Saturday, 27 June 2015

Deceiving Africa to Death

"... It is ridiculous to claim a group of people in the infant stages of a process of adopting an alien culture would overtake the same alien culture in rates of a medical condition, such as hypertension, associated with the alien culture's life-style. There have to be factors at play causing this anomaly, and genetic susceptibility to hypertension cannot be one of them given, in Africa, the manifestation is restricted to the present. Genetic susceptiility to a condition is permanent, and should as such be notable as a factor in the present as well as the past..."

It was with a sense of deja vu and a justified paranoia that I listened to a radio broadcast in which a Dr. Samuel Odgi Odgi from Nigeria was giving his opinion on why rates of hypertension in Africa have overtaken those in Europe and America. According to this doctor, westernization, especially as it involves the habit of eating voluminous amounts of unhealthy fast foods, takes the Lion's share of the blame for Africa seeing a remarkable increase in the rates of this medical condition. The other part of the blame, according to him, is genetic susceptibility. The last item appears to be a conclusion drawn from what can be considered dubious scientific studies when the history of hypertension on the African continent is reviewed in perspective. These studies, done God-knows-where, neglect the truth hypertension in Africa, evidenced by the rapid rise in the number of strokes, for example, has only become endemic in the last two decades.

What disturbs me the most is the fact I have heard the very same excuses given for the rapid rise in the rates of diabetes on this continent, by different people in different parts of the world ... all of them purportedly highly educated, all of them experts in the field, all of it normative ... and I caution Africans that while the self same arguments may seem sound on the surface, especially given they are made by men and women wearing badges of high erudition which also implies high intelligence, consideration of a few simple facts shows the arguments supporting the conclusions are absolutely illogical ...

Westernization: French Fries or Dried Cassava Roots with Groundnuts

Let Africans who own large flatscreen televisions, Blackberry phones, cars, etc., Africans readily exposed to such reports because they can afford to be connected to the major world media, not make the mistake of overloking the truth that even though they may feel like they make up Africa, because they tend to go places where those whose lives resemble theirs frequent, they are in reality the minority. The majority of Africans cannot afford to buy what are meant by the term fast foods. For this group in society, fast foods are not humburgers at a Macdonald joint, but the healthier local foods not included in the causes of hypertension, such as peanuts or casava roots ... dried or fresh.

Comparison of the quantities of fast foods consumed between the two cultures shows that they differ accross the social board. While it is true that nary an African household has not been westernized ... does not for example drink tea with bread in the morning, the typical African breakfast may be of western origin but differs from it significantly where the ingredients are concerned. Tea with bread and butter, sometimes with just bread, is the norm for an Arican breakfast, which is a far cry from the cooked beans, omeleted, sandwiched breakfasts considered the norm in the west.

To be clear, this difference isn't just an indicator Africans have not adopted the western culture in full, but an issue of expense as well. The rich in African society can afford to approximate western standards because they can afford it, but the social layer just bellow them, people actually in gainful employment or self employed, running small scale businesses, who are considered well-to-do in African communities, cannot afford to eat even as much fast foods as a homeless person in the west. Fast foods for these African people are as such a luxury, compared to the same strata in the west, or even a homeless person whose choice whether to gourge themselves on fast foods or not does not depend on what is in their pocket because they can, if they so choose, eat an exhorbitant amount of fries, cakes and burgers donated by food retailers to charity organizations just before their sale-by date, given they know the charity's location and turn up on time.

Fact of the matter is, in light of all this glaring evidence, rates of a medical condition associated with a lifesyle typical of the affluent west cannot rise as rapidly in Africa as they have in the recent past because this is a region where only a fraction of the population can afford the lifestyle held responsible for the condition. A better explanation needs to be sought.

Acquired Genetic Susceptibility (AGS)

By merely adding the passage of time and process to the argument, we have shown that it is ridiculous to claim a group of people in the infant stages of a process of adopting an alien culture would overtake that same alien culture in rates of a medical condition, such as hypertension, associated with a lifestyle germain to the alien culture. There have to be factors causing the anomaly and genetic susceptibility to hypertension cannot be one of them when the same factor of time is taken into consideration. In Africa, this manifestation is restricted to the present. Genetic susceptibility to a condition is permanent and should as such be notable as a factor causing the same medical condition in the present as well as the past.

Rates of Hypertension in Africa have increased exponentially over the past decades alone and if susceptibility has helped raise the numbers, then its impact is also recent. Given doctors, specialists and scientists are unanimous susceptibility is just another of the factors contributing to the rise in rates of not just hypertension, but diabetes as well, and that lifestyle is the major cause, the conclusion should be drawn that this susceptibility is acquired, that it is also new to the people of the African continent.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cultural Primacy: Different Strokes for Different Folks

The middle-east has gone up in flames, much to the relief of the Isrealis, one may suspect. The deliberate protraction of a crisis that began by using Kuwait, then weapons of mass destruction, bringing the blessings of democracy to an oppressed folk, etc., as justifications for a full fledged military invasion coupled with the necesity of regime change , has finally brought the walls of Arabia down. One by one, nation after another, territorial integrity, social order and identity has gone to the dogs, whetther by direct invasion, revolution, or heavily armed rebels. The duration, convolution of the tale and extents the party orchestrating the madness is prepared to go to realize their every wish suggests strongly that, at this point in time, they want the confusion and destruction to last as long as will be necessary to bring the region into a state they desire. This state is in most likelihood a point of no return ...when the region has been taken back to the stone age proper, with no chance of it ever getting back to the level attained before the madness began. The aggressors are definitely leaving no stones unturned, meaning we may watch Arabia burn for a long time to come, and might even take the scenario as the norm for the region.

The madness can only end when experts in the ranks of the invading party are sure the middle-east cannot but remain weak and vulnerable, a state in which the people here can be remotely controlled, forever.

Take one look at Libya, Iraq and Syria today and this truth will stare you in the face. The aggressors went in with objectives jusified by lies and have had to increase the number of lies once those objectives had been met. Now, rather than find an excuse for being were they don't belong, they are using proxies to kill two birds with one stone ... The proxies are causing further destruction in the region on their behalf and, when necesary, are being used as cause for heavy, surgical military strikes or even the return of foreign forces to the region. But if, as the evidence suggests, weapons of mass destuction, Saddam or Gadhafi, human rights abuses ... were not the issue that prompted the invasion, then what is the real reason behind the current desructive activities that know no end? What does the west want to achieve in this region?
The answer to that question is also plainly spelt out in the events we are witnessing unfold in the middle-east, and it is not a novel notion.

There is much veracity in the observation made by a few in the past that the interests of those orchestrating the murderous, destructive conflagrations in the middle east, which is definitely the western world, are at odds with middle eastern developmental aspirations. Western official speak reflecting a deep seated desire to see a democratic middle-east is simply not sincere. The last thing those touting this tale would want established in the region is true democracy as this would work against their agenda for the region. Nor are the security needs of Isreal the hidden factor behind it all as these are clearly not a priority but an excuse to engage, They can be viewed in the same light as all the other lies propagated for the purpose of justifying invasion, for instance the demonization of select leaders in the middle east (including their regimes) culminating in the promotion of the idea regime change in these countries is what will bring security not just to the region, but to the entire world. Follow the fictive story-line ... this is a world maniplated into silence if not compliance by repeated "terrorist" attacks on their territories or regions, attacks that are loud and always too near for comfort, no matter how far ground zero is from the country, attacks supposedly conducted by fanatics waving a banner of middle-eastern origin, pointing out that this is where it all goes wrong, the region that requires savaging for the world to become secure again.

It is very easy and sometimes actually lucrative to go along with this tune, but one is advised to think of how easily it can be turned against one in our current world. The better thought that makes for a conscious stance involves shoe switching, because it is in truth a "there but for the grace of God go I" situation. There are many who are conscious where the matter is concerned but then the number of those not checking their stance is significant enough for the conclusion to be drawn that the world is dancing to this tune, this storyline and its unfolding chapters being written as we speak. The world has unwittingly become an actor in this story, a believer by virtue of the fact the source of the tale is a culture that has established its place as primary.

But while it is in theory true that Isreal (read "the world") is safer if the middle east is constantly bombed into the past, better yet if it is burnt to a cinder, it is paradoxically also true that western stocked conflagrations in the region make Isreal (read Jews) less safe in that it becomes a bigger object of hate each time around. Unless Jews can convince not just their own selves but humanity that their lives are worth more than Arab lives, the cost in human lives of keeping Jewish humans secure in a geographical location they lay a dubious claim to is untenable and will inevitably lead to the rise of a global conviction Isreal's destruction is what will save lives and preserve sanity in the region, as a result make the world more secure.

The small country is already an accident waiting to happen when some factors about our world are taken into consideration, and the odds of tragedy striking are increasing as more and more people suffer and die in the name of its security, and I would personally not be surprised if I woke up to a dejavu like scenario, 911-esque for instance, in which that nation as opposed to two towers and their occupants, is in crisis unforeseen. Not a wish of mine as I remain neutral but it must be a mental image that recurs in many a conscious imagination in the same manner worst case scenarios do. For instance, I do not discount the fact many people are occasionaly haunted by thoughts of their own selves trapped in a fuselage filled with other panicked humans who have realised they face forces they could not possibly survive when they crash into the earth they see closing in below after something has gone catastrophically wrong with the plane they're on ...

 Let us all keep in mind here that it does actually occasionally get to this point despite the fact stringent proffessional controls follow every piece that becomes part of the final machine and that planes themselves once assembled and in service are subject to routine checks conducted by qualified engineers. All of this considered in terms of Isreal's security would be the efforts of MOSSAD, "preemptive or normal", to keep Isreal safe, done in cooperation with the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

In addition, it is in the nature of the west and western long term interests in any region that Isreal can easily become, by vice of its size and the truth Isrealis are not special humans whose offers will always be superior, expendable.

It is not even the black gold that is the curse of people in the middle east. Oil is only partly an issue in that it has allowed for wealth that has in turn made possible rapid advancement and revealed to the former colonizers that mentalities in the region were not sufficiently worked over during colonialism. People here were left with enough brains to see a way to own and benefit from a resource in lands they own, in sharp contrast to Sub-Saharan Africa that was clubbed so hard on the cranium it is a complete basket case incapable of benefiting as much as Arabs from any resource it owns. Oil has indeed hastened the time period the middle east would have needed to rise from brain bashed formerly colonized people to a group that gets their act together and starts gaining ground in progress but it is not the problem.

The real problem is a system or culture that believes in hegemony, a paranoid culture that has enjoyed the benefits of cultural imperialism to the maximum ... got obese on it, genocidal, murderous, insane and unsightly but remained desirable not just to every other tribe outside its realm, but to a significant number within the culture itself, because the culture retained the capacity to control how it is perceived thanks to cultural primacy. The west cannot allow things to change at this point in time because, once the culture is not primary, or central, there will be nothing left to keep it from being stripped down to the bare essentials. When all is bared, out in the open, people will run away. The culture will become despised in fact with nothing left to prevent it becoming obsolete.

Read Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" out of the box, i.e., not as a recomended academic work of some repute, but as a blueprint for an agenda. The factors he thinks will constrain the progress of "globalisation" become enemy cultures when the term globalisation is substituted with globalizm or "cultural primacy/imperialism or hegemony", and you will understand the fact that central to Huntington's thesis in this book is the fear outlined before ... fear of a culture losing its central position.

The problem is indeed the permanent quest for cultural supremacy, a quest that makes the culture's interests mutually exclusive with every other tribal or national interest, even that of prospective ones, and ultimately at odds with the very manner the universe operates. Its properties as indeed the course of our own evolution tells us in many ways that change is constant. Those who go to extreme lengths attempting to prevent change ultimately find that time itself has become an enemy.

As things currently stand for the west, the tears of others are viewed as their joy. Any sign the other is having it better than they are is experienced as their tears ... a threat. Reacting on these cues, destroying, then preventing other races or tribes from regaining the capacity to advance, from getting their act together, becomes the preoccupation of the culture. And when the concept of tribal survival is fully grasped, then, of course, its opposite meaning becomes a cultural preocupation. Breeding itself, a function of survival, becomes a threat to one's tribe and has to be curtailed in others or, better yet, stopped completely. The culture becomes obsessed with genocide and this fact has been clear from recent history.

Furher Henry Kissinger and David Rockerfeller exemplified this cultural mindset in their works and words. Henry Kissinger was the architect of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, a program that was based on fear of the change that inevitably results with time's passage. This program was designed to prevent the risk population increase in an underpopulated, constantly copulating third world, posed to America's (read the west) access to the continent's resources. The third world in question had been through genocides engendered by invadors seeking slaves, and land, that had reduced their numbers significantly. They needed to increase their numbers to previous pre-slavery, pre-colonial levels to cope in the new, nation state era, and were already doing a good job of this. They were set to survive by the mere act of breeding, but, somewhere in the world, a parasitic, parochial, optionless entity saw this survival potential by procreation as a threat.
Dangerous tunnel vision.

David Rockerfeller is known to have effectively remarked to a hall of school children that ethnic minorities in America can only be useful as sacrifices on the altar of white well-being. Without this sacrifice, whites would be a doomed, pityful lot. The actual statement was of a rose representing the white race and the buds that grow up around it representing the sacrficial races.

The mistake should not be made of seeing this reality in racial terms. Race itself is used as an instrument of cultural primacy. The truth of the matter is that the culture cares not what race someone really is. All it sees are threats. Its tentacles of control do not just reach out to other tribes, but inside the same culture where many are subjected to like or worse terror and sacrifice on the altar of cultural primacy's survival. The culture created the race divide and knows that it will collapse as soon as the culture loses its central position.

The quest to enforce cultural primacy at every turn is the true culprit in all of this, the end-point, the final explanation. It is the reason the afflicted culture or tribe, the leading culture of our era in this case, goes to extreme lengths keeping the poor groping in the dark, confused, at a disadvantage, bereft of essential enlightenment. Tactical nukes, much confusion and perpetual internecine strife for Arabs. Iatrogenic germs, and other infectious agents with a fresh Fort Detrick sticker on their side, accompanied by a smokescreen disease that keeps the natives looking in the wrong places for cause and solution, complete with its overly toxic killer medications, etc., for Sub-Saharan Africa, and a parrallel justice system that weeds out threats to the order using covert warfare in the culture's bastion. The system of covert elimination here is so refined one should not be surprised why, for example, the efforts of many conscientious westerners following dictates of their conscious when they take on cases of paedofilia in high places, among those in authority, have borne little fruit.

The genocidal aspirations have the potential to succeed if the part of the world they are targetted against does not wake up to this truth, especially if it doesn't wake up to the means in employ to actualize the devilish intentions.

For example, since the eighties, the number of spy satellites hovering over third world skies has increased, and they are not there to help farmers in Kenya in one way or another, as the mainstream media would have us believe. Factually, they are doing their bit to bolster surveillance and afford a more effective manner of affecting common, innocuous pathogens. They are the eyes in the sky that monitor all and manipulate events so that the western program and agenda prevails, and this sometimes entails directed murders perpetrated by ground recruits (locals in it for the money oblivious of the fact they are working for their own demise) or directly from the satellite's onboard directed energy weapon arsenal. Much research is also being conducted on unwitting people on the ground, controlling the course of their lives, often destroying them gratuitously as these powers refine their capacity to destroy.

Make no mistake about the truth this is really happening, whether it involves determining the national attitude towards ebola that is enforced by getting rid of those who are influential and could affect public opinion, or who gets to outlive their tenure.

It should come as no surprise that, today, many in Sub-Saharan Africa express the belief good people, especially those doing good work for their communities, don't live long. Question we need to ask to get the whole picture is why anyone would entertain this idea when, clearly, death can only be random? What is really happening is this that Africans know something very wrong is going on in their communities. They have observed a trend but lack the imagination to know how deeply into their communities foreigners can and have decided to reach with technology, the means they are using and the convictions driving them (how else can a foreign power keep a group backward than by covert murders of their best once they are noticed?). The state of mind that resorts to mysticism or religion to explain an observed reality can only result when the technology and organization used to affect what people perceive is beyond the majority's imagination.

Much time, thought, effort and energy has gone into perfecting the methods used to keep other cultures in the past, and, crucially, remotely controllable. They have evolved to the point today it is different strokes for different folks. This means they are tailor made for cultural, religious, racial, regional or national realities ... each target group getting just that which suits their thinking, that which makes them make mistakes that play into the enemy's hand, that which keeps the agenda veiled while wreaking havoc. The natives keep pointing fingers of blame at each other, loathing each other. It should all be as the Roman General Tacitus, living in a culture the current one succeeded , wanted it to remain when he said: <"i>may the tribes retain, if not love for us, then hatred for each other".

Suffice to conclude that the methods in employ to keep the third world bakward and vulnerable are constantly getting updated to adapt to the times as cultures react to changing circumstances. If, as a result of increasing awareness, it becomes impossible to make the natives undermine their own selves in politics of the belly frenzies, drones and fighter jet bombardment, satellite murder and manipulations, then occupation by foreign forces in countries where few would have thought it possible or necessary will occur and become the norm.

In order to assure our survival in such a world, we need to recognize the nature of the foe we face (cultural primacy), we need to acknowledge a state of war and understand why it is not declared in order to stay above the lies and, lastly, we require to make a response to all this and, given we are so backward, this response has to be assymetrical. The response should suffice to raise the consciousness of the grassroots ... We require to raise our guard to the point we are no longer as oblivious of realities around us, as such develop the capacity to not only monitor our surroundings, but devise workable means of detecting and undoing damage caused by the many covert attacks we have been subjected to to date.

We will need the help of our best to achieve all of this and the best way of securing their guidance in this process is to learn to spot and protect them before our enemy does. We will not survive unless our best survive. This, trust me, is the surest way of stopping the cultural imperialist in his tracks.

Monday, 8 June 2015

An Anomaly in my TI Experience and the Confirmation/Revelation it Makes

Whenever I relocate, I experience what I call a "grace" period ... a period when I get little or no covert attacks and evidence of this is there for me to feel and all to see. For starters, I suffer no sleep deprivation, I gain weight, regain muscle definition, Look much younger and frown less while out and about, etc. I meet fewer people who are at pains to have me know they know who I am and what I had for dinner, what I posted online and so forth. I get even fewer people in public places, especially congregation centers I happen upon attempting to convince those they are conversing with that I am some kind of deviant, doing their all to affect my isolation.

This period lasts from a few days to weeks. As attacks gradually resume, rising in intensity until they reach the "normal" level, I start hearing again a dual frequency tone that becomes permanent as soon as it is night and if I want to walk come morning then I should sleep inside a faraday cage surrounded by sound absorbing material. A heat spot latches on to me and stays put irregardless of time, roof cover, weather or temperature, and is felt from only one direction at a time, rising in intensity during meals and sleep. I start waking up in the middle of the night choking, apparently from fumes rising from my own body because I only find relief when I shower down. And, lo, the groups that stand at key points along the routes I take on foot are back, saying pretty much the same things, making the same statement ...

These experiences, coupled with the truth the "normal" also follows me when I lodge at addresses I have spent much time at before, suggests that the "all-clear" for full fledged attacks is not given until some factors about an address are checked, double checked and verified ... until that address is secured for directed energy attacks and other methods of attack that belong by the variant of covert warfare.

I believe this is because covert warfare, for instance cause stalking (an activity that entails complete invasion of a life as a way to affect progressive personality destruction, utilizing sophisticated technologies and methods, culminating in the elimination of an individual feared by people in positions of power/authority), involves the use of methods and implements that are out of the ordinary and if a location is not sealed off then the wierd events are bound to be picked up by locals, more specifically local intelligence. Activities such as theatre, crowding, open harrassment, and the abundant use of directed energies require that a location be secured by any means possible, to prevent the operation losing its covert nature, that entail that, for instance, the connivance of a number of secret service operatives in the area, especially their superiors, that is sufficient to keep the activities from raising the wrong eyebrows in the agency, which could lead to unwanted investigation, is garnered.

I take it for granted, therefore, that key local intelligence agents get involved. They have to get involved otherwise the secrecy of as loud an operation as covert warfare is cannot be guaranteed.