Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Changes that I Have Observed Made to the Positioning of Directed Energy Weapon Attack Drones and Satellites and Why They May Have Been Made.

I remember a time in the past when, while out and about, walking long distances in the hot sun, I would once in a while have an odd experience. I would feel as though I was walking through a shade while in fact I wasn't.

It started out one day when I felt a cooling effect, like I was passing through a shade, while bypassing a large tree that was east of me (on my right) while the sun was west (on my left). Let me be clear here: I didnt walk under the tree. It was at least 10 meters to my right. I merely bypassed it, thus. The sun was on my left side, meaning the shadows at that time were pointing east. The tree's shadow wasn't anywhere near me but on the opposite side of it.

I retracted my steps to check my perceptions,  and the same thing happened. 

Since I was still fully exposed to the afternoon's sunlight, my body shouldn't have experienced a cooling down effect, yet there I was feeling as if I was actually passing through a shaded area, as if I was momentarily completely shielded from the sun.

I figured out what was happening the very first time this bizarre event occured. I was being bombarded with constant directed energy weapon fire by a drone, or satellite, positioned to my right (east) as I walked northwards, and the tree had blocked the lazer fire as I passed on the other side so that it came to be situated between me and the drone. On my left side (west), my body was still fully exposed to the sun but the removal of one heat source (the directed energy rays) made me feel as though I had suddenly come into a shaded area. This was just my body registering the difference.

I also realized with this how effective trees are at blocking Directed Energy Weapon rays.

Since then, every single time I take long walks or cycles, I ensure that I spend as much time as is possible standing under the shadows of the bigger trees along the way. It is not paranoia on my part that I engage in this activity. It's because I know what's out there. I have first hand experience. I don't want to be over-exposed to directed energy weapon fire.

In the end, I have to understand that these assaults are not a once in a lifetime experience. They have an objective and cannot be stopped until this is achieved. They are as such permanent. Once the west decides to put you in this program, then it's for keeps.

It always sends chills down my spine to realize just how dedicated the west is to the maintenance of the targeting program. As ridiculous as it may sound, it's like the very survival of the west depends on it. They have as such created dedicated departments with individuals working in shifts to ensure that there is 24/7 coverage of everyone the cabal are petrified of, and boy do I scare the sh*t out of them because they just cannot miss a single second of keeping me under watch and attack. It wouldn't be far fetched to think that a "covert" national day of mourning would be called in America (read the west) if I somehow found a way to evade their surveillance and disappeared without a trace.

There would be overt howling on the streets by operatives and handlers alike, to the dismay of ordinary civilians 😂.

But let me not get carried away with pun because this isn't funny, and it isn't about me. There are many more people on a global scale, in especially third world countries, who are going through the same that I am, some consciously while others are not aware that they are under constant directed energy fire and why.

The west doesn't want people realizing that they have such a program in place, that they are placing select individuals on permanent, life long surveillance and that these people are also getting zapped on a constant basis in order to keep them unwell and out of the game.

Incidents such as the one I had whereby I experienced the anomaly of an actual intense cooling down of the body without walking out of the sun's rays have the potential to awaken people to the fact they are under fire and are most probably also targeted by the west.

The cabal doesn't want this, which is why they have changed the positioning of their drones or satellite attack angles in the sky so that the odd experience cannot be made. All the heating up is now coming from one direction, and if you stand under a tree to shield from the sun, then you are also out of the line of fire of most of the attack drones and satellites.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Sir John Hawkins Was a Freemason


That Sir John Hawkins the infamous slave trader, captain of the first slave ship of the trans Atlantic slave trade; which he named THE GOOD SHIP Jesus, was a freemason? Sir John Hawkins Lodge (3704) in England, was named after him!

Scottish Rite Freemason Albert Pike, is often credited for being the founder of the Klu Klux Klan! A known society for terrorizing black people in several ways throughout history! He was the owner and publisher of the Memphis, Tennessee Daily Appeal, in which Pike would often voice his opinions. These included the statement below.

"I took my obligation to White men, not to Negroes. When I have to accept Negroes as brothers or leave Masonry, I shall leave it."
(Illustrious Albert Pike 33rd degree Freemason, History and Evolution of Freemasonry, page 329, Delmar D. Darrah, The Charles T Powner Co. 1954)

Black Freemasonry

Prior to the American Revolutionary War, Prince Hall and fourteen other free black men petitioned/begged for admittance into Freemasonry at the all white Boston St. John’s Lodge, where they were turned down! Having been rejected by colonial Freemasonry, Hall and 15 others sought and were initiated into Masonry by members of Lodge No. 441 of the Grand Lodge of Ireland on March 6, 1775. That Lodge was attached to the British forces stationed in Boston! (Keep in mind The British were at war with Americans during this time)

2nd class treatment

The black Masons had limited power; they could meet as a lodge, take part in the Masonic procession on St. John’s Day, and bury their dead with Masonic rites but could not confer Masonic degrees or perform any other essential functions of a fully operating Lodge. Being unable to create a charter, they applied to the Grand Lodge of England. The grand master of the Mother Grand Lodge of England, H. R. H. The Duke of Cumberland, issued a charter for the African Lodge No. 1 later renamed African Lodge no. 459 September 29, 1784.


Really think about this: This organization had members who pioneered the enslavement, the inhumane atrocities and injustices the ancestors, your family, went through. Because they didnt want you, even the small part you could be affiliated with, eventually had members who added to the injustice of the ancestors! Would a jewish person sign up to be a nazi? Would the holocaust have been ameliorated if jews had signed up and run the gas chambers? Would it have been justified because they signed up for it and made it their own, some how, under 2nd class circumstances?

Do you think a christian american, whose family died on 9/11, would petition to join Al-quada? Absolutely not! You know why? Because that is TREASON against your own people! Making allegiance with your enemies crown and then coming back among your own people with that lukewarm nonsense? You dont keep secrets from your own team, thats what traitors do while they are engaged in acts of treason!

You know what? This behavior by blacks is the reason whites pay lip service to, but in truth scoff at the very idea of human rights for blacks. This is why blacks haven't received reparations for anything egregious that was done to us by them. Think about it. They know us. They see our members begging to be admitted even into the very klan that is terrorizing and murdering us. Now, who in their right minds would consider giving reparations to a group replete with such people whose behavior can be equated to that of mindless monkeys? You don't go around giving reparations and human rights to monkeys!

It's just a pity that the black race is diverse, in fact the most diverse group on the planet. Like this, the true humans among us are the ones who have suffered the consequences of the traitorous behavior of the monkeys among us. Yes I said it!

Adapted from the article linked below 

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Our Leaders R Us

Whenever I hear Africans complain about our leaders, especially when they distance themselves from them, I laugh.

What I know is Africa's leaders, even the most disagreeable, are from African communities. They are nurtured within African communities. Their morals and values are learnt from within the same communities that nurture other Africans. They don't grow up in outer space on a planet somewhere before being brought to Africa and made leaders here. They are, simply put, products of our communities.

If they become kept men and women of the western powers-that-be and are groomed for leadership roles, then they get the propensity to be this from within our communities.

This means that if they are unbelievably naive, cruel, greedy, petty, foolish etc., if these are the salient traits they abundantly display, then this is representative of us. This is how we are.

Our leaders are examples of what our communities can bring forth in terms of personality, and if theirs leaves much to be desired, then we need to do better as a collective, and the best place to start is in our homes.

There is no doubt that we Africans have degenerated over time because there is ample evidence to the effect that we weren't always like this. What we have become, what is displayed the most in the personalities of most of those who become our leaders, is the product of what colonialism did to us.

Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" comes very close to outlining the process that led to us becoming this way. This book is as such not just a best selling novel, but a documentary.

Colonialism is an evil system that requires evil things to be done to the colonized in order to make them controllable. The conquest and colonization process isn't cheap, and it isn't done for nothing. There is no mercy shown until the conqueror is sure the mission will pay its dividend.

If you have ever seen what happens to a cock that gets incapacitated in some way so that it can no longer assert its authority and lead, then you have seen a semblance of what the process of colonization looks like, then you know the process Chinua Achebe was outlining. The deposed cock isn't just ignored, but it is physically attacked till death by the new leader.

Before being brutally killed, though, it is put through a process of cruelty and abuse that may seem like overkill if not gratuitous in intention. The new leader may even literally bite it on the back of the neck and f*vk it.

The fear driving the weird behavior of the new leader is the same as that which causes a conqueror to do the things they do to those they have conquered. It is simply trying to ensure and be assured that the old leader is no threat in fact.

The procedure to ascertaining this status is never pretty.

We find parallels of this behavior throughout human history, the most egregious of which happened during the major wars.

The Katyn forest massacre of Poland, which was a series of mass executions of nearly 22,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia carried out by the Soviet Union, specifically the NKVD ("People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs", the Soviet secret police) in April and May 1940, is a good example.

After the Russians invaded Poland during the last major World War, military victory wasn't enough. They also took away the best and slaughtered them mercilessly. This way, they cut off the head of the polish and could impose their will on them without encountering any resistance.

The British, French, Portuguese, etc, did the same to Africans before instituting indirect rule and then leaving the continent in the hands of Africans themselves, who continued the colonization of their own selves in a system known as neo-colonialism.

Ask yourself how the colonizers became sure that if they left Africa, Africans would be better at controlling themselves?

The colonizers would most definitely have passed the whole continent through a procedure that ensures and leaves them assured that there was nothing left of Africans that could manage to launch a comeback, in much the same way the cock does, or the Russians did to the poles.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Operation Crimson Mist: Factors that Point to the Possible Inadvertent Deletion of the Entire Western Deep State Cell Network In Rwanda

I am totally convinced that the Rwandan genocide was a deliberately instigated mass mind control event, and that the Rwandans themselves were unwitting participants in an operation the likes of which may only have been seen in possibly two, but definitely in one other place, which is Iraq.

I am sure that Operation Crimson Mist is what it is called.

I once speculated as much, way before I came across the story of this NATO operation, and I still have a meme I made about the event stored on my phone.

But there is something that happened in Rwanda in the aftermath of the genocide that is very odd and possibly exposes a fact about what is holding African countries back, if you look and ruminate hard enough about Rwanda today.

I happened upon this interesting reality after I remembered something I had written before about an unrelated issue.

I remembered writing about the book "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" that:

despite the idea it generates that Africans cannot cope as well as people in countries where the average IQ is 100 because, with an average IQ of 80, we basically wander around like morons and are only able to achieve very little collectively because we don't have the intelligence required for high achievement, yet, my experience of especially Africans living in the west is of a significant percentage coping better than natives themselves in the daily demands of life. This capacity to display a higher than average intelligence in a milleau of a majority that's supposedly better equipped to cope actually proves that it isn't down to IQ alone that African countries as a whole are failing. There are other factors working to make this so.

What this single fact reveals is that there is more to intelligence than meets the eye, that Africans are able to use an intelligence to cope in the demands of life in the west that's not indicated with standard IQ tests.

The Africans that I knew in the west were average intellects, most of them not highly educated, but most of them managed to live comfortably, with a few living lavishly. Some of them started businesses that became highly successful and are going strong to date.

This all requires using intelligence to achieve.

There are parts of Europe and America where it is taken for granted that Africans are bound to have more money than natives. Africans living in America are more successful on average than African Americans, despite the fact the latter group has a higher IQ score.

It is true to say attitudes matter to success, and that it's the attitudes of continental Africans in America that are responsible for this difference in success between the two ethnicities. But we must not forget that intelligence is required to recognize and take advantage of opportunities. Chances a band of marauding idiots are going to better their lot because they happen to wander through a land of opportunities with the right attitude are non existent.

What all this testifies to is that success in this system doesn't necessarily require a high IQ. I think that that's already been sufficiently demonstrated by Africans who have shown possession of the intelligence required to excel in this system which isn't being shown with average IQ test result scores.

I would argue here that what remains to be found out is how to measure this intelligence.

These were some of the thoughts I expressed regarding the infamous book. Here I will explain what this has to do with what I think the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide demonstrated.

Rwanda is currently excelling socio-economically, and doing better than western countries in more ways than just one, but still scores around a median of 85 on IQ test results. Rwanda is being very African in this regard because it is replicating on a national level coping traits that have been observed of groups of Africans abroad. What this is saying out loud is that the Rwandese have been freed from the fetters holding other African countries from being exemplars of known African coping patterns.

The fact only Rwanda out of all African countries is performing brilliantly, and that this performance is happening after a major social catastrophe that should have stood in the way of progress, is all suggestive of the facf that the genocide itself is the event that released the fetters.

Now, I am not suggesting that African countries need to go through a genocide to see progress. It is not advisable and it could in fact make things worse.

I have looked at the Rwandan genocide from different angles, and my suspicions, and recent awareness of Operation Crimson Mist, have opened my eyes to what this event that loosened the fetters holding most African countries back from progressing the way they are perfectly capable of is.

This is what I think happened, and here I will first give an example to make the procedure clearer.

If you have ever had a smartphone that suddenly became sluggish, and after trying everything else, somebody advised you to try factory resetting it in order to get it running normally again, you may have done this without saving your important files, such as documents and images, first, and ended up losing them.

This has in fact happened to me. And this is what I think happened to France regarding its deep state cells in Rwanda.

Every colonial master that left their colony in Africa, and handed political control over to the natives as such giving them so called independence, ensured that they left embedded in the country a deep state that constantly works to ensure colonialism prevails. Nothing any well meaning leader or even leading figures in society do to uplift their own people can work because these hidden cells undermine their efforts.

The cells don't hesitate to go to the extent of murder to do this, and this may be the only viable explanation for why, on a community level, African countries are the only places on earth where the belief is held that good people die young. The good people in Africa may just be those who are working to better the life circumstances of fellow beings, the intellectuals and other gifted individuals who don't necessarily have to be doing something positive in the moment to fall under the radar of the deep state, but merely display the potential to do so. They are dying at the hands of western funded deep state cells that get rid of a type of individual, or a personality profile they have been trained to recognize as a threat, and therefore a foe.

And it makes sense for a former colonial master with interests in covertly continuing an exploitative system to have cells in a former colony undermining everything the natives try to do to better their life circumstances because anything that uplifts the natives ends up taking away from the proceeds of the colonialists and eventually endangers the neo-colonial system.

This is how neo-colonialism works.

When France and NATO instigated the mass Crimson Mist experiment in Rwanda, they inadvertently set in motion a carnage that uprooted and destroyed their own deep state cells in the republic. This was made possible by the fact the cells were bound to get in more trouble during the outburst of rage than the average Hutu or Tutsi Rwandese because they are ethnic units that are planted right smack in opposing territories. Tutsi cells would have worked better in Hutu regions because the tribalistic element could be fully utilized, and vice versa.

These deep state operatives would have been in the worst position with regards being visible to a fault when the hate erupted and the killings began.

Given the deep state has to comprise an intricate structure of groomed men and women who have been shifted about strategic locations and gradually infiltrated into crucial or strategic positions in society, it takes time and can be very difficult to set it up again, especially in a country that has turned paranoid and extra vigilant in the aftermath.

Rwanda was thus freed from the fetters that hold other African countries in a developmental check, and the country could see rapid progress. This could in fact be the only explanation of why this unlikely country is the odd one out, the only country on the entire African continent that has displayed a trend seen of Africans in Asian or European climes.n Asian or European climes.

Sunday, 5 September 2021

Holistic Culls: The Clear Signs That Expose The Fact The Western Elite Uses "Engineered" Regime Changes In Third World Countries To Eliminate As Many Of Those They Fear As Possible, Secure In The Knowledge The Murders Will Be Blamed On The Incumbent Or Go Unnoticed

Directed Energy Weapon assaults have once again escalated to intensities I have very rarely known, the new aspect of this being that there appears to have been a preparatory phase to the latest attacks.

The only other times that I was assaulted as hard was when I planned major moves and was about to execute them.

Other than these occasions, the Corona virus outbreak also saw attack intensities that could most definitely have taken me out had I not been prepared for them.

But the current escalation is different.

As I mentioned already, the current attacks appear to have been prepared for ... first, oddly enough, by ensuring I cannot have outdoor lighting at my home during the night.

I use solar energy as the main power source. About a month ago, my outdoor bulbs started blowing up one after the other. I had about 6 spare bulbs that I used to replace the blown bulbs but they all also blew up right after I had replaced them.

I stopped replacing the bulbs when I realized what was going on. You see, coupled with the phenomenon of light bulbs blowing up was also a constant on and off dimming of the indoor lights that was often in sync with my movements, and this still continues as I write this. If, for example, I moved too quickly around my home, if I dropped something, if I made a sudden sound or stood up abruptly, the lights would dim down to the minimum, and then they would light up to normal again after a while. Other times the lights just started dimming and lighting back up (flashing), and so on.

But this random fluctuation in light intensity would worsen as soon as I turned on the outdoor lights, to the point it became unbearable and I just had to turn them off.

I always turned them back on before going to bed and often woke up to find one or both (back and front) were no longer working.

I will understand when people consider the part about the dimming being in sync with my actions to be mere paranoia on my part, but then consider the fact that unless I am just pulling your leg for the sake of it, this whole light dimming affair isn't normal when you are plugged into a solar battery pack, or any battery pack for that matter. Rechargeable 12 volt DC batteries don't randomly lose and gain power. The process is gradual and graduated in rates depending on the state of the battery and the load.

Light bulbs that are firmly connected to a DC power source only fluctuate in light intensity when other appliances are added to the circuit, and only initially, or when the newly added appliance or device drains power in an irregular manner, for instance, a stereo player that is playing loud music through speakers with a high wattage while connected to a battery power source that's not up to the power requirement of the installation. Then, the fluctuation in light intensity will be in sync with the sounds being emitted through the speakers. The louder they are the more intense the dimming.

Car lights work using the same kind of batteries I use in my home. No motorist that's parked their car, turned the engine off, and turned the cabin lights on, is going to witness the phenomenon I am seeing in my home, unless they load the battery with some device or appliance, for example if they plug a charger into the cigarette lighter plug or turn the radio, music or video player on. Then the lights will flicker. But for the lights to just start randomly flashing like disco lighting it would take external influence on the electricity flow, and a powerful influence at that.

Only directed energy weapons have the potential to remotely manipulate lighting this way.

What's happening in my home can only make sense otherwise if someone has tapped into my wiring, or if I am connected to an external power source that's unreliable, and only in relation to the on and off dimming, not the dimming that's in sync with my movements.

But then I am not connected to a grid provided by a power company that doesn't know what they are doing, and nobody has surreptitiously tapped into my electric circuit. I know this because my home circuit is simple enough. A visual inspection is all I need to see if there is wire tampering.

And I have recently done a number of entire rewirings of the whole circuit to see how I can prevent the remote, electromagnetic tampering of my electricity.

At first I figured they were hitting the batteries with directed energies that were causing them to fluctuate in charge. So I shielded them off to the best of my ability, once placing them in a virtual Faraday Cage surrounded by sound absorbent material ... because I felt sound frequencies were also being employed. But this only helped for a short while.

Then, after noticing that the plastic insulation on the live and negative wires had melted and burnt in some spots, causing the two to fuse in especially places leading up to the bulbs, I tried separating the live and negative wires so that they were laid apart and only met at the point they connected to the device/implement/appliance, or the point they left and entered the battery pack. I figured the emissions were being interfered with along the length of the wire, that their resistance was being raised in some places thus causing the heating up of the wire and melting/burning of the insulation, and the battery to have a higher than normal load, which would cause the dimming effecf.

This did offer some surcease, but it was also transient.

Then finally I tried using a different metal for all the wires after I felt that maybe the type of metal was crucial to remote electronic tampering? But this too failed to stop the fluctuations.

Bottom line is my home is no ordinary home and ordinary science doesn't apply where I live. Weird things just start happening out of the blue at my abodes, and don't stop no matter the science I apply to the process of stopping them.

These bizarre phenomena have been a feature of my life for decades now, following through every address I have lived, and I am pretty much used to it now.

But I stray.

I gave up on replacing the outdoor lights as soon as I realized whoever was zapping my home with frequencies causing the lights to flash and outdoor bulbs to blow up wouldn't stop this time around. This wasn't a once in a while attack on a bulb or two that occasionally happened. The intention here was clearly to make the changes that would be forced on me permanent. It was no use fighting.

Hakainde Hichilema, the president elect of Zambia

And so I have lived without outdoor lights for over a month, and around the time we got a new president elected in Zambia, directed energy weapon assaults escalated to the current Intensities, which got me to thinking.

The timing of these attacks right around the time of an election in which an incumbent is unseated brought to mind memory of the aftermath of a regime change that happened in this same country around 3 decades ago when three fifths (3/5) of UNIP's politicians active in the government at the time the party was defeated at the polls, who included my own father, died under the most suspicious of circumstances.

The point at which the crime has been committed and as many people have died has not been reached yet. There would already have been mention of suspicious deaths of opposition members, but I can say from what I am observing that we are close. The cull may have already began or it is about to start.

My observations derive from what I am seeing transpire in my own life, based on an in depth and lengthy understanding and decades long exposure to how the cabal operates. They have already started with me, and I couldn't possibly be the only one they are afraid of here. Many more are facing the same situation, with many more to be added.

If the Intensities of the attacks and the parts of my body that they are being focused on keeps on for much longer, they could soon cause my demise by what will seem to be natural causes to the masses, unless I can find a way to effectively defend myself. I am working on the defenses right now but it will in most probability be the toughest battle I have fought since this all began. What is happening to me now can as such be considered the latest in a string of attempts on my life, and the fact it is being timed to coincide with a regime change, and that previous attempts on the lives of UNIP party members, many of which succeeded in the objective of eliminating them, happened in the shadow of a regime change that bears eerily similar hallmarks, points to the fact this is modus operandi for the cabal. This is what they regularly do when the opportunity presents itself. There is a new paranoid leader in charge and any deaths within the opposition will be blamed on him and his henchmen, not on who is actually doing it.

I would not in the least be surprised if I hear that similar stories abound in other third world countries of culls of leading political figures in the opposition, including activists feared by the west, in the aftermath of a western supported coup, or the election of a leader who leans strongly towards the west. The culls become possible because firstly, positive identification of figures that are considered anti-western and also intellectual has already been made and, secondly and crucially, the apparatus that would identify and disseminate the foul play involved in the manner of their deaths is now fully or sufficiently in the hands of the western powers-that-be via the new leader they are showering with praise.

Frederick Chiluba

The similarities between this regime change and that which saw Chiluba come to power are striking. Already, people are talking about the current president, Hakainde Hichilema, as being the reincarnation of Chiluba. Non-partisan political commentators who never give any president a break are already blatantly calling him a baby president on account of his numerous gaffes and propensities. This new president, who is being called an opposition president, just like Chiluba was, is otherwise the darling of the west, just like Chiluba was.

When Friederick Chiluba unseated Kenneth kaunda, as the masses got caught up in a cult of the man that distracted them fully from reality, just as they are with the new leader, the cabal moved their men and equipment in, secure in the knowledge that if something were to go wrong, it would all be blamed on the Incumbent or glossed over. Bear in mind that it was revealed that Chiluba's election campaign was fully funded by the west.

In my assessment, Africans who had been positively identified as threats to the powers-that-be were eliminated using high-tech means, and this isn't just empty talk on my part. Neither am I spinning some web of conspiracy. I was a witness to the method used in one of these murders when I visited my father in 1994, a few years after the defeat of the party that he had worked for for the better part of his adult life, and I am sure that the same method I saw used to murder my father was also applied to the rest of the political figures in UNIP who died.

I know for a fact that the president elect wasn't involved in these murders, just like the president elect this time around isn't going to be involved in the eliminations that will ensue. In fact I would be flabbergasted if he even knows who the targets are and why they would be on the list of people to cull. I doubt he even knows that there are such things as holistic culls. He may have heard about the deaths of UNIP officials but I doubt he has made sense of the events in this context.

I know, however, that Chiluba would have welcomed the deaths of so many members of the opposition because he must have known that he had come with empty hands to the table. They would have been instrumental in exposing the fact he was a fraud with nothing novel or original to offer and the chances of the old regime mounting a successful comeback would have increased. But then lucky for him that out of the blues so many of these key members of the party died, significantly reducing the chance the party would rise again. Chiluba could as such sit back and relax, and worry less about his chances of not being re-elected come the next elections.

The fact the cabal prepared me for what was coming is what points to this being a repeat of what happened back then. It points at inside knowledge of inevitable change, which was also an observation made about the elections that brought Chiluba to power. In fact, just as happened with the election process that granted victory to Hakainde Hichilema, UNIP, like the ousted PF, complained of election irregularities and outright rigging.

So, just as they must have done at the time, the cabal prepared for the day when change would come because they wanted the culls to start happening ASAP, to be expedited as quickly and smoothly as was possible.

And, as was the case back then, the manner people will be killed will be high-tech, and it will all be done behind the smokescreen of an ongoing crisis. In the early nineties this smokescreen was the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Today it's definitely the Covid-19 pandemic.

I only realized I actually witnessed the hi-tech lynching and subsequent murder of my father in hindsight, after extensive research of what the west has out there in terms of technologies of covert elimination, such as directed energy weapons on satellites that are now also carried by their military drones, and the methods used in these eliminations. And I do believe that the eliminations or attacks they have carried out are extensive and global.

This is the reason I view the US embassy attacks with directed energies that happened in several places, starting off with Havana, Cuba (from where the name "Havana Syndrome" was derived), then going to Moscow, Russia ... Beijing, China, and a few other places, to simply signify the beginning of a tit for tat in wars involving these technologies.

What we are witnessing is revenge for all those attacks and eliminations America (read NATO) commited while the world was asleep to this reality. It's a sign that the world has woken up and is angry. The realization has dawned that NATO has been busy, and one of the places where it left tell tale signs of this activity is the third world, and the attacks and eliminations may go back further in time than most people would suspect. They may in fact be more extensive than most people would imagine.

Back in 1994, when I returned to Zambia from the west for a month, I found that my father had not had it easy since his party got ousted from power. In fact, I found him seriously ill and emaciated from a condition that had not yet been accurately diagnosed. He had been on the side of an overweight man his entire adult life but the condition had left him skinny.

I was told his calves and feet are what started swelling first, which pointed to a liver or kidney issue. Local remedies to this condition included allowing blood to flow from his feet by making tiny incisions in his flesh.

But there were serious anomalies about his condition.

Firstly, this seriously sick man had the appetite of a man who wasn't sick at all. In fact, his appetite is all that reminded me of him. At that time, I was considered a giant by global standards due to the body growth I attained doing body building, and I had a gigantic appetite as a result, but I could hardly compete with dad in this department.
Secondly, despite the fact his feet were constantly getting cut up, his gait remained remarkably normal and young for a man in his mid sixties. My dad had a natural spring to his gait that I have also inherited, and if there is one thing I know about a natural spring to a step, then it is that it is both physical and mental. Any mental depression or physical condition, however slight, has a definite impact on the trait. Yet in front of me, besides me was this man who had been reduced to a.near skeleton because he had a severe condition, that could still walk like he was floating on air, like he was in his twenties. This pointed to the presence in him of boundless energy, if not health. Yet visibly he was a very sick man.

This just didn't add up.

I found these facts very odd concerning what was clearly a terminally ill man, and in hindsight, after I had reviewed the inception and course of his illness till the cause of death, it dawned on me that he had been subjected to systematic physical incapacitation that could only have been done by professionals, by people who knew exactly what they were doing and could see much more than people utilizing just their bare eyes to achieve a perfect kill. My father was killed by people using technology capable of seeing through walls, capable of seeing into his body to isolate organs. My father was eliminated by people who systematically whittled his health down till there was nothing left of the man.

You see, the appetite is what sustained my father in life after the initial attacks to other organs in his body that caused the other observed symptoms. This is what kept him from getting bedridden sooner.

Tellingly enough, he got gastric ulcers in the end, and that spelt a definite end to his gargantuan appetite. He withered away and died shortly afterwards because he couldn't get enough sustenance into his system. .

The thing to understand here is in times of peace, countries that possess directed energy weapons that can kill covertly do not just zap people they want eliminated anyhow. There is no such thing as silent bullets that leave no sign of their use. If they don't want to be blamed for an elimination then they have to use their lasers with expertise to leave signs of their use.

In order to make a perfect covert kill, they have to make it look like the victim died of natural causes. In order to do this they have to perform a systematic attack on the body of the victim that eventually causes them to fall ill and die.

They cannot just burn through the heart to cause a heart attack, for example, because they would leave evidence of foul play that can be discerned from the mark that such burning would leave behind. They have to slowly and gradually cause the heart to develop a defect, and leave no traces of what caused the heart problem to arise in the first place. This takes time.

In order to make my father come to the point of death by natural causes at a point in time when he had robust health using directed energy weapons, it would have been logical to first attack his brains to prevent him from realizing what was happening to him, or relating it in a manner that would be considered sane. Attacking his brains to cause it to be less discerning could have been done directly or indirectly. Then they would have worked on his mobility because they needed him in one spot to accomplish the rest, and impoverishing him was one way they could limit his range of movement. They would have had to cause his system to get clogged up with poisons, for instance. Getting his liver to not do its work, which manifested in swollen calves and feet, would have stopped or lowered the natural body cleansing process and also caused his mind to get denser.

Then the next step would have been to attack him anywhere else where his strength was getting reproduced, which would have eventually come down to his alimentary canal ... because this is what would prevent him from succumbing to the overall attacks quickly enough. This organ functioning normally would also tend to make it obvious that he wasn't dying a natural death.

Once it wasn't possible for him to use his alimentary canal for sustenance, he wouldn't be able to recuperate, meaning it would be game over.

I have talked to a few people who lost a family member who was a high ranking official in UNIP during this era, and the stories they told of the course of the illness of their loved one, till they succumbed and passed away, show an eerie similarity to that of my father. They all bear hallmarks of a bizarre, abnormal and unnatural course of a disease.

I don't believe in coincidence. To me, these men and women didn't die from natural causes, but were murdered using remote means, and it looks too much like the country is being prepared or already in the throes of another such mass holistic cull by the western cabal.

Monday, 23 August 2021

Freemasonry Is No Friend Of Black People

"Fools will die for want of wisdom"

~ Peter Tosh

It is said that ignorance is no excuse, and being ignorant of who the freemasons really are is no excuse for blundering into the traps the secret society sets for control purposes.

The Freemasons are no friends of black people. They never were, nor ever will be. This is just how it is and it is indisputable. In fact, it is not something you need to find a book written by a trustworthy authority to believe to be true. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see that it is true.

This fact has left an indelible mark on history itself, and it is preserved there for all to glean. .

It is well known that in any organization there is a hierarchical structure, and that nothing gets done without the say so of the upper echelons. This can be a group of people sometimes, and other times it can just be one person.

In the west, those upper echelons happen to be the masons. Here, we cannot possibly be talking the regular recruit who lives next door to you, but the masons in the inner circle of the secret society, the people who actually run the secret society itself, as opposed to those who are merely members.

I will list below facts that are known about masonry that are accessible to anybody who cares to find out, including people who wish to join the fraternity, and others who want to support or vote for a politician who is a freemason, in which case, unless you are Jewish and white, you are making possibly the worst mistake you will ever make in your entire life.

Fact 1 - masonry is a Jewish institution
Fact 2 - they founded America (the USA)
Fact 3 - given they were the founders of this country, they allowed slavery of Africans to start and continue because their say so was instrumental to the commencement of the slave trade in their country. We.can as such say they were behind the Transatlantic Slave Trade, not so much as footsoldiers of the Jesuit Order and Catholic Church who were also deeply involved, but in corroboration with them given America was their turf.
Fact 4 - they created the Slave Patrols
Fact 5 - they created the police from the patrols when they were disbanded ... and they still control the police services in the USA via the masonic police union called the Fraternal Order Of Police (FOP)
Fact 6 - they created the Ku Klux klan when the slave patrols became obsolete because they felt freed Africans still needed to be controlled by terror tactics that would be unbecoming of police officers to also exercise. This is the reason the Ku Klux Klan has survived so long without being outlawed and not answered for their crimes. The very rulers of the land created them to do their dirty work for them.
Fact 7 - They were behind the Berlin Conference of 1885 that saw Africa sliced up into republics that were handed to individual western European countries. Some of these new countries (if not most of them) were given to the leadership of masons and called by their names as well. Rhodesia is a good example. It was named after the freemason Cecil Rhodes. King Leopold was also a Mason who got the Congo handed to his tender mercies and commenced to carry out masonic dictates by murdering around 10 million Congolese. Administration of many of these colonies was carried out by masons from the get go, the former and Gordon Guggisberg of the gold coast being good examples.
Fact 8 - the CDC under the behest of the masons conducted the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Black masons from The Boulé frat were used to coordinate the experiment.

And so on and so forth till date.

Knowing all this about the masons, why would any black man join them? Is it because being a Mason has been painted as the quickest way to wealth? What manner of foolishness is it to trade monetary wealth, that can be had many other ways, for the survivability of your own kind? Isn't it clear the masons don't want blacks to survive? If you don't care about your life then what's the point of having children while busy sealing their doom by joining as such helping an organization that's shown an intent to exterminate black people reach its objective?

Isn't it clear when we review masonic history, especially when we combine it with what the book that's behind the ethnicity behind masonry, that describes non jews as filth equal to dogs and as such not worthy of liberty or freedom, that the wealth they give is a trap?

The prudent thing that we black people can do for our own sake is reject masonry and everything that has something to do with it. Either this or we accept masonry in which case we have to accept that we are fools, and deserve to perish as fools.