Monday, 1 October 2007

Exposure Alone Doesn't Explain Why Perp's Dread Camcorders

Camcorders have magical effects on perps. I know for one that they have helped me clear up entire crowds at bus stops and other locations, including offices. At home, when I placed them outside the house, filming the entrances and windows, the perps living close enough to be heard through the boards of their floor (my roof) displayed the most unusual behavior, for example not following through with the fake routine of the male going out to work in the morning at the usual time, only suddenly literary rushing out of the house at the exact same moment that the recording device is turned off or malfunctions. On one occasion I deployed the camera in the window right after I saw the male walk into the shop next door. I saw him walk out of the store then suddenly turn away, in a trance-like state, as though he was listening to commands on some hidden ear piece, then walk all the way around the block, only to re-enter the property through the back door.

These individuals are definitely very afraid of being caught on camera.

There are a few good reasons as to why perps are excessively camera shy, the most obvious being the covert nature of their operation. Recordings of odd behavior allow a target to prove the existence of such activities at the same time providing evidence they are targets of organized stalking.

The other is of course the fact perps are aware what they are doing is illegal. They can be prosecuted for activities that impinge on other people's freedoms/rights even when the link to organized stalking cannot be established. Stalking is an offence punishable by law in many countries, if it can be proven.

Though these are good enough reasons as to why perps are camera shy, they do not suffice to explain why the most go to the observed lengths to avoid the camera, sometimes clearing away from or avoiding walking through a location where it is perfectly legal to be while they are visibly doing nothing wrong. If they know they are being filmed, then the simplest thing to do is act normal. Instead, as soon as they become aware they are on camera, they almost always scamper like spotted monkeys.

Recordings I have made since I took to filming my surroundings reveal, without a shred of doubt, that most perps prefer to avert their entire face when they see a camera, or disappear from the scene completely, a stupid thing to do because it makes them easily identifiable as perps, in instances where they have the option of acting normal and getting away with it. To date, this has included situations where I have filmed people doing nothing other than legally strolling down the street, who have averted their faces in the guiltiest of manners, at the oddest of moments. These recordings must be seen to be believed because within them can be seen people oblivious to the existence of the camera(s) and, in contrast, others behaving very oddly indeed. Some people act as though they already know the device is there but have no choice but to walk that way.

My theory about the criteria by which perps are selected, especially their aberrant therefore blackmail prone background offers a viable explanation of this. Some of these perps could very well be people who are doing their part because they have been offered a bargain, not by some criminal syndicate, but the law itself. They could be their paid killers by profession, the kind who give themselves in after they have commited a crime because they know they can walk out the back door after a few months, when the legal process is done, the bereaved and prosecuting parties have moved on in life and there is no need to check on them. Society after all believes they are safely doing their time behind bars, not knowing how violated the social contract upon which the prison system is founded has become.

They could be other types of known offenders too. They could even be foreign nationals wanted in their lands of origin for crimes against humanity who have exchanged refuge from the law in their countries for covert elimination activities in another.

Living where nobody can recognize them, the last thing they want is a recording of their likeness on a target's camera that could be passed on to the internet or other medium, displayed then maybe recognized by the wrong person.

It would follow logically from this that not only would the perp get in trouble, but the entire existence of a system so infiltrated it can let such characters free, even offer them a service or job that is in itself an affront to civil society, would be exposed.

This means the avoidance of cameras is mandated. It must be an integral part of the perp's training.

This knowledge should also free a lot of people constantly getting mobbed, or gangstalked out of their lives. There's more fresh air to be had when armed with preferably a camcorder than a mere camera. My advise is that you do not make it obvious you are filming the first time around, that you introduce it to those areas that you have become aware are infested with the vermin. Whip it out one day and those who will not appear thereafter will in most probability be perps who cannot afford to have their faces recognized. There will be a group who can afford exposure and, to deal with them, keep the lid off the lens as you sit at your work or stroll down the street. You will suddenly discover that the cruel and abrasive comments and behavior that followed you wherever you went is suddenly a thing of the past as everyone around you tries their level best to behave like civilized beings.

It's at such times that one should wonder what recourse there would be for targets if descent governments took over, and their snitches, who would be drawn from the conscientious crowd, would not be afraid of being seen or have what they say heard by people other than their stalking group and the target. At least then it will be painfully clear who the sinner is.


Anonymous said...

well, i don't want my face on someone's stupid home video or tourist video.

if you're in a crowd and you start filming, chances are most people won't want to be in your movie.

Mukazo Vunda said...

Is there a difference between someone following you for blocks on end, then suddenly crossing the street and retracting their steps after seeing you take out a camera and start shooting, and a case of a tourist with camera at the ready making people dodge for cover when he/she aims the camera in their direction.

Though these are two totally different reactions, they are both absurd.

It is true most people will not want to be in somebody else's movie, but chances they will react in any of the manners depicted above are slim. Most people do react to cameras, but this reaction is completely different from how a perp is prone to react. The most important reason for this is people are secure in the knowledge what they are doing is perfectly sane and legal. They will avert their eyes, get out of the way, calmly, sometimes even letting out a shy laugh or something, but never dodge or change the direction they were coming from.

Besides, the proliferation of cameras today means most people have learnt to ignore them, even when they are pointing their direction. You need to check out both tourist and non-tourist spots for confirmation of this.

Perp reaction to a camera, however, borders on the absurd, to say the least. My experience says it borders on the insane. If they do not have a hidden camera and they are aware they are being followed, targets most often start filming when they already have a suspect, so that the perp is taken by surprise and always reacts as nobody in their right minds would...

As I mention in the article, I have sometimes cleared an entire bus station by just whipping out a camera at an unexpected moment. The circumstances under which this is bound to happen are not made clear in the article. This kind of thing usually happens in situations where perps have enough time and knowledge about my destination to congregate at the right spot, to wait for me and torture my mind, work on my self-confidence as part of the personality destruction routine. These masses of people will soon become a pain in my rear every time I arrive at a given location. After realizing the situation is not normal, I decide to film it and show it to the world.

Frankly, I would have better success if I filmed covertly.

Another thing you come to learn as a targeted individual is that when you go about your daily business with a camera held in full view of the public to those places where a lot of stalking occurs, for example places where people pass nasty remarks, behave as if they are all knowing, say things personal to your life, the sight of that camera that day usually makes everybody behave, but then only for that day.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on.