Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Role Diet and Hygien Can Play in Minimizing Damage from Satellite Directed Energy Attacks

Under normal circumstances, perps are under strict instructions to use every trick in the book to prevent a target from coming to the realization they are under covert attack, as well as prevent the community in which the action transpires from knowing that one of them is under fire. They have to go to any extent necessary to reverse the realization once it has been made by the targetted, or some members of the community.

They will not flinch to turn targets out of those who see things, those they suspect have seen things, and others they feel they need to get out of the way to ensure a smooth, successful mission. They will manipulate the community at large in this venture, involve them in the procedure when necessary and if opportunity gives. They will make the community put as much pressure on awakened as well as suspicious members as ensures they see letting go of their conviction to be in their best interests, and in this they will take advantage of sensibilities, beliefs, propensities, greed, envy ... anything that does the trick. They will strive to make the target at odds with the world they inhabit, and make this world feel this way about the target as well, as much as makes taking some kind of action imperative.

Being under attack with directed energies, targetted individuals will be a physical and mental mess most of the time, and this state can be changed at will by merely increasing, decreasing or changing the kind of directed energies in use, or the kind of attack, so that targets do not just act and look strange or erratic, but they become strange and erratic. Targets will suddenly find they don't just have no honest place to stand, which is trouble enough, but that they have also become visible to a fault. This is all done in order to isolate them from their community, to silence their voice, to keep the truth of what is really going on from seeing the light of day.

Eventually, the targetted individual will be manipulated into a corner from which escape, meaning re-entry into their community or rehab, will be through either a strait jacket, another equally medicated journey, or hearse.

Very few people are capable of coming out of such a war unscathed. This here is a war in which an unsuspecting individual is hit hardest in the initial stages of the process, before they realize what is going on, a strike intended to prevent them from knowing what is happening to them. As a single individual up against a well informed, funded, equipped, and trained military unit, somewhere along the line, something has to give. In order to find peace, the target will, in most probability, do what they are made to believe will bring peace, and fall into the trap. The major mistake will be made, and the mission will be accomplished. You see, those who initiate these covert wars never intend for targets to find peace. They would in most cases rather the target was dead, but stuff happens, and if it turns out that the target ends up in a state similar in effect to death, then they will settle for that. They will be happy if the target ends up under toxic medication in some mental asylum, or they end up with a misdiagnosis, for example an incurable, terminal condition. All of this amounts to incapacitation.

And so it should go that targets of covert warfare who become conscious they are under covert attack only manage to do so because a) a perp makes a mistake, or a number of these, allowing the target to connect the dots, b) the target reaches the conclusion they are a target of covert warfare by merely using their imagination, or c) the target is deliberately made aware they are under attack for reasons best known to the covert warfare network. Here we are talking the worst of psychotic rationalizations, the stuff of sadistic horror movies.

Provided the targetted individual does not live in isolation, discovery of a targetted status should gradually lead to more consciousness. The target should start figuring the system out, learning the tricks of the trade, especially what they are being hit with and what they can do about it. The psychological aspect of the war should get clearer, the manipulations, etc. The technologies in employ should start getting clearer as well.

For targets who have ascertained that they are being attacked from up above, from an energy weapon onboard a hovering satellite, there are a few things about such attacks that I have learned, the hard way of course, that I share below.

Satellites do not attack heavily all the time. It is only when something beneficial to the targetted individual's mental and physical well-being is happening, something that threatens the accomplishment of the objective, that attack intensities can escalate to palpable, sometimes unbearable levels. This can sometimes be done without care for the fact the Targetted Individul knows they are under fire, usually in cases where the gloves have already come off, or other cases where the assailants understand the last thing the targetted individual will suspect is an external source for any discomfort they may feel as a result of the higher intensity. The latter will only be the case in situations where the target is not yet conscious of their status. As already mentioned, high intensity attacks may also occur in instances where the assailants feel it is essential to resort to this "covert stick" approach, if they feel going overt with attacks will deter the particular target from some activity. Otherwise, the attack will take advantage of a cover, such as hot or cold weather, proximity to a heat source or the ingestion of foods that heat the body up, such as hot drinks. Moments of sleep or relaxation when the mind is either switched off or distracted, for example when the target is watching a movie, are also taken advantage of.

This is the norm ... low intensity attacks that are hardly felt but have the potential to result in serious conditions at a later stage in time. These attacks affect biological as well as other objects in the target's immediate surroundings, as well as micro-organisms within the target's body. They may, for example, cause the myriad of parasites and bacteria in the surroundings to become more active and enhance the rate of replication. This increase of microorganisms in the environment will not be conducive to the general health of the Targetted Individual. For example, stored food will decompose faster, which will impact the unwarry target's health. Innocuous micro organisms on the skin and in the body will become virulent, leading to disease like symptoms.

This heightened activity that includes the involvement of the resourse hungry immune system is what does the real damage to the health of a targetted individual, and will eventually prove incapacitating in the long run. It is as such essential to maintain high hygien levels as one way to lessen the impact energies directed at specific areas of the living space or the body itself will have on the body. Living environments should be kept as clean as possible, otherwise measures should be taken that prevent ingestion of microbes such as washing hands before touching food. Food storage should be such that contamination of food with microbes is minimized, or enhancement of replication is checked. Temperature and humidity come to mind here. Food should be cooked to be consumed in the short term. Remember here that directed energies interfere and dull senses, meaning the target can sometimes consume food that has started to decompose without smelling this, for example.

Cook foods thoroughly. Grains such as the staple maize eaten over much of Africa should not have a final phase resulting in a semi cooked pap. There are a lot of microbes in maize meal. Directed energies of specific frequencies on a tummy full of half cooked maize meal will cause havoc to the innards. Boil maize meal in one go, ensuring that the entirety is thoroughly cooked.

Understand that meal combinations are conventions. Eating rice with chicken is a good example. There is no reason why you cannot eat rice with an onion and tomatoe salad. As conventions go, there might even be a culture where this is a perfectly normal meal. Break out of the mould. Experiment with different combinations. If you have an understanding of nutrient content of foods and what effects some foods can have on the digestion of other foods, you can create therapeutic mixes. Try making salads a major part of your diet as these are least susceptible to directed energy manipulation.

Bath using soaps that disinfect the skin to avoid odors. Wash clothes regularly. Change the bedding more regularly. Clean sitting and sleeping environment before settling in to relax/sleep.

Avoid prostrating your body as much as possible. Try to move around your home as much as is possible and avoid sitting in the same position every time.

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