Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The AI Debater: The Next Frontier For an Idea Theft Culture's Dreams of World Domination

Two AI robots Sophia & Han debate the future of humanity on youtube. Click the image to be taken there ...

The pomp surrounding the computer that can argue as well as the very best human thinkers out there and the surrounding attempts to present the computer as a more reliable means of arriving at truths, even if by way of potential, has roots in a culture that has taken to idea theft as the only realistic method of advancement.

This is exactly what people mean when they speak of an inadequacy complex or the lack of trust in one's own ability to sort issues out, and also of one's own lack of faith in one's own viability, leading to the addiction to get direction and guidance by not consulting with self or other people ... but actually turning into a quasi parasite, even though actively denying this state, and though it can be rationalised that man is always going to fall short on thoughtfulness, and a helping hand in a machine is always a plus, that no boundary that separates how much a machine can mentally benefit man can be drawn, some thought needs to be made about this ...

The program that plays chess with you is basically a predictive/pre-emptive algorithm. It is mathematics in use at base. One plus one equals reaction or pre-emptive move.

This is represented quite bluntly by a computer program's "IF" or "WHEN" "condition A" is met or not then machine executes a set line of code as an activity.

Line of code

But then, as we all may know, computer programs that are programmed to win chess games cannot just be check mated and defeated, they can become too predictable, and not just for the very best chess players out there.

Part of the reason for this is computer programs do not and can never have actual spatial awareness save that left in the programing language by the programmer. They therefore are not geometric in their rationalisation meaning they could only accidentally produce the better logic that works all the time under what ever circumstances that arise. They can not get body language feedback from their opponent save that which the programmer includes in snippets here and there in their programming. Well, maybe a good thing because they then cannot deliver emotional judgements but then they cannot have real telepathy because of this lack except artificial which is always going to be inferior. Their pronouncements should be suspect because they will be inhumane as a result and if you have had enough of inhumane and immoral behaviour then you ain't seen nothing yet! Just wait till Robots are what we rely on for the imprisonement of our children.

Fact of this matter is a computer lacks consciousness as we understand it, and though this represents a weakness on the chess board, it is a major drawback in terms of debating issues that have a bearing on consciousness, including such unlikely areas of debate as government policy.

The argument pundits of a thinking computer put forth in favour of the machine's superiority is that it will be objective given a machine can argue any which way. Unfortunately for this group, the fact remains machines programmed to argue can usually only do this in two directions or dimensions alone, whereas humankind can argue on more planes than just two.

But is this inadequacy with which a program pursues arguments both ways worth relying on and why is it so hard to see that there will aways be limitations to how deeply into an issue a computer will delve and argue given it forever lacks capacities needed for sound judgements?

Imagine for a while that an abstract such as existentialism was the subject of debate. Would it not be wise to use a computer's capacity to argue two ways as a reference guide for humans involved in the discussion, a way of checking what they could have missed? This would make a machine much more useful than actually confronting it to give a guru's objective point of view?

Note here that an opportune variation in a point of view would be a feat for a computer to accomplish but is it not enough knowing the thing can never savour basic consciousness to disqualify it from participation in any discussions till it possesses a basic, viable and autonomous consciousness?

I see in the hurry to sell a reasoning computer to some third word country the need to do away with balanced human reasoning, especially of the exceptional kind that occasionally makes a contribution that impacts significantly on the direction taken and spoils or foils some control freak culture's aspiration to deceive and rule.

Idea theft is a cultural orientation the current leaders in the dominant culture adopted from the Greeks. This is a fact. Certainly, much of the progress this culture has attained was at the cost of somebody's freedom or even life, with the added bonus of the afflicted or targeted being but a fallible human being, therefore the switch to stealing ideas from a computer would be the next step ... a positive thing if not for a few facts that will relegate the use of computers for guidance and inspiration to the ruled and enslaved.

Basically, reliance on computers will lead to the same creative bankruptcy and activities that have so disgraced the dominant culture as the previous method because it is ultimately the same thing inasmuch as the reasoning is an aggregate of what are thought of as the best thoughts out there, filtered and picked out by what people involved in the programming think are the better thoughts among the total they have been exposed to, censored by the space and time required to fit the collected thoughts into one program.

The programmers are sure they have the best thoughts as well as the best manners of thought out there, or have they really?

Idea theft is a cultural orientation that only a low brow latches on to, no two ways about this. Anybody outside the idea thief's cultural imperialism bracket thinking this is the better way of forging ahead is really deluded.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Freemasons Live: How My Targeting Began and Continues to Date

Picture showing me in the center sitting with family members shortly before leaving for Europe in 1983

It all started in the summer of 1989 in Utrecht, a student town in the center of the Netherlands. After a brief brush with the Freemasons that lasted some 5 months, strange things started happening to me.

When I finally picked up on the anomalies and realized I was under covert attack, I initially could only suspect who was responsible. Though it was clear to me that somebody out there was out to get me, I could hardly tell who it was or relate what was happening to me to anyone else because it was being done in such a way as to be near impossible to know who was behind it or unbelievable when told.

Suddenly, I realized I had to be afraid for my life, and would soon go on a helter skelter run, not really knowing who to run to, where to run to ... never again to trust anyone, ever to look over my shoulder ... moving around like a rolling stone, with all that I consumed in my bag rather than the fridge or cupboard because my home was being entered and I had experienced poisoning symptoms after eating.

View of st Antonius hospital in Overvecht, Utrecht, the Netherlands, a stone throw away from my flat in the neighbourhood where my targeting intensified. I would later leave the flat when it became too unsafe, opting to sleep in my car

Unknown persons had started making surreptitious entries into my home and other properties, such as cars or external storerooms ... without stealing anything, my door locks would all get their cylinders broken while that of immediate neighbours, including people I rented my home to who replaced the locks I left behind, were left alone.

How I initially responded to these sudden invasions into my life is crucial to how my life has turned out to be. Had I not stayed believing in my perceptions and kept the courage to devise survival strategies that could be considered a sign of some mental challenge, that, however, steered me clear of getting considered insane, that lessened the amount of poisonous substances I would otherwise have consumed, that I have kept till today, I would most probably be dead, in a wheelchair, or the like.

For example, only cooking enough to consume while I was at home, meaning never leaving food over to eat when I returned, in the hope of minimising the chances of poisoning or the quantity of poisons I consumed actually did do just this. I remember of some instances when I left food at home that I did experience unimagined, actual poisoning after consumption.

Cylinder lock

Leaving a locking mechanism, factory made or improvised, on the door, to warn me of surreptitious entry did in fact do just that. I caught several attempts to invade my home and discouraged such entries to the point they have almost dropped to zero today.

And so on.

The Freemasons came into my life at a time when I was in serious trouble. They were quick to offer help, quick to indulge my gargantuan appetite for knowledge. I got to tour their lodge in Utrecht and was not lonesome come the festive season.

They were for me an innocuous group that happened to be there. I could not see anything wrong with their offers of help and did not as such seek alternatives. I could never have dreamt that they could have initiated something as dastardly as this covert war on me. I put it beyond them to start the campaign that they did in the years that followed the initial meeting ... a campaign designed to create a stockholm syndrome-like mindset that they hoped would get me on all fours, crawling, begging to be let in ... if only I could be freed from the terror being unleashed on my life.

Bronx Zoo masonic Symbol of the fierce guardian role they play in the dominant culture. The flanking lion and lioness (often represented as pillars) are the freemasons, while what they guard, spirituality, is in the form of a middle pillar circled by a snake in this case. Their "job" to keep secrets and high creativity in people owned and controlled by them and hidden from the sleeping majority hiding right out in the open in the form of a "zeal to protect and promote invaluable spirituality", if you get curious. Is it any wonder these vile patrons are considered beyond reproach in the culture?

It took time, hindsight, before the whole episode became clear. The smoke cleared and the real face of the beast was revealed to me, and it was then that I saw that it was familiar.

I realized the Freemasons were in fact responsible for what I had gone through, and also saw with this who they really were, and by this I mean what their role in the system is ... especially regarding individuals like me. As guardians of truths that cannot be released to the general public, Freemasons also have the duty of seeing to it that these truths are not arrived at indirectly, by rationalisation or logical deduction. They have to ensure they are there when the likelihood of the truths being uncovered occurs, and see to it that they stop this from happening They have to put under observation and surveillance and be ever on the lookout for those in the position and with the potential to arrive at these truths. Such people, who it is known fit a personality profile, have to get lured into one or other secret society and, if this is not possible, prevented from mental coagulation or attaining any phase in life that puts them beyond covert control that doesn't raise eyebrows or bring realities about the secret society they keep away from normal, everyday people.

This revelation about the Freemasons came to me due in part to the fact I never made any move with the potential to compromise their society, meaning they attacked me covertly even though I had not done anything wrong. I did not get in, therefore could not have broken an oath.

The masonic temple in Utrecht, The Netherlands

There was a lot of giving on their part, it is true, but then I did not get committed as a result of getting this help. Not that I am unthankful but facts remain facts. Their help was not meant to be given in exchange for something else that, if not reciprocated, would result in covert attacks.

What should be known is that I declined their invitation to join their group rather like a man /woman would if, after a night stand, they find that nothing has changed ... they still have their eyes fixed on something better. There was nothing worth joining for, and so I went my own way.

If everything had been normal, the Freemasons would also have dusted themselves off, acknowledged a failure to gain a member, and gone their way.

However, unbeknownst to me, much unwanted evil followed me along this way I took, bringing along much discreditation, massive disruption, destruction, suffering and misery not just to my life, but also to close ones, especially if they were helpful ... to the communities I chose to reside in, and so forth. These attacks have been getting worse in intensity and more complex as technology improves ... the mainstay remaining all typical COINTELPRO methodology, the methods that discredit, disrupt, imprison, etc.

Everything is being done to make me a leper in society, to make me imprison myself, to destroy all that I have contributed to freedom fights worldwide, to frustrate my efforts to survive with dignity, to help myself out of shame and an increasing loss of sense of self-esteem, self-worth.

If I took you by the hand and showed you all that they are doing to me, especially how immediate and permanent their presence is, if only you experience for yourself how lights in my home flicker if I just trip up or drop something, how brightly a candle burns and how fast it expires as a result, how quickly batteries discharge, how my home can smell like a power station and yield extremely high RF readings that are abnormal for civilian households, how spectrum analyser detect constant sounds when the environment is completely quiet ... you would flea from the scene, never to venture into my abode again, for you would have witnessed evil only replicated in the worst haunting movies such as "The Entity". You would in fact be witness to a bizarre haunting.

Spectrum analyzer image showing constant lines indicating sounds outside human hearing range

The question on your mind would be "why". The Freemasons can only do what they are doing to me if what I am is the problem, not what I do or did.

Let me be clearer.

It cannot be about whatever it is that I did, but the potential of the man. It is about what I am capable of doing, how I am designed genetically, by the almighty, or nature, whatever your belief is. What the Freemasons are doing to me and many others ... what they have done to others in the past and will continue to do in the future as long as they see the need, is already known. Novels have been written over this issue, blockbuster films shot about this, albeit in ways that concentrate on the moral of the story as opposed to telling it as it is and pointing out the devil.

The Freemasons and their counterparts know that their role in the system and the agenda they serve is known. But, and this is crucial, they know there is a difference between merely knowing something and knowing what to do with what you know. At this point in time, many of those who know do not know how to use what they know to affect positive change, and by this I mean stop the evil by removing or destroying the insulting factor as such bringing sanity to this system, if not change it.

Thus, the evil ones race ahead knowing the point when the critical number that know and can use what they know to affect systemic change can be reached if they do not act, sure they will maintain the current account as long as they leave no stones unturned, as they go about the process of eliminating or incapacitating threats to their reign. It is a fact today that, by successfully isolating their targets and manipulating opinion, they manage to make it look like it's somebody else's problem or that the target did something wrong.

This war we face will only be won when enough people realize the connections their lives have to the few under attack, and know also that the intentions of the powers-that-be are reflected in the terror they unleash to the few marked ones. Anyone who isolates another and does terrible things to them, only to rebound into society knowing/because the rest do not know what they did is a threat to everyone else given they will repeat the act once they are alone with another.

They are free to commit horrendous acts in a situation where people who know the difference between right and wrong would not. They will never do something to another without being seen because, unless the one they are doing it to is blind, they are being seen.

They are definitely not preparing a bed of roses for anyone, Africans and those they consider other in particular.

The extremely cruel, insane and clearly sick ways they torture people who have never done anything to them says but one thing: they do not mean well. They have never meant well for most people. A lot of people would run away if all they have been up to and their plans for tomorrow were revealed.

Today, they come for one poor soul, tomorrow it will be any other poor soul, which could be a father, their child, etc. They will do this because of the ease with which they have made it look like somebody else's problem in the past. At issue is the ease with which too many people flea from those who get marked. This alone gives the room required for the exercise to continue. The evil ones can come back anytime they want knowing the majority will simply run away from the individual marked anew.

They will run from friends and family, from those they pledged to protect before the mark was etched on their person.

The truth of this matter is that only the evil ones know the criteria by which they choose their targets. There is as such no way of knowing whether what one is doing will get them in trouble or not in an environment where nobody knows what could or could not get them in trouble with these hidden figures.

This is a war faced by all, and it is folly and foolish to not acknowledge this ... especially in the hope this stance will ward off attacks. In actual fact, those to blame for the fate of targets are not the targets themselves, not what they have done, but what their community fails to do. Here, it is clear that we can speak of communities being the ones to blame for what others in their midst are going through, for not reacting appropriately in a war being waged on all, for failing to see the truth the isolation, torture and elimination of individuals is a way of taking people power away from the community at large ... A way of tightening the chains that bind all.

For targets, it gets very personal, and only because of the isolation that has successfully been affected. Targets alone in their home get attacked blatantly, clearly, because they are lone and nobody else can see what is happening. When a target tries to mingle then they are made unpleasant, they are made to not fit in. They become undesirable and have to go back to solitude.

Other instances when it gets personal as opposed to surreptitious include what can be considered attempts to block communication and attacks on family and others who help out. In the former case, the phone 's batteries are hit with a frequency that causes almost immediate discharge, for example. A display showing a full charge can move from full to empty in a few minutes.

This will happen when communicating or writing. The battery itself would not have shown any signs it cannot hold a charge before suddenly discharging.

They seek absolute isolation.

As proof from my own life of how blatant they can sometimes be with their attacks ... I once poured 8 litres of water into a double foam mattress and used it as an extra shield when heat blasts from up above became too much, when sitting outside the house in the middle of the night was preferable to going inside. I remember the heat I would feel as soon as I went inside, heat so intense I felt it on the leading limb, that shocked even I, a veteran in such things.

Wonder upon wonder, I woke up in the middle of the night sweating profusely to find the mattress had dried after a mere 2 hours or so, on a night a cotton shirt could not. I repeated the exercise using the same two litre container, pouring it empty four times, ensuring the fluid was poured evenly so that the foam could absorb all the water, checking that it was not draining. I got into a cooler bed and fell asleep almost immediately, but would awake after the same amount of time to find the thick material crisp dry.

Now, that's 8 litres evaporating twice out of a thick mattress on a cold night. This result cannot be achieved through drying under a blistering sun, but only if it were possible to put the wet mattress into a dryer, cancelling out thoughts of what the water will do to the electricity and other parts of the machine.

The tin foil hat that has protected my brains well

Just now as I sat here writing this, I felt my body armour heating up and put my hand to the corrugated iron roof to see if there were temperature changes in some areas. I found it had heated up in two circular spots in front and behind me (north east and north west of me) while there is persistent cloud cover, meaning it is not the sun heating up separate spots on my roof.

My poor head ...

Fact remains, and it should be noted and emulated, that I would be a drivelling idiot if not for my insistence on, and persistence with wearing, at all times, the much derided "tin foil hat", upwards of 50 layers of it to boot, while I stick my middle finger out at that anachronistic, foolish, gratuitously murderous fraternity called the Freemasons.

The freemasons and the system they defend can be defeated. I am a typical example of a lone man who has survived the worst their military units can mete out, and do not let anybody lie to you about that fact. You see, they want people to believe they have super powerful weapons that can kill at once but they just don't want to kill for nothing. They are good guys involved in charity who have no reason to kill for nothing and, besides, guys like me who are nut cases are supposed to be too unimportant for them to even think about.

Yet they sneak around altering text in articles I post here, cloning my social networking profiles so they can discredit me by communicating information that does this to people I know, control the algorithm on such sites so that I get isolated, turn every home I live in into a haunted house with freemason ghosts, etc.

Clearly, what they are really afraid of doing is engaging. They elevate my status when they engage me directly on my allegations. They make people pay attention to what I am saying and, what's worse is they cannot win any argument I will use to prove what I say let alone disprove hard evidence. They do not have anybody in their house that could possibly outthink me for starters.

Don't get me wrong! I know they have weapons with terrifying destructive capabilities. The weapons they use can kill, but the people the Freemasons hand us in to are instructed to murder us. Snag is there should not be a smoking gun. I do not need to talk of all the attempts on my life to prove they mean to kill.

The weapons they use may be formidable but can be foiled. Nothing man made cannot be deciphered by man and foiled by him. People are right now as we speak devising ever better shields against the worst in their arsenal, while the murderers keep screaming on top of their voices that shielding is useless so their targets lower their guards by refusing to shield.

If they do enentually get me then know this is not because my shielding was useless against their tech, but because they hit me with an overkill intensity and an overkill of plants in the places my body would pass before cremation in order to hide the truth of the overkill from people. My methods work and anybody shielding right now is on the right path because defeating the capacity of their weapons to cause harm is the way they will be destroyed.

If I had not been protecting myself thus far, I would be too stupid to even turn a smartphone on let alone make any sense if I managed to communicate. I would be finding being coherent the most difficult thing to do. As things stand I am still here ... still a heavy hitter dishing rapid "rat a tat tats!" on that anachronism !!! Now imagine we were all doing this to them? This is the only way they will be sent back to the past where they escaped from.

Pay attention!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Knight Among the Living Dead

Almost all the millions of us in the total number of countries the western elite control globally, are living in an open prison, held here at the whims and mercies of a psychopathic western elite, who evidently use the most depraved of all the depraved methods history has known, to keep us imprisoned in their hell, to retain a stranglehold on power.

Understand that if you have heard of targeting, ie. the isolation, assaulting and torturing of select people that results in the destruction of that life, and you are sure you are not targeted, you need to understand that you are also undergoing some form of attack but have yet to notice. Difference is that you are not prioritised, yet. But you can very easily become a priority target like me and many others, at any time, because the precipitation is unknown.

This means that you do not yet know what it takes to get you on the list. This further means there is nothing you can do to keep from being put on the list ... Unless you accept this non complex, uncomfortable truth.

And there is another truth to this that you are better off knowing about, and if you think I am paraphrasing after reading this then yes I am ... because the point cannot be stressed enough!

The difference between you and a targeted individual is simply the fact his/her suffering is overt and constant. The gloves have come off for that particular individual whereas they have not for you. This does not mean you are not under fire. You are but yours is intermittent, occurring when you do not conform to rules, or when hidden figures of authority in the system think you need covert attacks to make you suitable for one thing or another.

If you are ignorant of this truth, which is really not usual among people worldwide, and believe when told or shown evidence that covert warfare is really happening, but think that you are somewhat exempt ... then the day will come in your life, as it has in countless others, that you will run into the ugly truth. This will happen when you are made to know there will be serious consequences if you do not obey an order you find heinous, such as prevent someone doing something good for you and environment, aid some no-good person in a crime, etc. You cannot discount the fact you may get forced to commit murder, murder no less of someone close or dear to you.

You might find yourself a priority target simply because you saw what you were not supposed to see or were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, what kind of an existence is that? what are those odds we are supposed to be up against? doesn't nature present enough odds to our well being?

Think about this ...

Human beings pride their own selves of being the most evolved creatures on earth who live better than all other creatures because of this. Should we not be the ones adding less odds to survival of each and every one of us than the others?

If that be a manner of making us better then let that fact be explained if indeed it's a fact.

Otherwise the truth of that could just be that we have overrated ourselves?

Think about the fact you might be a police officer, a judge, or a nurse in a hospital, homeless bum, etc., and the afore mentioned happens to you. You find yourself suddenly up against the "they will destroy your life if you interfere or do not do as they say". Then you find yourself doing what they want you to do. You find yourself killing your wife.

Then, and only then will the realisation dawn that you live in a prison that is not worth doing what they command for. This realisation should not come so late in your existence within this culture if only you would acknowledge that right now and rebel.

Accept now that the reality of life in this culture is ALL of us, targets and so called non targets, have to get fed poisons and shoved into an environment of harmful substances, including radio wave smog, to become worse with upcoming 5G. This is done for a simple reason: to make us too dumbed down to reject the message projected daily that we must obey psychopaths because they know what they are doing and it is good for us and environment.

THEY want us to be too thick to think strait so that the best thought we can master is precisely this, that there is no alternative to this eternal, wonderful, mighty, beautiful, God sent, Jesus blessed, nature friendly system, that to rebel against it or want it altered is folly..

If you accept to live like this, if you accept to take the way things are as normal, then do not say I did not say so when they come for you.

In the meantime understand my conviction is total and my conviction is a conclusion arrived at by logical deduction so do not waste your time telling me I will be better off if I did not dwell on it, let alone tell me salvation and peace for me lies in not rocking their boat.

Get it into that head of yours I am what stands between your state and freedom and you are what I need to change to see freedom. I am that stepping stone to our mutual redemption that they deny you by focussing the fire on me first, then you next once they realise you have slipped their grasp.

If you do not understand a thing I have said then you really drank up on that stuff they brew, so much so it did not just take the fight out of you, but turned you into a the lifeless zombie whose bite turns you into its kind.

Also remember that the guy that comes up with a real life threat of punishment that is also the biggest fear people can think of controls the masses. He gets their undivided obedience. They Obey HIM and not the other guy with a weaker, more useless punishment.

He has the ultimate deterrent to disobedience and can only be controlled by defeating his violence with bigger violence. This is how it works and should not bother you and deter you from action because life goes on in the end!

Friday, 27 April 2018

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Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Best Man Always Wins.

Picture of a drone taken ca. 8pm local time, located west of my location, hovering very low above the tree lines, that made tracks as soon as it became apparent I was click clicking away at the camera.
A lot of things are happening in my life right now forcing me to reassess my stance towards this system, my survivability and hard wired need to save my genes myself, knowingly, and in between these re-assessments I make discoveries again and again, sometimes of things I knew but temporarily forgot, things that are really not necessary to do, or things so unbelievable I find myself prompted to ask once again: "how did it come to this?"

The other question I find myself asking time and time again is really asked regarding the reactions I made to the uninvited invasions or intrusions into my private life. "How did I place myself in the position of one defending the weak? Of one helping them see a way out of their imprisoned status, if it can be called this?"

Selfishness is involved in the choices I made and continue to make. I am not starting off from a selfless position of one who believes making things better for others is automatically good, that it always works out positively, by this meaning cutting the brush and decorating one's surroundings leads to blissful existence always.

True, such care of one's habitat does wash off positively on one but thinking the mere effort or success of the initial venture is going to do this in and by or of itself, that I only need to wait for all else to follow is ideological bankruptcy. I do not believe all else always follows some kind of success made in some venture. One has to constantly work to ensure that they are on course to attaining what it is they want to attain, which means guiding something along, or if it concerns victory that one has set one up properly to be able to retain or keep it.

It should remain a never ending quest. There should factually be no rest for the weary.
This is why I do often find myself thinking or focussing on myself, being selfish especially with my wherewithal. The question I ask then is do I have what it takes to lead people of different races, denominations and nationalities out of slavery to freedom?
The answer to this and many more questions I find in how my life has turned out to be a long story.
I do not deceive myself about who I am, especially not about my fitness to lead a cause. I have learnt to trust my perceptions and they tell me everyday that somewhere on planet earth exists an international power bothered about the very fact I live.

And the pertinent question to this bizarre state of affairs is "how could it have come to this" as opposed to "how did it come to this?" Of interest to me in asking this question in this precise manner is/are the factors that acted as causal agents in the ensuing, disagreeable state where some person born very far from where I live came to see my demise as a prerequisite for his life to go on. I mean things cannot possibly get more messed up in the head of somebody that their very separate existence comes to be connected to mine now, can it?

Only a dedication to razor thin, precise rules of logical deduction gets me the correct answers.
Along the way a lot has become very plain. I can stand here today and utter but the word "stultification" to sum up the fact something went very wrong in somebody's past, a past in which they summoned a demon that dishes out such torment they find it necessary to pass the curse onto me in this present to at least be freed from it.

It is in trying to escape a self inflicted fate that this person has seen me, somebody born away from where they are born, as the point where they will be released from their burden. Well ... all kinds of stuff happens in life and to that I can only repeat a phrase that sums up the outcome, albeit makes the interloper a bit more anxious, and it is that in duels of this kind the best man always wins ...

This truth I shall always arrive at whether I complicate the logic I use in my rationalisation en-route ... twist, reverse or interpret ... as I wade my way through the obstacles that stand ready to turn my thinking into a fallacy ... But as sure as sure can be, even when I fail in my efforts to enlighten, I shall never take on a curse meant for another. That ... just doesn't happen.

Why I Think the Western Block is Increasingly no Match for Russia

It All Happened Under Vladimir Putin's Watch

Russia has been delivering pills to the west of late that have caused a grimace that has spread from the Southerly western nations, the northerly, in fact the entire western block.

There can be no doubt Russia has been receiving treatment from the west that is somewhat similar to what it is giving, but Russia has of late upped the ante to such levels it looks too much like the west cannot cope.

And it looks like this reality is irreversible.

Just recently in Syria a startling report for a war zone surfaced. A total of about 30 CIA operatives lost their lives at some camp there. The numbers who died may not be the highest tally of intelligence officer deaths in times of war, but for that to happen at one spot, at once, is an indicator intelligence gathering is skewed in favour of someone other than the MOSSAD CIA combo in this case. And it appears from reading into several other reports, that this trend is gathering pace.

Here is a detail about this occurrence that cannot be ignored or overlooked: chances an intelligence agency would gather so many agents at one spot without ensuring they are absolutely safe are slim. The protection of so many operatives would rank right up there with the kind accorded a western head of state, if not higher.

What happened here is in truth shameful, if not absolutely devastating for a block as purportedly mighty as the west is. This is gleaned in the magnitude of shock it (this loss) can cause once its scope is acknowledged.

The cost of the loss to the west was obviously immense. Not only do we think about the amounts spent educating and training these agents, but, where talents differ and contribution is the manner results are booked, we have to wonder at the worth of individual targets that got lost to the whole intelligence community, and with this what they knew that went with them to the grave, in some cases never to be known, ever again.

Russia and Syria were there to report on this event and it can be stated with certainty that though Syrian participation was there, the people who masterminded and led the venture were Russian.

What this says about the current intelligence gathering divide is this that, for some strange development unknown to many, it has become glaringly skewed in favour of the Russians, and the prospects of this block in an all out conflagration with the west are very clear indeed, but only when no nuclear bombs are used, in which case no winners can be announced.

Russia would still go down in history as a nation of caucasians that defeated the caucasian west in a crucial manner, and if we were to look into the cause of the bias in intelligence gathering that caused Soviet victories by checking the kind of caucasian Russians are, we find that Russia is part Asiatic.

Russians are caucasian survivors of Mongolian rapes.

This blood, this difference, may in fact be what it has taken for that crucial difference between capabilities that enable one side to both step into the sense of time of another, as well as find the perspective that makes them get the better of the other side, to emerge.

The use of a combination of race and "Fuzzy Logic", described as a manner of thinking impenetrable to the west by the Japanese, is what is aiding the Russians. The Japanese failed to bring to fruition this concept, the term of which they coined, because the one they would have used it against had colonised their nation and they had no way of stepping into his sense of time.

The Russians, on the other hand, were and are not a colony of any western caucasian nation. They can step into the west's sense of time because they are part caucasian. They can use fuzzy logic afterwards, with much abandon, to get the better of the west.

The fact there are Russians or survivors of Mongolian rapes in the western sphere does not change matters inasmuch as the bulk of these people are more or less forced or brought up bending their knee to the western God, or gods. their Mongolian blood is as such suppressed and can hardly find expression when summoned to the fore.

What the world needs to be wary of now, is Russian and Chinese cooperation. Both sides stand to gain from this.