Thursday, 20 September 2018

The Significance of the "Military Industrial Complex" Announcing it Wants to Develop Capabilities it Already Has

Image taken from an article with title in caps that reads "AIR FORCE WANTS NEUROWEAPONS TO OVERWHELM ENEMY MINDS" (Click on the image to read the piece)

When a career thief specialising in theft of items in locations where darkness is a precondition for success has obeyed the rules of the trade and learnt the hard lessons well, and got off without being caught, he is expected to be more adept and confident in this line of work than a novice, and maybe even start believing he has a God-given talent for it.

But if one day he gets caught red-handed, stealing the same items in broad daylight, meaning that he has overlooked or disobeyed the cardinal rule of this specific activity and not restricted it to the dark, people who get wind of this will conclude that he lost it or "slipped" which is why he failed to follow the rule of success in the kind of activity he is versed in.

The procedure leading up to people pointing to a mental crisis as the cause for the resultant delusional mindset outcome is simple and I will lay it out here.

By definition, the phrase "career profession" connotes dedication to a task during which customisation plays a central role. A thief eventually becomes overly accustomed to the vississitudes of theft missions, the near and far misses and how they tend to pan out, and if he dodges just in time every time, the risk is raised that the thief will start to take it for granted people will not think to look for unbecoming activity where they do not expect it, which can lead to the making of a mistake that is somewhat deliberate, involving a slip into a state that sees nothing wrong with stealing when all are awake and watchful.

It all goes with the territory and experiences germane to that territory and this truth knows more manifestations.

For instance, the need in war to surreptitiously dumb an opponent down, in order to more easily defeat and/or control them, may or may not emanate from an inadequacy complex. It can be a legitimate military tactic or strategy that allows for speedier victory at less cost.

We can only decide an inadequacy complex is the cause when the subject insists or persists with the intimation the factor that retains the status quo in which the opponent holds the shorter end of the stick is wholly due to "inherent" qualities that confer a mental and physical advantage to the one holding the long end of the stick, a persistence that runs concurrently with paradoxical or contradicting surreptitious attacks that defile the capacity of the disadvantaged to hold their own in battle.

The simple explanation of why this conclusion makes sense here is ... there would not be the need to dumb the opponent down if it was indeed the case that they were less endowed mentally than the advantaged. It becomes superior tactic and strategy when the overriding concern is the cost of gaining and retaining control, in which case the pretence as well as surreptitious dumbing down can be seen to be functional, as activities essential to the expeditious accomplishment of the objective, which is admittedly an indicator or sign of a superior intellect at work, a superior intellect making the choice between better or worse.

To be clearer, it is a sign of a superior intellect that acknowledges the existence of intellectual potency in the opponent, and does not deny he is as capable of as much intellectual clout, if not more than the subject who has made the realisation an intellect can be fooled into believing it is not as capable as another, and that once in that mindset, the opponent can more easily be controlled.

Once that is established, we should understand or keep in mind this method only works when there is secrecy to the defiling process. It is hardly possible to openly dumb someone down and blame inheritance for their dumbed down state when there is proof of what is causing it, even when the opponent is to a large extent too dumbed down or brainwashed to see the whole truth.

Fact of this matter remains once the bird has flown, the tactic can simply not work anymore, and when it is nonetheless adhered to then the conclusion can be drawn there is a lack of the capacity to see and explore alternatives. This may then be seen as cause for the manifestation of the truth behind that which can cause a thief to think he can steal in broad daylight, emboldened maybe by the belief God himself stands behind him, sure that, because he has gotten away with theft so often in the past, aware already that people are not likely to seek untowardly activity where they do not expect it, he will get away with it even if he does the stealing in broad daylight, and he will as such overlook or find basic security scanning to be unnecessary leading to someone noticing the untowardly activity that he is engaged in at an hour when such activity is least expected.

The simple ignoring of the fact daylight allows sight of objects that would otherwise not be visible at night leads to the downfall of the career thief.

The mindset leading up to this action is a typical case of one burying their head in the sand and reaping the consequences of the lapse in observation ...

Note here that daylight in the example of the thief comes to signify a lack of cover, lack of secrecy or the lack of an attempt to secure the scene in the latter example. This is a delusional mindset, to put it bluntly

This mindset is the one that I see the west wallowing in when its recent mind control weaponry development announcements are reviewed. The announcements lead, in fact, to the disclosure the west is abandoning the MO of keeping an advantage by surreptitious attacks on others in order to gain an advantage, pointing out a failure of thought, especially when the truth is considered that the world has long since realised the backbone of western superiority is precisely surreptitious defiling that includes holistic purges.

The announcement is evidently intended to give the impression the west has not been engaging in surreptitious activity thus far, that it is considering doing this in the context of conventional warfare that it will wage today or the day after, but I doubt this trick will leave many deceived.

The west is known, right now as we speak, by segments of international populations that matter, to be heavily involved in the surreptitious use of the gamut of technologies and techniques it is announcing to gain an advantage. It has been at it for longer than many would suspect, using means and technologies many think are futuristic.

It is to glean from this action that the joke is on the west that is evidently in this position because it is right now devoid of a head, as such without a means to hold its own internationally at a point in time when it needs to apply its all to simply keep abreast of socio-economic, intellectual and military developments elsewhere.

Seeing itself quickly losing pace, lagging behind and in danger of losing out, the west has been compelled to make the decision to steal in broad daylight, secure in the same delusions the thief in the example above has that foster the belief the others will remain non the wiser about his intentions because, well, nobody is thick enough to do such a dumb thing.

And so the significance of the western Military Industrial Complex announcing an interest in technologies that are already operational, that the west itself has abundantly used, especially on the weakest groups on our planet, to stay ahead and get wealthier, is that the west wants to give the impression it has just jumped (stumbled) upon the novel ideas that confer a military advantage, implying that it has never before done what many "imagined" or suspected it has relied on to keep itself behind, but just slightly or strategically ahead of others.

Factually, the west is at pains to start on a new platter, without acknowledging past misdemeanours, and the motivation for this is plain.

What remains to be seen is whether this trick will work or backfire on the west, whether it will be believed and subsequently mark the start date, epoch or era of an arms race that has long since been in existence, the hoped for difference being that NATO will be an equal, fair player motivated by the need to defend itself in this new account.

And it is not even the first time that the west has attempted to pull such a fast one on the world. It's in fact just of late that this trick has been employed more than ever before, only of late that this trick is at the highest risk of backfiring, and it isn't just in the sphere of war technology that this manner of lowering the guard of others outside the western sphere has been a feature of western international activity while it lingers in the spotlight.

But then the fact must be acknowledged that this open, broad daylight deception, though in line with an elite that has relied on lies to take advantage, is not what we have come to expect of the west and it signifies a deeper crisis within the western think-tank.

My take on this is this, that something major is happening in the higher rungs of the western elite structure that has already diminished the west's capacity to excel, because, judging by the state of global awareness of these technologies, as witness circulated reports of assaults on US embassy staff across the globe, the west is now basically confirming it has been the parasite that has undermined, underdeveloped and destroyed others, including its own people, in order to stay ahead, to retain its hold on power, and that by this the west is inadvertently single handedly digging its own grave ... or setting itself up for the kill ... which, basically, is very welcome news for the species.