Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Significance of the "Military Industrial Complex" Announcing it Wants to Develop Capabilities it Already Has

Taken from an article with title in caps that reads "AIR FORCE WANTS NEUROWEAPONS TO OVERWHELM ENEMY MINDS" (Click on the image above to read the piece)

When a career thief specialising in theft of items in locations where darkness is a precondition for success, has obeyed the rules of the trade and got off without being caught, but one day gets caught red-handed, stealing the same items in broad daylight, it is always the case that people will conclude that he lost it or "slipped".

The procedure leading up to people pointing to a mental crisis as the cause for the resultant outcome may be that he became overly accustomed to near and far misses on his theft missions he started to take it for granted people will not think to look for unbecoming activity where they do not expect it, hence the ultimate slip into a state that saw nothing wrong with stealing when all were awake and alert.

It all goes with the territory and experiences germane to that territory and this truth knows more manifestations.

For instance, the need in war to surreptitiously dumb an opponent down, in order to more easily defeat and/or control them, may or may not emanate from an inadequacy complex. It can be a legitimate military tactic or strategy that allows for speedier victory at less cost.

Certainty of the existence of a complex can only be arrived at where the subject insists or persists with the intimation the factor that retains the status quo in which the opponent holds the shorter end of the stick is wholly due to "inherent" qualities that confer a mental and physical advantage to the one holding the long end of the stick, a persistence that runs concurrently with paradoxical or contradicting surreptitious attacks that defile the capacity of the disadvantaged to hold their own in the battle they are in.

The simple explanation of why this would be the case is ... there would not be the need to dumb the opponent down if it was indeed the case that they were less endowed mentally than the advantaged, unless the overriding concern is the cost of gaining and retaining control, in which case the pretence as well as surreptitious dumbing down can be seen to be functional, as activities essential to the expeditious accomplishment of the objective, which is admittedly an indicator or sign of a superior intellect at work, a superior intellect making the choice between better or worse.

To be clearer, it is a sign of a superior intellect that acknowledges the existence of intellectual potency in the opponent, and does not deny he is as capable if not better, but realizes an intellect can be fooled into believing it is not as capable as another, and that once in that mindset, the opponent can more easily be controlled.

This method only works when there is secrecy to the defiling process, and also when the opponent has not realised the game being played on them mainly because they are too dumbed down or brainwashed to see truth.

Once the bird has flown, however, the tactic cannot work anymore, and when it is nonetheless adhered to because of a lack of the capacity to see and explore alternatives, for instance, it becomes a manifestation of the truth behind that which can cause a thief to think he can steal in broad daylight, sure that, because he has gotten away with theft so often in the past, aware already that people are not likely to seek untowardly activity where they do not expect it, he will get away with it even if he does the stealing in broad daylight, and he will as such overlook or find basic security scanning to be unnecessary leading to someone noticing the untowardly activity that he is engaged in at an hour when such activity is least expected.

The mindset leading to the last result is a typical case of one burying their head in the sand and reaping the consequences of the lapse in observation ...

Daylight in the example of the thief comes to signify a lack of cover, the lack of an attempt to secure the scene in the latter example.

This is the state that I see the west in regarding its recent mind control weaponry development announcements. The declassification of the secret method of keeping an advantage in order to gain the best results has exposed a failure of the method emanating from the opponent realising what the west has been up to, realising the backbone of western superiority. It is to glean from these actions that the west has been left without a means to hold its own internationally, or hold its head above water in the same territory at a point in time when it needs to apply its all to simply keep abreast of socio-economic, intellectual and military developments elsewhere.

Seeing itself quickly losing pace, lagging behind and in danger of losing out, the west has made the decision to steal in broad daylight, secure in the delusion the others will remain non the wiser about its intentions because, well, nobody is thick enough to do such a dumb thing.

And, of late, it isn't just in the sphere of war technology that this erroneous state of mind has been a feature of western activity while it lingers in the spotlight. Something major is happening in the higher rungs of the western power structure that has already diminished the west's capacity to excel.

Monday, 6 August 2018

How the Corporate Media is Using Trump to Ditch it's "Fake News Media" Lable

The picture above is just one out of many other pictures depicting Trump supporter behaviour towards reporters at one of his recent rallies, posted publicly by Janice Nesbit to Facebook yesterday to which she added the text below. Look carefully at the picture and equally carefully read through the emotional post by Janice, that btw somehow managed to garner thousands of shares, reactions and comments, because within its wide publicity and within the text itself is concealed a truth about the motive for posting it that might elude you for the emotional appeal and obfuscation within its deceptively innocent and zigzag layout.

I post afterwards to explain what I think this post is regarding, together with other evidence supporting my position.

sharing - Tamra Wallace 1 hr ·

I am disturbed in general with the whole Cult of Gaslight Donald, but when I saw these pictures of his followers at the Florida rally, I had do some deep thinking. I have studied Psychology extensively and nothing in those books could have prepared me forthe last two years.

I have lost friends I have known for 17 years, family members that I don't recognize anymore, people filled with apathy, conspiracy theories and rage. Take a good look at these pictures. The rage in the first woman's face looks practically demonic. You could almost label this picture WRATH. They are screaming at a journalist from CNN, egged on by their chosen one.

They screech at a man who represents the mainstream media. Journalists that have college degrees. Pulitzer Prize winning journalists who fact check for a living. Sure they may be biased at times, but they all follow the rules of reporting. They get their information from well established Intelligence Communities, Law Enforcement Agencies & first hand witnesses in the field. Checked, and fact checked triple times. They are held to the highest of standards.

These cult followers chose to ignore these life-long journalists and put all of their beliefs into a man who has shown by a lifetime pattern of behavior that he is a liar, sociopath, narcissist, sexual predator, thief, bully and racist. A man that to date has told 4,229 false and misleading claims (LIES) in 558 days which averages 7.6 lies per day. They chose to ignore these facts and plug into the Faux News Network which basically amounts to "State T.V." aiding and abeding their leader's misinformation campaign. Adding insult to injury, they go even farther and plug themselves into the Conspiracy Network: QAnon,

Rush Limbaugh and the heinous Alex Jones who continues to torture the grieving parents of the murdered children of the Sandy Hook Massacre, claiming that it was all a hoax and publishing the addresses of these grieving parents for these nut jobs to harass. Some of the family members were forced to move 7 times.

These women are filled with rage because they have allowed people to mislead them. They undoubtedly were filled with racial hatred to begin with and when Gaslight Donald came along, it was as if he poured gasoline onto their fires. He preyed upon their racism and economic and psychological vulnerability to grow a base that would keep him in power at all costs so that he could personally enrich himself and his family. They are so engulfed in their anger and hatred that they can't even see that they are being conned. Conned by a man who's only agenda is to make sure he and the 1% attain the most wealth that they can possibly attain and I would venture to propose that he is also trying to destroy democracy as his behavior is becoming more and more fascist and autocrat endorsing.

I am torn, because I believe in our freedom of speech but the prevalence of these Conspiracy Networks is causing harm to real people. It has brainwashed 30% of our electorate. It has emboldened foreign adversaries to interfere in our elections to add more gas on the fire. What are we to do? I think major changes are going to be made going forward when this nightmare is over. I would love to hear your own thoughts.

Now, according to my experience, and that of many others, Trump is not in the least wrong in insisting mainstream media is "fake news media" because no other kind of news media is more deserving of this label.

The record speaks for itself.

The problem with Trump being the messenger here is this, that when the term is used by the wrong side (Weird Donnie and his weirdo supporters of all people) it can and is in fact being abused to make the label look inappropriate for mainstream media.

Quote from Thomas Jefferson that is currently doing rounds on social media

Anyone noticed how quickly the quotes about the importance of a free media for democracy, freedom, et al, have poured in? A quote from Thomas Jefferson was one of the many I have seen the past days on Twitter and Facebook alike. Question you should ask about these quotes from figures many hold in high regard is whether the context in which their words of wisdom are being used would have appealed to their sensibilities. Who, with their intelligence and wisdom, would they side with if they existed today and knew of the wiles of corporate media? If you read through the remarks made by Janice Nesbit you would have noticed that It starts off hailing journalists in the employ of CORPORATE MEDIA, and though this seems innocent in and by itself, it really needs no mention that the journalists she holds in such high regard are not friends of us the grassroots of the masses as soon as they start working for corporate entities that have never served public interest, regardless how well trained these journalists are or how well intentioned their efforts. Something is fishy here.

This is clever.

Those who have kept their eyes open will remember the genesis of the label " fake news" and who it was designed for. The label was most probably created and propagated by mainstream media itself at the exact same time the proliferation of alternative news outlets started, and it was most definitely intended for these.

I remember in the aftermath that there followed a time, at the zenith of the use of this term, when it trended even, that governments in the west started taking pot shots at alternative news outlets and many were removed from social media or seriously curtailed. We the public reacted by throwing the label back at mainstream media and ... surprise surprise ... we won!

The strength with which the campaign to paint corporate media in a better light is being waged tells me this victory is now in peril. Figures high up in authority have weighed in on the debate and are all pointing out how unfair it is, how undeserving mainstream media is of the label, and, crucially, we are being given a first-hand glimpse of how those vilifying mainstream media look and behave (white trailer trash?), complete with a leader who happens to already have renown as a nut job.

This, I think, is what the fuss about Trump using the lable is about. It's NOT about Trump in the sense instigators of this campaign want to make you believe his use of the term says about him, or what his crazy foaming-at-the-mouth supporters represent (Replica Germans in the nazi era blindly following a small, vile man over the precipice to the destruction of their nation), but about a lable that still inhibits and as such haunts the elite about its media mouthpiece, the shepherd they use to mislead the sheeple that is now less effective because a clear sign alerting all to the whereabouts of the wolf in sheep's clothing, in the form of a "fake news media" label, constantly hangs over it.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

How to Defeat Social Media Censorship and Manipulation

Social media icons

There are many reasons people log onto social media, also known as social networking sites. They log on to connect with family and friends, to be abreast of the latest developments regarding, to share the latest that's happening to them and see the same that their friends and family post. Others use social networking sites as a platform for activism, while the motivation for some may be to connect with an online community made up of people whose experiences, interests, convictions or causes are akin to theirs, and so on.

Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are all, without exception, businesses. This means they make money off of the social networking services they provide. They are also, admittedly, used to manipulate public opinion by management of the social networking experience of those who use them. This manipulation stands apart from the business end of the networking site, and would be at loggerheads with it if not for the care taken to ensure it is done as covertly as is possible. employing in this all the means that ensure those who get the brunt of such surreptitious actions are isolated from others who are not being affected to the point they know their experience is under manipulation.

These actions are not designed to enhance the lucrative potential of the business but to prevent the social networking activities of individual users from either becoming threats to the order or veering off a desired path, and where the establishmentarian shares in the profits made in the venture, which is the case in almost all dominant social networking sites, the activities can be considered done in self interest.

As businesses, social networking sites do the very same things businesses do to maximise profits, and sometimes these activities can be illegal and under handed while being deleterious to users.

The recent Facebook user data abuse scandal is a case in point.

Mark Zuckerberg testifying over the Facebook user abuse scandal in the US Congress

As public opinion control centres, networking sites operate in much the same way mainstream media is known to operate vis-a-vis public opinion. They guide people around the maze of the site to views that provide for the creation of brainwashed slaves, also referred to as sheeple.

It cannot be doubted or disputed that social networking sites have the power to rally the masses behind causes when left to their own devices, or in autopilot, in territories where the powers-that-be have no leverage within the site. They are in fact verified to have been used as the central organising points crucial to the outcome of many of the so called velvet revolutions that hit the middle east about a decade ago.

It is thus no surprise that governments worldwide are wary of social networking activities for their capacity to galvanise the masses around a movement or cause, or against an order, because they understand this could cost them their hold on power if left unchecked, or lead to instances of successfully coordinated public unrest.

The manipulative control social networking users are subject to by governments with leverage on and in them are therefore done with an eye on preventing social networking activity from becoming a threat to social order, and it should come as no surprise that governments without leverage in and on specific social networking giants are wary of their widespread use on their territory. Facebook, for example, is banned in some countries, including China, North Korea, and Iran where the bans are round the clock. In many other parts of the world it is just heavily restricted.

Alternative and dominant search engine "Baidu" in China

This banning or restriction of social networking giants in some countries can only come as a surprise to those who do not know the history of the most successful of these sites, including in this knowledge of who in fact controls specific sites.

It may just be my suspicion that Facebook, for instance, was not started by Mark Zuckerberg, as the official account goes, but by western secret service agencies at the behest of the Freemasons whose insignia the company fully bears. This real possibility has been expressed by more people I know, basing it on facts that may not be admissible in a court of law, a fact that can be used to further the conviction given people who conspire to deceive leave little room for evidence that is admissible in a court of law. The suspicion is further supported by bans Facebook has in countries that have developed their own alternative social networking giants, countries that have kept their eyes open, evidently.

The story of facebook's dubious rise to prominence is another factor that points to not so humble beginnings as the official version points out. A fact in point is this, that In the mid nineties, the persistence of Facebook to force itself onto computer systems earned it a placing on the list of active bugs on virus scanning and cleaning software. The facebook bug had the capacity to hijack a computer's desktop and change wallpaper settings and was hard to remove until a link was clicked that led to the Facebook registration page on the worldwide net.

This not so humble beginning of this networking giant at a time when social networking mega sites were already active and abundant, that were all forced out of the way using very dirty tactics that sometimes included founder suicides and flights, could not reasonably have been the work of two guys in some attic in America, but a body or social organ with control over more resources than could be accessible to average everyday Jim and Jack.

My plain English take on this ... but I stray.

As things stand today, facebook and a few other networking sites won out in this cyber war and it has become a fact that the capacity of social networking sites to reach a wide strata of the public is being abused to the detriment of the very people taking advantage of what these sites offer, and the manners that this is being done are manifold.

There are negative consequences from such abuse, starting with deliberately induced addiction, going on to much more sinister things that can be classed within the category of mind control. These operations are known about and have seen lengthy treatment and analysis by experts, so called conspiracy theorists and, not to be outdone, the leading media has also delved into this issue.

Anthony J. Christoff, MD, writer of the article The Mind Control Tactics Used Within Facebook, looking at some of the underhanded tactics Facebook and other social networking sites employ to ensure people are kept coming back.

My own experience of social networking platforms pre-dates facebook, but in the era of Facebook includes manipulations I have experienced for over a decade that are not designed to make me an addict, but to achieve the very reverse, and though I should be happy that I am as such not at risk of addiction, there is no comfort to be drawn from the fact the mind control is still an issue even when this is done to make me averse to logging onto the site and also the fact there have been consistent and persistent attempts to frustrate my activism on these sites, which is the major reason I joined Facebook and the rest of them.

The list of things that continue to happen to my Facebook experience amount to the deliberate creation of a world in which I am isolated from my target audience and find myself co-existing with total strangers and I can share the following hallmarks of the operation:

1. exclusion or distancing from the familiar:

a) . too few to no posts in my news feed by people who are related to me, loved ones, friends I am close to online or off-line and others I constantly communicate with on the same sites. This happens continuously even when these people are as busy if not busier than I am ... and the same is true in reverse.
b) People who are the most helpful in my activism, those who contribute a lot to my posts, are also gradually excluded from my news feed so that it comes to consist entirely of uninteresting posts by friends I can only refer to as acquaintances.

2. lack of notification of relevant activity

a) I am notified of posts people who are not in my friend list make to groups I belong to and not posts by friends to the same groups, which would not be the case if I was given moderator privileges within the group without my knowledge.
b) Reactions made to my posts are not always announced. I have to manually sift through older status updates to see whether comments and reactions have been made to previous status updates or posts to groups.

3. I am excluded from the wider Facebook network that I opted to be a part of. I no longer get updates from pages I liked and there were at some point a total of about 200 that have seen gradual deletion by a third party to the point now there are but a handful, forcing me to constantly like new pages as old ones are removed by a third party

4. There has of late been actual deliberate "in code" removal of an option that facebook provides all users to enhance the experience.
a) I recently noticed that the "on this day" feed that looks back in time to status updates I made on the same day in years gone by had been removed from the menu. At first I thought it had gone the same way the "explore feed" had gone but discovered when I logged into a professional and less busy profile I maintain on Facebook that it had not been removed from that account. I asked other users and verified that the feed was still available on their profiles. It went missing on my account for a good two weeks and only returned after I made the discovery it had not in fact been removed on other accounts. This was odd, but not unusual, and I can only conclude that my reliance on this feed had made it a pain to those who want my posts to be restricted in a certain way.
b) A fake version of my profile is spoofed to some people so they see updates I have not made. In one case the user in question was one that knew me well and, because they live far from me, could not verify my actual address. A post appeared with a GPS tag with a location set for England and they know that I am in Africa right now. The point of this was to sow the seeds of distrust, obviously.
c) My account was cloned several times and friends of mine were engaged in conversations by the cloners.
d) I have locked my profile from posts by others yet a scandalous image I had not posted was forced onto my profile with privacy settings set to "public". It was a picture of a naked man with nothing but a penis ring on his manhood, splashed across my profile while I slumbered. Facebook admin somehow found this picture and knew it got there through a hack. They deleted the image before I awoke to find a report asking me to review the post and change my password if necessary.

Images showing facebook's privacy settings page where you can set your privacy setting preferences.

And there is more, some of which you can read in a linked article at the bottom of this piece.

The list of things going wrong with the busiest profile I maintain on Facebook goes on and on and if you think it is an algorithm or settings I am failing to make causing this then think again. The list of things I mention above could not possibly be common experiences caused by an algorithm or settings I have made or not made.

As already mentioned, Facebook is a business ... and the algorithm or lines of code that manages user experience on the platform is designed to make the experience as addictive as can be. The algorithm is designed to lure people onto facebook, to encourage them to come back, to make logging on irresistible.

What is happening with my account is far from as well as the reverse of this. The posts I am being led to are not drawing the most reads and reactions. I am not abreast of developments in the lives of people close to me and also not being drawn to the rest that is relevant to my life no matter how much I manually direct my attention to these posts.

This procedure is being applied to a lot of people on facebook and other social networking sites, and there is no other way to explain how it is being done than that it is all manual. It is being done by groups of people, thousands of them to boot, at secret locations in the western world... employed for the purpose ... provided with names of people whose social networking experience they are tasked to manipulate because the establishment that runs facebook via via wants people like me vilified and/or isolated from friends, family and everything else that is relevant and important to our lives. This is the only viable explanation for what is going on because the alternative explanation to that does not make sense.

Saying it is all down to settings and the working of facebook algorithms does not explain this in that a line of code once written into the overall code that makes facebook should apply to all users without bias. Also, given personal preferences are sometimes used to direct traffic, the extreme and strange experiences people like me have should in some way reflect the clicks we make while on the social networking site. It makes no sense that notifications of posts by total strangers we do not interact with who may not even be our friends, to some group we belong to, are prioritised over posts by people who are friends, whose profiles we are constantly visiting.

And I should not mention the other bizarre happenings that prove the point.

On top of that, the impact of the business end of the algorithm should be felt more when an account is left in its default settings, when no preferences are made for some posts over others. I have not altered any of the preferences on both my accounts since I set them up other than restrict posts to my profile and set the audience of my posts to "public" from the "friends" default, and have never once manually clicked the follow button on any of my friend's profiles yet.

I have taken it that the follow button is automatically activated when I like a page on Facebook because this is what always happens when I do but know that I do not automatically follow anybody I befriend unless I manually go to their profile and click on the follow button there.

Bottom line is what is happening in my social networking experience and that of others experiencing the same or similar things that I am is abnormal. There is no need to look for faults with settings or me.

I know that many people who are blacklisted because of one thing or another, of which activism is a possible cause, are harassed and psy-oped and generally forced into what are referred to as "echo chambers" in order to both isolate them from people who matter to their lives, and others who are better off hearing what they have to say, as made to hate logging on ... using paid employees sitting in front of monitors monitoring their activities and ensuring that their experience and activities are damned in.

If we need to be dammed in then within the chamber are set loose a slew of those whose posts are pasted into our notifications from the blues, with whom we are expected to connect and be led astray or distracted.

But people being terrorised, harassed and censored this way can fight back and win.

We firstly need to understand the reason we are getting preferential treatment which is that our opinion is of a kind that can make a difference. We are deliberately being isolated because we have something to say that others are better off knowing about. We can defeat this effort to keep us away from others and one of the better ways of doing this is by breaking free of the confines of our profile ... by spending as much of our time engaging in interactions with others on groups, pages, and profiles.

Image from the film Rambo featuring Silvester Stallone showing the protagonist right after the episode where he paints his face to enhance/increase camouflage

We need to start posting everywhere else we can, and manually navigate to close ones we are being kept away from. We need to join and become active in as many groups as we can, and posting to a select number of these groups whenever we get info we feel should be out there, alternating between the groups we post to each time, also switching audiences according to the nature of the post we want to share.

our focus should be on getting our word out and launching from several places at once should be part of our strategy. We should avoid getting attached to a profile or social networking platform.

If, on facebook, we find we are not exposed to variety, we can switch social networking platforms, keeping in mind even when we are followed one to the next, we have a grace period before the surveillance paraphernalia is set up to dam us in, and if we do not wish to switch platforms then we can develop the habit of making status updates in which we post trending "hash tags" we feel we are not seeing in our newsfeed or are not interested in, to self, so that they are not visible to friends. Once posted, we can click on the link that results to be taken to posts about what others are saying about the same thing. For example, posting "#ShotPersonName" to "only you" as the audience, when we seek to hear what people are saying about a police shooting, we can click on the link produced that will lead to posts on the issue to which we can then also respond. This is a good way of being exposed to the range of opinions on an issue as well as having our opinion heard by more people than just those in our friend list.

We can also take to the abundant use of hash tags so that people who think of similar or same hash tags can find us in the social networking maze.

I am doing more than that which I propose above already because I want to defeat their censorship and attempts to create this limited world into which I can conveniently be locked up, and I advise all out there experiencing the same to adopt these, and the many other methods of evasion to get out there when there is need for this, which in most cases is true for activists.

In conclusion, addressing this last bit to a specific audience, to the global Targeted Individual (TI) community to which I belong, who are the most likely to get this treatment, caution should be taken when we get out there that we do not overload non TIs with too much of the kind of information only TIs can relate to, the kind that will label us delusional. We have to go it gently with non TIs when we communicate where they congregate.

Slowly does it, slowly introduce them to our plight by using opportune events, opportune news items, a good example being the Cuba, Uzbekistan, China US embassy attacks that allow us to make the technology we know we are being assaulted with common knowledge ... as opposed to the current state of affairs where it is easy for people to think it is imagined or nonexistent, in language that hints cleverly at our plight.

We should also ensure that when we have to get real with non TIs we are communicating using simple but highly logical and non personal language. We should avoid losing it and display as little emotion as possible because people out there are not really innocent. Most will know who we are and tempt us to make fools of ourselves to discredit the TI cause we fight for.

If in doubt, then it may be necessary to work in groups, to double check our posts with other people, to have others edit or proof read what we post as impression is vital in this war ... and also stand by each other in non TI groups and support or vouch for what the other is saying when it is under fire. We need to go about the whole procedure of introducing our plight to others methodically, scientifically, and systematically.

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Sunday, 8 July 2018

What You Need to Know About Gangstalking and Covert Warfare in Western Countries

George Carlin gives his take on America's war culture. The transcript of his stand up fits well with the piece below, if only George would be consulted to allow its posting in the context here lol.

Gangstalking or covert warfare in the west, an activity that manifests in uninvited, extreme invasions of a life by a group of people unknown to the target, a group intent on committing collective harm on one individual "for the sake of it" or to "keep the target out of the game" as opposed to a deterrent, revenge or punishment ... that entails stalking, hounding, harassment, break ins where nothing of much value is necessarily stolen but things are moved around to alert the target to the intrusion, torture, some of which is done in the privacy of the target's own home using through the wall exotic weapons the likes of which have been popularised by the Cuba, Uzbekistan, and China US embassy attacks, is a product of a culture of war or hate. It is what results when the creation within society of an inordinate number of hate Junkies using all manner of tricks, from false flags to media lies about those considered to be outsiders, mandates they be provided with legitimate targets otherwise they will develop into a cancer that eats society from within, so to speak.

Hate junkies can be considered the product of the man's best dreams: they are a walking personification of the negative of what would have been their normal selves. They are warped variants of what they are supposed to be if they developed into well rounded human beings.

Hate junkies are hate filled, hateful people who get a kick from harbouring hate, and an even bigger one from dishing it out or finding an outlet for it which happens best, by design, in a war zone.

So, then, when society is teaming with hate junkies, what happens when it becomes hard or impossible to wage wars on the projected objects of hate? The simple answer to that question is this, that the hate junkies have to be fed something else within the very same society that satisfies this appetite.

To understand why this is the only answer that can be given one has to see that hate junkies are human beings who are the products of the machinations of a hate culture, who have been turned into haters first and humans second, who have not been allowed to know the difference between right and wrong otherwise they would not be hateful for no good reason or cause, who do not battle hate in them or hateful acts towards others but promote the conquest of their very being with hate.

Hate, its expression, and the finding of an outlet is, for them, necessary. It is their cocaine, their heroine, the high they get when a shot of these poisons courses through their arteries and veins to and from the brains.

Thus, no matter how helpless their victim, even when, almost always, their victim has done nothing wrong to them, they will attack hard and long. In fact they get a bigger kick from jumping on somebody when they know their victim has done nothing to deserve the torture they are getting, and an even bigger kick when their victim is absolutely helpless, because then they are sure there will be no repercussions from the target, and, crucially for them and the system's leaders, that the length they can indulge their hate knows only the limitation that people do not live forever. The victim can still serve thousands of hate junkies before expiring.

The victim has to die eventually.

It is, as such, no surprise that people who are old, the severely disabled, those who are loners, who have as a result become isolated and not liable to be helped out of the targeted situation, are picked on the most. It makes perfect sense that those who are not vulnerable are deliberately incapacitated but spared a quick death, if we keep in mind the truth the weapons haters use are capable of causing instant death. The point is to render the victim into such a state the kick from expressing absolute hate on them is prolonged and can as such have more depth to it.

To see the context in which such psychopathy is possible and why it becomes imperative to give it free reign, one has to understand that, in the west, targets of covert warfare are, for gangstalkers and other hate junkies, legitimate targets. This means stalkers have a green light to harass, torture, maim and, when required, to eliminate targets.

You see, without legitimate targets many gangstalkers become people who pose such a threat to law, decency, peace, security and freedom from harm in society they would under normal circumstances be hunted down when identified and put down like animals but ... the reason they are not in the west is because the problem is in reality complex, and there is no will by authority to sort it out because that would require an overhaul of the culture no different in effect from a revolution.

The current leaders in the culture would not come out with their hands on the reigns of control unless by hijack of the process.

Gangstalkers and others who wage covert wars of torture and elimination are aberrant human beings. They are the extreme outcomes of a hate culture. To understand what I mean and come to terms with the fact it is really happening where you live you have to remember the numerous times you were shocked to learn what a man/woman who seemed very normal to people around him/her did in private. Here we are talking those people who had a secret life of murder, torture, kidnap and abuse of others that were accidentally discovered, or unearthed by investigation.

Such people are around us constantly but we never come to know what hides behind the facade until they are exposed. The same is true of hate junkies. There are factors that make the former group of people end up being aberrant and a danger to society, just like there is a factor that makes hate junkies. Hate junkies exist everywhere in western society. They live next door, go with you to work and shop at the same retail outlets. They are model citizens otherwise but behind the scenes they are doing all manner of things that would make the average citizen run away once exposed to the gruelling details.

The dominant war culture excels in making people savour the fact they get a bigger kick from hate than luke warm emotions and then creates a population full of cold hearted people who nonetheless deviate just a little from the norm of human behaviour. This means that this majority poses no real threat to society's cohesion but among them are a few who get absolutely deformed and become a danger to their own society. Rather than eliminate them, the leaders find a use for them that also functions as a means to bring their aberration in line with the rest.

In western societies, these extreme outcomes of the hate culture are set loose on legitimate, easy prey that they can vent their hate on day in and day out. The comparison one can make of them in normal, non western society is that of a lion that has tasted human meat and will not hunt anything else as long as the creature knows that:
1. Humans taste better
2. Humans cannot outrun a chicken
3. Tasty human flesh is easier to tear and chew on than coarse, leather-like animal flesh
4. Human bones are softer

It is not accidental that normal societies of humankind comprising normal people who live in areas where lions abound hunt down and kill any lion that has tasted human flesh because they understand that the creature becomes a danger to human beings exposed by their back see-through doors to the wild ...

Gangstalkers thrive in western countries because these nations are basically war or hate cultures, ie. cultures that foster and encourage hate for people conveniently considered threats, other, illegal or alien (anything that distances them from being of the same evolutionary state of the species to whom the culture purportedly belongs therefore lacking the capacities that make normal evolved superior human beings capable of building or living within and contributing positively to high culture). Observe the numerous prioritised reports of how much crime rises when "illegal people" turn up in western countries (remember here the real possibility most of the crimes are staged).

The rate at which Syrians are raping old women in Germany suggests the third world is exporting serial rapists of old women to the west and reminds me of a statement made by a white American regarding reports of crimes by mainstream media that are committed by African Americans, who are not "illegal people" in America, nor do they specialize in raping 90 year olds, but their projection as enemies is promoted in order to justify their inferior status and danger potential to white civilisation and the subsequent treatment the status prompts from those tasked with preserving law and order. Here was this man, who happened to be white, wondering out loud whether the black guy being arrested every single night on television was the same guy over and over again, an actor paraded with handcuffs so black people could be painted in the wrong light, and feared if not hated.

Fostering or instilling hate within the psyches of the ruling group is an easy way of preparing them for all out conflagrations with others they are made to see as threats, "useless eaters" who are clear and present dangers to as much their way of life as their very lives. They can then let their sons, wives, husbands, cousins, and daughters go to fight the enemy abroad without feeling the war is not legitimate or that it does not benefit them. They can watch drone strikes abroad in which people are killed as dealing with their short and long term security. They will not feel anything for an enemy they already hate deeply and would rather was exterminated.

Alien humans, then, become akin to the enemy ethnicity in WWII Germany that Hitler said would lead to the ruin of civilisation if they were allowed to prosper within.

Note that this is a very convincing justification for gassing millions until other factors are considered.

This requirement to wage continuous war on others in order to thrive economically as a systemic orientation necessitates false flags that repeatedly and emphatically embed in the psyche of the populace at large the hate required to support genocidal military and economic wars on no good aliens who just rape and steal, otherwise want to bring TERROR to others for no good reason ... maybe because bringing terror to others is their proven nature, even when they are not the ones making profit from it, but who, when attacked, get absolutely savaged by people who are the least of their enemies, people who have been brainwashed into feeling extreme hate for people who have done nothing wrong to them realistically.

The truth of this is the hate is instilled just so a small group in leadership roles can rob, pillage, and steal the best of the very aliens who, by such hateful actions, end up beggars either peddling a beggar's bowl internationally or migrate to better their lives elsewhere, and we know the bulk of these people do not head for western countries that have more or less closed all safe entries to their countries. Europe could care less for the dangerous mediterranean waters that are supposed to kill as many as deters the rest and America cares less for the rapes and murders and child abductions in the desert bordering Mexico as long as this scares potential aliens from making the journey.

The dangerous stretches of land and water become issues when thousands of deaths and abductions appear not to be deterring aliens. Then we get talk of walls or the appearance of East and Southern European right wing extremist leaders who want to throw anybody who makes it through the dangerous waters back in, and we all know where the werewithal enabling the rise of these leaders is coming from given aliens have their ambitions set on more than these relatively impoverished lands.

This dirty game fortunately comes back to haunt the hate culture's elite, and herein lies hope that it will be defeated.

Unbeknownst to most people in the west, a significant percentage of people being gang stalked and tortured, in the west itself and elsewhere, feed the appetites for hate that develop when hate overflows and has to be allowed legitimate outlets to prevent it eating society from within. This is to say targets of covert warfare in the west are not all being experimented upon without their consent. Many, in fact the vast majority serve as outlets for hate that the very culture generates.

Only this explains the extents gangstalking and targeting gangs are known to go in their outrageous "hate crimes" on their hapless, legitimate victims. Governments step in to corner the victims on the web and in society so there is no escape for them. If they report what is happening to them to the police they are promptly placed in straitjackets. If they launch activism on the web nobody shows solidarity because nary an information site, including all wikis, doesn't sport an array of articles full of quotes from health professionals describing their symptoms as the products of delusions, including a "new kind of international madness". However, health organs such as the CDC in America refuse to investigate this new condition that has people on a worldwide scale reporting similar to same experiences.

Tupac's belly "THUG LIFE" tattoo

The abbreviation THUG LIFE that Tupac Shakur tattooed on his belly that means "The Hate U Give Little Infants F*ck Everybody" is in fact a truism. Not only are people living in communities within the hate culture in peril because of the hate that is constantly being stoked using all manner of well coordinated tricks, tactics, and strategies that involve false flags and well timed and orchestrated public speeches and demonstrations that play on people's emotions and abuse sensibilities, but everybody else outside the cultural sphere is in trouble and suffers.

For westerners, the hate given by the elite to infants does inevitably come back home to "roost" (f*ck everybody), because it can only be satisfied through ever expanding covert warfare on unsuspecting people, and the requirement is that this happens within the same hate culture's majority's upper, middle and lower classes as well as the gamut of social strata in minority or even illegal alien communities, singling out the most vulnerable and, among them are the others authority is afraid of, such as activists, whistleblowers and conscientious objectors.

Actually, nobody in society is exempt, as far as the record goes.

Failure to allow hate to be legitimately expressed results in hate junkies lurking around in parks and dark alleys looking for victims to vent their hate on. This is basically similar to another situation that has scientifically been proven.

It has been ascertained that banning prostitution and making it impossible for prostitutes to go underground puts women in that society at a heightened risk of rape, even in broad daylight, by wayward men who have failed to find an easy, convenient and legitimate outlet for pent-up sexual desires.

Now you know ...

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Plausible Explanation for a Continent's Bizarre Soccer Record

Poignant sight of the wreckage showing the cockpit of the plane carrying the Zambian football team that perished when the plane crashed, killing all on board. The biggest loss for Zambian football, perhaps, was the death in the crash of the coach, Godfrey Chitalu.

Might just have an over-active imagination to look at it the way I do but, cannot help myself. They say healthy paranoia is a reflection the realisation has dawned that things are more connected than one previously thought.

This is my issue.

African players do exceptionally well in well known European and far eastern football teams. They have produced some of the best players leagues here have known, for instance Didier Drogba, etc., yet ... come the world cup, the continent doesn't fare well at all.

When I look at this in depth, and I have taken this issue apart several times before, CSI Miami style, I can but make one conclusion: foul play. Foul play not in the form of corruption, or defiling by biological agents which might get obvious, but in the form of weaponry firing invisible bullets that don't just injure, but can cause confusion, without leaving signs they were used, weaponry in the hands of a group keen on ensuring a kind of people win because they do not want some facts about this continent to become clear ... and here I speak of them using the kind of silent weapons used in the Cuba/Uzbekistan/China USA Embassy attacks to achieve this.

I know what you will say to this. You will ask why they do not do the same to Brazil if the motivation is racism?

I think they do not touch Brazil and some other South American teams "as much" because of two things:

1) Mentality: South Americans are too open to issues globally. They are also more open with their feelings. They will discuss issues Africans would rather consider better to keep to their own selves. This has to do with cultural sensibilities, the kind that make Africans easy targets of covert attacks. South American society is also more advanced than African society. People in South America have as a result broader imaginations on average than Africans. Players here will definitely notice as well as talk when things do not seem right. Somebody will eventually put two and two together and point out an external influence.
2) The performance on the international stage of South American countries pre-dates the advent of the tech that can cause athletic under performance. Also, where quality has already been ascertained, questions will be asked if things change for the worst.

FYI I do not subscribe to the idea the fault is because Africa is allowed to send too few teams to the world cup either. This is a sign of bias of course, but exceptional ability should shine through no matter how few the numbers of exceptional teams in the groups. South Americans do well whether they have two or just one team past the group stage.

I also do not subscribe to the other rationale circulating around that says Africans are not very ambitious? They will be happy with a position among the top teams? Problem with this is the desire to win is universal. people will always do their best in tournaments. A good number of African players lead their teams from major league to premier league victory in European and far eastern countries, scoring the goals that clinch the victories. What more proof do we need that Africans do not go to tournaments with the mindset of being satisfied with a group stage success?

Let's consider a factor that always gets me to the point I cannot help seeing foul play using exotic weapons ...

Africa's juniors or under twenties do way better than the senior teams, and consistently at that. They are a force to be reckoned with. Ghana won the FIFA U-20 world cup in 2009 and have managed to be third since. Africa U-20s have emphatically defeated the big names in football, repeatedly, so why the under performance of the grown lads?

Could it be that African men become redundant after 20? But what about blacks in America? In the NBC? Some get better as they grow older. Hmmm.

Is it what we eat in Africa that has not yet affected the younger people because they have not chewed on too much of it yet? But players like Didier and many others, raised on African food, played well into their mid thirties. Hmmm.

Whatever it is, the under performance seems to only hit right before the games, apparently, because our teams do very well in friendlies with major footballing nations before major matches. The Zambian team that perished by plane crash in 1993 defeated major teams by margins that were shocking. They defeated Italy by 4-0 then repeated this score line with Guatemala, a South American team that is not a walkover. Come the actual championship this record was hardly expressed ... Hmmm ...

If I was coaching African players, I would have them sleeping in faraday cages surrounded by rubber walls ... seriously. I remember thinking this after I had done the math, when I remembered a bizarre injury on the field in Europe. Cisse, the current Senegal coach, broke his leg some time back in a manner that had me thinking the point at which it broke had been receiving invisible bullet bombardment as he slept. Cisse's leg broke as he ran, without a rough tackle on him. How strange is that?

Or maybe I am just too paranoid? Lol.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The AI Debater: The Next Frontier For an Idea Theft Culture's Dreams of World Domination

Two AI robots Sophia & Han debate the future of humanity on youtube. Click the image to be taken there ...

The pomp surrounding the computer that can argue as well as the very best human thinkers out there and the surrounding attempts to present the computer as a more reliable means of arriving at truths, even if by way of potential, has roots in a culture that has taken to idea theft as the only realistic method of advancement.

This is exactly what people mean when they speak of an inadequacy complex or the lack of trust in one's own ability to sort issues out, and also of one's own lack of faith in one's own viability, leading to the addiction to get direction and guidance by not consulting with self or other people ... but actually turning into a quasi parasite, even though actively denying this state, and though it can be rationalised that man is always going to fall short on thoughtfulness, and a helping hand in a machine is always a plus, that no boundary that separates how much a machine can mentally benefit man can be drawn, some thought needs to be made about this ...

The program that plays chess with you is basically a predictive/pre-emptive algorithm. It is mathematics in use at base. One plus one equals reaction or pre-emptive move.

This is represented quite bluntly by a computer program's "IF" or "WHEN" "condition A" is met or not then machine executes a set line of code as an activity.

Line of code

But then, as we all may know, computer programs that are programmed to win chess games cannot just be check mated and defeated, they can become too predictable, and not just for the very best chess players out there.

Part of the reason for this is computer programs do not and can never have actual spatial awareness save that left in the programing language by the programmer. They therefore are not geometric in their rationalisation meaning they could only accidentally produce the better logic that works all the time under what ever circumstances that arise. They can not get body language feedback from their opponent save that which the programmer includes in snippets here and there in their programming. Well, maybe a good thing because they then cannot deliver emotional judgements but then they cannot have real telepathy because of this lack except artificial which is always going to be inferior. Their pronouncements should be suspect because they will be inhumane as a result and if you have had enough of inhumane and immoral behaviour then you ain't seen nothing yet! Just wait till Robots are what we rely on for the imprisonement of our children.

Fact of this matter is a computer lacks consciousness as we understand it, and though this represents a weakness on the chess board, it is a major drawback in terms of debating issues that have a bearing on consciousness, including such unlikely areas of debate as government policy.

The argument pundits of a thinking computer put forth in favour of the machine's superiority is that it will be objective given a machine can argue any which way. Unfortunately for this group, the fact remains machines programmed to argue can usually only do this in two directions or dimensions alone, whereas humankind can argue on more planes than just two.

But is this inadequacy with which a program pursues arguments both ways worth relying on and why is it so hard to see that there will aways be limitations to how deeply into an issue a computer will delve and argue given it forever lacks capacities needed for sound judgements?

Imagine for a while that an abstract such as existentialism was the subject of debate. Would it not be wise to use a computer's capacity to argue two ways as a reference guide for humans involved in the discussion, a way of checking what they could have missed? This would make a machine much more useful than actually confronting it to give a guru's objective point of view?

Note here that an opportune variation in a point of view would be a feat for a computer to accomplish but is it not enough knowing the thing can never savour basic consciousness to disqualify it from participation in any discussions till it possesses a basic, viable and autonomous consciousness?

I see in the hurry to sell a reasoning computer to some third word country the need to do away with balanced human reasoning, especially of the exceptional kind that occasionally makes a contribution that impacts significantly on the direction taken and spoils or foils some control freak culture's aspiration to deceive and rule.

Idea theft is a cultural orientation the current leaders in the dominant culture adopted from the Greeks. This is a fact. Certainly, much of the progress this culture has attained was at the cost of somebody's freedom or even life, with the added bonus of the afflicted or targeted being but a fallible human being, therefore the switch to stealing ideas from a computer would be the next step ... a positive thing if not for a few facts that will relegate the use of computers for guidance and inspiration to the ruled and enslaved.

Basically, reliance on computers will lead to the same creative bankruptcy and activities that have so disgraced the dominant culture as the previous method because it is ultimately the same thing inasmuch as the reasoning is an aggregate of what are thought of as the best thoughts out there, filtered and picked out by what people involved in the programming think are the better thoughts among the total they have been exposed to, censored by the space and time required to fit the collected thoughts into one program.

The programmers are sure they have the best thoughts as well as the best manners of thought out there, or have they really?

Idea theft is a cultural orientation that only a low brow latches on to, no two ways about this. Anybody outside the idea thief's cultural imperialism bracket thinking this is the better way of forging ahead is really deluded.

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