Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Mark of the Beast

I know of a man who is currently sleeping in a lead box in order to find some release from the electronic attacks being launched against him 24/7. There are people living in houses covered wall to wall in sheet metal, and still others experiencing torture so intense history's mass murderers would be in awe if they were to witness it.

We are talking thousands of people who are imprisoned in their own homes, right here in the west that boasts more freedoms than any other culture, in cities where energy weapons have been distributed evenly among civilians, along households on every street. Other zombies armed with chemical and biological agents patrol these same streets, ready to surreptitiously smear or spray them at whoever has been marked for such targeting. Neighbourhoods where high priority targets live are turned overnight into high traffic zones, with the accompanying increase in crime rates and change in population demographics, both on the streets and businesses around where employees come and go. This means victims are being attacked wherever they are; in their homes, out strolling through the streets, in especially government buildings such as libraries, benefit houses, police stations, etc.

Next time you are sitting in a library and you suddenly sense your body is heating up as though you were sitting next to a heater, you suddenly feel fatigue in your limbs, dull pains on the inside of your body, especially the major organs; you suddenly feel as sleepy as when you are short on it, and even find yourself actually falling asleep, there is a big chance someone within the very building or adjoining has trained an energy weapon on your person. Word of advise: avoid such locations if you can. if you have to be there, then restrict the amount of time you spend. This limits the harm that can be done to your system.

Use a bike, or better yet, get a car or hop onto public transportation to get around, rather than walk through narrow streets with houses on either side, as this shortens the time you are exposed to individual weapons along the way, and if you have to jog, then buy yourself RF and ELF detectors so that you can map out your jogging route, otherwise restrict your jogging to industrial areas, sparsely populated neighbourhoods and parks.

There are people living in tunnels, under bridges, in parks, who are afraid to live in houses, choosing to sleep rough where at least they cannot be assailed by invisible bullets. It is obvious that quite a number of people must be dying each year from these attacks, among them both those who are victims of experimentation, and others who live in close proximity to the targets, including their children. We are witnessing more and more cases of infants succumbing to conditions uncommon at such tender ages, such as heart attacks, this itself a strong indication of exposure to untold attacks.

The living targets, and the thousands more being added to their ranks, exist like refugees in their own countries, outlaws on the run from the law/executioner, death row inmates waiting for the final hour.

These here are life circumstances in our times comparable to those of Jews who escaped transportation to the gas chambers, only to spend prolonged periods hiding out in all manner of constrained spaces, holes dug in the earth, cupboards and basements, not knowing when they will breathe the free air, happening right here in countries that proudly display the civilized banner.

It is easy to see the devil is in control already, and has been for the longest of times, putting on a very convincing masquerade as God, holy spirit and Christ, the very definition of the antichrist. In control of the means by which information is disseminated, he has turned reality upside down, controlling how people perceive him, and those he is afraid of, those he has marked for elimination. He presents himself as the intelligent and open minded one, the magnanimous, the angel; reaching out with a helping hand, looking out for and preventing the rise of the antichrist: the evil one out to kill everyone, the foaming at the mouth terrorist who unleashes terror for the sake of it.

Lucifer has appeal. He is even a role model for many around the globe. He has power with worldwide reach that he is expanding as we speak. He is already in control of a lot of those territories around the globe from whence much of his resources are derived, and still others he has bought, run by his puppets. He is at the centre of the reality the times we live in are characterized by oppression and repression unmatched before in recorded history, not so much in degree, but scale. Worldwide, the devil has more people cornered and being done away with than the Wehrmacht had at the height of their reign. Unlike them, his methods are not overt. He is using advanced, often classified technology and his grip on the media to conceal his abuses and his connection to them.

Unknown to many, his concentration camps are right there in the cities and towns around the world, in the neighbourhoods, on the streets; reserving prison, scenarios such as outright murder disguised as accidental death, getting the terrorist label and kidnapping, for cases impossible to eliminate in the normal manner, because either too many people are watching or on the potential victim's side, or their neighbourhoods have not been infiltrated enough for complete surrounding and effective incapacitation/elimination.

He is pushing for longer detention periods for suspects of terrorism not because he needs some kind of prolonged face off with these characters behind closed doors that should serve to deter determined, hate filled terrorists, or that he lacks the methods to establish what should already have been the grounds for detention in the first place, but because of the time required to be sure the destruction of the selected individuals' personalities is permanent.

Lucifer's bane is materialism. He is more of the flesh than the spirit, and you will usually find him boasting his exploits in this area, expressing his conquests, or concealing his inadequacies. Control of the bulk of world natural and human resources is what affords him a lavish life, which is what his war is about; a war he calls all manner of convenient terms: the war on terrorism being the current fad, a war whose enemy is in reality the poor, the repressed or oppressed and dispossessed.

Is it any surprise how quickly especially the blatant, obtuse; the most obnoxious dictators around the globe have taken to the use of this ruse?

Historians will remember the western cultural, economic and political empire as one built upon and marked by a savage and sustained war against the weak and defenceless, the dispossessed and poor it created, a war that intensified whenever the poor stirred, in a bid to keep a lid on their attempts to escape the pot of decrepitude into which they were forced to exist; to make something better of their wretched lives.

The human and natural resources the devil enjoys must be sweet indeed, and they are definitely as addictive as cocaine. Letting go of the addiction is letting go of a lifestyle or perceived advantages. This is the last thing the devil will do, and so for as long as he reigns, the misery of others is his joy, their sweat and tears his wealth. He will do anything to maintain things as they are, will kill more or all children, women, the old and infirm, if this will bring him his tasty cocoa and greasy oil to burn in his outmoded machines. He will intern people abroad, if only to spare the land in which he reigns supreme, his bastion, the image of a place where concentration camps abound. The last thing he wants is to make his masquerade obvious, which will give truth to those who have been warning others about what he really is all along, and put a lot more people off associating, visiting or wanting to live with him. He needs all those blinded types who have an impression of who he is based on his works, one of which could be his land of gold and honey, the land of freedom and opportunity. This happens to be where the devil has the material he needs to put anyone out there to very good use for his cause, or mark them for elimination

This evil, oppressive house he has perfected over the years has of late been coming loose at the seams as more and more nations escape the clutches of poverty and become more prosperous, as more and more of his puppet leaders become revealed for what they are and their support base erodes, thanks in large part to positive changes in the state of those they keep in their evil clutches. What we are witnessing now is testimony the foundation of this house is other people's misery, revealed in the fact he gets problems as soon as those meant to be poor begin to get some wealth.

He is in trouble right now as China, India, and many more countries around the planet begin to flex some economic muscle, as they get wealthier and wealthier, as more and more countries opt to speak his language and take the bigger stick approach to matters, and it is imperative that he act because soon it will be too late.

He is eagerly recruiting the warriors who will wage his wars right now.

Considering the odds that have suddenly piled up against him, this time, it will not be possible for him to win outright. He has no other option than to launch strategic attacks aimed at causing as much destruction and chaos as will affect everyone, even the side he completely controls, to sink this planet into yet another dark age where wars that know no victor, loser or end will become the norm. Like wars being fought at the moment, these wars will also have convenient foes and aims, fabricated to conceal the real enemy or objective. As wars not meant to be won, their sole purpose will be destruction of whatever it is the poor have gained that is empowering them. The duration of these wars will be controlled by this factor, lasting as long as it takes to force a people into the past, at the end of which the strangle hold on resources should have been restored to the devil, or at least he hopes.

The devil realizes that this is a war that can go either way, that this is one that can see his final demise. He knows that he will eventually have to relinquish power, that he will ultimately unceremoniously be removed from the scene. He understands evil is ultimately dependent on good for its existence, while good can exist and do very well without evil, thank you. Evil alone soon consumes itself, while existence alongside good gives it the cover it needs to flourish. There are no two ways about this.

But then the devil is a proverbial scorpion. He stings on instinct, and he will get into the melee whatever is already known, said and done. On a more basic level, his instinctive stinging is an adaptation, a warped survival instinct that is more a play on time than an actual self preserving strategy. The Armageddon has him marked as the loser, a very logical outcome that even he can see, but then between now and the unknown final point of his reign he could yet win a thousand wars. His rampage is fostered by memory of wars he won, those moments of glory, and knowledge he is in large part winning the one he is waging right now, this fact writ large on his fat posterior.

He is detestable, it is true, but any other way of being is simply not his nature, so brace yourselves people. This ... is going to be one "hell" of a ride for humankind.


Anonymous said...

The experience of this person regarding the post office would seem
crazy, and I'm almost sure that it is to those who have not been Gang

I too have lived in my area for more than a decade, and just recently,
a postal worker who I have delt with all of the time i've lived here
has started asking me for photo ID, for my credit card transactions.
No big deal, except, she is the only worker there doing it, all of the
other people who have know me do not do it.

On Friday, Dec 21, I went to this postal worker, and asked for 80
stamped envolopes. It was 10min before closing time. When she came
back, I saw rubber bands on the envolopes, and I thought,"thank GOD,
she counted them out for me." I picked them up, and there were only 3
bundles of envolopes, with 5 loose envolopes, it was closing time now.
I had to count them all over again. 23 in one bundle, after that, I
just stareted counting. I yelled back that there were only 75
envolopes, lucky for me, she gave me another 5 envolopes. By that
time all of the doors were locked, and I was still trying to send my

She charged me $1.47 for postage she never applied to one envolope.

I was forced to go the the main post office here, which is open
365days 24 hours a day.

I got to the post office and was charged $1.31 for the envolope she
charged 1.47 for.

MY question is, has the US postoffice been one of the venues where
Gang Stalking techiques have been prefected??????

Anonymous said...

The solution:

REV: 18:21

Anonymous said...

Radiation mistake.

Many people think that they are being attacked via radiation. This may be the case,but, it is probably Perp miss-information.

Nano's, and Cold Plasma is probably the reason, especially if you feel tired all of the time. Eventutally you will feel so tired that you will go to sleep and never wake up not knowing what happned to you.

Here is Cold Plasma colleced from a HEPA filter. Anyone can get a HEPA air cleaner and compare these pictures to what their resulst are, just use a tooth brush to collect the CP from the filter.

Anonymous said...

An exceptionally well written piece, you described a lot of things perfectly. I am an Australian TI I have also had to live on the street in Australia, being forced their by gangstalkers. And they can attack you there just as easily. I have pain all through my body and I know this is a result of years of battering by them. I have just started up a blog myself. But they don't like you talking about anything do they.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I know the attacking party hates is when you talk about things that are happening to you, especially when it is done on a daily basis. Becoming a silent victim is what they want, of course. When you talk about what you are going through, you are kind of exposing a lot, about their MO, and some facts to those who are not really on the inside of what is happening, who see outward signs of things happening that they can confirm through reading what you wrote. There are also issues of revealing secrets about yourself that you really would not want to in such a fix, such as revealing that you are ignorant of some attack methods, and such.

The gains that you make, especially in the realm of informing others through what you write, is worth the disadvantages.