Monday, 8 June 2015

An Anomaly in my TI Experience and the Confirmation/Revelation it Makes

Whenever I relocate, I experience what I call a "grace" period ... a period when I get little or no covert attacks and evidence of this is there for me to feel and all to see. For starters, I suffer no sleep deprivation, I gain weight, regain muscle definition, Look much younger and frown less while out and about, etc. I meet fewer people who are at pains to have me know they know who I am and what I had for dinner, what I posted online and so forth. I get even fewer people in public places, especially congregation centers I happen upon attempting to convince those they are conversing with that I am some kind of deviant, doing their all to affect my isolation.

This period lasts from a few days to weeks. As attacks gradually resume, rising in intensity until they reach the "normal" level, I start hearing again a dual frequency tone that becomes permanent as soon as it is night and if I want to walk come morning then I should sleep inside a faraday cage surrounded by sound absorbing material. A heat spot latches on to me and stays put irregardless of time, roof cover, weather or temperature, and is felt from only one direction at a time, rising in intensity during meals and sleep. I start waking up in the middle of the night choking, apparently from fumes rising from my own body because I only find relief when I shower down. And, lo, the groups that stand at key points along the routes I take on foot are back, saying pretty much the same things, making the same statement ...

These experiences, coupled with the truth the "normal" also follows me when I lodge at addresses I have spent much time at before, suggests that the "all-clear" for full fledged attacks is not given until some factors about an address are checked, double checked and verified ... until that address is secured for directed energy attacks and other methods of attack that belong by the variant of covert warfare.

I believe this is because covert warfare, for instance cause stalking (an activity that entails complete invasion of a life as a way to affect progressive personality destruction, utilizing sophisticated technologies and methods, culminating in the elimination of an individual feared by people in positions of power/authority), involves the use of methods and implements that are out of the ordinary and if a location is not sealed off then the wierd events are bound to be picked up by locals, more specifically local intelligence. Activities such as theatre, crowding, open harrassment, and the abundant use of directed energies require that a location be secured by any means possible, to prevent the operation losing its covert nature, that entail that, for instance, the connivance of a number of secret service operatives in the area, especially their superiors, that is sufficient to keep the activities from raising the wrong eyebrows in the agency, which could lead to unwanted investigation, is garnered.

I take it for granted, therefore, that key local intelligence agents get involved. They have to get involved otherwise the secrecy of as loud an operation as covert warfare is cannot be guaranteed.

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