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The Real Face and Purpose of White Nationalism

Don't get this twisted. This is not about everybody inasmuch as propaganda and other methods that indoctrinate or brainwash do not always work on everybody in a community. I shall blanket everything because it makes it much easier to explain how this works.

The thing to understand about the current "resurgence" of the right wing in America, that is pretty much the same in all western countries, is that it has nothing to do with Trump being a racist. The Trump phenomenon is recent. Racism is centuries old.

It has all to do with the divide and conquer game the Deep State or, better put, the oligarchy has been playing for milenia. It is well known from history that this game can turn out very negatively, and has the potential to lead to ethnic cleansing.

I will explain how it came to be that, today, many western countries are but a step away from a fascism unseen since the second world War, that was only mirrored slightly in Bosnia and Rwanda.

The American, as indeed western so called ballot box democracy, is a two horse race system (sometimes 3 or more), and if you do not understand this and why certain personalities are selected (by the Deep State) for leadership, then you don't understand western democracy.

The main parties are only differentiated to accommodate the different and differing opinions of the masses. They are there for control purposes. They make that control absolute because whoever owns all parties controls everybody in that society, not just a subset of beliefs and convictions.

There will always be a minority that is being oppressed by a majority in any democratic election outcome, but then they will agree with their oppression because that is how it goes in a democracy. Those are the rules of a democracy. Losers in elections are expected to deal with it, and hope they can rule come next judgement day, also called election day, when yet again they choose another puppet of the real leaders to lead them.

The game is further refined by the fact puppets are not selected randomly. The personality profile of the incumbent has to reflect the prevailing mood of the country. To this end, the Deep State conducts hi-tech surveys and assessments and will always pick a leader who reflects the prevailing mood. They never go against the people's mood as this would make the people feel they are not in control. This can foment revolution or revolutionary sentiments.

Let me make this clearer by giving an example of how this is done in real life.

When the elite selected Obama, they were going with the prevailing mood of America at the time, led by a tiny majority. It backfired on them because this slight majority quickly became a minority when Obama got the right wing very upset because of the colour of his skin, and they rallied support of white people on the platform that giving a black man power would spell the end of white dominance or supremacy, which to extremists means potential extinction of the white race.

Here the question you would ask is how did the elite miscalculate and fail to put a lid on the right wing when it all started going wrong, given they are so powerful ?

The answer to that is actually simple, but in order to stress the point we need to acknowledge the fact the West is elitist. Beneath it all, westerners trust their elite. They support their elite and will turn their eyes away from wrongdoings by their elite because of this. False flags, for example, are tolerated ... as long as the false flag and punitive response to it happens to somebody people can be convinced is different to them, especially if they can be considered a different race.

The average westerner supports western activities abroad. They revel in the idea America, or the west in general, is all powerful because it consists the most intelligent humans and can claim anything out there, such as resources and such, because, thanks to this superior intelligence, they can. This capacity to take things away from others because they are more intelligent and can do this is seen as an indicator of their superiority. This mentality runs deep and there is honour attached to this supreme status so that failing in this mission is seen as an indicator of the opposite.

The fact remains that the majority of white folk will not say outright that they don't care about black and brown people abroad because of this belief. They won't say they support their government and not the Afghanis, Iraqis, Syrians, etc., in the wars the west is waging on them.

Ultimately, in their minds, racial supremacy is equated to tribal survival

A significant number of white people don't care what Israel does to Palestinians but will pretend they care because pretense is an important part of the game. They know what happened on 9/11 but turn a blind eye to it. They know why JFK was shot but also turn a blind eye to this because they trust their elite know what they are doing, always.

They don't buy into the idea chemtrails are harmful, that they are being systematically dumbed down, that big pharma is poisoning them for profit. They don't buy non of that because they want to believe their elite have their best interests at heart ... always.

If the belief of the bulk of white folk were the reverse then they would have done something about this a long time ago. They would have rioted and boycotted.

They did not, and will not do any of these things because of the manipulations of their elite.

You see, in their turn - because the Deep State fears "white people power" FIRST, then everybody else next, black people last - the elite have always appeased whites, especially the right wing, and have made it so whites hit the ground richer than everybody out there, racist with no clue what this really means, because they are made to see it as a survival strategy. Survival to the average white person is about being superior and proving superiority through anything they are made to believe or are convinced proves this: war, robbery, oppression, dominance, you name it.

The average white person is convinced survival is victory in competition between races, and making things hard for others is how you win.

All of this is inculcated and reinforced through the informal learning process and the formal education system.

The resultant mindset makes it easy for the elite to control western countries. They can always rely on whites who have no clue their racism is really pure hate to start the division and hate game going. Divide and conquer is a cinch with so much hate in the population just waiting to be tapped.

And don't forget they are inciting hatred for whites in blacks, and browns too. They are inciting hatred all ways as a matter of fact, and making people believe they are justified to harbour the hateful mindset is an ongoing and intensive process.

The Obama "wrong move" made the whites the elite fear feel their own elite had betrayed them ... and they are out to fix things.

Pay attention.

Trump was the elite's choice for the current public mood. Trump was the elite's way of making amends for the "great betrayal" ... and he, and others like him, are going to remain tops until the American (read western) public mood shifts again, which is going to take a long time judging by how insecure the right wing is right now, after the elite handed power to a black man, of all things.


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Mass experiements in Uganda - Testing diseases in West Nile district in Uganda

Wolfe Geisler

Below is a comment to a post found at the following url: The title of the forum post is "Mass experiements in Uganda - Testing diseases in West Nile district in Uganda"

A man posts a comment in which he shares text from Wolfe Gaeisler's book "AIDS: Origin, Spread and Healing". It is good information to just read through for those who want to get an idea of what this book sets out to inform. This book should be taken very seriously especially in light of the truth Wolfe Geisler was shot dead at a book fair in Egypt where he went to present this very book. This, to me, is a smoking gun incident.


Dear All,

As we tend towards the end of the year and partake in get together and christmas parties, I would like to share the subject with all of you. I pray that it does not spoil the parties we have in plan. I hope I don't look like a prophet of doom.

I am reading a book (the shortened version) titled AIDS: Origin, Spread and Healing by Wolf Geisler, a German Doctor and I have found shocking revelations. Many members of this forum probably have read this book already. The forward of this book was written by Ricardo Veronesi, a professor emiritus, faculty of medicine, University of Sao Paulo and hononary president of Brazilian Society for infectious diseases and W.H.O consultant of bacterial diseases.

In the summary page of this book, the following are stated among others:

"97% of the persons who have HIV in their bodies, were purposely infected with this virus, which can lead to AIDS. They were made artificially susceptible for this by using controllable diseases. HIV was supplied to them in vaccines, drugs, blood transfusions and food, by HIV containing microbes in drinking water and water used in swimming pools, by insects and spraying". "The agents causing the AIDS diseases were mainly reasearched in military service and maily tested in Uganda and Zaire. Reasearch is done under camouflage titles."

"The majority of people affected by AIDS/HIV are dark-skinned people in some states in Africa, in the USA and Caribbean, as well as homosexual men and persons using crack or heroin in some industrialised states." On page 164, the author states: "In many regions of the world, humans have been used as test persons and also targets for biological weapons, e.g in Colombia, Ghana, Venezuela, ...... and particularly great numbers were used in bandundu(Zaire) and in the West Nile district of Uganda. The majority of experiments were carried out in Uganda - even out side West Nile region". The author further states:

In Uganda, a natural experiment has occurred..... The elucidation of this distribution (Kaposi's sarcoma) presents an opportunity to discover the cause and nature of this puzzling disease. Uganda is particularly well suited to the study of environmental factors in human disease.

Uganda........ might have been designed as a huge natural experiment. Uganda's AIDS epidemic........seems to have started a bit earlier - Uganda is the bellwether for Africa - a case study of the future. On the same page, the first description of the persons in Uganda in 1901 by a British physician, Cook, was:"The natives themselves are very intelligent, clean and spendidly developed physically. Malignant diseases are however not neraly as frequent as they are at home (Great Britain) and appear to run a slower course."

Dr. Wolf further explains that;

- In 1936, the yellow fever research institute was founded in Entebbe, an institution set by the British government and rockerfeller foundation.
- In 1938, a mountain road was built from Fort Portal in Bwamba region, which was the most isolated county in Uganda and in 1942, the rockefeller institute was then active there.
- In 1939 - the Arua airport was constructed in West Nile without any recognisable reason. The reason given was the beef in Arua to be specially good tasting and was therefore to be flown to Kampala, 800 km away.

- In 1940 - the West Nile Virus was demonstrated
- In 1941 - the Bwamba fever virus
- In i944 - the semilik forest virus in Bwamba
- In 1946 - the Bunyamvera virus and Mengo encephalitis virus.

Where Cook had found comparatively few diseases in 1901 in the densely populated, highly agriculturally cultivated country, now world wide unique clusters of rare diseases and agents are found.

On page 165, the author states: In Uganda, people from the West Nile district in particular were used as experimental and test objects for biological weapons. the region is intensely cultivated for agricultural purposes. There are 250 people per square mile in the Lugbara Plateau for example. The inhabitants' freedom of movement is limited an can easily be controlled by the state boundaries with Sudan in the north and zaire (now DRC) in the south, lake Albert (the Mobutu sese seko) in the south and Albert Nile. In 1969, 600,000 inhabitants lived there. It was therefore easy for the observers to monitor the spread of diseases. According to the author, the following quotation from scientific articles point to this fact: "In Uganda there exists a natural experiement as, within small distances, people of different ethnic stock live in similar environments and vice versa. This was how the scientists characterised the conditions for their experiments in West Nile district. The results of their efforts:

- In 1973, 66% of the children of one study, which included 46,000 children mainly from three regions around Kuluva, were infected with HI virus,
- Only there - prior to the onset of the mass AIDS disease - were temporal and local clusters of Kaposi's sarcoma; these were so marked that they proved an infectious cause,
- Only there were temporal and local clusters of Burkitt's lymophomas in children - also proof of an infectious disease,

- The highest rate of antibodies against Epstein -Bar virus in the world came up over there. ENV "type B" is only found besides in New Guinea, in the West Nile district and on the isle of Reunion,

- The largest incidences in the world of Schistosoma mansoni-infections have been there. It was limited to the area around the village of Pakwach on the Nile and allegedly remained inexplicable.

On page 166, the author states: In 1941 the US American E.H Williams was commissioned by the Protectant African Inland Mission, which received financial assistance from agencies in USA to build a mission hospital in the district administration centre of Arua. The USA physicians offered as a speciality cancer treatment. This investment was made in anticipation of the diseases which were to strike the area at a later date. In 1951, the hospital was moved away from the town into the open country to Kuluva, six mile south of Arua. In the same year, the US Americans established a recording system extraordinary for a district hospital. All patients' data were recorded in a catalogue form. What was the real issue here was data on the diseases and not on the patients.

Members, this is a long and perhaps boring piece. What do you make of this? As citizens of West Nile, does it worry us today, that we have been used as test objects without our knowledge? It worries me as person and that is why I am sharing this piece on the net. Its not exhaustive, I just picked some few highlights. The book is of 288 pages. Lets discuss this and see if there is anything we can do, public interest issue from legal point of view, or a political issue.

The book's contents and synopsis is available for preview on Google @

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Recordings Of An Almost Constant High Density Frequency On Me

In this video, shot at various locations in London, UK, I try to first show that the devices I am using to register the frequencies and their intensities around me are working perfectly well, even if they are entry level devices. Both devices I show use a scale of 1 to 10 mw/cm2. Then I go out to an isolated location to show that the frequency and high density of it occurs around me even when I am not standing near a phone mast.

This video shows the distribution of the same frequency picked up in the previous video in the rooms in my home. It is highest in the place I spend the most time in, which is my living room.

The videos above were shot at different locations on different days. Though the quality of the recordings is often blurry, it is possible to easily discern the details necessary for the message to be understood, especially when seeing the digits on the counter and the surroundings in which the video was shot is important.

Remember here that the frequency you see when I test the mobile phone is one of the legit frequencies used by mobile phone operators in the UK. Non of the operators in the country uses the frequency that the counter constantly picks up, which is 530 - 540 MHz. You can check this fact out yourself in the image below.The Virgin Mobile connection frequency my phone was using is around 1740 MHz which is within the range of the 1800 MHz that mobile phone operators have access to.

The frequency my counter registers has the unique quality of being highly penetrative. It is in fact on the higher end of the penetrative electromagnetic frequencies, and is known in the TI community to be preferred for directed energy attacks because of this.

Below is a video I made using a Cell Sensor that clearly shows that a signal is interfering with the fine electronics of the camera I use, and this is happening in my home and not anywhere else I go.

How The "Decapitation" That Keeps Black Communities Backwards And Vulnerable Works

Late Rapper Nipsey Hustle, the latest in a slew of slain Africans, some of whom are famous and wealthy, but all share the trait that they are overly concerned about the well-being of their communities.

I heard it mentioned a lot in black communities while I roamed around in the west, a long time ago when I was still a young lad, that the search for, and elimination of the best in black communities is a constant activity in western countries.

I was well read at the time I started hearing this, hardly the kind you could call uninformed. I was already highly critical of mind as a result of my penchant for knowledge, and did not take this to be mere speculation, cynicism, or paranoia on the part of members of the black community. I had in fact already thought of the possibility this was the case because I understood early on why such a structure was necessary in the dominant culture/system.

However, only when the program knocked on my door did I confirm, first hand, that it was real. Progressively, I began to see the scope of it, the phenomenal organization, how entrenched it was in the system, going on to confirm the fact it is not restricted to the west, or what at the time of my awakening was apartheid South Africa, but is global, affecting almost all territories that had once upon a time been colonies of the west.

I also came to know of the zeal with which the end was sought. If someone has to die, then everything and anything is done to see to it that this becomes a fact.

I know many people reading this will be of the belief it only happens to troublesome black adults. I have met many Africans, diaspora and continental, who will say this outright. I remember once sharing with an African friend my suspicion that Muhammad Ali's condition had nothing to do with blows he received to the head. His response was to accuse Muhammad Ali of being a "trouble maker".

Fact of this matter remains most Africans who think like this will be shocked to learn almost all of those targeted and eliminated or incapacitated, such as Muhammad Ali, are selected and taken out because of a trait they all share: They are all, without exception, loving, "sympathetic" fellows, when not dishing out blows in the ring in some cases. They are all, without exception, always overly concerned with the well-being of their black communities.

It may come as a shock to many people to realize, after the simple traits these men and women share are recognized and acknowledged, and the deduction has been done, that such personality profiles can be attacked when they are but babies and have not spoken a word yet. This is called the preemptive strategy. Potential threats are better dealt with before they have become too big to handle.

Tupac Amaru Shakur, another slain black man with the exact same obsession for the wellness of his community that Nipsey Hussle, and many of the others, had.

Tupac Shakur, who was still very young when he was eliminated, is an example of a typical target of the same program, in this case an instance of the program running into someone who does have what it takes to make a difference finding itself trying to catch up. Tupac was noticed when he was spreading his wings and setting out to flight. He became aware of what the program had in store for him (murder), and got eliminated "overtly" and in a hurry, in large part because of the speed at which his conscious was transforming, but also because of his awareness of this program.

The haste to eliminate Tupac was made necessary due to the fact Tupac was famous, and fame didn't just afford him the channel to communicate his experiences regarding the program with a wider audience, but allowed him to become the voice of the conscious in this. The last thing those who run this program want is one of those they select for elimination to already be famous and a voice for many as well, one who constantly speaks about his fate in the culture as such setting himself as a live example of a modus operandi. This is exactly what they strive to avoid. This is what makes the elimination of babies imperative. An articulate, highly conscious African is the surest way the program gets confirmed in a community that previously only believed.

The program must eliminate in silence to persist, and Tupac exposing it as it attacked him was the worst that could happen to it. The leaders in the dominant culture could not tolerate this ... therefore they took opportunity after another to eliminate him.

It should not come as a surprise that in Tupac's short life, they struck twice with gunmen, and we can say they struck many more times if we consider the time he ended up in jail for what his friends did, which is virtual removal from society because it is virtual elimination.

He survived the first shooting attempt on his life and when they thought to use both the east coast west coast rivalry between him and biggie smalls, and his punching of Orlando Anderson at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino after a Mike Tyson fight, as a good opportunity to make another attempt on his life, they succeeded.

It is not rare for one that's been marked for elimination in this way to become conscious of the status. It takes a keen mind ... a highly discerning and critical mind (that almost all targets have) but, mostly, it takes a mind that's awakened already.

I know this because I am one of those types that's overly concerned about the well-being of my community who woke up while they attacked. I realised what was going on and didn't just make noise about it. I went on an informed run, which saved my life.

I tried and continue to try to warn the rest about an ongoing program that has claimed many a good man's life to date, murdered because of how God made them.

I know for a fact that, right now as we speak, they are plotting to take my life. They have made attempts on my life as well, and I have scars to show for this, including the bizarre course of events that led to the events that reveal they were planned or deliberate.

A word of warning ... Do not be fooled about what they will attempt to say about the cause of a death they will engineer. Don't get fooled even when they pull the opinion of some scientist to weigh in on the argument in order to support a theory they probably already have cooked up while I am still alive, of what caused me do die.

Know for a fact THEY will have finally done what they have wanted to do to me for a long time now.

Now, I should tell you what I know usually happens when a black male or female is detected who fulfils the criteria of those they have decided should be eliminated from black communities globally in order to have full, ruinous control on Africans, before it is to late. Other than times they take people out while they are still babies because they fulfil the criteria by mere heredity or, sometimes by noticed precocious abilities, the norm is for the target to be of school going age because that's where their intellectual capacities or potentials become evident.

We are talking here of intellectual potentials and capacities showing right before the individual becomes conscious, before they raise their guard.

The usual thing that starts happening when the fiends are sure they have found the one they want is they start damming that life in. The neighbourhood in which the target lives will get infiltrated. Then the fiends ensure every friend the target makes from henceforth is connected to them. The relationships that the target has already built up themselves will be frustrated.

It's at this point that attempts to do the target's mentality in, using one of these friends, will start. They will utilise any method to achieve this end, including making the target wayward. Poisoning, with especially the neurotoxin variant or carcinogens, is not exempt. Basically, they do anything that stops the normal development of that life. These activities lead to actual or virtual elimination, and by virtual elimination I do not just mean incapacitation, or deprivation of freedom of movement such as is the case with prison life, it can come in the form of membership to a fraternity that puts a leash on an individual.

Should any of this not deliver the desired results, then violent death will be the desirable option.

Huey P. Newton

It can be expected of such missions that they will continue even after the target has been defiled of mind because it costs more to leave such people alive due to the manpower required to ensure they remain foolish with no chance this will ever recover .... therefore, even when they are no longer functioning normally mentally, the need to lure them into situations where they are incarcerated or killed, whereby it seems like an inevitable outcome of their lifestyle or mentality, will persist.

The demise of Huey P. Newton is a case in point.
Inside Rickers Island prison in the USA. A disproportionately large number of Africans languish behind bars in America, as indeed the rest of the west, not just because prison is big business, but because this is how many black men and women are virtually eliminated from society

The program I talk about here is not something I have conjured up from the top of my head. It is real. The evidence for its existence is overwhelming. I have personally seen much of it in action in my own life, and deduced it was active in the lives of many other people before from what targets said in their own words, what others said about a target's life, tell tale signs of this, and such.

When Tupac, for example, says in "Picture me Rolling" that he knows there's dope being sold but he ain't the one selling (so why is he the one being watched?), this is what he is alluding to, for, could there be another reason the system singled him out for intense surveillance other than that he fulfilled the criteria for the kind of black male the system fears and routinely puts under intense surveillance and eliminates?

It is beneficial for us Africans to understand what we have here is a long standing program that pre-dates the 1885 Berlin Conference. The program is not only active in African American communities, as this article's reliance on African American targets' stories may suggest, but it is global.

It started off with initial contact between the west and Africans and was used as a tool of subjugation. The group was simply beheaded this way, so that what remained of our people was clueless and easy to control.

The program was actually known about by Africans and there are abundant reports of fugitives running for their lives in African folklore to vouch for this. People run helter skelter after heads of kings started being shipped to Europe as a way of assuring the monarch that the one they feared was indeed dead, and Africans realised after they had put two and two together what the program was about, some realizing with this that they were next.

There is a story from old of a Zulu prince who ended up in the Southern Congo area, hundreds of kilometres away from home, a clear case of a target who got conscious as the conqueror attempted to do him in covertly.

Africans knew about this program but somewhere along the way this knowledge was lost, most probably as a direct consequence of the very targeted eliminations.

Suffice to say the group lowered its guard as this awareness was lost and over time it (the group) became easy pickings for the colonial forces, but the knowledge re-emerged and is back with us again big time.

Lets understand here that the point of such eliminations is control. It helps to make a conquered group subservient, tame or domesticated without them having the brains to know what is happening or has happened to them.

The brains, or head of any group of human beings on planet earth, happens to be in the form of their best.

Remember this.

This program is factually the beheading of a group of people. Such programs were the norm in the old days of imperialist or even non-imperialist wars of conquest, and where western enslavement and conquest of African is concerned, it was active way before J. Edgar Hoover made the "no more black messiah unless we make him" statement.

It is still active today, the only hope of it ending being the raising of awareness in black communities worldwide of its existence with the hope the group will find an effective way of countering the program if not a manner of ensuring they are ahead of it where the detection of their best is concerned. Only with such an upper hand can Africans hope to "re-grow" the social head that they were deprived of, the re-growth of which is pending but is constantly being thwarted.

To start off on this journey we will need to stop taking deaths of prominent people that occur in our communities as accidents, coincidental or natural outcomes. We will need to start suspecting more at play by default, until we can prove otherwise.

Why did the cop shoot that kid? Why THAT kid and not some other kid among all the rowdy ones he passed on his way to the kid he shot? Why did that particular village in Africa get ebola? Why is that educated looking African homeless and living at a train station in a European city?

We will learn if we investigate such cases closely whether they were coincidences or not when we discover the kid shot by the cop was special. He had qualities and abilities rare or unusual for the age.

Maybe we will find out a region in Africa that experienced a severe ebola outbreak that decimated an entire village community has exceptionally high IQ scores, that the most accomplished scholars in that land hail from the region.

And we will learn that the educated looking homeless African was once a successful businessman who lost his fortune after he went mad, cut down by a system that doesn't want his kind to see as much success as he had.

This culture seldom acts in mysterious ways and it's only that we lost touch and have yet to relearn its ways that we continue to be downtrodden.

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Why John Carpenter's "They Live" is A Must Watch For People Trying To Understand The Targeted Individual Experience

A YouTube review of John Carpenter's movie They Live

Today I watched John Carpenter’s movie “They Live”, that I saw a while back in my teens. What I noticed after watching the movie through the eyes of a Targeted Individual in a NATO country is the eerie similarity of the protagonist's experience to that of a target of covert warfare as it is known today.

The scene in the bookstore where the alien realizes Nada (Roddy Piper) can see them could have been taken from my life, or the life of many people who are TIs, if only the urgency in the situation is replaced with heads that turn in recognition of a target and a wierd obsession with a target whereby they get more attention than a star in public places, even when they are not attracting attention to themselves. The drama is the only thing that is not there in real life, unless the system comes down hard to arrest and isolate, which happened in my life and those of many others, some of whom lost their lives in the process… but the rest, the select heads in a crowd that deliberately turn your way, the difficulty of proving the truth to “others” while avoiding sounding outlandish that Nada or the fake church group goes through in their TV broadcasts, is the same.

I do not believe in aliens on earth, inasmuch as the story of such aliens rotates around alphabet agencies. It is implausible to me that aliens always know how to find their way to the front door of alphabet agencies and other characters connected to these people, rather than to many of us. Suffice to say I believe the only reason the story of aliens has found its way into modern discourse on who runs the show in the dominant culture is an attempt to pass blame for unbelievably inhumane human conduct onto an extraterrestrial life form.

Other than that, this movie is definitely a must watch if you want to get your head around the experience of being targeted, especially the difficulty and frustration targeted individuals face trying to get believed in societies where running to the police for help can get you sectioned.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Testosterone as a Byproduct of Higher Holistic Processes

Cick on the image to read the motivation for this article

To me, the whole western scientific approach and understanding of how the human body works, including in this the role that such like hormones play in sexuality, as indeed sexual identity, is flawed.

Yes! it is possible to make males effeminate by inundating their bodies with biological or chemical compounds that trigger changes to their mentalities or physiques, and others that affect the glands that produce certain hormones thus hampering their production of elements that make males masculine, for instance.

Where I think western science has it wrong is with cause and effect, and here one should note that it may not be all of western science that has it wrong. Some people in high places may in fact be in the know, and there is ample evidence of this.

Bobby Hemmit pictured after suffering a stroke with caption encouraging donations. Click on the image to view his lectures on melanin and the pineal gland, the first part of which includes mention of the effect of radio frequencies on the body

Like the esoteric Bobby Hemmit, I also believe the culprit for some observed changes to the male form, in this case the reduction of the amount of testosterone males are generally having today are frequencies or, as Bobby said, modems and their radio frequency emissions. I think we would all see the truth as I see it if we first of all acknowledged the fact we are all more exposed to radio frequency emmisions than our ancestors were, and not less exposed to poisons from soaps and toothpastes, whose bio-chemical composition has remained much the same over the decades.

Mobile phone communications have become integral to our lives and very few people, even in the remotest parts of the planet, don't own mobile phones. We are constantly on these phones and when we are not, then the next device we might be using also emits radio frequencies.

The computer has a modem that emits radio frequencies, and so do many other electronic appliances. Even though the variant of electromagnetic radiation home appliances without radio capabilities produce are static in nature, as opposed to dynamic and self propagating as is the case with radio frequencies, they are frequency oscillations and will have the same effect on the body once it is sufficiently exposed to them.

Let me break down how I come to the conclusion Bobby Hemmit also arrived at, albeit in relation to a different physical reality.

Ancient cultures have spoken of life and reality as a manifestation of frequencies. There is a lot of literature on this that is available online as well. And this view of reality as a manifestation of various frequencies makes sense if you consider the following facts.

The number of males in any given society seldom outnumbers that of females. It is almost always equal, except in societies that are deliberately tampering with the male female balance by, for instance, limiting the number of children couples can have. This imbalancing effect of the numbers of females compared to males in a society as a result of such measures has been observed in China, among many other communities that attempted something similar, and it occurred over a period that was too short for biological factors to have played a role.

Chances bodily processes are involved in the maintenance of the male female balance in society are slim inasmuch as the information that may play a role in controlling this cannot be immediately shared with the entirety of the community. It cannot be shared at once, throughout the population, which is what happened to the Chinese even when they were not targeting sexes, but merely limiting the number of children a couple can have.

To understand this, we have to see that nature determines the balance of males and females on a more or less random basis but gets it just right almost all the time despite the randomness of the process. Men and women having babies never know how many they have to produce to even out the number of females and males in society. We are not conscious of this balance but our bodies apparently are. You see, no matter how many children we may have, we have them in numbers that gets it right where the balance of the two genders is concerned.

What we are speaking of here is what can be considered a higher consciousness that transcends individual awareness. We are not talking of a God without, but one within the holistic creature itself, one that extends beyond individual frames, one that each and everyone of us literally logs into and use to communicate with the rest of our community.

Consider this a communications frequency for our collective subconscious selves, thus.

You might argue that if the Chinese were not holistically purging a sex, then this consciousness should have stepped in and straitened things out. And ... in fact it did, eventually. The ratio of females to males in Chinese society eventually evened out, but the deliberate control of how many children couples were allowed to have caused a shock to this consciousness that momentarily left it unable to intervene which is shown in the imbalance of males and females that resulted shortly after the law limiting how many children individual couples could have was passed in China.

Bottom line is what causes the male-female balance to be just right, or thereabouts, in any given society on earth, has to be more pervasive across the species than inherited, biological factors that are passed on by sharing matter such as genes in the progeny.

What I mean to say here is that the holistic view of existence that sees humankind as an organism conscious of itself, in which we as individuals play our individual roles, much like organs and organisms in the body do, an organism of which we are but parts, makes more sense than any other view of the reality of life. We have to be parts of a whole, undeniably, otherwise we would each possess the capacities required to be viable alone as individual parts.

As things stand, a male and female version of the same being exists, and each one of us is not complete on our own but requires the other sex for procreation to work. If we understand that procreation is the manner we live on, that without procreation non of us would be here, then we can clearly see that our individuality is functional for a whole of which we are but parts, and this whole can only be the ultimate organism itself.

Therefore us, the parts, communicate and align ourselves with this whole using a frequency we are all subconsciously tuned into, and by "subconscious" I do not just mean the subonscious mind as science has made us aware of it, but the entirety of our subconscious being. This is the whole organism's means of communicating with its individual parts, and their way of responding appropriately within it.

I believe being male or female is not determined by hormones first, but that the hormones themselves are a response to the frequency at which the core creature they are secretions of vibrates. The core of males vibrates at a frequency that requires and elicits the ubundant production of testosterone for the physical body to cope with the form of the being, while the vibration at which the core of the female design vibrates calls for less secretions of testosterone to maintain the female form and retain its viability in nature, to retain the nature that allows a woman to perform the role only she can in the whole.

These vibrations of the core being must be what determines what sexuality fertilised eggs develop. This is where it all starts and connects to the whole. This is how the biological entity we call an individual responds and develops within the greater organism. This is where the numbers of the opposite sexes are balanced out.

Affect these frequencies sufficiently and you will affect how masculine males in society become, and also how effeminate females become in that you are now dealing with the trigger of lower, not necessarily lesser, processes within the physical body.

To me, life is much more dynamic and mysterious than western science would have us believe.