Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Alternative Helicopter Harrassment Video

Alternative Helicopter Harassment Video

This video of harassment by helicopter is a better alternative to the clip posted at this link before. I will leave this clip here as a separate post, for the time being. I have no choice in this because all of my mobile browsers (first the inbuilt, then Opera mini, and now UC Browser) have lost their compatibility with blogger's dashboard edit forms.

The description of this video by the uploader is worth going through. I mentioned in the main article that I was once attacked with directed energies by helicopter. Well, it seems that she is getting that a lot as well. Many of the symptoms she describes of effects of such attacks on some organs are the same ones I get when out and about.

Didn't want to pass judgement on the previous video but there were a number of things wrong with it and I am glad the owner made it unavailable to share (private). I liked the fact he was visibly exasperated. This is to be expected under the circumstances. I also found his manner of communicating the stuff of the effects of prolonged assaults to the brains with directed energies.

What I found odd was his insistence on pointing the camera lower as the action intensified. And here I was thinking the point of filming was to provide proof an actual chopper from so and so was out there, stickers, insignia and all clearly shown.

May just be the case that he had good reason to do as he did, we can never know until we are exposed to much more info than what's available here.

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