Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Internment Without Physical Walls

Whenever things are going fine for me, and I start to do better at that which matters to my situation, the going gets tougher. The average person who is not in the know of the extent to which it gets tough will usually urge me to get tougher in response.

I had a friend who knew I was a targeted individual. I know this because, once, he advised me never to stick my memory stick into a computer that is connected to a network such as the Internet if a new book I was working on was saved on it. I happened to already know this, having verified that the copying of material that was supposed to be private was routine where I am concerned, but that statement alone told me he was doing much more thinking than he was showing. I knew then that his dismissive attitude whenever I talked about what I was going through, especially the attacks with microwaves both at night and during the day when I was out and about, was a coping strategy.

My friend’s piece of advise that in sum meant ignoring the whole thing will make it go away was a staunch belief of his. As far as he was concerned, perps were a cowardly lot. Merely standing up against them or ignoring them would make them retreat into the darkness from which they had emerged.

The problem with real life perps, as opposed to the imagined ones, is they will attack even when the target has ceased doing that which caused them to be put on the menu in the first place. In my case, it didn’t even start out with me going all out on somebody. I didn’t hate on anybody on account of race or religion. I did not spread pamphlets or writings in a manner that would put anybody down or compromise their position. All I did was show my head, be myself on a very innocuous level. Being myself, which meant reading a lot, discussing a lot of sensible stuff rather than going to the disco or pub for beers, or the other sex, scared somebody so much they decided I belonged at the top of the menu.

The rest of what I started doing was my reaction to what I saw as unprovoked violence. Once upon a time somebody picked on me for no good reason, and my response to that was to give them a reason for attacking me.

For the first time in my life I started writing articles and, surprisingly enough, a lot of them got published in newspapers and magazines worldwide, leading to the discovery the man had been right about the fact I was good at seeing through facades into the true nature of things. The style of writing I immediately adopted was due to my rage at having been picked on for doing nothing wrong. Somebody somewhere had declared war on me because I was smart, and they definitely were going to try to hide that fact.

I was smart enough to realize immediately that I was being targeted for what I could potentially become, getting trimmed or pruned, so to say. Actually, institutionalization is the best word for it. It happens to everybody in this system, though in my case, because of what I was, the process entailed the destruction of a few of my brain cells, the dulling down of my reflexes, the nerve of which vexed me so much I decided I would dedicate the rest of my life, no matter how short, to doing precisely that which the man fears most, which is tell the truth.

You can see then that there is no way I can get tough and scare my perps away, no way I can ignore them enough to make them go away. They have chosen to invade my life permanently and, as long as I stick in a culture where they can find a hiding place, they are here to stay.

Control of my life happens on a minute to minute basis. This means that if I were to get a phone call, it will be monitored. If I were to go online, then the transmissions will be monitored. If I was to send an email, then the contents will be read before being posted. If anything I do is not pleasing to the man, then a stranger will find a way to let me know as they walk past me on the streets. As a programmer, I know my email inbox is checked and removed of emails that somebody out there does not want me to read. I know that emails that I send are not delivered when the contents are considered too sensitive for some entity. I have verified all of this, not merely by discovering the mistakes that become apparent due to how email software is designed, but through talking to people I sent emails to, and others who sent mail to me, and sometimes spoofing myself.

What I now know is that, apart from attempting to destroy my personality, the man is attempting to create a fake life around me. He is attempting to engineer my very thoughts by allowing some emails in, and blocking out others, depending on their content. In my day to day life, beautiful, willing females are everywhere I go as soon as I make it known that I am looking for female companionship, meaning the man would even go to the extent of fixing me up with a spouse.

Remember here that these observations are not a result of paranoia, but objectively observed data, often double-checked to ascertain the inference.

Apart from attempts at control, there is the ongoing attacking with all manner of weapons, especially DEWs, designed to either slow me down by confusing my mind or encumbering of my body as a result of physical discomfort. These attacks are heaviest when something positive is happening, and slow down when I am in a state. If I were to receive a phone call informing that I have received a sum of money, then, guaranteed, I will go out with a limp the next day, otherwise my head will be so strangely painful it would feel as though I allowed acupuncture on my brains. I will change from my balanced self into a chaotic stranger. If that sum of money is substantial then, as happened twice before, some fault with the bank’s electronic system will result in a huge sum of money disappearing from my account, that will be untraceable due to the computer malfunction.

The effect of all of this is to keep an individual in one place for as long as it takes, torturing them throughout. What we have here is a system not so much of imprisoning, but interning people without throwing them behind any kind of physical structure that contains them. This here is real, the world into which a lot of people get thrown in the west. There is no knowing how long it has been in effect. What’s certain is that a lot of people are interned right now, and a whole lot more have fallen as a result of the attacks. And it is not as though it is beyond the creature man to start something this cold. All it takes is a dictatorship looking for a way to control the masses to realise they can use false rumours, mental conditioning, poisons and DEW to conveniently isolate then gradually toy/play (they do enjoy the game) and eventually eliminate somebody.

The beastly incarnation behind such heinous acts needs to be exposed for what it is, and the prisoners, growing in number as we speak, set free.

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