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The Motivation for Activist Exhortations.

Malcolm X

To show how convinced Malcolm X was that he was doing the right thing, he gave an example of his own children, stating his belief even at the young age they realised the battle he was fighting was necessary, and that they would think lowly of him if he ran away from the fight because he would then expose his myopia and risked living to fight another day, while leaving his seed to fight the whole entire battle rather than part or non of it if he was brave enough to take the opportunity he had, to fight till the end keeping in mind success was assured.

Malcolm X understood he could not be held responsible for putting the lives of his own seed at risk as a result of his activities given their lives were independent of his and not directly at threat of harm from his hand. He knew they were automatically at risk because of a status given them at birth by the system they were born into. He was not, by his striving for freedom, negating his parental responsibilities but, to the contrary, taking them by the horn because he was doing something few other parents did for their seed apart from provide food and shelter for them, and he was doing this the only way that he could under the circumstances ... an activity with the potential to remove the status that was the number one threat to their well being.

He, unlike most parents, could not accept that it made sense to leave his children to take their chances in a world where they were disadvantaged enough as it was.

If there is one thing about slain activists, no matter the cause they were fighting that got them murdered or assassinated, it is the fact they were all adamant about their chosen path. They insisted on taking the course they knew led to an abrupt end, obviously convinced it was worth it.
JFK. Malcolm X considering his assassination a case of the hen coming home to roost was a misunderstanding of sorts. JFK's motivation was the same as that of the former ...

Some may question the judgement of these individuals and conclude they were wrong in thinking giving their life was worth it in the end. They have gauged the gains against the losses and concluded the cause in question is not worth sacrificing the particular life for.

On the other side are those who think it is. They are alright ... but not yet home until they have known a truth I will divulge further down.

This truth can better be arrived at by analysing then helping those who think it is not worth it understand it is in fact their judgement that ails them in arriving at this conclusion.

This requires going back to what I will for purposes of clarity term "the beginning".

The life of the human animal is complex. Whatever state we are in at any given moment, how free we are, how secure we are from harm by other humans, is a combo of different individual choice outcomes related to what path people chose to take to reach the status of the free.

To better understand this, we need to look at life choices as myriad and the best model that represents this better than any other is a race with a finishing line where humans start off as soon as they start seeking a coping strategy, the finishing line representing the time they find one.

Because choices of the course to take to the perfect coping strategy are myriad, and the strategies differ, let's imagine that instead of one finishing line, we have a myriad and so, when the start whistle is sounded, people rush off in different directions, choosing the one they feel will lead them to the desired coping strategy.

Models play a major role in the outcome of the race with the rich being influential in this usually because most people take it for granted wealth guarantees freedom and the rest that comes with it. The means the rich person who becomes their role model used to amass wealth are sought out, researched then emulated and propagated.

The late David Rockerfeller, one of the wealthiest men on earth while it lasted, is most definitely a role model for many

It is through this process we can go further to make the realisation how free, secure, etc. people are in society depends on the aggregate of choices of coping strategies within the same society, and, because there is such a thing in reality as a semblance of freedom, meaning people can believe they are free while in reality they are not, there also comes into play a reality related to this where we can speak of the "degree" to which members of a given society are free, but only with regards activities they can undertake because a state of freedom cannot be gauged.

We can look at this as a scale the center of which has an arrow pointing to a meter with "free" and "not free" on each end of the scale. When people who are not free, regardless they have the delusion they are free, outnumber those who are free, the scale will point this out very clearly.

The degree of freedom in that society will be tipped in favour of this group with the numbers of people who are free preventing that society from the extreme where the arrow points to the very end of the scale, in which case members of that society can be considered not free in an absolute sense.

Because our activists are prone to the rules of the same "race" and they have crossed the finishing line with their coping strategy fully developed, the things they can get away with depend on the degree to which members of that society are free, determining as well how long it takes before they walk into the wall demanding conformity where they will be forced to ask questions that include why they cannot be allowed to do that which they consider appropriate under the circumstances, if not belonging to same.

Realisation after another and the reality dawns it is about personalities and propensities, and this is the reason why they cannot be allowed to do what they want under the prevailing social conditions and it is this to which they react.

They fight for their rights primarily, and the fight is inevitably extended to other members of society when the realisation dawns being to a large extent inadvertently responsible for the few available freedoms, the success of the venture for total freedom depends on their participation.

Thus start the exhortations aimed at winning hearts and minds from the larger population while engaging in direct acts of assistance to the fallen, scheming, plotting, setting in motion conspiracies that have the increase in freedom as the ultimate objective.

The conscious (activists) eventually realise while at it that they can never be allowed to be who they are and crucially that, whatever they choose to do, their fate will not be wholly their fault. Their society will be as responsible for what happens to them as those who call the shots.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The abrupt outcome of their lives can only be prevented if the arrow was tipped in favour of the free.

They know this beforehand which is why their battle, the fight of the free, becomes not so much a preoccupation, but a means of assuring their personal survival, a way of assuring the survival of those who are like them now, and in future ... who will fall into the same trap if the current generation fails to win enough/the critical number of converts, if they do not convince enough people that the battle is also for their own good.

The conviction that should do the trick of gaining converts reads: treats and trinkets can only amount to status symbols that do not equal freedom, and all the rest of the goodies that come with the package.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

United States Patent 6506148 B2 Confirms Human Nervous System can be Manipulated Through Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors.

News just in confirms what targets of covert warfare, a group that ranges from whistleblowers to simple, law abiding citizens of many nations, all of them people who have never done anything worthy of the surveillance they are put under in order to monitor the course of the research, let alone torturous routines involved that destroy their health and personalities, making them pariahs in their communities, have been trying to tell the world for a while now.

It is possible to read the human mind and, using the same channels by which the reading is made possible, ie., monitors, that include the old innocuous Television monitor in your living room, or the computer monitor in your study or on your lap, it can be influenced enough to the point it is controllable.

A United States Patent 6506148 B2 filed by Hendricus G. Loos (Google), confirms the human nervous system can be manipulated through electromagnetic fields from monitors.

According to a publication on Google, he is the owner of the work. He filed the patent in June 2001, but it was published in January 2003.

You may have heard recently of Samsung discouraging people from talking sensitive matters in front of their televisions. This actually follows the disclosure the CIA used Samsung smart TVs to spy on people.

As the source article asks (, the one important question we should be asking now is why is the mainstream media still silent on this issue? "This tells you that the end goal of the media is never to educate and raise awareness. It (mainstream media) is created and controlled by the elite to put us in the dark, so they can continue to profit from us".

Why I Think Vegetarianism Accepts but a Limited Part of the Whole that is Dietary

Child takes a better look at some bugs

My father was the first to voice disquiet over a preoccupation I developed as a child, the first to warn me that I had taken it to extremes that made the activity abnormal.

It was creatures, mostly small ones, that were central to this preoccupation, so much so I spent hours observing them, and it didn't matter which kinds. I would catch grasshoppers, little insects, birds, millipedes, whatever could be placed into a restrained space where they remained available for close scrutiny.

And I think it was at this point when I learnt to step into their sense of time.

According to my father, this was the point when I would lose my mind. Living, communicating with humans would be difficult from then on, placing me into the category of the mentally detached or mad.

Nothing of this came true. In fact, the very opposite is what has transpired in my life.

I have done an outstanding job of showing I am fitter than most at a whole lot of those activities that can be considered typically human, with a whole string of achievements to bear witness to this fact.

For example, I showed a more than average uptake in the difficult subjects in school.

There was even a time in my childhood years that I parttook in a physics competition in which the requirement was that we go to a place where something technical was taking place, for instance a telecommunications installation, get an engineer working on the project to explain how things worked, understand as much of the lecture as possible to be able to explain it to judges and, if possible, make a model of the installation.

Best if we could somehow create a working model.

I chose for my project the nation's railway network with emphasis on how trains are tracked and how stop lights at railway crossings are engaged. After being given a tour by an engineer there, I built a working model of the main component in the devices that regulated the switches involved, the relay.

Central to the operation of the relay is the electromagnet, and so I didn't see much preventing me from including all machines that used the electromagnet to function in my project.

I built a working model of an electromagnetic motor and proudly showed it off to the judges alongside a working relay, a model train that ran on a tiny railway with names of stations, a switchboard with the same stations next to lights that lit up when the train was at the location so that controllers could monitor its location. I also sketched a small road that crossed the railway line and set up lights that warned when there was a train approaching.

Well, I won the regional and provincial titles. I came first, and though our country was developing, the standard I brought to the competition would have done well in developed climes, I surmise, and if there is any doubting the judging standards, then FYI the judges at the competitions happened to be westerners and indian secondary school teachers.

So much for going out of my way to prove I am a sane, functional human being, at the risk of sounding like I am still just a geek, racially biased, even if by way of academic achievement, which would by most estimates represent overkill, or bragging.

But I digress.

I think this early start in my observation of small creatures has allowed me to know much more about them than would otherwise be possible had I not learnt to step into their sense of time, as such allow me to read their body language more effectively.

All this, in turn, has made me a master at discerning hidden facts about us humans and our bond to other mammals.

I have kept parrots, and observed that they also do much of that which would be considered the preserve of developed, highly evolved humans. They can laugh, and this is not observable through their beak, it is too hard to warp, but through their eyes. They can mock as well and find fun in so doing.

I once introduced a smaller bird into a cage filled with parrots and, to my dismay, whenever it went towards the food and water, it got mocked by way of deliberate and repeated toppling over. The parrots used their beaks to lift it by the leg, causing the small bird to trip, and I started considering putting it into a separate cage for fear they would move on from mere mocking to harming, until something else considered the preserve of human beings started happening.

Firstly, I noticed that each time the little bird fell, its body language spoke of embarrassment and the parrots' was all mirth. But soon, the tiny bird started standing its ground. It would fall but pick itself up and confront the parrots in a manner that made getting hold of a leg difficult. It was standing up for itself, as it were, eventually causing the offending parrots to back off.

And there is more.

I lived with people who kept broiler chickens. Because I do not have the heart, each time they started slaughtering them I would make myself scarce. One day I returned earlier than I normally would to find the slaughter in full swing, only to learn that in the midst of such an event, some chickens, especially the ones being passed by because they are not big enough yet, start defending the others. They can get vicious while at this too, biting at the feet of human intruders.

This particular case, this particular time, I observed that the protecting chicken appeared to be distraught as well. May just be me but the creature appeared to be shedding tears. And there was this unmistakable smell of tears in the air.

Not one to worry about being considered insane, I concluded an activity considered the preserve of humans also occurs in these lesser mammals, and it is not just in chickens, so my experience goes.

Either there was something nearby fooling my nose into smelling tears or the birds were really crying. That this same smell would repeat when my cat cornered and played with a mouse for hours, before finally eating it, sealed the case for me.

My nose could not be the thing that was being fooled here.

These observations have enabled me to make the realisation there is no interdependence between consciousness and brain size, that the size of the brain only points out the amount of work the brains have to do.

Creatures like human beings that do much more have bigger brains to cope, while others, such as apes, that will never require to possess the balance required to pass a thread through the eye of a needle, have the smaller brains to go with this.

Both, however, will posses a consciousness of their surroundings that is as adept at being awake as the other. You see, there is such a thing as sight, and if the wholeness of the viewed image represented the wholeness of consciousness itself, then what of the known fact an image seen by human eyes is never superior to that which a dog's eyes generates?

This is how consciousness works, and the entity within a creature's mind that generates it is small enough to fit inside the head of the tiniest of microscopic insects that displays consciousness of its environment and responds to stimuli as is required to survive and breed under the various circumstances that may arise.

This entity isn't bigger in humans because they are physically capable of much more.

Relative intelligence is a concept that deals with those capabilities that are controlled by growths to the mass of meat in the head called brain matter, not raw consciousness itself that is a generated entity that possesses its own intelligence.

And now that we know so much about other mammals, is it not regrettable that we cause them such suffering? Why, oh why do we make our own kind suffer so much, and eat them after the torture, too?

The issue here, again as far as my rationalisation go, is evolution, in particular the separation made millions of years ago by mammals from plant life.

It is all rooted in survival, in this case a point in time when it must have become necessary for some plant life to move in order to live on.

We all must know that some rare plants can chew prey, meaning they possess a means of digesting what they chew, a stomach, thus, but then these specimens of plant life cannot be considered mobile because the movement from a hot place to a cool one, for instance, is impossible with roots dug into the earth providing the other bit of their sustenance.

In order to become free as a way of escaping the circumstances that portended demise, or chasing after food, the roots have to be removed from the earth and placed in a sack that can be carried along, a sack into which sustenance can be poured as the creature finds it.

As soon as this evolutional change is perfected, nothing prevents the mobile creature from placing its own kind into its food chain because, now, the nutrients it requires can only be found second hand, by consuming creatures getting their nutrients from the earth, and this obviously entails a digestive system capable of taking nutrients out of whole plants, and also of mobile creatures that are of the same kind.

Its all about what you find appetising, and vegetarianism accepts but a limited part of the whole that is dietary.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

What Being a Target for Life says about Those Running the Targeting Program

It has been a good ten years now that I have not gone to sleep in a bed that doesn't have around it shielding against directed energies, without wearing metal armour around my torso, and often with a metal cap around my head.

Surprising as it may seem, I am used to sleeping like this now.

From the very first days when I took to shields against directed energies, starting with a period of time when searches online took me to websites meant for those seeking protection from electromagnetic smog, to when I made the realisation the shielding offered here was too flimsy for my needs as a TI, till this very day, I am still busy with searches for better shields and the setting up of shields that I know make a difference.

Only when I sleep outside my home, on visits, do I sleep without shields around the sleeping space and, because my bedroom is a sci-fi area where I don't dare take ordinary women, unless they are also targets of covert warfare, if I am vsiting such a female friend, then I go there without the body armour.

It is a given that I will excuse myself in the middle of the night and head for home where I can be safer.

It is always the case the very next morning following these excursions into the wild, that I find that my sphincter muscles have lost much of their strength, so that I have to ensure I keep near and get to the men's room as fast as possible because I am less able to hold the liquids back. Also, my joints will be weaker than usual, so that my movements become wobbly.

A whole lot of other issues arise starting from the top to the bottom ... with my mind, then body, and I am reminded yet again how right I am to insist on sleeping with protection.

It goes without saying that if I had not been too keen on protecting myself during the vulnerable period of sleep especially, I would in most probability be incontinent and would definitely not be able to walk, let alone run. Worst of all, I would not be able to think as well as I do, and I would then not be able to make sense of what is going on in my life or share the experiences as well as I do.

But as things stand, I am still me, still a thorn in the eyes of those who decided to eliminate me by way of covert means. I am still able to shine, making it very clear as I do this the reason why they picked me out of many, then felt the best thing was to hand me in to the "global non-consensual experimentation project" through which nobody passes unscathed.

I have the health and strength that I enjoy to thank on the shields, moreso on the tirelessness they help me preserve so that I can seek the best out, put them up, improve and maintain them.

I remember nights spent working on my shields even after the day's activities would have dropped any ordinary man flat. I also remember someone I previously didn't think was involved with the project give a remark that gave this fact away. "You just don't know when to quit?" he said at a moment when he could only have been alluding to my tireless efforts to keep myself safe within shields.

"I am programmed to survive," I replied, "I cannot but give it my best shot. Giving up is allowing for my demise. I will eventually die, that's for sure, just like everybody else, but knowledge of this doesn't make me stop trying to live and, it's all automatic. I don't for once think this is what I am doing each time I have breakfast in the morning ... "

He just looked at me without saying a word. A perp.

But today, I find myself turning the question he asked in on those who have been on my case for over three decades now, with a different twist to it, though.

You see, it is a programmed or hardwired reality where I am concerned. Maintaining my life is the foremost religion, as it is every healthy, normal human being ... till my maker calls me back home.

I envisage myself still fighting to stay alive even in this period of the very end.

But what motivates my assailants to keep at it for so long? I know, the experiment goes on ... but there is always ample opportunity and time to call it off if it is not doing what it is supposed to be doing or it is backfiring on those who handed me in and, trust me, it is doing just this in my case, and in the cases of many other targets of covert warfare.

In which case the question that arises is whether my very survival is linked to theirs? Do they fear facing death if I live, alone, apart from them, as it was meant to be, or if I survive?

And here we have to think about nature.

Whatever this thing is that is going on between me and them is not natural, and it's not me living unnaturally, all semblances of this notwithstanding, but we can only leave time to make those living unnaturally realise they have stultified. They have, in the ultimate sense, become but problems for others, huge, human sized parasites weighing other humans down, and all of their actvities regarding, are as gratuitous as it gets.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Clear Signs Civilisation Went to the Dogs a Long Time Ago

Phillip Marshal

According to informed sources close to Phillip Marshal, the 9/11 conspiracy author did not commit suicide. He, like others before him, for example investigative journalist Gary Webb who is supposed to have committed suicide by shooting himself multiple times to the head, were murdered ... in what has become the manner of preventing activists from revealing information damaging to the system to the public, as well as deterring others from anti-establishment activism.

People close to Phillip said he made a big blunder. He told his friends and associates, shortly before he was killed, that he was sitting on a bomb-shell, some kind of information that was going to change everything we believed about 9/11, and he was going to be publishing this in his next book. Probably would have been a better idea to keep it all hush hush till the book was out but then we will never come to know why he did this.

His computer, if he wrote his book using one, might have been hacked. He might have known they already had the full manuscript in their possession. He might have already had death threats about publishing it and knew they would do all they could to prevent its publication, including his murder. It may have been his way of ensuring in the event he was killed there would be no doubt why.

But there is something that such murders say about the dominant culture that I will try to explain in this article, something that connects to events and states of nations globally, providing the evidence we need to conclude this system has indeed gone to the dogs.

I will start this story from the third world, from Africa, and build up to the point where the connections I make to acts by the system and resultant states will be enough to make the point as clear as can be.

Once, after living continuously for over a decade in the west, I visited Africa for a month.

It was a short visit that nonetheless changed forever how I gauged the rich-poor, first world-third world divide.

When you leave a so called "third world" country, and it happens to be your country of birth, for a developed country where you stay for years, you tend to forget the level of development of your country of origin which is why for most third world immigrants in the west, images of their homeland on television tend to shock them, prompting such remarks as "why does the media constantly show the less developed parts of the third world?"

Most people I have met in the west whose origin lies in a third world country have the tendency to view the social economic state of the west as somewhat the same as that of their country of origin, that the difference isn't as big and that there is an inclination by the western media to play with images in order to make this impression.

This belief is the reason foreigners in the west can often be heard asking the previous question or wondering out loud "why the media doesn't show the worst of western cities as easily and often as it does unsightly areas in third world countries? The media can, for instance, show more of the run down neighbourhoods of New York or any other western metropolis that always has a rundown segment."

A run down segment of New York with poor people standing in line

But the fact of this matter is this, that such areas in the west are the exception rather than the rule. The slums of Nairobi are as much an ugly reality about a continent as they are a rule in third world cities/towns, and one needs not wait for the rainy season to see how bad/filthy it can get there.

But I digress.

On board a flight headed for Africa that's in a line of passenger jets, listening to the roar of jet engines in front as they start "rotating", our plane moving forward with the line until it is our turn to hit the runway, hearing our engines roar as we start our rotation, then taking off from a busy international airport like Holland's Schiphol, passing through Frankfurt's equally busy Airport, viewing the scenery below as the plane flies over, hearing the pilot call the passengers' attention to the awesome sight of the Paris Tower at night, then, after hours of flying, landing at an African airport, in this particular case Ethiopia's international airport in Addis Ababa, Nigeria's international airport, then Lusaka's international airport, the difference in scenery and development between these lands is stressed and magnified.

The image of the African landscape seen from the windows of a plane flying high up above cannot be compared in development to the scenery of the west seen from the same windows, and landings made at African airports feel like drops onto a tiny strip of an airfield in the middle of the bush, compared to landings made at western airports, and you will be prompted to hold on to your seat in expectation of something going wrong.

And I am not exaggerating.

I assume that it must be worse for those who are born and raised in affluent, developed cultures.

I have heard it mentioned that when westerners live in the third world for a period of time that is long enough to make them get used to the surroundings after which their idea of how much more advanced their native climes are by comparison becomes vague, and it comes time to go back home, the journey back makes the divide appear wider than they ever imagined.

Whereas previously they may have started to feel the west was just a bit more organised and advanced than the third world, the reality the gap is huge becomes emphasised as soon as they enter western airspace then touch down at an international airport in their country.

The very plane they have boarded for the return trip will feel like a vessel that has come back home, a crude comparison being a spacecraft on the old TV series "Space 1999" that was on an excursion to an alien, backward world docking back on "Moon Base Alfa".

Spacecraft lands on Moon Base Alpha in the series Space 1999

You just have to wait for them to get back to life in their cities and towns for the shock to become complete

And it is a fact that most third world countries are a shambles visibly and organisationally compared to developed countries and, if indicators of economic activity are considered, an example being the over-abundance of cranes working on real estate projects, countries in much of the third world are moving at a snail's pace economically because these indicators of healthy economic activity are missing, or they are too scanty for that to indicate any significant economic activity is taking place.

Clearly, it is futile to think third world countries are poised to catch up with western, or even Chinese, not to mention Japanese developmental states.

How in heavens name does a region that is as behind in development as Africa compared to the developed world catch up in development with a region that is already much more advanced and developing at an increasingly faster rate than the third world is?

With annual 5% to 7% GDP on paper?

The realistic thing to admit is that, at the current rate, the gaps in development are set to widen further. There are no two ways about this, bias aside.

Down on the ground in the third world, it is all so very obvious, so much so the cars driven by locals look increasingly like creations from another world in the third world village/town/city environment. They appear to just not belong, whether they are parked outside homes or driving through third world roads and neighbourhoods, whether they be well-to-do sections, chunks of western malls transplanted into the African bush, let alone shanties or thatched hut so called villages.

Car parked outside a home in Africa

The lines, symmetry, style of modern cars made in the west, Japan or elsewhere, look other-worldly in contrast to third world infrastructure designs, and landscape planning ... in contrast to building standards where, in most areas, homes or entire neighbourhoods are built haphazardly, chaotically, with comparably less thought for symmetry and style, without a basic sense of an aesthetic guiding the building process.

What I have failed to understand is just why this impression lasts even when I am standing in the middle of a mall complex built by westerners or the Chinese, complete with perfect lines, symmetry and a fitting colour theme. It might just be that the larger external environment impinges on the layout, or it is the fact malls are usually fenced off from the surrounding areas to protect valuables that are attracted to them in a place where the poor are a majority, making them look less western.

Some technologies on board the cars that look out of place find no application in countries devoid of the infrastructure for their use, and I know that a lot of technologies that are taken for granted in western countries have yet to hit third world countries.

As a friend of mine once remarked, technologies come and go in the west that will never be heard of in Africa.

Nothing missed, however.

And there is much more about the unsightly, chaotic village/town/city scape planning of third world countries that makes things made in advanced countries look out of place when seen around.

In some third world countries, the meaning of the term "traffic" appears not to have been grasped completely so that roads are frightening and stressing places on foot. They are made with the understanding they are meant for traffic, meaning that which has four or more wheels only.

Here, one risks life and limb to take to the road on a bike. Best to leave this activity to young lads.

Man cycling on a busy African road

Pedestrians and cyclists have no rights on the road and they never are right. You would have to see pedestrians attempt to cross roads in busy parts of the inner city, or watch motorists turning off main roads cut cyclists off, to understand this.

Crossing islands are unknown and you will stare when you find one, as it would, in most probability, date back to the colonial era or the period shortly after that. It is normal to see pedestrians hugging the middle line of a busy road waiting for that let up that allows them to cross, and I have heard stories of some getting caught in a tight spot and hit multiple times by cars going in opposite directions.

Pedestrians and cyclists always have to give way and seldom have their own section laid out or delineated on the road. Footpaths develop besides roads where traffic is too busy for people to walk on the tarred surface ... uneven pavements hooven out of the earth with shoe soles, or bare heels.

Raised pavements where that part of traffic called pedestrians can be safer and less stressed have been heard of, but they appear to be considered a waste of money and so, in densely populated areas, roads that are incomplete for the context are the norm.

For one used to western road standards where all traffic has its lane, pavements for those on foot, bicycle lanes for cyclists, and the center part for motorised vehicles, complete with cars giving way to other road users, or traffic, including pedestrians (in instances where they are going strait on the same road if the car is turning off, or at zebra crossings), seeing western or japanese cars driving about on what by all appearances are half complete roads, crumbling at the edges because of this, prone to require more repair as a result, marks them off as creations by people living in environments that are pristine by comparison.

Busy center of an African city, in this case Tanzania's capital

The third world is really a third class where standard comparisons with developed countries are concerned, but it should not have been this way had there not been a systemic need to keep Africa in a shambles.

The under development of the third world is not accidental in the system in which we live. It is a requirement. But there is another thing this system is holding back in the same manner it is so keen on preventing Africa and the middle east from developing.

Scientific progress in general, as a crucial part of the onward march of civilisation, has been held back globally ... so that the entire world, including the so called developed world, has actually not had the best of what can be attained with just the accumulated knowledge available to humankind today.

What I mean to say is this, that the technology we hold in awe today is actually inferior to what technology would have been had the champions of alternative and radical technological break throughs, especially inventors of novel machines that offered better, more efficient alternatives to existent ones, not all been chased into exile, made to run into the hills, live in mountains or simply got eliminated by corporations fearing ruin if the novel advances they preached were allowed to take root.

And this would seem the most improbable thing for one always tuned into mainstream media where they are brainwashed into the belief the west is humane, democratic, with a love for freedoms unmatched anywhere on planet earth ... and it wants to protect its citizens from threats of real harm. It promotes scientific progress in whatever form it comes, and, in the west at least, science is advancing by leaps and bounds.

Listening to the BBC's Science in Action broadcasts, or equivalents on other broadcasters, one is given the impression humankind is forging ahead in capabilities and know-how, roving Mars with a mini chopper, timing the trajectory of rotating comets precisely then colliding space vehicles into them, but, in reality, stagnation or the reverse is what is "really" happening.

You see, none of what they say on such programs impacts on how human beings are faring against the odds, all the technologies available to us today compared to our predecessors who never had machines that could map out millions of distant galaxies in a second notwithstanding.

Ask anyone in Africa today and they will have you know they have worse teeth today compared to their great grandparents and, though Africa is not the west, people here use western teeth cleaning products such as colgate, including other toothpastes common and originating in the west. The announcement scientists found a way to make a machine that can be controlled with the tongue isn't changing the reality the advanced age toothpaste has not prevented a generation of modern Africans from having worse teeth than their grandparents, and if it is correct to blame this on "modern" foodstuffs with the potential to ruin teeth that new generations are exposed to, we should not forget while making this conclusion that these same foodstuffs are products of the same civilization that gave us colgate.

But they love to make us feel good about the times we live in, give us the impression civilisation is just moving on up, don't they?

On the ground, new technology is a wholesale regurgitation of knowledge that is very old, and most of the time, theories advanced by scientists are bogus.

But then the purpose for which these programs are created is served. People are kept believing civilisation is advancing, there is more that is being known, medicines are getting better, people are living longer, the quality of life is ever on the increase, while in fact people are just being preserved longer and, for the same ages, are invalids compared to the strength their grandparents had, and their teeth are not as healthy as those their great-grandparents had even though they never knew colgate.

What this fact tells us is this, that we have not really made the most of the potential of the accumulated knowledge handed down from the past. Instead, we have stayed stuck in almost one place, regurgitating, recombining technologies made in the distant past and presenting them in novel, albeit harmful packages such as mobile phones that have the potential to cook brains, while we would have moved on a lot technologically, and become better at a lot more.

Humankind has been saddled with mediocre and, to a large extent harmful technologies just so that leaders within the system can retain the control they hold within it, and save the system itself.

If I told you I have met people in the west who revealed they had been involved in projects that, had they been allowed to continue, travelling to the moon for a vacation would in most probability have become a safe and normal thing to do by now, would you believe me?

But I have, and in the most unlikely places you could imagine for such kinds. One of them explained that his team got undermined so ... we are still stuck with astronauts strapped to highly explosive reusable shuttles that don't really go into deep space ... but remain in freefall around the planet, which is more or less on earth, with atmosphere re-entry heat shields that are poorly designed and liable to fall off.

We are stuck with piston engines, iphones, macs, helicopters, predator drones, the internet, jumbo jets, all items that are grossly overrated. We are also stuck with lingering suspicions the Apollo moon landings were faked.

May sound improbable when put like this because the system has done all it can to keep us secure in the falsehood humankind has done the best it can to develop and the stage or level reached is the best there ever could be ... all else is simply fable, but all you need to do to see truth is consider a few facts about our culture, including the following.

If you have heard of the hybrid car engine, or the turbine engine, then you know the former is the application of a device known about for longer than a century. The engine generator or genset, is a combo of a combustion engine and an electricity generator. The combustion engine drives the generator which produces electricity.

Did you know that this same configuration can be found under the hood of what is known as a "Series Hybrid Engine" of some cars?

One look at a simple genset would have long since given someone with the brains, if they had ambitions of creating an engine that significantly reduces fuel consumption, with an idea of one easy way that this can be done.

And it did happen ... if you believe it, in 1901. Ferdinand Porsche developed the Lohner Porsche hybrid electric vehicle. This is more than a century ago at a Porsche production plant in Germany. Strangely, this brilliant creation did not take off. Appearing as far back as it did, imagination ails to picture how our roads would look today if such efficient machines had been developed upon.

The porsche disappeared from sight but the genset remained around cars for decades, yet it was only in the late 90's that the very first cars with its configuration under their bonnet were rolled out the production line.

The other item with a strange history, a turbine engine, is a kind of internal combustion engine that can also be used in gensets, and it can also replace the usual four stroke engine and drive cars as well. There are different kinds of turbine engines depending on what they use for fuel. Those that use water can also be installed in cars and all we would have to do is put water into the fuel tank and we are ready to go.

Turbine engines are known to be much more efficient than piston engines when they use the same fuel, and would have made the fuel consumption rates of cars less than today's levels had they been adapted for use instead.

Explanations of why the piston engine was favoured over the turbine range from the comical to the insane, with some suggesting the cost of materials required to build an engine that heats up as much as a turbine stood in the way of their adoption for use in cars.

Fyi, turbine engines have been around for a very long time. In fact they date back to ancient Greece, AD 50 to be exact, when Hero made a steam engine called the Hero Machine. At the time, it was taken as nothing more than a toy and its full potential was not realised for centuries.

The polluting, inefficient piston engine has no better excuse for being around than that it is a systemic requirement that people drive around with litres of fossil fuel in their car tank to burn, in order to be able to get anywhere far. It won out in a battle it should have lost for the same reason it has become the engine of choice in most machines that need a driving force.

This fact is yet another of the many examples of how much those with power in society have done to hold back technological progress. Clearly, in the case of the piston engine, the world has ended up with a product falsely touted as superior yet is vastly inferior to other technologies that have been rejected because a group of people were concerned about the money they would not make if people didn't need to buy as much of their fossil fuels.

And the list goes on, from mechanics to biology and then electronics.

You would be shocked to learn of all that is being done resulting in second rate or mediocre products being pushed as the best, while that which is better or far much more fit for purpose or advanced is being discouraged, those pushing the product forced into exile or eliminated. Some of the actions being undertaken by the leaders in this culture have the cumulative effect of defiling our species, or the very earth we inhabit.

And you will get to wonder just why someone in their right minds would do something like that. I will not blame you if, at some point, you start to question whether these people are human at all, whether they are aliens who cannot care what happens to humans because, whatever goes wrong, they will not be affected given they are not human, and they have a planet of their own that remains undefiled.

The story of biological and pharmaceutical products has perhaps the most blatant examples of this, that are quite similar to the turbine-piston engine outcome in a lot of senses.

There are medications in use today that actually make people sick rather than cure them, sometimes as a deliberate ploy to make them spend more on other medications, other times as alternatives where it is known that the diseases they are prescribed for can easily be cured using remedies that have been discouraged, pushed to the fringes, the alternative medicine practitioners who push them forced into exile or found floating in ponds head down, dead.

And do not for once allow yourself to be fooled by sight or news of people being arrested for selling false medications in the leading media that will give the impression the system is holier than that. I have seen the same done in paedophilia cases as well. These are instances where the system tries to distance itself from such acts by punishing the smaller fish. Fact of this matter is the system is the major offender.

There are plants or meat products that are being encouraged for consumption even when it is known they are deleterious to health.

So, people end up with such like chemotherapy which actually makes things worse but remains the promoted treatment for cancer, the only regimen on offer at hospitals worldwide because it is the channel by which corporate leaders in the system make the money they require to retain power, and here we have to think of that scam often referred to as Big Pharma.

Fact of this matter remains that whether you are in Africa, Iraq, France or the U.S.A., the system is doing you in, somehow. What is noteworthy is, like fish in coloured water, very few people know that they are not living the way they are supposed to be living or that they are not getting the best, that civilisation is being held back.

Very few people in Africa understand that they are living in a highly disorganised, chaotic environment and that it can actually be better. Very few people in the west know that the technology that surrounds them is overrated or that they are not being given medication that really heals.

The worst of this system yet is revealed when men and women following dictates of their conscious who expose conspiracies or speak out against atrocities committed by leaders within the system are put through horrendous, life-long torture, assassinated or murdered and, even when it is clear they could not have killed their own selves, their death is depicted as a suicide.

Here's one thing we should all never, ever forget about the lone fighter fighting for other people's rights, freedoms, etc., fighting for you and me even though they do not even know your name, and it is this, that they represent our very best. This is what makes them see sticking their heads out for our sakes as a necessary thing to do.

It is to know from this that we can depend upon these types to guide our collective humanity, as indeed our civilisation along. They simply have what it takes to do this. They have all the talents lacking with the rest which is why they are rare people.

It is essential here to clarify this point.

Whenever there is a need to fight for freedom, especially when the oppression is subtle, the people who will lead these fights are bound to be critically minded, sharp and highly discerning, the rocket scientist kind of fellows. You just have to think about this to see they just have to possess these qualities, otherwise they will miss out on the finer details. The oppression will not be obvious to them nor will the need to fight. Plus, they will not manage to unite or organise the freedom fight as well if they are not too bright.

What we are speaking of here are our inventor types, the Isaac Newtons, Michael Faraday, etc.

In times of peace they are inventors, but in times of war they are leaders. It is actually quite easy to see from recent revolutionary leaders and others who led revolts or uprisings that they were very intelligent people.

It cannot be any other way than that it is the very same minds that can see their way around very complex issues that most other people cannot that will detect subtle oppression and attempt to wake the rest up or make them see what they have seen. It cannot be doubted they will know a bad situation that others fail to see as such, without being told. They will smell a conspiracy from far off..

Fidel Castro and the Palestinian Arafat were not coincidentally engineers as well.

The one thing that is often forgotten about such people is the impact they leave when they are inventors can also be the same in long term effect when they lead struggles. The world would have been a very different place without a Michael Faraday, and China would have been a very different place today without a Mao Zedong.

The fact we do not easily recognise such people when they switch guises is the reason we will not make much of, say, Phillip Marshall, a 9/11 conspiracy author murdered with his two kids and dog. We will not see that we have lost one of a kind, and most of all we will not gauge a system that takes to the murder of people of this kind to save itself.

If you can see that it is not just about anyone you will meet on the streets who can think up a light bulb, that it is not all of us who can be as bright, imagine the effect on life today if the key figure in the invention of the light bulb was killed before he could bequeath humanity his creative thoughts and, when you are exposed to the state of the continent of Africa today, understand this is what is bound to happen to a culture when it constantly loses its best in the guise within which they will appear in the context of a continent struggling to develop.

The leading culture of our time, the western culture, thus, presents itself as a perpetual Poll Pott, a leader killing people because they are wearing glasses, out of fear the glasses signify intellectual potency and the wearer may be bright enough to lead the sheep to safety. And this state of affairs has the potential to continue indefinitely without change, as long as the leaders in the system succeed to prevent people from seeing the system in its truthful colours.

But there is hope on the horizon and it comes in the form of emerging powers like China, India and a few others. It may not seem like it, but the economic development of these countries alone has the potential to give to humankind the freedom and security it has long sought, and this by merely fostering conditions for all nations to get what they deserve as creative beings getting the best they can give/offer in terms of culture/technology/science/civilisation.

Unless the emerging economies collude with the devil, the world is destined to change for the better.

These are early days yet. The period of time before these powers start to impact on civilisation as much as moves it along at a desirable pace has not come yet, but as they continue to expand their areas of economic interest and become competitors in more areas of economic activity, they avail those who have been shut off of products that aid their development. They will force cultural standards to go up internationally which will work against the best interests of the western elite who want to hold everybody back. They will precipitate the challenge of the triumphant mediocre and other products, and it is to hope that many will subsequently get phased out.

In most probability, humankind will enter an era of renewed promise when that which was held back will be attained. The standards of life our great-grandchildren would have enjoyed may yet be attained by our grandchildren, maybe great grandchildren.

Africa and the middle east will get the development they have been prevented from attaining for so long.

There is no doubting the fact this bright future where humanity gets another chance to better itself will come, what we cannot know is how soon this will be as the nations with the potential to precipitate the emergence of change are under overt and covert attacks with the potential to delay their growth to cultural prominence if not dealt with decisively.

Just recently, the Chinese shot down an aeroplane that they identified as CIA driven, spraying a mutated virus over their skies. Such incursions, and we do not have to speculate much to realise they are numerous and constant, have but one objective, which is to deny the emerging economic powers of the punch enabling them to develop as fast as they are, which is a healthy population.

The CIA operated aerial spraying plane Carrying �Mutated� Virus that was shot down in China. Picture courtesy

If the incursions are left unchecked, they would have the same effect on China's productive potential as chemical and biological attacks have had on Africa and other parts of the third world. They would do to China what the opium push by the west would have done had it not been crushed.

This truth can also be applied to the third world that is evidently not exempt from covert attacks using planes, drones, geo-engineering, HAARP weather modifications, meant to make it vulnerable to manipulation that prevents it from doing the right and proper thing during this period of change, especially know that it has the potential to play a massive role in this impeding, imperative culture change with global proportions.