Thursday, 2 October 2008

It’s Not Meant To Be Escaped

The words in the title I overheard from a group of men that I refrain from calling perps, but rather of the type with their ears to the ground. I say this because there wasn't in their demeanour anything that a TI comes to expect from perps. There was no animosity, and non of them words or sounds perps are told to repeat while in the vicinity of a TI. Non of the persons gave me any long and hateful look, with this wishing me the worst. In fact, judging from their expressions and the manner they uttered the remarks, they seemed pleased about what they were seeing.

The actual words uttered between a group of three men, in their mid thirties I would guess, who looked homeless or living rough, standing about a meter away from where I was is as follows:

Stranger A: "He has escaped, right?"
Stranger B: "I do not think so"
Stranger A: "It is not meant to be escaped right?"
Stranger B: "Something is happening otherwise he would not look as he does".

About two weeks ago, I got me a job that pays decently enough to empower me sufficiently in my fight against some unseen, hooded assailants. I was early on the first day at work, eager to get on with it and maybe impress. I have not done a job requiring heavy lifting for a while, and I knew from experience that I was going to hurt at the end of the day.

Before the day was done I had discovered despite a long spate languishing about doing nothing more than writing that I have maintained my strength and could work as well, and give even better than those who have done nothing but hard labour. I paced myself, of course and, aware my new found attempt to get away would not go unnoticed by the hooded one, aware working in a residential area carried with it an increased risk of exposure to DEWs, I took care to constantly check equipment for attacks. I suspected attacks would escalate before starting the job, suspicion that was confirmed somewhat when I awoke that morning feeling like I had paid a visit to an electric chair, a sensation unlike any that I had had prior to this single moment.

I was alright physically, but midway through my work I sensed what I identified as attacks with a microwave while I was bent double with my back to a residential property. The conclusion that would be drawn by anybody on the given information is that I had maybe just strained my back, that I was not bending down properly hence the sensations that can resemble small electric shocks, but I was not convinced. The day ended with me going back home not feeling any worse for tear apart from some stiffness in the back, and resolved to make a shield that I could wear under my clothes to protect the back section of my body, that I wore when I returned to work the next day.

Things started well, but soon enough, rather than the electrical sensations being on my back that was layered over with conducting material, they were on my front, on my abdomen. It became at once very plain that what I was dealing with were actual DEW and that the purpose was to get my back, if not by bombarding me in the back as I worked, then through my gut to the back, which is not very far removed when you think about it. Whereas I had enjoyed biscuits, tea and sandwiches in the morning, they caused painful sensations in my abdomen right after lunch, a peculiar pain that was more like lumps of food through guts pierced with needles in places.

It appeared I had suffered sub-dermal burning.

Had they not attacked me through my stomach I would have passed off sensations from the day before as a false alarm, but now it was obvious somebody somewhere had noticed a weakness that they wanted to exploit in my back, and they would get at the bones even if it meant going through gut, inflaming gut, etc.

The sequence of events the following days confirmed word had spread around to every retarded perp perched in their house pointing a DEW outwards to aim for my mid section. I confirmed this with the help of microwave sensors. Where previously attacks were centred around my head, they were now detected around my midsection.

I do know that I am not the only one going through this. What has become very clear is this here is a glimpse into what prisons of the future, in NATO countries at least, will look like. These prisons are not meant for those guilty of any crime, and are not meant to be escaped.


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