Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Trauma-Based Mind Control, Covert Warfare and the Mental State of the Average Perp

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create
an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

The link above takes you to a free book I found online that will make you understand why a lot of humans around us Targeted Individuals (TI’s) have such remarkably abnormal personalities. TI’s have long wondered how it’s possible that a personality such as that displayed by the average perp exists at all on a human level, and can even survive into adulthood without special community attention. The personality of the average perp is the reason this question is only partly answered by the favours or monetary rewards motivation. After reading this book, you will see how it is possible that your next door neighbour’s mind works in a manner nature could never have designed for survival’s sake, who has nothing better to do than wait for another person to do something to which he makes a programmed response. You will connect the dots and understand why he/she waits for you to go left or right, go to sleep, wake up and go to the shower, just so they can make that sound or engage in that activity, by so doing attempting to make it plain “They Iz Being Watchinging Youz”… lol.

Apart from the obvious crowd that’s in it for favours and chump change, what I call low lives, it looks like a lot of the people getting involved in gang stalking are mind controlled slaves whose sense of reality has been turned upside down through prolonged and systematic torture, most of it starting while they were still babies. This has changed them so much they interpret reality differently from you and me, even though they are perfectly able to communicate and act like they are on a similar if not same wavelength. On top of that, when all is said and done, you will go back to your home, wife, family (if you have one), while they will go back to their master who will proceed to burn cigarette butts into their skins, lock them up in cages and have monkeys rape them, etc.

So much for the adage “what is truth on one side of the Pyrenees is falsehood on another”. There is no need to cross cultural boundaries to experience different truths at work.

A lot of us are being made odd in society by the destruction of our personalities so that we are immobilized and, as such, become sitting ducks that can be experimented upon, while others are being passed through the very same torture routines cult members go through, with the very same results in mind. The destruction of our personalities then serves to make the one who comes to our rescue, the cult in this case, indispensable. Survival for one who has been destroyed of personality and diminished of physical strength is hard. Those who end up this way are not good at creating a social life, are hopeless at communicating with people who have not been defiled like they have and will seek refuge and explanation for their way of perceiving reality. This is where the cult will come in bringing to them people who will “understand” them, placing them on some programs, at the same time helping them materially. My own personal experiences are such that if I start frequenting a particular location, a cult like atmosphere begins to develop there whereby the same kind of people come and go with my comings and goings, engaging in behaviour and making comments that add up to a need for me to join up or “give up” the fight.

It looks like the “Pale Horse’s” order is in effect in NATO countries. The technology behind the mind control, or technique, if you may, has been around for a very long time, yet in walks this person and the first formula he thinks up is to rape babies. He has been abusing and rapping people for a long time now in order to get some ego splitting going in their heads so that, with a flick of a switch, he can make them flee from one alter ego to another, seeking refuge from the trauma, while in fact falling right into his hand of control. This hierarchy of slaves and masters who are slaves of other masters and programmers explains why the media is so uninterested in covert warfare reports that are abundant in society. The media is run by the mainstream, and if the mainstream is nothing but this cult, then there can be no way the media is controlled by normal people.

To me, it also makes sense just why black people are now disproportionately targeted in NATO countries. There are sufficient white slaves in society to control those whites who cannot be attacked mentally. The numbers of black people in NATO countries are increasing rapidly. Due to cultural and mentality issues, the slaves controlling white people cannot be as effective at controlling black people. Besides, there is the issue of racism that can arise in given instances of such control that can only be circumvented if the slaves controlling black people are also black. My observations tell me that there are quite a number of these zombies in circulation already, and that they are also being paired and mated so that they bring forth children with split personality syndrome as one way of creating a generation of mind control slaves without the need to re-enact the necessary traumatic conditions.

My advise to those unfamiliar with TBMC is that you read up on it. The following article is a good place to start.

Trauma-Based Mind Control

Oh, I Love This Song!

If you’re anything like me, you have favorite albums. You know, ones you’ve listened to so many times that you could literally recite the whole thing note for note. For me, favorite records come and go. They are indelibly tied to a particular time period in my life. I’ll typically be really into a musician for a few weeks or a month, just totally immersing myself in their work - just because it seems right for whatever’s going on. It really speaks to me.

After a while though, I’ll move onto something else. A friend will recommend something new, and I’ll suddenly listen to that to death. The cycle goes on and on. Until sometime later - months, or years even - I’ll happen upon a song or an album that just takes me back. Within seconds of hearing it, nothing more than a few notes on a guitar, or words sung in a chorus, and suddenly I’m thrown back in time. I’m flooded by the sensations and memories of the life I was leading when I was really into that record. And for a few minutes, it’s real and it’s tangible to me. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad, usually a bittersweet mix of the two.

I feel like this is a great image to keep in mind as we “head down the rabbit-hole” with this post. Whenever I go really far off the beaten path, I like to keep in my mind a picture of home. It can serve as a guidepost to get back, or a bridge which allows us to connect the dark regions we explore with the normal world we inhabit every day. The weirder the topic, the more important this becomes. And trauma-based mind control is one of those super freaky-deaky topics that’s so creepy and compelling that I think it’s especially important we have our heads on straight before we get started. With that in mind, maybe you’d like to put on a favorite album you haven’t listened to in ages. Something to take you back, and something to bring you back once we’re all done.


As far as I understand it (which admittedly is nothing close to first-hand experience), trauma-based mind control is kind of similar to the whole favorite-album phenomenon. The idea is basically that you condition the mind according to certain stimuli. When you experience a sensory trigger, a correlated interior state is achieved. The most common example of this is called Classical or Pavlovian Conditioning:

More at source: Trauma-Based Mind Control


Anonymous said...

They are not creating these black slaves in order to control of blacks in western countries. They are also doing it to maintain control of the human and natural resources in the “third world”. A lot of these zombies are being sent back to their lands of origin, or any other African country, to work for the illuminati agenda of a one government world order. These slaves are sent on these missions with a lot of money and means. The cover for the source and purpose of the money are programs such as that run by the OM in England. Ostensibly, such funds are meant to help refugees relocate and re-establish themselves.

Mukazo Vunda said...

Sounding kind of bitter in my article above by describing perps as “shagged in the pram”. I promise to chose my wording carefully the next time around. I must admit though it is difficult avoiding hitting back at them using anything that can hit a raw nerve, even an instant of extreme vulnerability and abuse. At the end of the day even this cannot with ease be considered an extenuating circumstance given the harm these individuals can cause to TI’s.

One hopes a lot more of them do find their way to a therapist and successfully cross over to the normal side, but in the meantime it would be a good thing to encourage them to seek help from continued abuse and abstain from calling them names which I think achieves the very opposite of what we TI’s want to happen.