Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hands Off North Korea

North Korea's Leader Kim Jong Un

In the wake of a John Stewart Millesque campaign that assumes the intention of North Korea is to destroy the United States of America, meaning American survival relies on destroying North Korea first before it attacks, it becomes essential to clarify some points about this situation.

There really is no reason to want N. Korea to shut down. They ain't hurting nobody and the repression inside the country? It is necessary to keep a bigger evil at bay.

Understand firstly that North Korea is free and the threat to that freedom can come from inside. North Korea has no choice but to be found in the unenviable position of clamping down hard on its own people to prevent this from happening.

They have the big stick now, and they have their own home made missile tech, their own satellites circulating the globe, their own smartphones that, as I heard, rival Samsung's.

North Korea's Android Smart Phone the Arirang

The alternative is bondage the likes of which prevented the promise of Japanese uber technological advancement from materializing ... similar to what South Korea is going through ... or worse still what Africa or parts of South America are going through.

Even China said it already. They would be just like Africa if they had not beaten off western encroachment in the opium wars.

Look at them now, better than Japan, a "has-been" thanks to the western paedophile globalists doing to them what they did to their own countries, ie. frustrating or outright eliminating their best.

Look at Africa today ... where are our Einsteins, our Freuds, Newtons? We need our best to develop but look around and you realize the deaths we have been witnessing of our best are not accidental. America's globalists have been busy for decades eliminating our best and they have thus far left very few within the adult population, insufficient to run entire nations.

Knowing people reproduce, the targeting has gone to kids so that it will not be long before the genes of our best are gone.

They have infiltrated African communities to the grassroots using fools within, and they know just where each and everyone of the best's close ones live and can reach them with poisons or so called kinetic weapons on board satellites or drones that fly around freely.

So ... as things stand Africans will continue wondering why their best (who are referred to as good people) are the ones dying fast and singing songs like "the good die young while the bad live long" ... Lol, forgetting or overlooking the truth it is not set in nature for the good to die young, with America's globalist NWO paedophiles laughing behind the scenes.

And I would have said "Laughing all the way to the bank" had I not been conscious the globalist NWO pushing paedophiles comprise international bankers as well.

Africa is a wasteland now ... filth everywhere the nations don't work. The few "good" people being left alive are failing to cope while the rest are fleeing for dear life.

This is what North Korea doesn't want happening to it. Nobody wants what is happening to most of the third world or the middle east to happen to them, hence the resolve of such like North Korea or Iran to keep the devil far, far away.

Miseries and tragedies become an integral part of your life when the devil dwells in your midst, and nobody in their right minds want that.

China may act like it wants North Korea to disarm and lower its guard but ... NOT. Japan ... that "has-been" nation is a colonised problem to North Korea and other nations around the peninsula. North Korea is right to be aggressive in attitude towards that colonised entity that is now waaay behind even China in terms of technological advancement, thanks to the manipulations of its colonial master America's paedophile elite.

And the same can be said of South Korea. South Korea has so much potential but their development is held in check by their colonial master.

North Korea is rising despite the sanctions that are causing grief and it will prosper since America's paedophile elite will never ever dare put their defiling hands on the country as long as they know it can hit back ... HARD!

But should North Korea stumble and get colonised then its elite will be converted to paedophilia, its best, the ones making the satellites, missiles and smartphones, will be no more ... leading to the Japanization of the country, which equals major ruin.

What a waste and what a blow to the global movement for freedom from the despicable paedophiles this will be.