Tuesday, 8 November 2016

What The Powers-That-Be are Trying to do by Helicopter Harassment

A video post to Youtube showing harassment by Helicopter

What are we to make of those many instances of targets of covert warfare filming helicopters making rounds around their homes with the conviction they are recording evidence proving their status, that the choppers are there for them?

We cannot be faulted for concluding that they are suffering from paranoia because we have little to go on. Our imaginations would not allow us to see why there would be a need in our system, by those who run things, to resort to such expensive means in such a war, in order to wage wars of attrition on some civilians.

Targets of covert warfare become convinced it happens to them because of exposure to an abundance of anomalies that would also seem other-worldly when shared, and it is only when we accept to have a target of covert warfare take us by the hand and lead us through their experiences that we will recognise the need, only then will we wake up to what is going on.

When I lived in the Edmonton area of London, choppers used to fly around my house as well, but it was never for hours, as is the case in the experiences of others.

They would sometimes also anticipate my arrivals at some destinations and, once, a chopper showered me with inordinate intensities of directed energies, I guess because they wanted absolute clarity that they were there for me, as if it wasn't clear enough already.

Instances when helicopters buzzed around my house increased in number at about the time I wrote the book hosted on this blog and shortly thereafter.

The point here is, it was always clear that they were there for me because of an abundance of signs. It became obvious at some point that some events in my life were clearly acting as triggers for these shows.

For instance, once, in the middle of the night, I finally completed the book mentioned before and posted a PDF version to the internet ... then went about creating links to it that would draw the traffic in.

It was almost impossible for me not to connect what I had just finished doing to the emergence shortly thereafter of the sound of a helicopter hovering up above and, when I looked out the window, I noticed it was indeed going around and around my house.

Paranoia, induced or not, could not have drawn me into making the conclusion it was all about me because of all the other times the same thing had happened, right after I had done something similar.

Sitting in their houses minding their own business, my neighbours cannot be faulted for not making much of this that night. It was the middle of the night, the time when criminals are most active after all. To their imaginations, the police were responding to a 911 emergency call or something along those lines. They were working, protecting and serving them. My thoughts about what was really going on would have sounded like a major delusion.

But I am not one to be deterred, especially not by knowledge a given reality is beyond someone's imagination. I see, then, a need to raise awareness, knowing that herein lies my salvation.

And, so, I have never hesitated to make mention of these episodes in several of my writings. There is an article that you can read here, titled "My Watkin House Ordeal" in which I deal with an instance of this experience.

There is an issue raised by these "shared" helicopter experiences that can be expressed by asking why it is that those behind this are making a very bold statement to a select audience by including military or police helicopters in what is a continuation of a covert war of attrition that knows only faceless men and women.

They are not prepared to come out in the open with what they do because they know they will be prosecuted for it, yet here they are letting it be known that they are powerful in society, in control, that it is their way or no way at all, and this to someone they have placed in some high-tech prison?

This is a psychological war designed to deter more than just targets of covert warfare from action. It works when the message is taken seriously, after consideration is given to the fact only someone not afraid to be seen as the one making commands can go to the extent of risking exposure in this way. The impression made, then, is that they are not hiding behind veils or hoods.

Those at whom this tactic is aimed can become sure when the means in use against some can clearly be identified as establishmentarian, that powerful people in government are involved if we understand that blatant, publicly displayed abuse of government resources such as police hardware is not easy. This is because of the ease with which the use of such equipment can be traced back to the one giving the command for their deployment.

Command structures exist for the use of police helicopters. Whoever orders military or police helicopters to do circles around the house of a civilian can be traced, unless they use a ruse, such as responding to a situation requiring the use of a chopper, or the police themselves are tricked into deploying a helicopter to an area by fake 911 call.

I believe crucial evidence shows that this is what they are doing, meaning they are not in control, yet. The only thing we can be sure of, if we see such examples as the helicopter harassment incidents for what they really are, is the fact they have infiltrated the system to the rafters, to such a degree they have virtual control over all of our lives by the covert control such infiltration affords them. This is the reason those making these orders are not getting caught. They, like other counterparts known to be involved in crimes, such as pedofilia, can escape justice because of the cover covert warfare gives them.

They can still be exposed and stopped, if only people acknowledged the existence of their agenda, and learn to see their vulnerabilities, exposed by how they choose to present themselves to those who could make them squirm in order to prevent them from acting ... but this needs to happen fast because their every effort now is meant to take them to the point where they are above the law in fact.

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