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Demystifying a Continent: Tactical Confusion in an Undeclared Germ Warfare Scenario

By Mukazo Mukazo Vunda
24th August 2010

It cannot be denied there is a deadly disease that has been widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa for the past two to three decades, that has claimed millions of lives to date, with most of the victims displaying “wasting disease” like symptoms before their demise. This affliction is definitely refractory to the immune system, meaning that it switches the immune system off, leaving the body vulnerable to infections it would otherwise fight with ease.

Some say there isn’t a single family that hasn’t been directly touched by this pandemic, especially in central, eastern and southern Africa. Here, people exist who have lost all, or almost all of their family members to this disease, while others have had to contend with the loss of loved partners, most of their friends, sometimes most of those they grew up with.

The crisis persists today, with no sight of light at the end of the tunnel. As Africans mourn and bury their dead, as the prospect of individual and community demise looks them strait in the eye, a few questions must be asked about this exigency. In light of what is an obvious failure to contain the illness, the questions we ask must begin with the method employed in this battle. They must question whether it is in fact sufficient and appropriate as a response to the nature and magnitude of the threat. They must question what it is we are fighting against, whether we really have the full picture. We need to establish what it is we are doing wrong, and how we can correct matters. It is only when we fully comprehend what we are up against that we can successfully map a way out of the maze we are stuck in otherwise this problem will remain a permanent aspect of our communities for some time to come.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see, on the basis of information such as age clustering in cemeteries, that there is no accident to this so called HIV/AIDS calamity. It is plain to see, without the need for extensive research, on the basis of that which is visible alone, that it is all deliberate. The germ at the center of the crisis was intentionally created. It is definitely a synthetic virus, and it was not made for the whole world, but for Sub-Saharan Africa alone, including in this bracket a few other places outside the realm of this region that are on the radar of those who are fixated on genocide. This statement may seem to be mere certitude, but it becomes certainty when facts that require a bit more investigation are used as supporting arguments. Some of them are:

(a) The whole HIV/AIDS testing process is bogus. It is not standardized so different labs will interpret the same results differently. It lacks a true “gold standard” given the HIV virus has never been isolated in pure form. It is not reproducible, meaning the test fails when tested against itself.
(b) The HIV/AIDS pandemic has affected Sub-Saharan Africa the most even though the amount of sexual activity, the rate at which people change sexual partners, and the amount of safe sex people are having is borne out by yearly statistics that show the numbers who contract STI’s. They are more or less the same on all continents, with the curious exception of HIV.
(c) What is happening in Sub-Saharan Africa today is unprecedented. This is to say there is no sexually transmitted disease in known history, whether syphilis or gonorrhea, that has spread as fast as HIV did in Africa for the simple reason people, without regard for race or creed, do not have as much sex as would make it possible for so many to get infected in as short a period of time as it took for Africa to have as many as 1 in 4 sexually active adults infected. You can do the math yourself. Check this rationalization for validity by studying the rate of spread of both syphilis and gonorrhea before and in the present when cures have been found. The information needed for study is available online, and in local libraries.

Here we are, standing with, on the one hand, a test that can turn positive even when used on isolated tribes in the middle of nowhere who have never had contact with foreigners and, on the other hand, an unprecedented spread of a sexually transmitted disease impossible to replicate even when rabbit sexual behavior is used as a model.

What is revealed, as we take the issue apart in this way, is the fact the official theory’s insistence that it is a sexually transmitted disease is a fraud, and so is the belief the HIV virus is the chief culprit. How does a virus that is heavily reliant on mammal organism temperature body fluid transfer for transmission spread faster than syphilis, and why is HIV/AIDS the only disease out there that is not standardized and has a detection test without a true gold standard?

The whole thing stinks of an impromptu international, economically motivated process, not a scientific one. The only viable conclusion that can be drawn about this concoction of realities is that the HIV/AIDS Theory of Origin and HIV/AIDS Test were haphazardly put together to legitimize the “named” disease in the minds of the world citizenry. They needed something to act as a smokescreen for an actual biological, and possibly chemical attack on Africa intended to cull the race, which is why the course of the pandemic is not in keeping with known facts about STI’s, for example the fact it is spreading faster in some regions than others, and that, in Africa, it is rampant among people exposed to modern health care facilities. This is one reason we can be sure that famous people who are dying from the affliction are in fact murdered to drive the message home that the affliction/smokescreen is real. The information gained to date on this disease, especially regarding the manner it impacted Sub-Saharan Africa, exposes anomalies that leave no doubt Sub-Saharan Africa is being played, and the continent is mystified. The reality there is indeed something out there killing Africans points to the fact the continent is in the throes of a Germ Warfare Offensive.

Africa is under attack. The war that is being waged against the continent is covert, meaning it has not been declared.

For those who may not be aware, Germ Warfare is war in which biological entities are utilized as weapons, just as chemicals are the weapons used in what is known as chemical warfare. There are very few reported cases of such warfare that was overt. This is not because those who use such weapons have a conscious, but because the success of biological and chemical attacks depends on this method. The best way to maximize casualties in the enemy camp is not to warn them of an imminent attack. Chemicals and biological agents cannot be seen, sometimes they cannot be smelt or felt until they have done their damage. They do not make noise like bombs or bullet fire that alert the targets to the attack, and makes them seek cover, which minimizes the casualties. This is the advantage that these weapons have over other, so called conventional weapons. To announce an attack is to take this advantage away. If the targets know they are under chemical or biological attack, they will take measures to protect themselves that may turn out to be effective enough to significantly reduce the casualty count.

What is known, recorded and acknowledged by countries with such weapons in their arsenal-which would be the Developed World, for example the USA or Russia-the number of times they have deployed such means in the theater of war, or in tests using unsuspecting, unwitting populations as guinea pigs, is actually in accordance with the manner the so called HIV/AIDS pandemic has affected Africa. The question we must ask about this obvious case of an attack is: what is preventing this knowledge from becoming public in Africa? Why are our governments sticking to the official theory when it obviously doesn’t make any sense. After all, all of our lives, including those of the very people who do not want to hear, see nor speak evil, are at stake. It should be clear by now, even to the dimwitted, that our survival depends on exposing the truth.

What has become very clear now is that the official theory is being forced on all of us, and it may be the case that our government officials also have a knife held to their necks. What we need to find out is who the powers behind this are, and to what end are they waging this war on us? Those who are proposing alternative theories, including others offering remedies, are being frustrated. A lot of times they are being murdered.

German Physician, author Wolfe Geisler, who visited Zimbabwe some time in the past, was shot dead after making a speech at a book fare in Egypt on the subject matter of his book titled “Aids, Spread and Healing”. Credo Mutwa of South Africa, a scientist, historian and herbalist, lost his sister, Mary Zebalungu Mutwa, after she spoke out against the Catholic Church’s refusal to support condom use. She was clubbed to death and placed inside a car in order to simulate death by car accident. His wife died in Mafikeng hospital shortly after promoting a cure. An autopsy revealed a 3 inch spike inside her body. His mentor, Mama Minaih Mkalipi, was brutally murdered after promoting her own cure called Vulindaba.

What all this means is that in African countries-the same can be suspected in other regions, a parallel system of justice has been created around this issue that is sentencing people without affording them the right to a fair trial. In a democracy, this only means very powerful people are making sure there are no comebacks, which is very odd. What these people want, and are brutally enforcing, is for there to be no alternative theories or cures until they say so. There should not even be placebos that are a necessary alternative in a case where the disease at hand has no known cure. Placebos have been scientifically proven to cure intractable conditions but, apparently, this should not be an option where HIV/AIDS is concerned. Could there be a simple secret about the pestilence that they want protected? One thing we can be sure about from this violent, illegal and inhuman approach is the images we see about this disease are all planned. This is to say that the way the disease is ravaging AFRICA is the way this group of people want the pandemic to look. The scale of the pandemic is serving their interests well.

The story of how we got where we are now is simple, but a very long one. It is in part a political development, and has also in part relied on advances made in research into biological and chemical warfare. It is clear the need to control the Third World was always there, but there was no efficient manner of accomplishing the objective. The catalyst was found when scientists, working around the clock and coordinating internationally, finally made breakthroughs that, for the first time ever, made it possible to engineer a pathogen that could only infect some races. The political developments are household knowledge by now, but we can be sure of the scientific effort because of the Flowchart, the missing link document that provides the guts of the research logic of a US Federal program that seeks to kill, that made it possible that, for the first time ever, it became possible to make diseases that could only kill either blacks, or whites. The flowchart removes the curtain from AIDS. It also enables us to identify some of the people who work in the shadows of the curtain. Credit for the discovery and deciphering of this document goes to the late Boyd E. Graves.

At the center of this story lies imperialism and its ambition, which is to own the total human and natural resources of the continent of Africa. The imperialists have always been busy making sure Africa could not claim ownership of its resources. They realized, however, that their efforts would amount to nothing in a future where the continent’s populations were increasing exponentially. They had to do something, and the answer was provided by a Dr. Wautor Basson of South Africa who developed DNA profiling protocols that made it possible to genetically distinguish race. This technology was shared with others in the west, and would later be used by scientists working at Fort Detrick, Maryland, the US Army’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Research Facility, to create what today is known as the HIV/AIDS virus, or, as logic suggests, a number of pathogens that are refractory to the immune system.

What remained thereafter was to make the project national policy, and so in 1974, Furher Henry Kissinger produced NSSM 200, a chilling, cynical document. The backbone of this document read: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World”. It stated, in no uncertain terms, that the issue was “a matter of vital US security”

Right before NSSM 200 was implemented, it was the only document of discussion at the world population conference in Bucharest, Romania, in 1974. Here, it was unanimously decided to go with the motion.

Do you believe the nerve of these people? Do you see how blatant the whole thing was done? Do you realize that the MO is the same as that being applied today concerning the scare of Global Warming whereby, before you know it, the carbon tax bill is shoved through your door, and you will be damned if you do not pay. It is the same as the Bird Flu scare where pharmaceutical companies are in fact gearing up for the next outbreak of a disease that is genetically engineered, so that they can destroy nations if this is the manner they can create mountains of cash. Remember here that, in all these separate instances, companies and personalities are meeting themselves around corners, signing pacts and agreements that are in their interests. A typical example of a company meeting itself around corners is Baxter International that is on record making a Vaccine Patent Application for a number of viruses, of which the H1N1 virus, another synthetically created virus, is one. All is well and fine if it is just about patent application. The fact of the matter is that Baxter International filed the patent on the 28th of August 2008. This patent was published in March of 2009, a good 1 month before the actual virus was released in Mexico. This means the patent was filed a good 7 months before the strain was officially recognized.

Likewise in the mid 70’s they set the mood of the world up by magnifying the risk population increase was to civilization, if not humankind’s very survival, then implemented policies that required the reduction of the populations of Third World countries in the selfish interests of the Developed World, especially America. They worked together to develop and deploy contagious diseases in Africa, initiating a covert war of extermination that is still raging right now as we speak, all in order to control the continent’s total resources. Do you get the picture now? Do you see that there is here no room for coincidence. They are applying the very same trick in all these situations, fooling the people all the time.

It was not enough to bioengineer a pathogen that selectively kills, then invent some bogus testing process for it, and have it ravish and depopulate the Third World. It could not work like that. As usually happens in human societies, whenever a new disease threatens their survival, they do all in their power to confine it. Such measures include home made cures and placebos. The people who made the new pathogen knew that such measures could sometimes be effective. They knew they had to make the new disease special so that people didn’t do anything with the potential to affect the outcome. They came up with the idea of creating a plague like pestilence, a leprosy like disease that was sexually transmitted. Those who got the disease had to be highly promiscuous, therefore personally to blame for what was happening to them. That way, when it started decimating the community, the targets would not care enough about the sufferers to do those things that would change the course the pandemic took.

The fact that is known and exploited by those with the capacity to launch Germ Warfare Offensives of this nature is that, in an undeclared war scenario, it can only succeed when the targets fall prey to a maneuver meant to cause “Tactical Confusion”. Once tactically confused, the victims fail to know what has hit them, how they have been affected, who is responsible, to what end they are under attack. Victims in such an offensive are made to cooperate with their own control or elimination by:

(a) deliberate confusion through misinformation that those who initiate the war spew forth
(b) confusion by the effects of the actual attack on their mentality or, as the case in Africa is today
(c) leaving them alone to their own devices when it becomes apparent that, for lack of discretion, they will diligently follow a tried and tested method for combating outbreaks of disease that is nonetheless not suited to the case in point, that will backfire on their community. The actions a community confused in this manner undertakes to save themselves from what they perceive as the foe will in fact aid the objectives of the attack, which is exactly what Africa has been doing to date. The bottom line is that we Africans may have succeeded in affecting the very population control goals that motivated this war by our own actions.

The good news today is that God, Lesa Mulungu, Jehovah or Allah is on our side. This war has not been lost. The point of no return has definitely not been reached yet.

Because this disease was made for Africans, only an inappropriate reaction by Africans has the potential to change this fact. This means that it is up to us, up to each and every one of us, to make the difference. We have to act now, before it is too late.

We shall not turn the tables and win this war if we believe it is somebody else’s problem. We shall not win this war if we believe our individual contribution will be too little too late. Each one of us needs to understand that our little straw of a contribution may actually be the one that breaks the donkey’s back.

We have to regroup. We have to get our act together and getting our act together entails taking action to correct what we know is wrong. Acting also means going out there and enlightening yourself. Investigate everything. Investigate this article. Investigate the official, green monkey theory. Go out there and find out who is doing the right thing, and who is criminally inclined, who is in league with the devil.

As Bob Marley put it, it is time we stopped being the ones to whom things are done, terrible things most of the time, and instead do that which empowers our lot. It is time to empower ourselves so that we meet others on equal terms. We can do this if we all add our little stone to the effort. We can do it and succeed, asymmetrically or conventionally, as long as we are not confused about the situation. We need to “turn our wheels and not care who falls”, otherwise our survival as a group is not assured.

Such a stance will be correct even in the case this is not a synthetic, man made disease, even in the case it is HIV/AIDS. We have lost too many people to this disease to be concerned about appearances, to remain contended with the “know your status”, “preach abstinence” or “punish those who infect others” approach. The knowledge we have gained about the current response to the crisis after twenty years of application should be telling enough.

I have to quote from a source whose concerns were quite removed from the matter at hand to show how the technique we are applying in the battle to confine this pandemic is aiding those who are waging this war on us in their objectives, and why it will inevitably turn out to be our nemesis, unless reassessed and changed. Karl Marx, a man whose insights have contributed immensely to how societies are run in our time, whether capitalist or communist, once aptly pointed out that:

Man is first of all a natural being. As a natural being and a living natural being, he is endowed on the one hand with natural powers, vital powers…These powers exist in him as aptitudes, instincts. On the other hand, as an objective, natural, physical, sensitive being, he is a suffering, dependent and limited being…that is, the objects of his instincts exist outside him, independent of him, but are objects of his need, indispensable and essential for the realization and confirmation of his substantial powers.

What Marx is saying here is that human beings, in fact all sentient beings, have basic needs without which they cannot survive. These needs exist in nature, external to the creature (also of nature), and can only be obtained and utilized by contact or struggle with nature. It is only when man is sufficiently successful in this pursuit that he makes possible “the realization and confirmation of his substantial powers”.

Looked at holistically, when we understand that individual man doesn’t have what it takes to survive in nature without the help of the group, then the individual lives of men become nothing more than that which is central to the survival of the whole of the species, the overall wellbeing of which they rely on for support, protection and, inevitably, individual survival. What this means is it is only through group action, through working together, that any species, any race, any community, can make it through the ages. The group, then, is the organism. Our individual lives are mere constituents of this organism. This is the basis of the holistic view. From this, we can see that the rate of success of individual members of a group in their struggle with nature is an indicator of how viable the species at large is in nature. The group is thriving when a critical number of members of the community are succeeding, when they are, as Marx would have it, not alienated from the product of the physical and mental effort they put into their struggle with nature.

There can be no doubt about the basic needs Marx has in mind here. There is, however, a particular need, no less basic than the others, that is overlooked in such discourse, either because its direct link to survival is not as straightforward as, say, eating, or it is impertinent to the subject matter (which is the case with Marx’s “alienation of labor”).

This basic need is reproduction, the essential activity of which is sex. It goes without saying that, without sex, without reproduction, our individual genes die, and if a significant number in a group do not reproduce, then the group at large becomes weak, and may die. We may eat abundantly, have clean air, water and good shelter, and may as such live full lives, but this will count for nothing if we do not reproduce. Like all the other basic needs, sex exists outside the creature, and can only be actualized through interaction with nature (the opposite sex within the organism/species).

It cannot be denied that the need to have sex is hardwired and prioritized in our genes, just like the need to eat, and must find expression in the individual life of as many of us as will be critical to the survival of the species. It is not for nothing that our body structures are designed and our everyday activities enacted with procreation in mind. The two sexes (male and female) are shaped, smell, behave and dress differently in order to:
(a) distinguish between the two sexes
(b) attract the opposite sex
(c) perform sufficiently sexually and, in the case of males, be strong enough or clever enough to provide protection for the female and offspring
(d) Be considered by the opposite sex, by appearance, behavior or social standing, as capable of producing healthy, intelligent and robust offspring.

The sexual drive can as such be considered powerful, so powerful controlling it, for any end whatsoever, without regard for this importance, would backfire on the individual, as indeed the community. It would inevitably lead to repressed, aberrant behavior, which is what has happened in Africa today, which has incidentally been observed in social groups where sexual abstinence is a requirement. Some people can abstain from sex without experiencing any adverse behavioral effects, but not all people will be able to resist the urge to the same extent, especially not when the situation is meant to last for life.

Subconsciously, the being realizes that when the need to reproduce cannot be fulfilled, there is very little left to live for. What is the purpose of wanting to remain attractive to the opposite sex when the entire sequence and culmination of human sexual behavior cannot be attained because one has been barred from having sex or offspring by a condition? What is the point of surviving when the survival of one’s very genes is not possible? It has incidentally been ascertained that controlling any part of the breeding process without regard for holism adversely affects the species at large. China has changed the natural, species determined balance of males and females in society in its attempt to control the number of children individual families can have.

When the effects of what is referred to as the HIV/AIDS pandemic were starting to be felt in Africa, campaigns to control the spread of this new threat were launched in earnest. As time went by, it became evident that the crisis was worsening, the vigor in the efforts to control the germ notwithstanding. The situation soon went from bad to worse, and the numbers of the infected shot up. Africa’s response was to intensify the campaigns. The legislative arm of some governments got involved and laws were passed that criminalized the intentional infection of others with the HIV/AIDS virus.

It is not wrong to take the kind of normative action we are currently taking to combat the threat that this pathogen represents to individuals and the community at large, and I stress again the normative nature of such action. However, it would not be wrong to conclude from how it has impacted our community that there is something wrong with the technique. It is clearly evident that things have gotten out of hand rather than improved, and all African society is suffering as a result. In fact, all of African society has subsequently, inadvertently been turned into a high risk group.

The problem arises from the reactions the populace at large makes in response to the projected crisis that, when combined, turn the community inside out. Today, close to 4 million deaths from HIV/AIDS occur per year on the African continent alone. Populations in individual African countries are now no increasing as fast as they are known to, and there are fears of societies with less young people than old ones. Future prognostications indicate a further significant drop in numbers of especially the young, and it is evidently not due to deaths from this germ alone. The factor responsible for this turn of events, one that is not being addressed, is the reality a significant number of the sexually active, infected or not, is not finding it possible to have as many children as generations before them did. A significant number of Africans, especially young adults, now have a minuscule or no reproductive role to play for their community, more so in countries where 1 in 4 are infected with the virus.

In African society at large, four main groups of negative responses precipitated by the misguided method that is applied in the fight against the scourge of HIV/AIDS can be identified: those made by the HIV/AIDS positive, the virus free, the dissenters to the official theory, and others who would not dare discover the truth about their status.

(1) (The HIV/AIDS Positive)
Reactions that people made, and continue to make when they discover their HIV/AIDS positive status can be melodramatic. Cases are reported of mothers abandoning babies, families rejecting relatives who have the virus, people committing suicide, while others don’t just take their own lives, but those of others close to them. The ones who decide to go through life with their affliction face a wall of social attitudes that make the quest almost impossible. They are literally hounded into reclusive mentalities by discriminatory social attitudes that include “leper like” treatment. They basically die psychologically, which may even hasten their actual, physical demise. Left isolated and lonely, with a deep sense of alienation and impeding genetic demise, a lot of people in this group become negative, often antisocial in their thinking. Many take to stealth to get some relief from their situation.

(2) The HIV/AIDS Negative
The reproductive activity of those who are free from infection that, under the circumstances, is absolutely essential to the continent’s survival is unnecessarily wrought with impediments and risks. The effect of this is that this group, like those who are infected, is also not able to reproduce as much as they otherwise would (legitimately [in marriage] and otherwise). Unless they already have a partner, they are forced to satiate a basic need in a jungle like environment where they are required to operate like commandos or even thieves in the night, to strike when it is safe, or when they think it is safe; to wear protection, and so on. They are exposed, unnecessarily, to people who are infected but pass for healthy because they have not developed AIDS, and others who would not dare know their status. They are exposed to an array of personalities, each of whom has reacted, in their own personal way, to the campaign to combat HIV/AIDS, or the threat of their demise from the pathogen. Unlike the previous group, their lives are not ruled by a sense of alienation from society, but they are inclined to see evil crouching everywhere. They are prone to project, to suspect others of evil intentions where their health is concerned and will, figuratively speaking, hurl objects at other members of society in an attempt to either unearth or frighten the devilishly inclined, in an attempt to unearth the dangers hidden beneath, groping for security, as it were, hoping this way to protect themselves from harmful contamination.

(3) The dissenters
Depending on the situation, their lives in this community can be akin to any of the other groups. They do not believe there is a virus out there but projection by those who believe the official theory more often than not places them in the infected category, largely because of their unconventional approach to the matter. They may take precautions when having sex, and only because it is the sensible thing to do, otherwise they are up against the same odds as the uninfected. They differ from the other groups as the only ones subject to intense anomy as individuals who live in society they believe has lost the plot.

(4) Those who would not dare know
They are following the dictates of their innermost self. Their decisions are ruled by fears that emanate from within the dark recesses of their subconscious. In this case they feel, more than the rest, the uselessness of life without the capacity to express an innate need, the impossibility of survival after rejection by family and friends and alienation from society. They blunder into the position of one who would rather not know, sometimes one who chooses to accept the risks involved in making such a choice, if by this they can live rather than exist.

The picture may not be as bleak everywhere in Africa as depicted here, but enough is already known about how people react to the HIV/AIDS situation for there to be certainty that it is in fact the majority of Africans who fit the four categories. The rest can be considered an insignificant minority. Efforts aimed at minimizing the discrimination that people with the condition suffer in society can be viewed as myopic reactions to misguided actions/campaigns. They ignore the full picture and concentrate only on an aspect of the whole, ignoring the many other reactions people are making that are making them, and their communities suffer, the many other torments individuals (infected or not) in such a society have to go through.

The one thing we can be aware of after exposure to this information is the fact the morale of African communities has been dealt a major blow. The ongoing corporate well-being of a continent where the majority survives on close to nothing, wallowing in abject poverty as it were, leaves much to be desired. Add to this a crisis such as this one and the only thing one can do is wish Africans strength. The situation is dire indeed.

But does this mean we have to let people, infected or not, have as much sex as is possible, if only we allow each and everyone to express an innate need, if only we prevent society from descending into mental chaos? Of course not! It would be a wrong, thoughtless manner of addressing a crisis the magnitudes of which we are confronted with in HIV/AIDS. In fact, the disease would simply get out of hand, and we would be in the very same position we are right now. Actions that would in effect amount to ignoring the threat would in most probability land us in more trouble than we are in right now.

What I am advocating is that we do those things that are well within our mental and physical capabilities, that do not require our countries to be rich enough to accomplish, that will not cause individuals to react instinctively and against the greater social good, reactions with the potential to eat society from within once a significant number of people are involved. The different approach I advocate entails first acknowledging the deliberate nature of this pandemic, seeing our people for their physical and mental role in the whole (holistic approach), and enabling them where possible. We should, of course, be concerned with removal of the insulting factor, which is only possible when we factor into the actions we take to combat this pandemic the “basic need” function of the activity that lies central to our efforts to combat the scourge. Rather than projecting a crisis to which people react in a manner that drastically reduces the population, we should attempt to make it possible for the race’s procreative potential to remain the same, without this meaning there should necessarily be a lot of what is termed “unsafe sex”, without throwing citizens into mental and emotional turmoil, without negatively impacting the well-being of the group.

The activities that will definitely make a difference, because they are a conscious, appropriate reaction to this exigency, can be summed up as:

(1) Helping people who are HIV/AIDS positive live lives that are as fulfilled as those who are not infected. To do this by rescuing them from social isolation, loneliness and the subsequently instilled, negative mindset. One way this can be achieved is through the creation of networking groups the likes of those seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki where victims of the fallout, who became a pariah class, found solace in others whose misery was akin to theirs.
(2) Taking these, and other actions that remove the stigma attached to the condition of HIV/AIDS and allows awareness to reign that this is not another man’s problem, but what it in fact is: society’s problem.
(3) Ensuring that this will not lead to lax attitudes where the contraction of HIV/AIDS is concerned. It is only when there is no threat of a psychological death, of becoming a pariah as a result of a positive HIV/AIDS status that the fear factor of being close to someone with HIV/AIDS will be eliminated. Those who have the virus will not feel compelled to pass for uninfected, while others will not be discouraged from taking the test.
(4) Removing the risks those who are not infected face as they seek to satiate a powerful, innate need.
(5) Using sense and science to make all Africans, infected or not, unrestrained in their procreative role for the continent, that is now ever more needed as our numbers dwindle fast. This does not mean encouraging sex between all groups, but ensuring the sexual paths of the two groups do not easily cross, and that the infected can also create progeny with the help of science.
(6) Helping foster our continent’s ongoing corporate well-being by releasing our people from the mental shackles put in place by a misguided approach to the combating of a Germ Warfare offensive (the “know your status”, abstinence preaching and punishment approach that encourages stealth, and subsequent projection/witch hunting, alienation, and negativity to reign supreme in the land).
(7) Eventually bringing up a generation free from germs of this nature.
(8) Raising the guard of the African so that this (the actual germ warfare offensive, and especially the self-destructive response to it) never happens again।

Look out for the new Documentary under the same title as this article, or go to and purchase Goba Ma Khosi, the book that expands on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Made to feed off each other's hearts turned cold. May be easy for me to say as a westerner, but I know what Africa is up against. They have not had the chance to develop a mentality that can know, let alone deal with such evil.

Anonymous said...

Your article is well written, informative, and very interesting, but very long. You should use pictures to attract attention and make reading through to the end less tiring.

Anonymous said...

Love your website and the blogs you have written. We Africans are up against the most barbaric force known to man which is NATO. I hope for the day when the African contient is free for such "civilized" barbarians and we Africans can carve up a new reality free from the influences of THE MAN. Free to build a new world without the prick/jerk life crushing our dreams.

Keep strong brother, the fight is not lost yet. *Wink Wink*

Mukazo Vunda said...

Thanks for the comments and I agree wholeheartedly with the last one. The west is Africa's worst enemy right now which is why we should be trying to deal with China completely if we understand China also knows the menace the west represents. They need strong trading partners because dependence on the west would prove catastrophic for their socio-economic prospects in the long run. It has in fact already started happening as witness the current trade war. It is imperative upon us to become the trading partner China needs and rid ourselves of dealing with the psychopathic, sick, retarded west for our own survival's sake.

Advice taken dear lady. I have re-edited the article and added images so it is less tiring to read.

Mukazo Vunda said...
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