Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Why John Carpenter's "They Live" is A Must Watch For People Trying To Understand The Targeted Individual Experience

A YouTube review of John Carpenter's movie They Live

Today I watched John Carpenter’s movie “They Live”, that I saw a while back in my teens. What I noticed after watching the movie through the eyes of a Targeted Individual in a NATO country is the eerie similarity of the protagonist's experience to that of a target of covert warfare as it is known today.

The scene in the bookstore where the alien realizes Nada (Roddy Piper) can see them could have been taken from my life, or the life of many people who are TIs, if only the urgency in the situation is replaced with heads that turn in recognition of a target and a wierd obsession with a target whereby they get more attention than a star in public places, even when they are not attracting attention to themselves. The drama is the only thing that is not there in real life, unless the system comes down hard to arrest and isolate, which happened in my life and those of many others, some of whom lost their lives in the process… but the rest, the select heads in a crowd that deliberately turn your way, the difficulty of proving the truth to “others” while avoiding sounding outlandish that Nada or the fake church group goes through in their TV broadcasts, is the same.

I do not believe in aliens on earth, inasmuch as the story of such aliens rotates around alphabet agencies. It is implausible to me that aliens always know how to find their way to the front door of alphabet agencies and other characters connected to these people, rather than to many of us. Suffice to say I believe the only reason the story of aliens has found its way into modern discourse on who runs the show in the dominant culture is an attempt to pass blame for unbelievably inhumane human conduct onto an extraterrestrial life form.

Other than that, this movie is definitely a must watch if you want to get your head around the experience of being targeted, especially the difficulty and frustration targeted individuals face trying to get believed in societies where running to the police for help can get you sectioned.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Testosterone as a Byproduct of Higher Holistic Processes

Cick on the image to read the motivation for this article

To me, the whole western scientific approach and understanding of how the human body works, including in this the role that such like hormones play in sexuality, as indeed sexual identity, is flawed.

Yes! it is possible to make males effeminate by inundating their bodies with biological or chemical compounds that trigger changes to their mentalities or physiques, and others that affect the glands that produce certain hormones thus hampering their production of elements that make males masculine, for instance.

Where I think western science has it wrong is with cause and effect, and here one should note that it may not be all of western science that has it wrong. Some people in high places may in fact be in the know, and there is ample evidence of this.

Bobby Hemmit pictured after suffering a stroke with caption encouraging donations. Click on the image to view his lectures on melanin and the pineal gland, the first part of which includes mention of the effect of radio frequencies on the body

Like the esoteric Bobby Hemmit, I also believe the culprit for some observed changes to the male form, in this case the reduction of the amount of testosterone males are generally having today are frequencies or, as Bobby said, modems and their radio frequency emissions. I think we would all see the truth as I see it if we first of all acknowledged the fact we are all more exposed to radio frequency emmisions than our ancestors were, and not less exposed to poisons from soaps and toothpastes, whose bio-chemical composition has remained much the same over the decades.

Mobile phone communications have become integral to our lives and very few people, even in the remotest parts of the planet, don't own mobile phones. We are constantly on these phones and when we are not, then the next device we might be using also emits radio frequencies.

The computer has a modem that emits radio frequencies, and so do many other electronic appliances. Even though the variant of electromagnetic radiation home appliances without radio capabilities produce are static in nature, as opposed to dynamic and self propagating as is the case with radio frequencies, they are frequency oscillations and will have the same effect on the body once it is sufficiently exposed to them.

Let me break down how I come to the conclusion Bobby Hemmit also arrived at, albeit in relation to a different physical reality.

Ancient cultures have spoken of life and reality as a manifestation of frequencies. There is a lot of literature on this that is available online as well. And this view of reality as a manifestation of various frequencies makes sense if you consider the following facts.

The number of males in any given society seldom outnumbers that of females. It is almost always equal, except in societies that are deliberately tampering with the male female balance by, for instance, limiting the number of children couples can have. This imbalancing effect of the numbers of females compared to males in a society as a result of such measures has been observed in China, among many other communities that attempted something similar, and it occurred over a period that was too short for biological factors to have played a role.

Chances bodily processes are involved in the maintenance of the male female balance in society are slim inasmuch as the information that may play a role in controlling this cannot be immediately shared with the entirety of the community. It cannot be shared at once, throughout the population, which is what happened to the Chinese even when they were not targeting sexes, but merely limiting the number of children a couple can have.

To understand this, we have to see that nature determines the balance of males and females on a more or less random basis but gets it just right almost all the time despite the randomness of the process. Men and women having babies never know how many they have to produce to even out the number of females and males in society. We are not conscious of this balance but our bodies apparently are. You see, no matter how many children we may have, we have them in numbers that gets it right where the balance of the two genders is concerned.

What we are speaking of here is what can be considered a higher consciousness that transcends individual awareness. We are not talking of a God without, but one within the holistic creature itself, one that extends beyond individual frames, one that each and everyone of us literally logs into and use to communicate with the rest of our community.

Consider this a communications frequency for our collective subconscious selves, thus.

You might argue that if the Chinese were not holistically purging a sex, then this consciousness should have stepped in and straitened things out. And ... in fact it did, eventually. The ratio of females to males in Chinese society eventually evened out, but the deliberate control of how many children couples were allowed to have caused a shock to this consciousness that momentarily left it unable to intervene which is shown in the imbalance of males and females that resulted shortly after the law limiting how many children individual couples could have was passed in China.

Bottom line is what causes the male-female balance to be just right, or thereabouts, in any given society on earth, has to be more pervasive across the species than inherited, biological factors that are passed on by sharing matter such as genes in the progeny.

What I mean to say here is that the holistic view of existence that sees humankind as an organism conscious of itself, in which we as individuals play our individual roles, much like organs and organisms in the body do, an organism of which we are but parts, makes more sense than any other view of the reality of life. We have to be parts of a whole, undeniably, otherwise we would each possess the capacities required to be viable alone as individual parts.

As things stand, a male and female version of the same being exists, and each one of us is not complete on our own but requires the other sex for procreation to work. If we understand that procreation is the manner we live on, that without procreation non of us would be here, then we can clearly see that our individuality is functional for a whole of which we are but parts, and this whole can only be the ultimate organism itself.

Therefore us, the parts, communicate and align ourselves with this whole using a frequency we are all subconsciously tuned into, and by "subconscious" I do not just mean the subonscious mind as science has made us aware of it, but the entirety of our subconscious being. This is the whole organism's means of communicating with its individual parts, and their way of responding appropriately within it.

I believe being male or female is not determined by hormones first, but that the hormones themselves are a response to the frequency at which the core creature they are secretions of vibrates. The core of males vibrates at a frequency that requires and elicits the ubundant production of testosterone for the physical body to cope with the form of the being, while the vibration at which the core of the female design vibrates calls for less secretions of testosterone to maintain the female form and retain its viability in nature, to retain the nature that allows a woman to perform the role only she can in the whole.

These vibrations of the core being must be what determines what sexuality fertilised eggs develop. This is where it all starts and connects to the whole. This is how the biological entity we call an individual responds and develops within the greater organism. This is where the numbers of the opposite sexes are balanced out.

Affect these frequencies sufficiently and you will affect how masculine males in society become, and also how effeminate females become in that you are now dealing with the trigger of lower, not necessarily lesser, processes within the physical body.

To me, life is much more dynamic and mysterious than western science would have us believe.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

What They Don't Want You To Know: MCAS Didn't Cause The Crash of Lion Air flight JT610 or Ethiopia Airlines flight E302

The Ethiopia Airliner that crashed in Ethiopia near Bishoftu pictured in South Africa earlier

If you've ever happened upon the scene of a serious accident, be this a car crash, machine or power tool mishap, you will know of the need you felt, that most people feel at such incidents, to know what caused the accident, and sometimes you may have gotten into situations where understanding the cause required knowledge of issues that are not readily available to just about anybody.

For instance, knowing what caused a self driving car to hit a pedestrian at a crossing may require knowledge of the programming used to control the car. Knowing the forces involved in a car crash by just looking at the damage may require knowledge of the strength of the materials used in the damaged parts, which could require some training in metallurgy and engineering, and so on

However, assessing an accident scene and ascertaining why the result you see was inevitable does not always require specialized knowledge. It is perfectly possible for a man without a driver's license who has not done an advanced course in engineering or metallurgy to conclude a mini driving on the wrong side of the road caused an accident, and also know why its passengers stood no chance of survival in a high speed collision with a truck. It is sometimes possible to know without specialised knowledge that, because a car is a total wreck, it was a high speed collision, to know why the angle at which a car was hit or hit an object made all the difference to the outcome.

Cars involved in a collision may end up off the road, some distance from where they collided, but the average intellect that's presented with clearly visible evidence, such as skid marks, a trail of broken glass and bits of metal on the tarmac, will have a good idea of what transpired, including such details as where the collision occurred, whether the cars swerved to avoid the crash and the angle at which one hit the other. There would not be the need to call in experts for the course of events to be clear to people who didn't witness the accident if these marks are abundant. Experts would only be useful because they can apply their training and use their gadgets to measure such details as the speed of the vehicles at the time of the crash, details that the police, insurance companies and courts require for their reports and verdicts

But then this is only the case when the signs telling of what transpired are clear and simple enough to make whatever happened not require that the observer have degrees, PhDs, or be a rocket scientist with hi-tech gadgets, which is precisely the case with the crash of Ethiopia Airlines flight E302 and Lion Air flight JT-610.

I am not a pilot nor aeronautical engineer, and have not done training that would enable me to readily understand matters aeronautical engineers, pilots and such can comprehend, but I do not need the training these people have to find it unusual after reading a report that showed an aerial view of the area in which Ethiopian Airlines Flight E302 had crashed that the point at which radar was lost, that was clearly marked out, was not the point at which the plane crashed. It took a full 3 minutes from here to when the pilot finally lost the fight for that final high speed impact into the earth to happen in a field near the village of Bishoftu.

Eye witness accounts from two farmers on the ground say debris was seen falling out of a plane that was making a "strange rattling sound". And if we know there had not been a bomb blast on board that had fractured the frame so that the plane, no longer an intact whole, shook and rattled as it coursed through the air, then the rattling sound would suggest the frame had in fact fractured, but not as a result of an explosion. We can safely surmise from this that the most probable cause of the fracture was a pilot who had pulled the plane through G forces its frame is not designed to withstand as he attempted to pull it out of a steep dive.

This makes sense because it is consistent with what we know was a battle between the pilot and a system on board that was causing the plane to make steep dives that he had to pull out of to save the craft from crashing. If the dive is too steep and the earth too close then the turn required to pull the plane up and out of harm's way may reguire generating G forces a passenger airliner is not designed to withstand.

I am rushing ahead of myself here. Let's go back to an item I mentioned before I strayed: Radar. I know that it relies on line of sight to work. It was lost before the plane actually plunged into the ground or neared the tree height level where radar contact is difficult to get.

I assumed after reading this that radio contact with the cockpit was also lost at this point, and it transpired later that I was correct. This was indeed the last time there was any radio contact with the cockpit.

I may be a layman in these matters but even I know that radar and radio contact is usually only lost when a plane either moves away from line of sight, in the case of the former, or there is a malfunction, a switch off or a crash into the ground that destroys the radio, in the case of the latter.

Here, we are talking about a plane with a malfunction unrelated to radio communications getting lost from radar a full 3 minutes before it crashed. Radar contact was actually lost while the plane was still maintaining runway heading and ascending, which is definitely line of sight for ground radar stations located at the airport.

From what I understand, the system suspected to have caused the crash was an anti stall software that is triggered by 2 angle of attack (AoA) sensors mounted on the fuselage or wings.

Instructions on how to get a plane into a stall and recover from it

Let me first explain what a stall is so that we are clear on this point. I will start with the technical definition and then lay that out in plain terms. A stall is caused when the critical angle of attack (AoA) is exceeded. The angle of attack, which is the angle between the chord line and relative wind of the wing, is typically 15 degrees. In plain terms this means that the aircraft is in such a steep rise it no longer has lift. Think of this as placing the burden of lift on turbo or jet engines that are not powerful enough to lift the full weight of the plane and cannot be helped by the wings because they are at an angle that doesn't allow them to make any upward lift.

The average plane is designed with engines that have just about enough thrust to propel the structure forwards horizontally, as opposed to some fighter jets that have a thrust to weight ratio that allows them to use the engines for lift in vertical ascent. The wings on average planes do the rest of the lifting that gets planes airborn. If the plane is moving in a more of less vertical direction, a situation may arise when the engines cannot propel the plane forwards because they have insufficient thrust to carry the weight, and because the wings are nearly vertical at this point, they too are not providing lift. The result is that the plane will halt and fall back like a rock, uncontrollably, backwards in a spin that is hard to pull out of.

To recover from a stall, the pilot must push the nose down then increase engine power using the throttle "before the tumble has began" because then it will be too late. After air speed has increased, the pilot can level the wings and pull up to return to normal flight.

Now, if the plane is not in a stall and software designed to push the nose down and increase engine thrust erroneously takes over, then it will force the plane into a dive, and if the pilots cannot recover the plane from the steep dive then it will crash into the ground at high speed, given the software that is pushing the nose down simultaneously increases engine thrust.

This is all simple to understand but what I failed to grasp was how this anti stall software on a Boeing 737 MAX plane, called MCAS, short for Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, was also connected to the radio and radar of the plane that in the case of Ethiopia Airlines flight E302 got disrupted before the plane had hit the ground.

To understand why this happened, I set off on an online search for an explanation, hoping somebody had posed this question, and an expert or somebody in the know had given a valid explanation, or the explanation had been spontaneously posted to the web.

I searched and searched, read articles on this and the previous Lion Air crash, and scrolled through the comments. I looked long and hard and even logged into YouTube and watched videos on the incident, then browsed the comments as well, but found nothing. Finally, I decided to ask the question directly in the comments section of blogs that allowed commenting to the story, hoping that somebody would give me an answer.
I have thus far only got a like to one of my comments but am still waiting for an actual reply.

Along the way I noticed that many reports on the crash had started giving the time the plane crashed as the time radar was lost as well. So I quickly went through the websites that had been first on the scene and screen captured the parts where the correct information was given, as well as downloaded the images giving graphics of flight path and correct points at which events unfolded, just in case somebody succeeded to change the account all over the web.

I was already paranoid at this point.

As I went along, I learnt more and more about MCAS, and at the end of it all I came off with the conclusion this plane, or the previous max that crashed, did not crash because of a malfunction of MCAS itself, but something else, and this something else can be sinister when used in combination with the MCAS system because then a malfunction in the AoA sensors becomes an excuse for the crashes, and, for conspiracy theorists who get their hands on the information I have gathered, it could point to hacking of the controls of the Boeing, with the loss of radio and radar contact on Ethiopia Airlines E302 as a sign whoever did the hacking didn't want witnesses. Whatever the pilots said and did after that point could not have been known nor given clues of what had actually gone wrong. But I digress.

In fact, sinister is the only conclusion that can be drawn from a sum up of events on the doomed flights, including the one before the first crash that was supposedly saved from crashing by an off duty Boeing 737 Max trained pilot who happened to be on the airliner when the supposed issue of a defective MCAS reared its head.

It is good to note that Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) confirmed the presence of an off-duty Boeing 737 Max 8 qualified pilot in the cockpit but did not confirm the role of the pilot in fixing the problem, and denied that there was any recording of this on the plane's flight data recorder.

But here, we have entered the realm of corporation speak. This is where you get the impression the parties we are dealing with have interests to preserve, or restrictions on what they can divulge. Each has stakes in the outcome of investigations, and negative fallout from repercussions of genuine revelations is not what anyone involved on the corporate end of this matter wants, and the NTSC has to choose its words very carefully.
You see, it can simply not be because of a faulty AoA sensor that the doomed Indonesian Lion Air Flight 610 or Ethiopian Airlines flight E302 crashed. Much more than just the nose down procedure initiated by a defective anti stall system was going wrong in the cabins of both planes before they crashed, and the loss of radar contact before the actual crash in the Ethiopian airlines flight is the apex of these extra issues that suggest a series of failures that eventially engaged and corrupted the MCAS system.

When I realized that radar could very well be the most important indicator that it wasn't MCAS to blame, I started looking for a website that would offer the kind of confirmation of the course of events that would assure me that radar was indeed lost before the crash, that regular news media could not. It didn't make sense otherwise to continue.

If all I could rely on was material too technical to have authority over as a layman, then I might as well leave it all up to the money hungry corporations to choose their experts who would create an official version of events that would serve their interests well, and in most probability be designed to regain passenger confidence in the aircraft ASAP, to bury whatever nefarious truth there was to the crashes, without making any change to the prospects of ordinary you and me boarding another death trap. I had to rely on the skid marks I had gleaned to say what I think happened and be believed ... to have what I said carry enough weight to be taken for truth over the official version.

Wishful thinking on my part, lol.

But then the fact remains that the only major skid mark I had to go on, which was the loss of radar contact before the actual crash, had to be genuine.

Flightradar24 image showing a playback of Ethiopia Airlines flight path before it vanished off radar

I found just the website I was looking for located at https://www.flightradar24.com , and the image at the head of this article comes from there. Flightradar24 is a website that monitors tens of thousands of flights globally, and gets real time feedback of data about individual flights such as altitude, horizontal and vertical speed, etc.
From the website, it can be verified that the doomed Ethiopian Airlines E302 flight did actually lose radar contact at 5.41am UTC, and we know it crashed at 5.44am UTC, in contrast to Lion Air's flight 610 that retained radar contact till almost the very end.

Below, I will list some of these other events that clearly show that a lot more went wrong on these aircraft prior to the crash than mere defective AoA sensors. The info is taken for the most part from websites where pilots congregate, such as planespotters.net, airfleets.net, etc., the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) investigation reports from JT-610, and what aircraft controllers divulged in both the Ethiopia and Lion Air crash incidents.

1. The doomed Lion Air flight JT-610 plane had a similar issue happen the night before the crash that was allegedly resolved by turning off automatic nose down trim in favor of manual trim, and this is said to have resolved its nose dive issue. The plane landed safely in Jakarta where engineers checked and replaced a faulty AoA sensor.

Let's not forget that this incident had NOT been low key at all. Engineers knew about it, flight controllers too. 3 pilots knew about this. The passengers, who had been traumatized by an event they described as akin to a roller coaster ride, also knew about this. Air traffic controllers at the airport of departure and arrival knew about this.

Many people must have been curious to know the root cause of the issue, and the pilots and people who deal with flying matters like airtraffic controllers must have been privy to the technique employed to save the PLANE because it was simple enough. Just turn off automatic trim. It doesn't take hours to explain.

The event must have been talked about a lot in pilot and air control circles in Jakarta, on the night it occurred and the next day. How could the pilots and air traffic controllers on duty on JT-610's doomed flight have been clueless about the solution or cure just a day later?

Fact of the matter is they may not have been. It is quite evident that they found themselves inundated with root issues that were precipitating MCAS intervention and malfunction. They could not opt for manual trim this time around because they couldn't turn anything OFF. They would not be as lucky as their colleagues the night before.

How do we know this?

A number of factors, chief of which is a preliminary accident investigation report issued on the 28th of November last year by the NTSC that also stated:

"After airspeed and altitude problems, an AoA sensor was replaced and tested two days earlier on the accident aircraft. Erroneous airspeed indications were still present on the subsequent flight on 28 October, which experienced automatic nose down trim. The runaway stabilizer non-normal checklist was run, the electric stabilizer trim was turned off, and the flight continued with manual trim; the issues were reported after landing. Shortly after takeoff on 29 October, issues involving altitude and airspeed continued due to erroneous AoA data and commanded automatic nose-down trim via the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). The flight crew repeatedly commanded nose-up trim over the final ten minutes of the flight."

The revelation that informs us something other than MCAS was awry comes in the form of an omission in this report. It does not state whether the runaway stabilizer trim procedure was run, or whether the electric stabilizer trim switches were cut out on the accident flight as was the case with the previous flight.

In order to make this conclusion, we have to understand that mention of these factors was not just crucial to the report, but integral to it as well. Whether the checklist was run and switches were turned off or left on in the JT-610 must have been known in light of RELATED investigation findings and it could not have hurt to mention this, even when the status of these two items was what the report would make a foregone conclusion. Was the NTSC restricted in what it could divulge? Evidently. Not mentioning these items was the safest position to take. Lying about them was unwise. It could be found out. Mentioning the true status would obviously have caused planes to be grounded last year rather than this year after the second crash under similar circumstances.

And it does not end here.

Following the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash on 10 March 2019, data from the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of the Lion Air Flight 610 was shared among the investigators. Some of this data is said to have leaked to the media that cited anonymous sources reporting that CVR recorded the pilots mentioning several problems (not just 1), trying to climb, and checking the quick reference handbook for a solution. The NTSC was asked to confirm these claims but denied them stating only that the pilots began to panic at the end of the flight.

Thank you for that information NTSC. I would be panicked and terrified too under those circumstances.

2. Let's return to Flightradar24.com and compare the radar graph feed from both aircraft in order to show that the point at which the MCAS system intervenes, which is clear to see from the first major and abrupt vertical speed fluctuation, was in both cases shortly after take-off. Look carefully at the graphs below. The altitude of the Ethiopia Airlines plane starts at around 7500 feet because the airport is at this altitude. In order to know how much ascent there has been over time you will have to subtract that value from the total feet shown.

Flightradar24 graph showing Ethiopia Ailines E302's altitude, speed and vertical speed before it vanished off radar

Flightradar24 graph showing Lion Air JP-610's speed, vertical speed, and altitude before the crash

The thing with the timing of the first nose dives is the fact MCAS intervened before it could be enabled. The pilot was too low in his ascent to raise the flaps.

Because this is something I learnt through the research I did on MCAS, I will explain what this means by giving examples of implements and tools that use a safety lock on a switch.

Let's start with the microwave oven in your kitchen. It has what is known as a "safety interlock hole" into which the latch on the door inserts when closed. When the latch is fully inserted it pushes on a switch inside the interlock hole that closes the circuit so that when the main switch is pressed, the current can flow through to the magnetron. If the door is ajar the switch is not closed and current cannot flow to the magnetron. The oven can as such not be turned on when the door is open. This is designed to prevent situations whereby the oven is turned on with the door open, which would set the microwaves loose into the environment outside the oven.

Another example would be an extra switch on a power tool, especially tools with sharp rotating cutting blades, that requires to be depressed before the main switch can work, that are most often designed to ensure that the operator has both hands firmly on the tool before starting it.

In the case of MCAS on a JUMBO, the safety switch that controls when the system can be activated are the flaps. MCAS is designed not to activate when the flaps are down of the upward position, which is logical because a plane with flaps down could not possibly be about to stall. This is the position of flaps at takeoff and landing. Yet in the case of Ethiopia Airlines E302, the system activated when the flaps were off of the up position.

Though the preliminary JT-610 investigation report mentions that the MCAS did not interfere with this flight until flaps were raised, it also mentions that the left stick shaker activated on rotation (take off run) and remained active "for most of the flight."

A stick shaker is an implement designed to vibrate the pilot's stick as a way of warning him of a stall. It started warning the pilot of a stall before he had taken off.

The activation of the sick shaker on rotation suggests malfunction of the AoA Sensor on the nose of the Max on the left or captain's side. But wasn't this "the same sensor that engineers had replaced and tested to be working perfectly the night before"? Do they choose when to break or was some other component causing them to malfunction as soon as they were replaced?

Add what I have mentioned above to the fact the pilot of the doomed JT-610 aircraft asked air traffic control to give him his altitude and speed in the heat of the crisis, an obvious sign he realised his instruments were giving him false data (unconnected to the AoA Sensor that is another system), then add the fact the doomed Ethiopia Airlines plane disappeared from radar a full 3 minutes before it crashed, and you have no reason to point at the MCAS as the cause of the crashes.

Something else precipitated the events or failures that led to the malfunction of the MCAS.

Yes it is true the MCAS was responsible for making both planes nose heavy and impossible to manually pull up out of a dive, a characteristic of the behaviour of the doomed aircraft in the last minutes of their flights, that inevitably crashed the planes, but this system's malfunctioning appears to have been a byproduct of and chain reaction to something other than malfunctioning sensors, something that made everything else go haywire or stop working completely. Either this or the MCAS malfunction had the capacity to cause a myriad of malfunctions on the flights, which is ridiculous even to a layward techie like me. The system is not designed to hack the plane's electronics as well as persist in attempting to crash it, or is it?

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Their Biggest Heist of All Time!

Obelisk at the Vatican

Since the eighteenth century, there have been calls by leading religious leaders to have all masons killed that have softened as time has passed to those as recent as 1983 when Cardinal Ratzinger called for masons not to receive holy communion. These calls for masons to be punished started when it was discovered that, while they built religious and other buildings, they inserted pagan symbols in them, which was considered heresy.

This was all window dressing on the part of the church, as will be made clear in this article. The church was actually cognizant and encouraging of the activities of the masons. Acting as though the church wanted the masons punished, maybe even punishing some hapless mortals, was a way of absolving the church of complicity in the activity when it was found out, and the church faced exposure.

If you have been to the Vatican in Rome or seen images of it, then you might have noticed a stone slab standing tall in its square.

That is an obelisk, an original version at that. It is a 4 thousand year old Kemetian (Ancient Egyptian) obelisk, on display at the Vatican, albeit just one of many in Italy where most obelisks from kemet are placed. This is to say there are more of them in this country than anywhere in the western world.

Catholics, including those in a group known as "Women Of Grace" with a website located at womenofgrace.com, describe the obelisk at the Vatican as a symbol of the "Conquering Power of the Church", which is an odd title to ascribe to an artifact coming from a culture known for its worship of multiple gods, that is considered pagan by this church, an artifact that was used by the leadership of a culture accused of having enslaved the people behind Roman Catholicism, the Jews.

You see, the situation just gets worse when you consider this "symbol of the conquering power" of this religious cult was taken from the very people whose civilization or culture was crushed by the very people appropriating the symbol, or, to be more exact, by the successors as they emerged a thousand and more years later and started off where their ancestors had left off.

Starting off where their ancestors had left off includes collecting/owning or appropriating and displaying artifacts from the culture that is central to the central positioning of the dominant culture.

It is really simple to clearly see the truth this situation of an Obelisk from Kemet standing in the backyard of the Vatican is really strange if we understand the partial root of Roman Catholicism is the Grecko-Roman Empire, that just happens to be a culture that is diametrically opposed to Kemetian culture because it is the culture that invaded and destroyed this highly advanced culture, known to have flourished for thousands of years in Kemet, till the Ancient Greeks came along.

So why, you may ask, are successors of the Grecko-Roman empire keen on appropriating a symbol from a culture their ancestors destroyed that was definitely used by Kemetians for a different reality, in a context and setting germain to their way of life? Why make this artifact signify the "conquering potency" of the Roman Catholic faith?

It's llogical, right? It doesn't make any sense unless considered to be a slight hint of an inadequacy complex because an artifact from Ancient Greece would have done the job as well, if not better than the obelisk, given Greece, the actual root of the western empire, is replete with its own cultural artifacts. A symbol representing the conquering potency of the church derived from Ancient Greece would in fact have been more appropriate to use here. Ancient Greece is after all the place to which the western culture points its origin, the place they claim is the origin of civilization itself.

Though this may signify how much the dominant culture holds the plunderable, masqueradable wonder of Kemet in awe, which is innocent enough, we know there still is something very wrong with this picture, and as we study like contradictions about this church, or other institutions within the dominant culture, or the culture as a whole, we realize there is nothing logical about all of these. Why this is so becomes plain when we understand or take into account the fact the western elite's show of civilized living is in fact plain "barbarism masquerading as a civilization", which is why these weird displays are commonplace.

Bust of Alexander the so called great, who was infact a destroyer, a savage and mass murderer whose mass murder trail surpasses any man's to date, all done for the spoils of war, an armed robber, thus.

It should be acknowledged the western elite is in reality nothing more than a successor elite (via oligarchy) of what are in reality insane robbers that organised themselves into a tribal elite, and though they have been toppled a number of times, as witness the fall of the Roman Empire to the German "tribe" that ended it, the elite managed to go underground and get their act together enough to come back and stay in power for a total of some two thousand and nineteen years (2019).

What alerts us to the fact they are a band of robbers is first of all their insistence their culture originates from the founding culture in Ancient Greece, while everything else tells us Kemet is the origin of as much the civilization as the major religions practiced in it.

The other thing that tells us they are robbers is the fact they abundantly display artifacts, symbols and insignia from Kemet in, on and around institutions that are crucial or central to their culture, and ascribe meaning to them that they would not if they remained realistic about the function of these artifacts in Kemetian culture, but also the role they purport Kemetians have in their lives.

Apart from attempts to white-wash Kemetian culture by altering the physical features of Kemetians on monuments they left behind so they looked as caucasian as is possible, which paints a different picture ... or the abundant appropriation of Kemetian cultural artifacts, Kemetian culture is considered worthless, or at least it should be worthless to the dominant culture considering references made to it.

Some of the west's best thinkers are unanimous Kemet is but a "bastion of stone age conservatism", and in a theory evolution is unilinear that they force on humankind, their ancestors, the Ancient Greeks, took human development a step further than Kemetians, and single handedly brought humankind the blessings of civilized living.

Yet every organization of repute, including those that wear the crown of being the elite's main club and thinktank, such as Freemasonry, proudly display insignia and symbols from a culture considered backwards compared to Ancient Greece, rather than artifacts from advanced Greece.

Built by freemasons. Left: Westminster Abbey, London, England. Right: York Minster, York, England, both with "Boaz" and "Jachin" designs from Kemet

Given the western elite knows the real story or history, the logical conclusion can be drawn there is more to this love of Kemetian cultural artifacts and insignia, something that doesn't quite make it acknowledgement Kemet is the origin of civilization, but is reminiscent of the stature a robber gains out of showing off his best "heists", spoils that acrue him/her stature, in the case of organised military conquest and looting the stature of an indomitable robber.

Pay attention.

For the elite in the dominant culture thus, the desire to use Kemetian symbols is their way of flaunting the biggest heist of their career as robbers, as witness displays of such in museums all over the west, or in the open such as is the case here.

Their biggest heist thus far is, and remains, Kemet.

With Kemet, these robbers did not just take away gold and diamonds, they appropriated the culture itself, as witness the oddity Greek colonial officials clad themselves in Egyptian garb and adopted Kemetian cultural practices, which is unbecoming of a conqueror.

They robbed Kemet of its people, in fact they robbed the place of everything, and almost everything they do in our time amounts to benefiting off of this heist by feeding off of the spoils, by using them to power the appropriated culture to be exact, all done in the open, all done with the idea their slaves, including captured (via colonization and enslavement) descendants of Kemetians who, thanks to this very western elite's efforts, no longer know they are descended from Kemet in the first place, so cannot care as much about the mess to attempt a thorough investigation that clarifies matters, therefore will not know what it really means.

"Hidden right in the open" as Ralph Ellison once said.

George GM James' Book

And if you doubt anything I have said here then you have simply not been observant, or you are in denial. Otherwise simply ask yourself why George G.M. James was murdered shortly after publishing the book "Stolen Legacy". His murderer(s) left clear marks his slaying was masonic, and the masons, a least those of the core structure, those sometimes referred to as the Illuminati, are the elite in the dominant culture.

His neck was slit from ear to ear and his tongue cut out and stuck down his throat.

Lets understand that there are reasons the masons pass recruits through their oath room, and make them make oaths the breaking of which results in their slaying. The masons understand that the personality profiles they select include individuals who have the intellectual potential to arrive at truths that the masons hide from the general public that, if revealed, would expose and disgrace the elite of this culture for good, if not the culture itself.

The masonic oath room performs this function, as well as that of silencing society's best, because they are capable of not just leading the masses to freedom from this elite, but by their expansive imaginations can arrive at the truths this culture keeps hidden without much effort.

Actually, you do not even need to be a mason for the fate George G.M. James suffered to be visited upon you in a different way, using different means to effect murder. You simply have to fit the profile of individuals the masons want to pass through their oath room but fail to do so, who eventually do do what the masons fear the most.

Sheikh Anta Diop, called the father of African identity, is a good example of this.

He proved, beyond any shadow of doubt, using genetic testing, that Kemetians were black and paid for it with his life. He was murdered covertly. He died a suspicious death in his sleep after arrival from France in his native African country, at the age of just 50, while he was in good health.

You see, it is already known ancient Egyptians were not white, though they had white people among them known as the Hyksos. The Greek Herodetus, writing around the time Constantine ruled Kemet, described ancient Kemetians as dark skinned people whose visage was not even close to Nilotics, whose facial features are considered close to caucasian norms.

Herodetus, called both the "Father of History" and, curiously, also "Father of lies" by the dominant culture's mainstream.

Herodetus didn't just write about the complexion of Kemetians, he described prognathism in them, using different words. He said "their faces resemble dogs".

Prognathism of both the lower and upper jaw, as it is now called, is a feature that occurs mainly in black people, which must have been so widespread in the Kemet of Constantine it impinged on the imagination of Herodetus who was witnessing this characteristic in a people for the very first time.

Prognathism is a human "racial" feature in which the upper and lower jaws are distended to the front, giving the impression of a slight snout. Like a dog, goat, giraffe, hyena or donkey. It must evolve as an adaptation to foodstuffs that demand the use of the musles or parts of the mouth that develop the jaws to the front.

We cannot take it to be coincidence that, today, Herodetus' writings are hardly accessible to the general public. His descriptions of the racial features of the majority he met in Kemet are rather too precise for the likes of those who want truths about this recent past forever concealed from especially black folk.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Barbarism Masquerading as a Civilization: The Roots of the Destructive Nature of Western Culture

Critchton's novel starts in 1979, with all in an expedition searching for deposits of valuable diamonds that discovers the legendary Lost City of Zinj, getting murdered. A video image taken by a camera there, and transmitted by satellite to the base station in Houston, shows a peculiar race of grey-haired gorillas to be responsible for the murders. click on the image to read more

It's not by mere chance that the effect of the west on the mentalities of people in the countries it runs or others that it invades then occupies or colonizes, is negative. And by "mentalities" I do not mean the mode of thought, but mean intelligence.

The mean intelligence of the west's subjects is, without exception, significantly lowered along genetic lines, as a result of holistic purges that progressively perform mentacide.

The point of all this, of course, is to get the genes of the best bred out of the subjects.

It is not due to the fact the west follows the mercantilistic rule to not benefit others at the expense of self that it does this, because in economics, it is not essential to dumb down or destroy your competition to make a profit. Nor is it that the west adheres to John Stewart Mill 's admonitions, such as that it is advisable to weaken your neighbor first before they do the same to you, as they undoubtedly will. This reasoning can be considered justification for a disagreeable way of co-existing with neighbors.

It is in fact because of a fundamental programming of the western elite with roots in ancient Greece that, to this day, controls the conduct of this block's entrenched class.

This is something I will say again and again because I feel that this truth cannot be stressed enough, and only recently is this truth becoming more manifest and plain.

The rapid advancement of the Chinese, including the western reaction to this, is what is helping to expose the fact.

I know that what is preventing people from acknowledging this unspeakable truth is the reality they are tuned into propaganda such as that the Chinese have bigger brains or they use a different hemisphere to think, or that intelligence varies and follows the skin tone range of people, with the whitest people sharing superior intelligence, till the darkest people who are the least intelligent.

This propaganda was no doubt started and fanned by the cabal running the west who know what the truth really is. And there is ample evidence to prove this.

The book "IQ And The Wealth of Nations" is a case in point. With this book the west set out to justify the global rich poor devide when, after a review of a few factors about the nature of western colonialism, it turns out the west deliberately underdeveloped the countries it subjugated.

One good example of how the west did this is found in francophone Africa, and other territories that the French colonized, such as Haiti.

Just read the text below from the book by professor Mamadou Koulibaly titled "Servitude of the Colonial Pact". Remember as you go along that even though complicity by Africans in this fate can be assumed, which also suggests low intelligence at work, the circumstances of the time were such that the colonial powers could force into office people who recognized the primacy of their interests, and did not hesitate to remove, sometimes brutally, anybody they felt was not compliant such as Lumumba or Sankara. African independence was as such hijacked.

Just before France conceded to African demands for independence in the 1960s, it carefully organized its former colonies in a system of "compulsory solidarity" which consisted of obliging the 14 African states to put 65% of their foreign currency reserves into the French Treasury, plus another 20% for financial liabilities.

This means these 14 African countries only ever have access to 15% of their own money! If they need more they have to borrow their own money from the French at commercial rates!

And this has been the case since the 1960s! Believe it or not it gets worse. France has the first right to buy or reject any natural resources found in the land of the Francophone countries. So even if the African countries can get better prices elsewhere, they can't sell to anybody until France says it doesn't need the resources. In the award of government contracts, French companies must be considered first; only after that can these countries look elsewhere. It doesn't matter if the CFA countries can obtain better value for money elsewhere.

Presidents of CFA countries that have tried to leave the CFA zone have had political and financial pressure put on them by successive French presidents. Yet these same monies provide private funding to French politicians during elections in France. Thus, these African states are French taxpayers - taxed at a staggering rate - yet the citizens of these countries aren't French and don't have access to the public goods and services their money helps pay for.

And here you can see very clearly just why countries in Africa still wallow in abject poverty, as the French and other colonizers, who also undoubtedly have similar conditions in place for their so called former colonies, go about blaming African dumbness for their poverty and encouraging structural adjustment programs via their dubious IMF that make things worse for the common masses.

The book "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" was not coincidentally funded by the Pioneer Fund who, if you check, have funded several dubious causes.

Fact of this matter is that no race has a monopoly on intelligence, at least not by default. Every race on planet earth should be doing wondrous things, yet, within just a decade, the Chinese have almost revealed to all nations that we are all slower than we thought we were under western tutelage, dumber than we believed we were, that we have been standing still for ages. Why?

The answer is simple.

The western elite ...

Wherever they have gone and conquered, and stayed for a lengthy period of time, mean intelligence has dropped significantly and this is due to how the western leadership rules. They dumb everybody down to below their level of intelligence because that's the only way they can rule with ease.

The level of intelligence of the western elite is really below par for them to go about empire building with an inadequacy complex that is real as a result of purges done on its own people (on its own ranks) in the dark ages, so woe be unto the group whose intelligence is lowered below an already low level of intelligence.

The facts I will write hereafter speak of self evident truths that few people have thought to take note of. They clearly expose the correlation between rates of advancement of nations in our time that differ almost by how long there has been interaction with the west. You will realise once you read this, that the correlation is not solely because some countries have followed sound economic models ... that arguably are also a product of their intelligence, or that they are whiter than others, but that it has all to do with the degree of exposure to the west.

Hong Kong people are Chinese people through and through, right? Yet they are hardly as creative and enterprising as people in mainland China.


Look at the Japanese. They were once upon a time more progressive than the Chinese currently are but they were cut down to levels where they are a shadow of their old selves, cut down by non other than their colonizer: the west or NATO represented as America (Remember Malcolm X's "Country in the clear" remark?).

Anybody who lived during the ninenties and was mature enough and tuned into global news reports remembers the western trade wars against Japan that caused this once promissing economy to cave in. These people will know what I am talking about. The trade wars were similar in nature to those that the west has just started against China.

Once upon a time the Japanese championed human progress just as the Chinese are doing right now. They were talking of taking a step into Fuzzy Logic, a concept they belived was beyond what the west could grasp.

They were cut down before they got too fuzzy, before they rushed too far ahead of the west.

Cutting the Japanese down at that point in their development may be seen by some as strategic for the west in light of past military ambitions of this country, and I bet it was used as justification for this in western circles, but realistically it was tantamount to fighting human progress, and is exactly what the west is doing again with China.

Compare North Koreans to South Koreans, the former who have made remarkable technological advances under tough sanction circumstances compared to the faltering latter. Look at the Vietnamese, compare them to the Indonesians, Philipinos, Africans, South Americans.

The record speaks for itself: the more entrenched the west gets into your country or nation the dumber you become as a people.

You see, what causes the west to consistently do what it does everywhere it goes is programming, serious programming from Ancient Greece, that has been passed on down the line to date, programming that creates a mindset that sets out to ruin or stultify adversaries, even if potentially so, or self designated, as a way of keeping them under control, that is BTW applied to locals as well, not just outsiders or foreigners, and, at the very top, the effect on the mentality is very much like the state of the apes in the book in the link at the head of this article.

The western elite are bred for what they do, and their focus on their destructive role as the bringer of wealth and prestige is singular and total. There are very few things that can stop or distract them from this role. No amount of logic or convincing will work. They simply cannot see sense as everyday people see it. They were made and trained to be obtuse, immune to logic save that which agrees with the mindset, programmed to be this way by masters in antiquity who are no longer there to de-program them so their madness is in auto pilot.

They could easily cause the destruction of our planet or death of the species.

The book in the link may have been motivated by the manner African leaders of post independence Africa tended to run their republics, especially the puppets who did exactly as they were told, but this is where the similarity starts and ends. The apes in this book were also genetically bred for their role, which is also true of the western elite.

If you have read the book then think of such things as child sacrifice, pedofilia, homosexuality and dark cults as the factors that were handed down from Ancient Greece's master programmers that still regulate the western elite's behaviour, the stuff that makes them programmed to be the way they become: pricks , thieves, robbers, sociopaths, psychopaths with nothing else on their minds than making the oligarchy stronger the only way they are programmed to do, by being disagreable, by being psychopaths and sociopaths.

In order to get your head around this you may need to study the history of the Aegian Sea, and you will see a recurring theme that sees highly advanced cultures destroyed one by one, by a roaming culture of barbarians that terrorised the area, culminating in the fall of Crete, then Kemet ... This culture's ways, this barbaric culture's mores are what have been passed on to current day western nations.

Pay special attention, as you go along, to the manner the Ancient Greek masquerade of Kemet began and progressed. Notice the absurd and illogical process in which a conquering group clads itself into the garb of those it conquered, reversing the norm where the conquering group strives to make the new subjects adopt its culture, how instead the Greeks adopt the culture of the people whose civilization they were in the process of destroying ... follow through to the Romans then the dark ages till the ways of the current successor culture of these barbarians that dominates today, and you will understand why the west is the way it is today.

As stated earlier, the stultification affects people within the culture as well. They are also dumbed down, and if they have a lot to offer intellectually then they are robbed blind of their intellectual property then discarded, and from this it is possible to see just why people like the genius inventor Tesla, and many others like him in the west, suffered and continue to suffer and die at the hands of the western elite, just as others in the dark past of this culture got overrun, destroyed and their ideas stolen, their legacy appropriated.

And on a side yet comical note, you will understand why it became necesary for a bizarre media frenzy in the west that announced that a craft already known to be flying through the Kuiper Belt, a region strewn with large rocks, would suddenly spot a large rock (?) just before the Chinese landed their rover on the backside of the moon. You will understand just why it became essential for Obama to announce that America was going to make a supercomputer that is faster than the Chinese Tianne 2.

You see, for the west, it is never about descency and human progress, but about spoils, vanity, masquerade, greed, prestige, honour and oligarchy, just as it was thousands of years ago for that group that destroyed civilization after another. All of this is part of the programming from old. This is how the programmers envisioned the machine they created would stay formidable, the oligarchy given immortal status.

And you will not doubt when people like me say the west is singularly the biggest obstacle to human progress, the biggest threat to the survival of the species by far, and will remain so until it is either isolated and impoverished to oblivion, or the elite is overthrown.

The critical thinker and author Marimba Ani has actually spoken and written at length about this issue, albeit focussed on the white race persona, and on a more esoteric level that is more limited in time scope than my take on it, a contrast to my focus on their elite as the insulting factor. Her works are in fact cultural anthropology studies conducted by a black individual on the western/white culture, as opposed to what we are generally accustomed to which is the reverse. Mine are also the same, just a difference in focus, dynamics and depth. Anyone interested in delving deeper into this topic needs to read what she has said.

Friday, 2 November 2018

The Book "Coherent Madness" Has Been Defiled

The images above show the difference in word and character count that has happened since the book "Coherent Madness" was published. The bottom image is the word count of the original document (in the name) as it was published in 2008 (check publish date on image) . The top image shows the word count after I downloaded the same document to my tablet and did a word count.

Whenever I publish a book on lulu and have to upload the original document, I make sure the document is named such that the number of words and characters in the document is in the name. This makes it easy for me to see whether the document has been edited without the need to read right through the document searching for the changes.

THEY, the inbred vermin, did not know my strategy. It was quite obvious to me but I knew it would not be obvious to their inbred intellects. Somebody needs to tell em "Don't mess with moi inbreed" .

You can check for yourself. The number of characters in the document name is not the same as that in the actual count after the document was downloaded.

Also, I read through the document and discovered that some words had been  changed as well. The word fathom had been switched with fantom twice, for example.

Another very obvious factor about this editing, at least to me and anyone who has done word editing before and is dexterous at it, the page numbers are in Roman numerals throughout. When I uploaded the document they were not. I verified that before uploading as I always do. Only the introductory part, including the page that lists contents, were in roman numerals. The rest were not.

The vermin has been busy. Wonder why?