Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Their Biggest Heist of All Time!

Obelisk at the Vatican

Since the eighteenth century, there have been calls by leading religious leaders to have all masons killed that have softened as time has passed to those as recent as 1983 when Cardinal Ratzinger called for masons not to receive holy communion. These calls for masons to be punished started when it was discovered that, while they built religious and other buildings, they inserted pagan symbols in them, which was considered heresy.

This was all window dressing on the part of the church, as will be made clear in this article. The church was actually cognizant and encouraging of the activities of the masons. Acting as though the church wanted the masons punished, maybe even punishing some hapless mortals, was a way of absolving the church of complicity in the activity when it was found out, and the church faced exposure.

If you have been to the Vatican in Rome or seen images of it, then you might have noticed a stone slab standing tall in its square.

That is an obelisk, an original version at that. It is a 4 thousand year old Kemetian (Ancient Egyptian) obelisk, on display at the Vatican, albeit just one of many in Italy where most obelisks from kemet are placed. This is to say there are more of them in this country than anywhere in the western world.

Catholics, including those in a group known as "Women Of Grace" with a website located at womenofgrace.com, describe the obelisk at the Vatican as a symbol of the "Conquering Power of the Church", which is an odd title to ascribe to an artifact coming from a culture known for its worship of multiple gods, that is considered pagan by this church, an artifact that was used by the leadership of a culture accused of having enslaved the people behind Roman Catholicism, the Jews.

You see, the situation just gets worse when you consider this "symbol of the conquering power" of this religious cult was taken from the very people whose civilization or culture was crushed by the very people appropriating the symbol, or, to be more exact, by the successors as they emerged a thousand and more years later and started off where their ancestors had left off.

Starting off where their ancestors had left off includes collecting/owning or appropriating and displaying artifacts from the culture that is central to the central positioning of the dominant culture.

It is really simple to clearly see the truth this situation of an Obelisk from Kemet standing in the backyard of the Vatican is really strange if we understand the partial root of Roman Catholicism is the Grecko-Roman Empire, that just happens to be a culture that is diametrically opposed to Kemetian culture because it is the culture that invaded and destroyed this highly advanced culture, known to have flourished for thousands of years in Kemet, till the Ancient Greeks came along.

So why, you may ask, are successors of the Grecko-Roman empire keen on appropriating a symbol from a culture their ancestors destroyed that was definitely used by Kemetians for a different reality, in a context and setting germain to their way of life? Why make this artifact signify the "conquering potency" of the Roman Catholic faith?

It's llogical, right? It doesn't make any sense unless considered to be a slight hint of an inadequacy complex because an artifact from Ancient Greece would have done the job as well, if not better than the obelisk, given Greece, the actual root of the western empire, is replete with its own cultural artifacts. A symbol representing the conquering potency of the church derived from Ancient Greece would in fact have been more appropriate to use here. Ancient Greece is after all the place to which the western culture points its origin, the place they claim is the origin of civilization itself.

Though this may signify how much the dominant culture holds the plunderable, masqueradable wonder of Kemet in awe, which is innocent enough, we know there still is something very wrong with this picture, and as we study like contradictions about this church, or other institutions within the dominant culture, or the culture as a whole, we realize there is nothing logical about all of these. Why this is so becomes plain when we understand or take into account the fact the western elite's show of civilized living is in fact plain "barbarism masquerading as a civilization", which is why these weird displays are commonplace.

Bust of Alexander the so called great, who was infact a destroyer, a savage and mass murderer whose mass murder trail surpasses any man's to date, all done for the spoils of war, an armed robber, thus.

It should be acknowledged the western elite is in reality nothing more than a successor elite (via oligarchy) of what are in reality insane robbers that organised themselves into a tribal elite, and though they have been toppled a number of times, as witness the fall of the Roman Empire to the German "tribe" that ended it, the elite managed to go underground and get their act together enough to come back and stay in power for a total of some two thousand and nineteen years (2019).

What alerts us to the fact they are a band of robbers is first of all their insistence their culture originates from the founding culture in Ancient Greece, while everything else tells us Kemet is the origin of as much the civilization as the major religions practiced in it.

The other thing that tells us they are robbers is the fact they abundantly display artifacts, symbols and insignia from Kemet in, on and around institutions that are crucial or central to their culture, and ascribe meaning to them that they would not if they remained realistic about the function of these artifacts in Kemetian culture, but also the role they purport Kemetians have in their lives.

Apart from attempts to white-wash Kemetian culture by altering the physical features of Kemetians on monuments they left behind so they looked as caucasian as is possible, which paints a different picture ... or the abundant appropriation of Kemetian cultural artifacts, Kemetian culture is considered worthless, or at least it should be worthless to the dominant culture considering references made to it.

Some of the west's best thinkers are unanimous Kemet is but a "bastion of stone age conservatism", and in a theory evolution is unilinear that they force on humankind, their ancestors, the Ancient Greeks, took human development a step further than Kemetians, and single handedly brought humankind the blessings of civilized living.

Yet every organization of repute, including those that wear the crown of being the elite's main club and thinktank, such as Freemasonry, proudly display insignia and symbols from a culture considered backwards compared to Ancient Greece, rather than artifacts from advanced Greece.

Built by freemasons. Left: Westminster Abbey, London, England. Right: York Minster, York, England, both with "Boaz" and "Jachin" designs from Kemet

Given the western elite knows the real story or history, the logical conclusion can be drawn there is more to this love of Kemetian cultural artifacts and insignia, something that doesn't quite make it acknowledgement Kemet is the origin of civilization, but is reminiscent of the stature a robber gains out of showing off his best "heists", spoils that acrue him/her stature, in the case of organised military conquest and looting the stature of an indomitable robber.

Pay attention.

For the elite in the dominant culture thus, the desire to use Kemetian symbols is their way of flaunting the biggest heist of their career as robbers, as witness displays of such in museums all over the west, or in the open such as is the case here.

Their biggest heist thus far is, and remains, Kemet.

With Kemet, these robbers did not just take away gold and diamonds, they appropriated the culture itself, as witness the oddity Greek colonial officials clad themselves in Egyptian garb and adopted Kemetian cultural practices, which is unbecoming of a conqueror.

They robbed Kemet of its people, in fact they robbed the place of everything, and almost everything they do in our time amounts to benefiting off of this heist by feeding off of the spoils, by using them to power the appropriated culture to be exact, all done in the open, all done with the idea their slaves, including captured (via colonization and enslavement) descendants of Kemetians who, thanks to this very western elite's efforts, no longer know they are descended from Kemet in the first place, so cannot care as much about the mess to attempt a thorough investigation that clarifies matters, therefore will not know what it really means.

"Hidden right in the open" as Ralph Ellison once said.

George GM James' Book

And if you doubt anything I have said here then you have simply not been observant, or you are in denial. Otherwise simply ask yourself why George G.M. James was murdered shortly after publishing the book "Stolen Legacy". His murderer(s) left clear marks his slaying was masonic, and the masons, a least those of the core structure, those sometimes referred to as the Illuminati, are the elite in the dominant culture.

His neck was slit from ear to ear and his tongue cut out and stuck down his throat.

Lets understand that there are reasons the masons pass recruits through their oath room, and make them make oaths the breaking of which results in their slaying. The masons understand that the personality profiles they select include individuals who have the intellectual potential to arrive at truths that the masons hide from the general public that, if revealed, would expose and disgrace the elite of this culture for good, if not the culture itself.

The masonic oath room performs this function, as well as that of silencing society's best, because they are capable of not just leading the masses to freedom from this elite, but by their expansive imaginations can arrive at the truths this culture keeps hidden without much effort.

Actually, you do not even need to be a mason for the fate George G.M. James suffered to be visited upon you in a different way, using different means to effect murder. You simply have to fit the profile of individuals the masons want to pass through their oath room but fail to do so, who eventually do do what the masons fear the most.

Sheikh Anta Diop, called the father of African identity, is a good example of this.

He proved, beyond any shadow of doubt, using genetic testing, that Kemetians were black and paid for it with his life. He was murdered covertly. He died a suspicious death in his sleep after arrival from France in his native African country, at the age of just 50, while he was in good health.

You see, it is already known ancient Egyptians were not white, though they had white people among them known as the Hyksos. The Greek Herodetus, writing around the time Constantine ruled Kemet, described ancient Kemetians as dark skinned people whose visage was not even close to Nilotics, whose facial features are considered close to caucasian norms.

Herodetus, called both the "Father of History" and, curiously, also "Father of lies" by the dominant culture's mainstream.

Herodetus didn't just write about the complexion of Kemetians, he described prognathism in them, using different words. He said "their faces resemble dogs".

Prognathism of both the lower and upper jaw, as it is now called, is a feature that occurs mainly in black people, which must have been so widespread in the Kemet of Constantine it impinged on the imagination of Herodetus who was witnessing this characteristic in a people for the very first time.

Prognathism is a human "racial" feature in which the upper and lower jaws are distended to the front, giving the impression of a slight snout. Like a dog, goat, giraffe, hyena or donkey. It must evolve as an adaptation to foodstuffs that demand the use of the musles or parts of the mouth that develop the jaws to the front.

We cannot take it to be coincidence that, today, Herodetus' writings are hardly accessible to the general public. His descriptions of the racial features of the majority he met in Kemet are rather too precise for the likes of those who want truths about this recent past forever concealed from especially black folk.