Friday, 6 June 2008

Unedited Video: Harassment Caught On A Mobile Phone Camera

I could not believe my luck today when what looked like some crazy guy going through the motions turned out to be a perp in action. I was suddenly privy to harassment of a polished looking African in a suite, wearing lenses, sitting with what looked like his mid-eastern girlfriend. Being on the other end of the harassment process did not change how I felt about this. There was a moment during this that I feared I would do something to the perp.

I was trying to film covert using my mobile. I guess I put my hand over the microphone so the sound quality is poor. You will need a system with good sound amplification to hear what the guy was saying. It is a bunch of personal information, such as locations somebody has been to, including an economics university attended. The rest are admonitions and what can be called threats.

As for the amount of success trying to film covertly using my mobile, it is better when I hide the device behind a pinhole rather than hold it in plain sight. I think the mere sight of a lens pointing in their direction unnerves perps. Earlier that day, I walked into what I know is a perp infested, crowded room, casually holding my mobile in one hand, feeling I was unassuming, hoping to make useful footage since something ungodly is always happening here. The places a target frequents are always filled with the vermin in anticipation of the visit.

Soon after my arrival, two guys standing near me whispered to each other whether I was filming, and quickly agreed that this was the case. They soon made tracks, meaning I was obvious, and they were not really there for what they seemed to be there for.

With this in mind, picture me standing by the window opposite the middle doors in a bendy bus, leaning into it with my mobile held in one hand that is resting by my side. Observe in this clip that a few persons on the bus make movements that border on reactions to what I am holding in my hand, quite like they realize they could be on camera. There are also what appear to be signals or signs made by a few other seemingly unconnected individuals.

I may be wrong about all else that transpires in the ten minutes of filming, but one thing that is for sure is the person pretending to be mad is in fact a perp harassing a target.

I do not know what to say about the behaviour of the man in the red jacket. He got onto the bus at the same time as I did, was behaving erratically before and while on the bus. When he first sat next to the muttering guy, the thought there were two crazy black guys on one bus crossed my mind. He kind of realizes he is sitting next to a mad fellow, or someone who is stinking because he stands up and opens the windows on the opposite side of the bus, then stands there as though he is not sure what he wants to do. He goes to the back of the bus eventually, but returns to the front as soon as the pretend-mad man had left.

Was he just a mad man, or was he shadowing the perp, opening the window in some show of disgust at the fact a mad man, who is homeless, stinks, kind of putting the stamp of madness on the perp, offering the needed camouflage.

To me, all of this looks like the operation zone had been secured, just in case the target retaliated, in which case a bunch of witnesses would be ready to give evidence, or help out if need be. Seldom do perps go out solo on missions where violence against them is a possibility.

The perp in this video uses the same language as the one captured in the following clip, and, judging by his accent, also comes from Nigeria.
Organized Stalking UK 1 - Theater


Anonymous said...
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Mukazo Vunda said...

that i can walk onto a bus and manage to catch stalking in progress just goes to show how widespread this has become. it is happening to a whole lot of people out there, and they are innocent of any crime, otherwise they can very easily be hauled before judge and jury...

Mukazo Vunda said...
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Anonymous said...

soparu seems like a perp to me, unless he was referring to "organizedstalking" (since he is from Korea also). The guy in the video isn't even from Korea.

In the video, They are using some tactics they use on me, such as crowding the windows where I can see them, and wearing striped shirts, which I have been sensitized to. I was thinking some of them might have been perping me as well, and I'm in the US. Perping most definitely is an international operation, and I'm sure they are always on alert perping multiple targets with a "common denominator" mentality. I don't doubt for a minute that I could go to the UK, and very seemlessly have perps pick up on the harassment, even using the same tactics the "home" group uses.

I've had that happen 2 years ago. I went to another town far away, and I'd see a couple of people get in my face with an expression of shock, like they were trying to see if I was the target they were supposed to harass.

Perps are also known to have a cocky air of superiority about them, as if being a harassor made them godlike rulers over you. An example is that "soparu", where I'm supposed to be the criminal doing the stalking to THEM instead of the other way around.

When I challenge them, saying that you're the perp trying to break me, not the other way around, I get this air of "well, you're a (pick insulting name), so what do you expect me to do to you"? It's either that, or, I get accused of stalking the perp. You know, add insult to injury.

Perps always seem convinced that you are stalking them and making their lives miserable. They live in this denial system where you are the perp, and they are so tired of the BS you inflict on them. It must be because perps are sensitized to their own tactics, and sometimes get harassed by their own harassment they levy against you. IOW, they are suffering the same psych. harassment as the victim. They see themselves as the victims, and the target as the perps.

Anonymous said...

This is street theater. It is difficult to hear, but at one time he clearly mentions electronic jamming. He was harrassing a techie. Near the end of the video when he gets off the bus, he puts his hand to the ground, stretches it almost. That looks like a sign. There must have been more of them on the bus.

Governments in NATO countries are usig blacks for this thing a lot, due to ignorance and intellectual levels. I am sorry to put it like this, but this is a fact. At my local library, on the buses that I take, Africans are herded around me like oxen. Terrible to watch.

Now they are using east European people in poisoning and other attack procedures because they are also vulnerable in the same way as Africans, ie. not too bright. Wherever I go these people are herded around me and attempt to cause damage through food, water, sometimes they are planning physical attacks.

I like your recent post "Mask of Sanity". I think perps are selected by leaders because of similarity they share with the leaders. They are also invalids in the sense they do not have an important part of their personality, which is conscience.

Mukazo Vunda said...

@ 1st anonymous... stalking of this kind is indeed international. It starts in the west, and what you see elsewhere is either reaction to this or an extension of it. i suppose perps are moved around from country to country for the purpose of both anonymity and training for various situations and cultural settings in order to foster an advantageous cosmopolitan outlook. what i suspect is they are building this machine, this organization of people who use the basest of methods to control others. they hope to one day make these miscreants leaders of various nations in the western empire, or at least aid them in rebel fights or political dissent.

@ 2nd anonymous, what you mean to say is "before the end of the video, right before he stands up to leave the bus". i hadn't noticed that, but he does make a gesture, stretches his hand to the ground as though signalling to someone behind that the target is getting off. there must have been more of them on that one bus, meaning the theatre was continued afterwards. you know what, i should have talked to the poor fellow and warned him.

Anonymous said...

i tried commenting on this video at the jumpcut website but could not, so i decided to use your blog instead.

here's what i have to say to this:

this is theatre, but there could be much more involved, much more that could happen to the target than many suspect.

these attacks are coordinated. a lot of people get involved, helping each other, covering for each other, watching each other's back. i would say that in this clip there were at least 10 operatives on the bus alone, and many more along the route, ready to jump on the bus and help out if necessary.

such attacks go hand in hand with public facilities. the bus, libraries, anything that the public can gain free access to. you have to pay to get on a bus, but anyone can jump on a bendy bus in London without a ticket. perps are not always doing well financially. getting involved in such an even gains them points, so that they get breaks or handouts somewhere in the system. a bendy bus is a place where strangers are forced into intimate contact, which is just perfect for a broke perp.

perps will always circle around a target looking for an opportunity to cause harm to them. if a perp manages to throw some poison into a target's drink using a hand gesture, and there are signs that the target consumed the poisons, then the perp is rewarded financially or some other way, which is why they will always stick around an area where a target will be because an opportunity to earn some cash is but a hand gesture away.

sick, and very low, you will agree, but this is just the way of the west.

my advise to people being harassed and in danger of getting poisoned is to avoid as much as possible anything with a public tag to it, to keep away from busses or even places where a lot of people congregate, otherwise to keep the eyes wide open; to avoid eating or drinking in such places, to avoid touching what is offered, be this a hand or lighter, and to wash, the hands if this is the only possibility, but preferably the entire body after an encounter with a crowd, especially if there were incidents where some people behaved oddly. the clothes should also be thrown into the washing machine as they too could have been contaminated.