Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Online Hogging

I am having serious issues doing anything online. Soon after launching my browser, things slow down till browsing the net makes no sense at all. Websites take forever to load, and the machine I am using starts failing to cope with tasks it should handle with ease. The mouse becomes unresponsive, the cursor takes forever to become established in a form field so I can start typing, and so on.

I have been using desktops and laptops for a long time, from the mid nineties when we built them from scratch, when hard drives had an average of 80 MB, till modern systems. I know what it takes to overload a system running Ubuntu 14.04, with a processor speed of 1.66 Ghz with 1 GB RAM. This configuration is basic but is more than sufficient for the simple task of browsing mere websites.

Unless the system has a bug.

On Ubuntu, however, I do not have to worry about viruses and malware that can slow the system down to the extent I am experiencing the slow down. And if there was, the restore point function in Linux is easier to resort to than it is in windows. I would have the system restored to its default configuration and running smoothly but this recourse has not helped me to date.

What alerts me to the fact my system is being hijacked by a third party is the fact if I want it to start running smoothly, all I have to do is disconnect it from the broadband connection.

The issues do not just end with browsing speed.

When I perform searches for items on Ebay, for example, using the advanced search engine option for precise results, I get results that differ depending on the device or app I use to perform the search, and when I buy something, things always go wrong along the line.

It seems that, somehow, the results of my searches are engineered not to match my query. There will usually be items displayed that I cannot use, otherwise they are of a price range I do not consider affordable, or can be delivered to my address. In short, the results are not useful and hardly correspond to the precise terms made in the advanced search options save for price.

It looks too much like items are being preselected for me.

Using a different device with an Ebay app and account name, I discovered that some items that were marked as unshippable to my location could in fact be shipped. There were also many more items listed, that had not been listed while doing searches on my usual device, using my usual account on Ebay.

When I get something that appeals to my desires and I order the item, it either gets shipped but gets stuck along the way and has to be returned to sender, to the dismay of many of them, or there is a serious delay in the sending process that includes the sender asking me all kinds of unnecessary questions.

Should I fear for an explosive battery in one of the mobiles I order?


The internet has become a dead end for activities that can impact positively on my life, and the same is also true of activities that do not rely solely on internet connections being free of outside manipulation to succeed.

It's for instance business as usual with my book publisher, and that business includes disappearing sales and delayed responses. This has been going on for years but the disappearing sales issue has gotten worse, and so too have the delayed responses and the lame explanations of what went wrong.

The above response states something that is a fact about lulu revenue displays, only it omits to add that the sum total of sales is carried along and displayed even when the sales shown do not spread out of the stipulated period. Lulu pays out twice every month on fixed dates: the 17th and 30th. On September 17, I  got paid for revenues from the month before (August 17), and if the two sales had been as old as the letter from lulu suggests, then they could not have been paid out alongside the previous payment because they were not yet a month old, but would have been paid out the 30th of September. Lulu always pays out after a delay of a month.

Their letter makes no sense but what I guaranteed myself by alerting lulu to this anomaly is that the payment of these revenues will proceed on the 17th of this month. I know lulu knows I keep screenshot evidence of what I see on my account, and can very easily trap them in the wrong. This knowledge doesn't change this cat and mouse chase game that's been going on for years. It simply lets me get some of my revenue. Thing is they can do much more behind the scenes and instances of sales appearing on my account display could just represent moments when they forget to do the usual.

Their system is automated, after all.

As for ordering items off of websites online, I tried switching to the much more user friendly and cheaper Ali Baba website for my orders, but it would seem that since my first successful attempt to create an account with them, the site has been blocked from my access, and it is simple to know why. NATO doesn't have any access to this Chinese website, but because it wants me stuck in this worthless cycle whereby they play the useless, retarded games on me, they simply block my access to it.

Guess I will just have to do everything via via, and i seriously need help finding a publisher for my book, if not somebody that buys the rights and takes over.

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