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The More People Know a Secret, the Less Secure That Secret Becomes.

Eleanor White explains and addresses the crime syndicate known as Organized Stalking

Is it not strange how, despite overwhelming, highly credible evidence brought forth by people like me, called targeted individuals, displaying illegal covert warfare operations that cannot be doubted, including in this some very clear images or video recordings showing the effects of, for instance, inordinate exposure to directed energies like microwaves or ultrasonics on the body, proof positive people are getting burnt by what can only be explained as directed energies, that this and more evidence has not led to an official investigation to see what is really going on, to find out who and what is causing these people to burn or their radio detection devices to detect frequencies and frequency strengths that should not be in their civilian surroundings?

Is it not strange how targets of covert warfare are ridiculed by the mainstream media in, for instance, articles such as that written by Mike McPhate for the New York Times titled "United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers", published in the health section of this news outlet on the 10th of June 2016, that acknowledges targets are many and they all say the same or similar things, yet the same people writing what are supposedly informed pieces fail to see the implications of so many people going mad the same way on a global scale?

Think about this ...

Mental conditions have "symptoms" with biological, congenital, genetic, trauma, or other causes. Why are these known and scientific truths not being applied to the fact people like me, claiming to be targets of covert warfare, who happen to be spread across the globe, are saying the same or similar "crazy" things happening to them in the privacy of their homes?

Is this manifestation or phenomenon not a symptom of a condition different from the traditional notion of a "delusional mindset" diagnosis that the traditional mad man or woman gets?

Are we to infer that people like me, spread out accros the planet, speaking their minds coherently, getting the grammar right, doing the math properly, saying we are being attacked with hi-tech weapons in our own homes ... have delusional mindsets that do not differ from the ones the medical world is familiar with, that people with traditional symptoms of madness display?

And here I am speaking for myself and the many others like me who are bringing forth reports of this kind, not the ones placed in our midst to dicredit us that people out there need to be wary of.

I am talking people describing symptoms I also experience, with minor differences in the details, people who are suffering the same way that I am, people being attacked like I am on a daily basis ... people being set up and followed or stalked by gangs like I used to be when I lived in Europe and shortly after returning to Africa. Most of these people are still holding strong and coherently telling the tale, like I am, and being coherent is the first thing that differentiates a man who has lost his mind from one who is sane because nary a mad man knows how to think strait, which is what madness is about.

I am also talking for the many others spread out globally whose coherency is in jeaorpardy, who are losing their credibility as a result of this, which should be expected given the kind of attacks we describe we get on a global scale that deliberately does this and many other things to us in order to take away our credibility! In order to have no witnesses to the crime being commited out in the open.

Would it not make sense that the emergence of a condition like the one I have, with strictly defined symptoms that include a lucid, sane mind, would be of concern to scientists worldwide, or bodies such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US where the majority of the world's targets reside, or similar organs in other places, and that they would be compelled to investigate what clearly is a contagious NEW condition given its worldwide proportions?

Is it not strange, if not humanly impossible, that not a single one of the persons called perpetrators (perps), the people actually launching illegal attacks and surveillance on targets of covert warfare, who far outnumber actual targets of covert warfare, had a change of conscience and decided to reveal secrets confirming that the program is real or at least setting the record strait that a known case of any odd activist's death by heart attack, death from a terminal cancer or incapacitation by a stroke, was in fact caused by covert attacks, disclosing the exact elements and methods involved in the murder?

Is it not strange that, of all high profile whistleblowers, including those who worked for agencies known to be directly linked to covert warfare such as the CIA or the US's NSA, MOSSAD, British, and the rest of NATO member countries' intelligence agencies, that, to date, not a single one of these blew the whistle on issues pointing to where the buck ends with covert warfare?

Out on the internet, our groups grow bigger and hard to keep from the public. With this are ever more compelling stories proving the activity is as real as we describe it, including in this detailed accounts of RF or ELF burning. To this we can add the numerous reports made by TI's and sent to people in authority, including the UN, heads of states, parliaments such as the European, the US Congress, to organisations dealing with crisis situations, yet not a single one of these, no matter how coherent, no matter how many people have co signed the document, led to action? And we demonstrate too. Our people are out on the streets handing out flyers to the general public, displaying placards that say what is happening to us loudly and clearly or, at the very least, attracting the kind of attention that makes many curious as to what is being conveyed ... and we have been doing this almost globally for about two decades as far as I know

Rather than get reaponses to these pleas for recognition of a real issue, of our plight, the law comes down very hard on people who are supposedly mental cases, people who say all they want is relief from daily torture, calling us delusional, complete with the ever present threat of sectioning.

In a case televised by mainstream media in America over a decade ago, a family of four Americans of Indian extract, comprising highly educated individuals, were deprived by local authorities of that which they were sure was making it all bearable. The father was a practising engineer, one of his grown up daughters a practising aeronautical engineer. The four provided the most credible evidence I have yet to come across that they were experiencing something highly bizarre and it could only be understood when taken as attacks on their persons with directed energies, especially when they were coiled up in blankets.

In this drama that was made into a documentary by a target of covert warfare by the name of Marshal Gregory Thomas, available to view on youtube, the police came down like a ton of bricks on this poor family, demanding they put down externally erected corrugated iron sheet barriers against directed energies, even when it was done on private property.

As all targets of directed energy attacks who know the difference that a single conducting layer makes to how a target sleeps at night, the reduction in the electronically induced torture that is all but very discernible, this is the worst thing that authority can do where a mature, evidently sane individual, a number of them in the case of this family, state very clearly they are being assaulted with electromagnetic beams, even go to the extent of showing evidence of attacks such as burns on their bodies and holes in conducting layers they covered themselves with at night.

This lack of examples of reasonable responses by authority to real issues raised by mature, sane people, which are all obvious pleas for help, is actually just the tip of the iceberg of this incongruity.

From this we can surmise that the bigger issue is not that credible documentation and the less credible reports are not taken seriously, but that authority goes out of the way to punish people supposedly in need of psychiatric care.

A directed energy weapon (DEW)

The implements used in covert warfare are not always bulky and cumbersome, and are therefore easy to hide. Some of these devices operate on very low wattage or power, so that they do not need bulky batteries, and can as such be much more compact than many would suspect. They can be small enough to fit in a pocket, a shoe box, a small bag, or even concealed under a coat, and have enough power to be effective over good ranges, for hours at a time.

Finding and getting hold of one such implement in the hands of people a target was/is sure are attacking them is something that should have happened already given the number of such devices in circulation, basing this conclusion on the huge numbers of perps running around with them and availability of equipment, and the vast number of people exposed to DEW's on a daily basis who know who is attacking them.

Apart from images made by companies that do legitimately sell such devices, such as the United States of America based Information Unlimited, Brandon Enterprises� Revenge Devices, or TelstarOne Spy and Counter Spy Shop, none of these devices has been found and retrieved from a household where targets were sure perps were holed up for the simple reason perps are a protected bunch in society.

But then despite this ubiquitous absence, there is no doubt covert attacks on innocent, unwitting civilians are really happening, that they are really as psychopathic as depicted, and as endless and torturous as targets say they are. More and more people are becoming targets, while more and more succumb to the effects.

The absence of any evidence to this effect, including autopsy reports that confirm death caused by especially prolonged exposure to directed energies, that leave characteristic marks in and on all body organs, especially the brain that in non users can resemble that of a drug addict (a fact I gleaned from a perp site I happened upon once upon a time), reveals an ugly truth about the dominant culture.

Truth is simply truth, and here it is that covert warfare is more or less an activity sanctioned by law, and is not only carried out by deviants and other vulnerable types who have been given a deal in exchange for their "services" alone, but by a combination of these and normal, everyday people. The fact that an insignificant or significant majority or minority either does not know it occurs or are not privy to the details of the trade does not change the truth this is indeed covertly, or tacitly sanctioned by law.

This is where it gets a bit complicated, the point where care should be exercised in the kind of beliefs a target internalises.

As a target of covert warfare, I have long since learnt that the objective of this war is above all else to imprison, and by this I mean to place in a prison that has no walls. Self Imprisoning, the process by which targets are made to build the walls that hold them in one place themselves, is central to this process. It starts by, for example, making the target become averse to certain activities or kinds of people by having such activities play out in a manner that sensitizes the target to them, proceeding to make them averse to such, or having the certain "types" of people do something horrid to them that eventually makes the target averse to the type so they avoid such people when they come across them the next time around.

The point is to make the target avoid these people even when they may be the only ones who can offer help under the circumstances.

Ultimately, the objective is to make the target feel that all of society is involved. This is the point where the prison becomes total, and it is crucial that a target avoid coming to this mindset by avoiding definitions or conclusions that lead to it.

Saying the activity of covert warfare is "sanctioned by law" is an example of a conclusion that can lead to the mindset that makes a target isolate themselves from society and effectively lock their own selves into a prison in the open ... but then this conclusion cannot be discarded because of this as this would lead to straying into a false reality. A target needs to be real about their situation in order to preserve their sanity. This conclusion is a fact that needs to be acknowledged while keeping the following in mind.

Let targeted individuals remember always that not everybody is involved therefore, sanctioned by law does not have to mean all police officers or judges are in on it. What we are dealing with here is sanction enforced, and here I mean by those who actually run things, the elite.

They use any means necessary to ensure that the establishment is against targets of covert warfare. They will, for instance, indoctrinate people with the belief anybody who says they are a target of covert warfare is a nut job.

Let me give an example in the form of a personal anecdote of how this is done in real life.

I once found myself watching a series called Doctor Martin on mainstream UK television. I was hardly following the story but a point came when my full attention was drawn to the action because it transpired that one of his patients was a paranoid schizophrenic in a state because he was no longer taking his medication, who believed, in fact mentioned that he was ... you guessed it ... a target of covert warfare.

It soon became clear from the rendering that this was yet another of those media driven attempts to discredit actual targets of covert warfare. The targeted individual in question was not making sense at all, was seeing aliens everywhere, suspecting implants in everyone around him, holding a knife to the neck of anyone who walked by, etc.

As has become very usual, the enthusiasm to discredit targets of covert attacks made the producers commit overkill. I would not be surprised if in the next episode this ectoplasm rapes somebody, commits suicide, after which traces of cocaine are found in his blood.

Remember here that this episode was transmitted to the general public making it very clear that because too many people get forced to get involved from the anti-target angle of covert warfare, at almost all levels of society, the activity is no longer deserving of the label "covert".

Clearly, when this level of engagement is considered, covert warfare isn't covert at all in the west, or anywhere else where victims are openly portrayed as deserving of their fate.

Why do we, then, call the war devastating the lives of thousands "covert" when so many in society are made aware of it via the media and participate in it, forcibly or otherwise? We are talking here of a reality beamed to all who care to watch, who are made to see targets as nut jobs.

The saying "the more people know a secret, the less secure that secret becomes" happens to be the one we need to examine in order to know just what is going on here.

Freemasonic symbol

We require to acknowledge the fact Intelligence services, neo-Nazis, and secret orders such as the freemasons, have all not been immune to this truth. We know the secrets that we do about all these precisely because former members revealed information about them that made us know what they are about. A lot of these revelations may have been made for propaganda purposes, but a good deal were due to compunction, a sense of responsibility to society felt by members who found what they knew about the group deserved to be shared with all because this was in the interest of all.

What I am saying here is this, that if it is indeed true that when more people know a secret it becomes insecure, then citizen harassment and elimination or covert warfare as it is experienced by victims is not real because nothing of the organisation of it has been openly revealed, in which case it does not happen at all, and a whole lot of people need to see a shrink.

But I know and can show off my coherency in writing this, if this proves I am not delusional and should be taken seriously, that covert warfare is real and the fact us targets get punished when we speak of it, or get ignored despite overwhelming evidence it is real, get lumped into the group of mentally challenged into which we do not belong, get articles writen about us that are scientifically inacurate, etc., exposes the fact it is a perfectly legitimate activity that is kept under wraps because leaders in the dominant culture have dedicated enough collective resources to ensure it remains so.

What must be acknowledged is the fact covert warfare is deemed by the western elite to be essential to the functioning of the system and they have made efforts to make it as integral to the system as would make it an institutionalised activity, as unacknowledged as institutional racism which, btw, is also made possible by the same elite.

Covert warfare is global because the operations of the western elite are not restricted to their bastions of rule in the west, and it is worse in countries where they have the most interests, where they totally control the leadership, and also in countries that are too weak to prevent incursions by the western elite into their countries that target specific people. In these distant lands as well as home countries, the western elite use perpetrators, drones and satellites to harrass people, murder them in manners that resemble natural death, the most common of which are strokes and heart attacks, maim, suicide, make people go postal so they go on killing sprees, etc.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Experimentation In The Third World May Already Have Produced An Improvement on V2K

I knew quite a bit about the covert warfare the western elite wages in 2009 but was still so ignorant about its reach I thought I was completely safe in Africa and could do away with the cumbersome shields I wore on a daily basis in Europe.

But I was so wrong and I payed dearly for this ignorance.

I used to have no eye problems while in the west but after staying half a year in Africa I needed x2 magnification to just read and x1 to see objects afar.

The very first professionals I sought help from found nothing wrong with the eyes. There were no infections for one. It all fell down to weakened eye muscles, and their best guess of a cause was sugar.

They advised me to minimise on my sugar intake which included foodstuffs one would not normally consider high in sugar content, such as the staple maize meal.

About a year after this, it dawned on me during a night in which parts of my sleeping space heated up while others remained cold, that I was under directed energy bombardment. I immediately put it down to satellite fire. I had heard it mentioned by some targeted individuals but discounted it as a source of attacks for me until then.

Years hereafter and it become painfully clear western covert warfare did not end at western borders. It was global and the paraphernalia that makes this possible had long since been hooked up and was operational almost everywhere, even in areas as remote as the African bush.

This paraphernalia includes networked satellites and hovering drones and, sometimes, hand held weapons. Everything you would expect to be hit with in the west is also available almost anywhere on the globe you may be ...

And there is more ...

A little over four years ago, the husband of a close relative passed away at home after a lengthy illness that, to me, after hearing what he had to say about his illness, was induced by way of directed energy assaults.

He worked for an independent television broadcasting company and I suspect his removal was connected to this.

The entire team of pioneers who founded the television company came under fire and, to this day, some are still on the run ...

He was ill when I just returned from Europe and improved shortly thereafter then got ill again, and so on. I found him at home one day when he was particularly weak and he called me to the side and proceeded to tell me how his illness began. What he revealed was remarkably similar to the sci-fi stuff targeted individuals post to their timeliness on Facebook, or in videos uploaded to Youtube.

His ordeal started with infections that failed to heal. He went for tests and they came up positive for the virus that causes AIDS.

Years later, after keeping stuff from falling off using medications, he lost his thumb after an infection took hold at its root and failed to heal, after medications failed to help.

I would have believed he really had HIV/AIDS and his inundated immune system was failing to deal with infections had he not told me a bizarre story about an image or television screen rolling out in front of his eyes everytime he lay down to sleep.

This scene became more pronounced towards his last days ...

He related how a full screen hanging in mid air in front of him would fill up with total strangers wishing him the worst possible fate, wanting him dead.

I had heard of V2K before then and knew the technology and technique involved, and had heard targets relate visions they had seen or saw sometimes but nothing compared to what this man told me.

I realised at once that this was a kind of advanced V2K whereby visual images as well as sound were beamed strait to the brains, bypassing the sight and auditory organs. I knew right there and then that what I was hearing was an indication the technologies being used on Africans were more advanced than those being applied on non-consenting and unwitting targets back in the west and, after an unsuccessful quest to find a similar testimony by a western TI, I concluded the technology he had told me about was probably not yet operational. It may have been in its testing phase when it was used on him. I made this conclusion based on the assumption if it was operational it would be used on westerners and we would no doubt hear about it from TI's in the west who do not believe in suffering silently like the bulk of people in the third world.

I knew hereafter that the stories he told about body parts that did not heal had nothing to do with a weakened immune system but were also caused by directed energy assaults.

I have since also experienced these attempts to prevent an injury I sustained from healing and have long since ascertained that the states were artificially induced.

I found out during the process of protecting the part that was not healing with everything from metal, rubber to leaves and moist grass, trying one or two shields at a time, that healing commenced at a normal to accelerated pace as soon as the protection kept enough of the beamed frequencies away from the part.

The part about a television hanging in mid air, especially its rarity in the experience of TI's in the west, led me to make the conclusion most of the weapons being used in the west today are first tested out in the third world before they are used on westerners. The setting of a culture where people either make little sense of attacks, consider the experience the product of witchcraft or realize what is happening but decide to keep it to themselves, is ideal for the full scale testing and development of weapons used in covert warfare.

What must be kept in mind is how advanced the capabilities of these weapons are. Those who sit behind screens controlling weapons on satellites and drones can check and double check whether the effect they want to induce is taking effect, including side effects, and if there is a need to understand what the target below is saying in order to know something vital to the experiment, then sounds are clearly transmitted using microwaves, all the way up to satellites hovering thousands of kilometres above and translators of languages from across the globe are abundant.

To Samsonites

Depiction of Samson standing by the head pillars

I am not one to whine about anything and everything. I consider myself thick skinned, able to withstand much of that which is thrown at me that I know many others cannot.

I am also quite a survivor. I can make do on very little, much less than most people can and the wondrous thing is this, that I always manage to have just about enough of the little that keeps me forging ahead.

That ... baffles even me.

That little can be anything from enough toothpaste or soap and relish to last till I have made the next amount to afford the next little that gets me to the next day.

Nothing to be proud about this, especially not when the foul play that makes this state permanent is recognised.

This kind of life is what you would normally consider life on the verge or living from hand to mouth and the fact I manage to maintain has all to do with an inner, inherited strength, a remarkable regenerative capacity and an indomitable intellect without which I would have perished a long time ago.

Call it the prolongation of suffering if you may, and in the end the machine that allows me to do this becomes a wonder to, if not an envy of those looking in on the action, envy especially to those making things harder for me.

They know, they have witnessed a supreme machine in action, a machine that far surpasses in advancement the beemer or Mercedes they ride in, that, because of knowledge supreme biological machines exist, they are ashamed of walking out of ... lest they expose that other less capable, primitive machine they inhabit that leaves so much to be desired when compared to my super duper machine.

I am now certain that I am a Samsonite. It must be this inheritance I have to thank for my strength, cunning and resilience.

I know I am a Samsonite because, apart from the strengths, for instance the capacity to defeat entire armies with a donkey jaw bone (Lol ... Gift of wit?), I also harbour the very same weaknesses that Samson had and if you had to look into the future, if I do not find rescue by some people paying attention and am left to fight it alone, you probably will find me felled the same way he was, by a similar character and trick.

But maybe getting helped out of the "King of the Road" situation is foiling the only plot that stops the crack pots who often take over the reigns of control and mislead people. In this I know ... I have deep hard wired knowledge that my very well-being is intricately tied to that of others who are supposedly high and mighty, that my tears are their joy and vice versa, a stultification because we both can go our own ways and still prosper.

I know that this same link extends to the very reign of the bogus, foul, rogue elite for, when I do find that little boy to guide me to the pillars of that society, the pillars representing the very elite, and I always will detect the boy and have him obey my command, because I always discover what they are not paying attention to, I will put an end to their little game as quickly as a master pugilist would floor an awning opponent.

My story may by design be a sad, tragic journey for a purpose ... The journey ends with a victory so massive non could ever have imagined, a victory I pay for with my life.

The ultimate price but at least those that come afterwards can breath the fresh air freed humankind finds abundant in a domain it controls.

Will not as such be appropriate for you to shed tears at the idea of as tragic a life as mine because it manages to attain a feat many tried but failed. Best, as such, to celebrate at my passing ... to toss, to Samsonites ...

The Negative Feedback Loop And Why it Equates To Madness

Mental Health Clinic

It is not for nothing that I have always said there is no longer any need to make friends with whoever one day decides they are better off pointing the open end of the magnetron in a microwave oven at me. I do not see myself changing this resolve no matter what the other decides to throw at me, no matter the amends they make.

And if the persons who decided to douse me in directed energies such as microwaves believe that they can get me to forgive them, least of all work with or for them, then they are more deluded about me than they imagine.

For starters ... They should perish the thought attacks will make me woolly brained, so dumb I will do as they please, because I will not. This is, from start to finish, an "over my dead body" issue.

And it is not so much the harm that microwaves cause to the human body that is at issue here. Nor is it the personality change.

Microwaves damage tissue, it is true, but so do I when I wipe with tissue ... Otherwise the same happens on a grander scale when I gym or merely go for a long jog.

Point is damage to tissue is not the biggest of my worries.

Under microwave bombardment, the mind, a product of brain activity, the matter itself comprising brain cells communicating with each other and other parts of the body using electric signals, gets adversely affected and alters the way it functions which in turn impacts on the personality of the person under attack.

Whereas previously a given individual was quick to respond to a specific stimuli, they may find it hard or unnecessary to respond the same way to the same stimuli after suffering nerve damage. They may also stop doing other things they did naturally and start doing others that they never used to do before.

They will in effect become different.

But then again as with self inflicted tissue damage, people have found it necessary to alter their personality to fit in with a new reality being experienced.

The biggest thing that is caused that makes it impossible for me to forgive or forget being doused with microwaves is the resulting effect of nerve damage, brain cell deaths and the rest that goes wrong when the nervous system is cooked while the vessel they serve still needs them to be as perfect as it can be for optimal health and coordination.

The very worst of culmination of damage to the nervous system are negative feedback loops that run like vicious circles within the psyche whereas the sufferer gets convinced a course of action will rectify everything, while in fact it just make things worse.

A negative feedback loop resembles the physical effects of an addiction in its manifestation, specifically an addiction to heroine whereby the very worst personality trait the individual has becomes the prominent feature of their personality.

A negative feedback loop is in effect madness induced by directed energies. The target becomes insane. Their attempts to correct their actions, to bring sanity to their existence leeds them ever further from sanity.

I have read recollections people who were once mad shared in books and such, and the summation I have made from these of what it is like to be mad is this, that when a mad person thinks to go right they physically guide their body left, and when they think to go left they go right in fact.

It is like they have their wires crossed ... The thinking is happening and it is correct but the execution of the though is the opposite.

Out of control ... Mad ...

The least forgivable thing somebody can do to another ...

I wrote to some length about negative feedback loops in my book "Coherent Madness: Effective Defence Against Covert Warfare" and would do a better job of advising people on how to make it all better, which in turn will enable them to attract positive people to them, as opposed to the solitude attracting negative minded types eventually leads to, if I had a chance to write the second instalment of the book.

As things stand, I am incapable of the feat of completing the book because of the corner into which the vermin on my case have pushed me into whereby it is a daily struggle putting food on my table. Sitting down to write creatively is possible but it usually results in asubtraction from the total that can be put on the table and leads to malnutrition.

This cannot be the time to write a book but, hopefully, things will change for the better and I will be able to not just write an article or feature explaining what a negative feedback loop is, but be able to put that down into a resource that can be accessed and shared endlessly and down the line as well, with or without the world wide web.

True Intelligence is Feared in this Culture

Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell after an officer arrested her for dubious charges

I would have said a picture is beginning to emerge of the kind of people who are put on the Targeted Individual (TI) menu after some experiences I have made of late, to be tortured to death in the most hateful, heinous, contemptible manners imaginable, had I not known better.

As things stand, the info has long since been relayed to me ... and it is that they are some of the most speculative minded, most intelligent people you will ever get to know.

It has been said already by many that it is people who are asking questions that are favoured and it is clear what is making them become more curious than others is an innate critical mind or superior intellect.

Just this afternoon I coaxed a TI friend to tell me what she thought of an idea I sent her, asking her to give advise if she could. It was all innocuous and rather bland to start with but just one comment from her brought such illumination to the idea I was taken aback by the transformation ...

And most of these TI's have no idea they are such brilliant minds.

The majority of targeted individuals are not even highly erudite, but can compete with just about anybody who is highly educated in their capacity to both be inventive and creative, with the added wisdom magicians bring to the table.

The criteria used to single out people for covert attack and elimination is baffling when one considers this prominent characteristic amongst TI's, suggesting strongly that for all the semblance of leaders in the dominant culture who want progress at all costs, they are actually actively driving for an idiocracy in which they feel they can cope.

Out in society, in communities worldwide, and here we should have in mind areas where the people behind global covert warfare still control, the populace at large knows there is such a thing as covert warfare but does not know what it is that gets people on the menu.

The majority simply have ideas of what this can be and many are no doubt looking at all they hold dear and finding within that reason to avoid doing what they believe will jeopardise their achievements or the lives of those they love, including their own ...

The sad truth about global covert warfare is very few people apart from those involved in the selection process, and targeted individuals who have done the math, know what triggers the selection of certain individuals. This means people are busy doing things they think are safe but are in fact liable to sooner than later lead them into the net.

But I think there are things that have happened to some people that serve as indicators of what it is that a person can do that can get them into trouble but then only after the life of that particular individual has been studied in detail.

Remember here that the selection process is complex. It is not just about everybody who will do something considered wrong whom the system will come down upon like a ton of bricks ... It is those individuals who also bring mental alacrity or flexibility and speculation into the equation that causes the system to let out a horrid, deafening howl then pounce.

If you have kept your eyes open and been tuned into developments worldwide, you may have seen events that may have made you wonder how what you were watching was possible on God's good earth.

I have in mind such like the shooting dead of Philando Castille by a police man after a simple stop for a broken break light. Consider the fact the police were looking for a robber they should have approached with caution but did not ... A robber who resembled Castille by having features common to most blacks such as a broad nose and thick lips.

The cop who shot the obedient motorist walked all the way up to what was supposedly a robber's car door and, with head exposed and all, mentioned why he had been asked to stop then, after asking him to show his driver's license, found him dangerous enough to pump seven bullets into.

That is bizarre. Can those of you who have been stopped by the police before picture such a situation?

The other is Sandra Bland and here again it is very clear that the police man had a prior hard on for her. The offence she was stopped for was too minor for the aggression he displayed. He stopped her smoking in her own car as If that would interfere with his capacity to miscarry police duties then dragged her out of her car and slammed her into the ground ... Slammed her so hard she momentarily lost her sight.

It is to expect that not very many people can picture something like this happening to them after a routine police stop and we cannot possibly explain the conduct caught on camera as incompetence on the part of the officer.

Sandra Bland, like Philando Castille, like many other people terminated by police officers, were considered out of line in something they were doing in their daily lives and targeted for elimination because of this.

The killing was done live on police dashcams with intent to show this later and send as clear a message as can be to all people either associating with them online or off-line, of what awaits them if they do not obey, as well as incapacitate them into inactivity with fear ...

To repeat ... Study of the lives of these targeted people, especially discovery and weighing of their special gifts, should they have some, will educate people on just why individuals are being taken out in this system.

It all points to the fact intelligence, especially the very high kind, or the seen potential of its existence, and its involvement with certain, seemingly innocuous activities, is what is getting people sent to the gallows ... It is all being done so that the elite can cope and continue running or ruining things ...

Targets Without a Strategy Living in Insecure Households

A living room

With most targets I know, the biggest threat to their mental well-being are not directed energies, the stalking and theatre that is intended to retard their level of understanding, but those surreptitious entries into their homes that they fail to stop.

The problem with these entries is this, that they can not just cause desperation that eats away at the will to fight the good fight, that prevents resignation to a gradual death fate, but that the life of the target is in the hands of the intruders.

They can put all manner of poisons into food, objects that are used regularly, and the environment and if we understand such like the CIA have done a lot of work on poisons, then you know this means no escape now, or in the long run ...

There are fast acting poisons and others that take ages to act. Then there are poisons that influence the mind ... that machine we rely on to function properly. There are other poisons that enhance the effectiveness of directed energy fire, increasing the level of torment or making the mind more accessible to remote manipulation ... and so on.

Poisons are not the only thing to fear unfortunately. You see, the target is in an experiment, a non consenting guinea pig and if they die suddenly then the investment has been in vain. Directed energy bombardment can cause complications that can lead to sudden death and so it becomes necesary to intervene, after the fact or preemptively, with substances placed in food and such.

For most targets, every day they awake is just another "so far so good" story. They look at their body, check how well their mind is functioning and tell their own selves they are OK. But they cannot help forging ahead with the lingering thought all is not well or querries running through their minds of what is really being done to them.

And often there are signs of this ...

Obviously, peace from this torment and torture can only come when that door, those entrances, are completely secure.

I have had to deal with this issue for some time in the past, both distant and recent. Covert or surreptitious break ins into my home were regular and they have followed me wherever I have gone to live and this advise on how I skirted the worst I can share with my fellow targets ...

The tendency among most TI's I know is to get some kind of mobile home whereby they take things they feel can be taken or tampered with along in a bag and such. Unfortunately, in cases where things have gone missing, targets tend to prioritise expensive gadgets they own and such, rather than the food they consume and toiletries they smear on their bodies or use to clean out their mouths or wipe off that stuff, right down to the sheets they roll in at night.

The very first objects I took along with me when I lived in a motel in London were bed sheets because I realised this was going to be the first place where poisons would be placed when I was out. Food is cooked in a main kitchen in motels so there was no need to worry about that. When I got my own accomodation I extended the list of things I shoved into a backpack to food items used long term such as rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar and such, including toiletries used on the long term such as creams, toothpaste including the brush ... etc.

Then every night I would walk into the local supermarket and buy a bit of the food I would need to consume with the rice such as veggies and meat.

I used an oil paint on my walls and every single night I entered the abode I would vacuum the floor, put rubber gloves on then soap and wipe the walls before settling down to cook and the rest that goes on in a home. Then I would plan ahead for days that sometimes extended into weeks, when I would just stay indoors and rest, eat the uncontaminated, and rest again ...

Might seem like A tedious life to manage but if taken as a lifestyle necesary in a war zone, it is not hard to do. I lived like this for lengthy periods of time, for months at a time, close to a year in Amsterdam ... always thinking it was temporary, always planning for that abode, or looking for the locking mechnisms that would make it all unnecesary.

And I did find such places or locks in the end ...

In this program we are under, the objectives are to incapacitate more than to kill. I know now the people running this program kill a lot, but that is usually accidental. They would rather isolate and incapacitate, better yet they would rather make the individual self isolating and self incapacitating to the point they become useless in society and cannot have a social life but then they become very useful as guinea pigs. For this, the individual has to be able to sustain their own self but unable to go out there and make friends.

Would not make much sense to incapacitate an individual to the point they cannot sustain themselves because then they die soon and all those RNM discoveries and inventions cannot be made. Poisonings done in the home are what I suspect the most effective means of ensuring this outcome and here we can also speak of the necesity of controlling the very health of an individual to the point stuff may be put into their food that sustains them, if only they can be kept in the desired state for the experiment to go on ... Such rescues cannot be done using directed energies hence ... the limitations of these weapons and the reason they cannot be used alone becomes apparent ...

Stopping perps from turning your home into some walkway is half the battle won ...

The Shield That I Owe My Mental Resilience To

I have retained a level head throughout my ordeal and this is clear to see from what I write and how I write what I write. I have been writing for quite some time now and I do believe I have maintained a level of clarity, creativity and coherency hard to find among targets of covert warfare.

I believe I have this mental resilience to thank on a discovery made gradually in effective shielding of as much the matter between my ears as the major organs.

I knew from the get go that I had been targeted because of how God shaped my mind, nothing else. Within the echelons of authority in the western world, strange minds decided mine was a threat to their order and had to be destroyed. 

I was a kid when they started attacking me and I realised they would stop at nothing to burry and conceal from the world my mental prowess that was shinning brightly in my adopted western country. There were things I was doing  that were beyond the capacities the system had placed on members of my race.

People were listening to me, admiring me, wondering about me, and I had just passed my teen years. This ... the system could not tolerate.

A typical "Planet of the Apes" Scenario.

Turning me into an idiot was going to be their objective, and protecting my brains from harm was going to be the only way to save myself and maybe get this truth about this culture exposed.

I started making this shield for my head after learning of the blocking effect charges can have on radio frequencies. I was at the time working on active shields when I happened upon information that NASA's astranauts generate static charges in the lining of space shuttles to protect them from the frequencies abundant in outer space.

The first shield I made that employed this technique was an eletrified faraday cage shield in my bedroom. The shield comprised two conducting layers separated by a dielectric such as plastic. This was a capacitor.

Problem with capacitors is they only block out direct currents, and allow alternating ones in. They also amplify them and when my tormentors realized my shield was a capacitor, they switched currents and made me hurt.

I had to find a way to make a shield that blocked both currents and I happened upon the idea of passing the current through two capacitors.

The first capacitor would develop a charge that blocks out a pole while the next will develop a charge that blocks out the other pole. Since the dielectric is connected throughout, or one piece while the conducting layers are separated, I hoped the charges blocking out both poles would migrate evenly within the dielectric so that the charge blocked out both poles.

I tried this out in a head cap and the relief I felt from attacks was immense. I wore this shield for a month and the day I took it off I felt so much noise on my brains it was intolerable.

This is the reason why you will seldom find me walking about without some hat on my head and this shield underneath ... I wear the same shield over my torso.

It is actually very easy to make and below I give simple to follow instructions ...

Get at least two 30 meter rolls of aluminium foil and industrial tape. Roll the foil around your head above the ears upwards of 15 times. Crumple the foil to cover the top of the head. Remove the foil cap that results and flaten bulges at the crest with a wood piece or blunt rounded object. When the cap is evenly flat tape the top off completely so it resembles the image above. Place it on your head and roll another 15 layers of foil on top of it,

Take it off and repeat the bulge flattening and taping procedure described before, ensuring the plastic connects with the other tapped on top of the first cap,  then place that on top of your head again for the final 15 rolls of foil. Repeat the process to finish off and your three layer cap should look like the one in the picture.

Make a small insulating layer cap with a cotton layer in one side to place on your head so that the metal does not contact your scalp.

You can use as many layers of foil as you want. I have found 15 to be sufficient.

Wear this cap wherever you go and it will keep your brains safe and sound ... I hope it also helps those of you suffering head intrusions and thought reading such as V2K and RNM.