Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Too Many Households Are Armed With DEW's

Listen to the clicking sound made by the detector, and watch the flashing light. There is a beam directed at me that is approximately 15cm in diameter (this time around). Following its length, it is possible to pinpoint the source.

Every pedo and wayward military type living in the city armed with some kind of DEW gets activated as soon as a target is in the vicinity. These soldiers are spaced evenly apart so they cover almost every corner of the city.

This is a truth. People have been sleeping while their governments have been deploying more than just CCTV cameras.

What this clip shows is something that has become usual in my life. If I go out and sit somewhere in line of sight of some houses, intense RF's are soon detected at precisely the location where my torso is or was previously located, covering especially the upper body. When I stay too long at such a location (5 minutes), I develop chest pains, and sometimes blisters form in areas of sensitive skin (as happened two days ago while sitting about 50 meters in front of a hut in Finsbury Park), or I get heavy feet when the attacks are aimed lower. Yes! They have got the vermin stationed in parks too, so it is a good idea to keep clear of buildings and other places where a device can be concealed. It is a good idea to carefully watch people around you. It is a good idea not to stay too long in one location. It is a good idea to have a an RF and EMF detector with you all the time. An RF detector that can count the frequency is even better.

The detector I used in this clip has a healthy range, and is very sensitive. It is actually meant to detect spying bugs, and can pick up active mobile phones from as far as two meters away. It may seem inappropriate to use for this purpose, but trust me, once you have got the knack of it, you know when it is your mobile that the device is picking up, your Bluetooth, or a beam directed at you by simple to and fro movements, by listening carefully to the beeps that tell a whole story. In fact, you can even tell the direction the beam is coming from if the perp keeps the fire going long enough for this.

I do not have bugs in my body, nor am I carrying any on my clothing or in my bag. What I am picking up in this clip, whenever I am sitting on a bench, waiting for a bus, usually a good distance from surrounding buildings, are DEW attacks.

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MaryPatty said...

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