Friday, 2 November 2018

The Book "Coherent Madness" Has Been Defiled

The images above show the difference in word and character count that has happened since the book "Coherent Madness" was published. The bottom image is the word count of the original document (in the name) as it was published in 2008 (check publish date on image) . The top image shows the word count after I downloaded the same document to my tablet and did a word count.

Whenever I publish a book on lulu and have to upload the original document, I make sure the document is named such that the number of words and characters in the document is in the name. This makes it easy for me to see whether the document has been edited without the need to read right through the document searching for the changes.

THEY, the inbred vermin, did not know my strategy. It was quite obvious to me but I knew it would not be obvious to their inbred intellects. Somebody needs to tell em "Don't mess with moi inbreed" .

You can check for yourself. The number of characters in the document name is not the same as that in the actual count after the document was downloaded.

Also, I read through the document and discovered that some words had been  changed as well. The word fathom had been switched with fantom twice, for example.

Another very obvious factor about this editing, at least to me and anyone who has done word editing before and is dexterous at it, the page numbers are in Roman numerals throughout. When I uploaded the document they were not. I verified that before uploading as I always do. Only the introductory part, including the page that lists contents, were in roman numerals. The rest were not.

The vermin has been busy. Wonder why?