really going on regarding violent crime rates, rather than that which is released with an official stamp. Attacks, many of them fatal, using weapons such as guns and knives, have definitely increased sharply, hitting at times and places never before seen. Mainstream media has actually been caught dragging it's feet. They have also been caught attempting to place blame on minorities, absent father communities, and such.

I keep my ear to foreign media sources as well. Seeing as the same thing is happening abroad and, crucially, following the logic, I have come to the conclusion that the same is true here as well.

This spate of violent crime cannot be considered any other way than strange. Apart from the known phenomenon of violence that spins out of control in tit for tat killings, intertribal or even internecine strife situations, it is rare for as many members of a community to become as violent as citizens in these western cities have become, overnight, that is. True to the word, this they have become to such a degree the first thing that comes to mind by some abrasive exchange, and amazingly almost always over something trivial (according to what eyewitnesses and relatives have to say), is murder, specifically murder by shooting or stabbing.

It can definitely be expected in day to day life that once in a while someone will be pushed over the edge, feel insulted, belittled, or threatened, so that attacking another in a manner that could prove fatal is the only option they feel is left. This is all dependent on the state and capacity of the grey matter between individual ears, and the personality this carries with it in the rest of the body. There will inevitably be those who feel pushed against a wall where others may not feel the same, and will feel it appropriate to send out a message by reacting in the manner they know (have been made aware) either solves the problem for one in their position or sends the shivers down the right people's spines, while others may simply be acting out extra punitive urges or defending themselves albeit some probably end up committing overkill, again by resorting to a method that has been popularized. Otherwise they are acting out a role they either see as rewarding, for example a killing as a condition for entry into some kind of criminal enterprise, or the urge to shoot or stab is implanted in their heads by too much exposure to the violence within the culture.

Getting to the point, at issue with the last spate of shootings and stabbings in western cities is that more than that which is bound to happen, more than the normal must be going on for stabbings to become so common and happen at random in areas where they are known to be rare. It is as such correct to state violent crime has reached epidemic levels, because the idea of taking a knife or bullet to someone's chest has undoubtedly been over expressed.

Here in London, a city with a population of 8 million, in a bizarre, if not weird turn of events, 7,248 knife crimes were committed in the last year alone, a figure that equals a third of all the nonfatal offences in England and Wales and a rate of 20 stabbings a day. These stabbings, curiously targeting mostly young black males, have left many sure of a stab mania among teens, even though a lot of police forces are actually reporting a fall in crime rates.

This week, criminologists, a professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and the police, were at pains to play down the idea last week's released statistics that showed a drop in crime rate in Toronto, Canada, a city of 2.48 million inhabitants, were false after six people met a violent end within a week, accusing politicians and the public of not looking at the problem in a systematic way. Their argument is that the death of so many people in a short period of time cannot be used as a measure of the actual crime rate because, working with averages, a year has 365 days, or 52 weeks. Obviously, having your senses blasted by sudden and rampant killings in places they had never happened before, even when it's just your memory that says so, can lead to faulty assessments of reality when some factors are not taken into consideration. It is best to wait until the end of the year when percentages put some order to the chaos.

As citizens in these cities wait until next year's report to know whether the perceptions that told them something wasn't quite right on the pasture, that the sudden and horrible bleating and bleeding merely indicated a one off occurrence, I believe it is prudent to first consider whether there is a wolf on the loose that is responsible for the terror the sheeples are reacting to. Waiting until the year's end may bring some relief when, by comparison with preceding years, it is discovered that less sheeples actually died, but will not reveal the truth that, at the time they suspected a sudden rise in violent deaths, they had perceived the reality correctly because a wolf had indeed prowled the countryside in the dark hours, picking victims out at will. They will also not know why the creature has kept a low profile since then, and whether it will strike again.

Once, I was sitting in an internet café while a man was being stabbed some 30 meters away from the front door. The sirens alerted me to the incident, and I went out and listened to those who had seen the attack, and asked questions of my own. Another time I was passing through with a bus and saw what looked like children fighting. The scene, witnessed from the top of a bus, looked innocuous enough what with grown men standing idly by. It looked like the kids were play fighting, only the punches the bigger kids were throwing appeared to be hurting. Another thing is the palm was clenched at an angle when the blow struck, rather than flat on the knuckles.

A day later there was a report in the newspaper that two children had suffered multiple stab wounds to the abdomen in a robbery by two older children, only the location released by the media was not on the same road, but about a kilometer down a side road from the point I had observed the incident. The article left me confused, wondering whether children, even those re-enacting a violent crime they had witnessed or heard about, could play as hard, nor would they be such good actors while at it.

Another time I met a woman on a bus who knew a recent victim very well. Unprompted, she switched seats on the bus in order to relate the story to me, and told of how she now realized it had been coming. Her version of events was what can be called a conspiracy theory, though I would not place it in the realm of the delusional, but the probable.

Such close encounters and proximity to the scenes and witnesses has enabled me to form an opinion of what I think is going on. Assessing the data, I have come to the conclusion what we are dealing with in many of these cases is experimentation with mind control technologies.

I know many will see this as a strange conclusion to arrive at, but let me explain.

I am a techie, and it is easy for me to see as such know that these technologies exist. I know how they work through research, and also, as can be seen in the video below, by being a target of especially pulsed microwave attacks of the kind meant at inducing sleep or long term discomforts.

They are doing their best to keep me out of the game.

If you are not familiar with the technologies, then click here, here, or Google "mind control pulsed microwave".

It is already established that western governments have a long history of experimenting new technologies on their own citizens, including those in countries where governments are either too dumb to know or care, or give consent for such research to be carried out. Technologies that can control behavior, by either influencing the state of the being or beaming voices into the skull, including recorded thought patterns carried directly into the cranium so that the target's brain gets entrained, or they gradually come to take the voice intrusions as their own thoughts, have been around since the fifties, which is a long time. In the 1950s, the Russians made the lida machine, which used electromagnetic energy to put Russian psychiatric patients to sleep.

In this post 911 world, for reasons of national security (fighting foaming-at-the-mouth terrorists), these technologies are being relied on more and more not to thwart some would be bombers or hijackers, but to control the masses, which also means that the need to develop the technologies has gone up an edge. The number of people who have to become targets to make such experimentation and research possible is immense, and it shows. The kind of killings we are seeing, especially in England where, out of the blues, the weapon of choice becomes a knife, and killers appear more than adept at finding the heart, bear a lot of the hallmarks of high tech hypnosis. These killings are being committed by people who still have their lives ahead of them, who have everything to lose by going to jail. By all appearances, their minds have undoubtedly been entrained with thought patterns of psychopaths or serial murderers, the fact they find the urge to stab irresistible a telling sign of this.

Some people are more susceptible to mind control using beamed voices or pulsed frequencies than others. Following this logic, recording the frequencies generated by the brain of a maniac while in the process of committing murder by stabbing that is as discernible as it is effective at entraining other people's brains must be a difficult task. The first thing one has to find is an individual who enjoys taking life, who will not hesitate to kill when asked to in a lab situation. That individual will then have to have a brain that generates a signal that is highly discernible as well as highly effective on subjects. These issues have a limiting effect on the number of useful recordings that can be made, with this also the implement used. Because people are resorting to stabbing, I believe there is but one such recording being applied in all cases, hence the fact we are seeing the same kind of attack committed again and again in the case of this one country.

Somewhere, an anomaly has to happen that reveals a truth about something hidden from the masses.

And it is not all experimentation that is going on out there. I do not think it is coincidence that the confessed killer of the Swedish Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh, said at the start of his trial he had not meant to kill, but was unable to resist inner voices urging him to stab.

Monday, 21 July 2008

COINTELPRO And The Internet: The Rapist In The Nudist Colony For The Blind

The following is an edited version of the article posted yesterday that contained a lot of spelling and grammatical errors.

COINTELPRO is an acronym designating operations made by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), consisting a series of covert activities purportedly investigative in nature, in the name of national security, prevention of violence, and national cohesion, but in reality illegal and aimed at disrupting what were legal political organizations in the United States of America. The focus of these operations, seen in who bore the brunt the most, was undoubtedly black civil rights first, and peace movements and others second.

The directives governing COINTELPRO were issued by J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI at the time. The MO of the operations, according to these directives, was to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" at every level, meaning attacks were to be made on individuals as well as the entirety of the groups in question, whatever did the trick of destroying the undesirable entity.

The main methods CONTELPRO used to meet its objectives were very similar to the tactics employed by what are known today as gang stalkers, citizen harassment groups or cause stalkers, a term coined by what has now for unknown reasons become (according to me) a wayward, cowardly, collaborator author David Lawson, whose term aptly emphasises “cause” as the motivation. These include infiltration by agents and informants, psychological warfare from the outside that entailed the use of dirty tricks to undermine progressive movements, for example hyped media articles; harassment using the legal, established system, extralegal force and violence that included break ins and vandalism, etc.

Officially, the program started in 1956, and ended in 1971 (15 years later) when the beans were spilt. While the nation watched a Muhammad Ali verses Joe Frazier fight, a group calling themselves The Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI broke into an FBI two-man office in Media, Pa., and stole more than 1,000 FBI documents that revealed years of systematic wiretapping, infiltration and media manipulation designed to suppress dissent. Two weeks later, these were mailed anonymously to major American newspapers. Unofficially, however, without a shadow of doubt, as evidenced in the bloom of activities that are an improvement upon the methods of old, thanks to diligence and the opportune application of technological advancements, the program has simply grown from strength to strength.

All of Nato’s countries have adopted the methods, including right wing extremist groups, and others in the west who are known to do the establishment’s dirty work for them. What is revealing about this proliferation is that those who were supposed to have been on the FBI’s officially released hit list, the KKK, have become experts at using the tactics against “select” minority members, coincidentally those with high IQ’s and such.

Search, find and destroy missions were obviously centred around political parties and activists, and we can agree carrying out a dirty tricks campaign in a world getting more informed by the day was getting increasingly difficult, which could have been one of the major reasons the American establishment, NATO’s official spokesman on such matters, decided to officially bury the program… in order to show that the entire system was not completely corrupted, that there was still hope; crucially, in order to allay the growing fear in the populace at large of their own government that could spiral out of control if left unchecked.

COINTELPRO continued in the background, wiser through experience, eager not to repeat old mistakes and, despite the official release ruse, still very encumbered in reaching its objectives. There are areas where the core tactics cannot but stay the same. Progressive movements cannot be dealt with any other way than to either halt them in their tracks, or undermine them, which cannot be achieved covertly. Rather than call the police to shoot their premises up, use an illegal organization such as the KKK (or another if the organization in question was not racially based) to take the blame had been the way things were done in the past, but many events reveal this was not working well either. The surreptitious elimination of positive minded leaders, activists, whistleblowers, etc., using elaborate schemes to confuse the populace at large about whodunit could not quite do the trick neither. The operation can only work when the pre-emptive strike is adequate, explicitly stated in a communiqué issued by J. Edgar Hoover himself in relation to black folk, to “Prevent the rise of a "messiah" who could unify, and electrify, the militant Black Nationalist movement. Malcolm X might have been such a "messiah;" he is the martyr of the movement today.”

At fault was a growingly conscious world that was getting less gullible much too quickly.

Americans themselves were by large successfully being kept as ignorant as would allow for the continuation with impunity of the illegal activities the leaders required to carry out to maintain the status quo. The problem were the few among them, including others in other NATO countries, who could not be kept down, who were restlessly, often desperately organizing, fighting back and communicating their worst informed fears across continents. This rest of the world was reciprocating, meaning it was also changing fast, the natives getting ever more informed and, with this, dangerously restless. If America was to maintain it’s lion’s share of the world’s resources in an environment where there is an overabundance of information, the number of individuals that had to be suppressed or outright eliminated was surely on the rise and the means of achieving this ever insufficient, at worst prone to backfire on the leaders.

Something had to be done before it was too late.

In comes the era of the Internet, and the cloud that had once darkened the devil’s skies, heralding their earlier than late demise, began to clear in ways many have not yet grasped.

An operation the likes of COINTELPRO can only work covertly. These activities can hardly be kept covert in a scenario where the bird has already flown. This means COINTELPRO cannot afford to sit around waiting for individuals to develop and organizations to form before going in and assassinating or disrupting them. Such a process is messy and, apart from creating a martyr if a leader is taken out in full view of the public, it also creates followers. Pre-empting all this requires nipping in the bud. It means entering school yards, homes even, any place where people may live and congregate to discover and prevent both the growth of organizations as the development of individuals to the point where they can become active members of such organizations or want their creation. This requires getting people before they even know what it is they are being taken out for, otherwise the war cannot be called covert.

If a given young man has already made attempts to start an organization, made a number of people aware of his intentions, was to recognize surreptitious attacks, he will put two and two together and know that there are parties attempting to prevent him from starting the organization, and relay his findings to others. It will become clear to the public where the regime stands regarding certain issues.

The advent of the World Wide Web age, or the internet, marked by the development of a hypertext system that required only unidirectional links rather than bidirectional ones, making it possible for someone to link to another resource online without action by the owner of that resource, led to the era of forums and chat rooms, the new, improved and radical version of bulletin boards. This new found ability to communicate easily with people around the world scared the establishment for the added freedoms it could give everyday, conveniently isolated, appropriately misinformed citizens, but at the same time, because each and every one of us who goes online has an IP address, it gave the evil ones a window into the inner workings of the minds of individual members of society that solved a lot of their search and destroy issues. For the first time ever, instead of using a vast network of mostly unreliable informants and other lookouts, using but a few moderately intelligent goons permanently stationed at such spots, scouring the web for material that could be deemed a threat to the order, those who were but potential threats could now with precision and ease be detected. In the days and years that followed, a lot of people became easy pickings for seasoned COINTELPRO operatives.

I believe the reality that individuals can become targets of covert warfare by simply expressing their minds on online forums, or starting websites with the sole intention of informing others, is slowly beginning to sink in, slowly becoming common knowledge.

I started my very first Internet experiences in the late nineties on forums and chat rooms. I soon used my programming skills and created my very own first website, complete with chat and forums. I quickly gained a sizeable international membership, and, as the moderator, learnt first hand how operatives would flock to the forums, especially when there were some good thinkers around. They would clearly slither their way towards such posters, going to work either attacking them personally rather than responding to what they were saying, sapping them by leading them through convoluted arguments, only to turn around and act the fool, or simply making it hard for them to want to come back using any trick that could achieve this. I witnessed first hand how some other members, especially the very sharp ones, lost mental clarity and sometimes sanity, pointing to the reality they were in most probability being attacked in their own lives. Others would communicate to me how strange things were happening to them, and it would not be exaggerating to say I believe a lot of people are walking around insane, while a lot more have died as a result of attacks that started at places that are as innocent as online forums.

Make no mistakes about this, such attacks continue to this day, only because people are still stuck with the idea the establishment has bigger fish to fry than chasing after a bunch of nobodies who spend the rest of their days posting to forums and chatting. To me, knowing what it takes for COINTELPRO to act, aware of their history, objectives and MO, the fact the internet is being used to detect and eliminate those the system thinks are a threat to the order is as plain as it gets...