Friday, 19 July 2019

Recordings Of An Almost Constant High Density Frequency On Me

In this video, shot at various locations in London, UK, I try to first show that the devices I am using to register the frequencies and their intensities around me are working perfectly well, even if they are entry level devices. Both devices I show use a scale of 1 to 10 mw/cm2. Then I go out to an isolated location to show that the frequency and high density of it occurs around me even when I am not standing near a phone mast.

This video shows the distribution of the same frequency picked up in the previous video in the rooms in my home. It is highest in the place I spend the most time in, which is my living room.

The videos above were shot at different locations on different days. Though the quality of the recordings is often blurry, it is possible to easily discern the details necessary for the message to be understood, especially when seeing the digits on the counter and the surroundings in which the video was shot is important.

Remember here that the frequency you see when I test the mobile phone is one of the legit frequencies used by mobile phone operators in the UK. Non of the operators in the country uses the frequency that the counter constantly picks up, which is 530 - 540 MHz. You can check this fact out yourself in the image below.The Virgin Mobile connection frequency my phone was using is around 1740 MHz which is within the range of the 1800 MHz that mobile phone operators have access to.

The frequency my counter registers has the unique quality of being highly penetrative. It is in fact on the higher end of the penetrative electromagnetic frequencies, and is known in the TI community to be preferred for directed energy attacks because of this.

Below is a video I made using a Cell Sensor that clearly shows that a signal is interfering with the fine electronics of the camera I use, and this is happening in my home and not anywhere else I go.

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