Monday, 7 January 2019

Barbarism Masquerading as a Civilization: The Roots of the Destructive Nature of Western Culture

Critchton's novel starts in 1979, with all in an expedition searching for deposits of valuable diamonds that discovers the legendary Lost City of Zinj, getting murdered. A video image taken by a camera there, and transmitted by satellite to the base station in Houston, shows a peculiar race of grey-haired gorillas to be responsible for the murders. click on the image to read more

It's not by mere chance that the effect of the west on the mentalities of people in the countries it runs or others that it invades then occupies or colonizes, is negative. And by "mentalities" I do not mean the mode of thought, but mean intelligence.

The mean intelligence of the west's subjects is, without exception, significantly lowered along genetic lines, as a result of holistic purges that progressively perform mentacide.

The point of all this, of course, is to get the genes of the best bred out of the subjects.

It is not due to the fact the west follows the mercantilistic rule to not benefit others at the expense of self that it does this, because in economics, it is not essential to dumb down or destroy your competition to make a profit. Nor is it that the west adheres to John Stewart Mill 's admonitions, such as that it is advisable to weaken your neighbor first before they do the same to you, as they undoubtedly will. This reasoning can be considered justification for a disagreeable way of co-existing with neighbors.

It is in fact because of a fundamental programming of the western elite with roots in ancient Greece that, to this day, controls the conduct of this block's entrenched class.

This is something I will say again and again because I feel that this truth cannot be stressed enough, and only recently is this truth becoming more manifest and plain.

The rapid advancement of the Chinese, including the western reaction to this, is what is helping to expose the fact.

I know that what is preventing people from acknowledging this unspeakable truth is the reality they are tuned into propaganda such as that the Chinese have bigger brains or they use a different hemisphere to think, or that intelligence varies and follows the skin tone range of people, with the whitest people sharing superior intelligence, till the darkest people who are the least intelligent.

This propaganda was no doubt started and fanned by the cabal running the west who know what the truth really is. And there is ample evidence to prove this.

The book "IQ And The Wealth of Nations" is a case in point. With this book the west set out to justify the global rich poor devide when, after a review of a few factors about the nature of western colonialism, it turns out the west deliberately underdeveloped the countries it subjugated.

One good example of how the west did this is found in francophone Africa, and other territories that the French colonized, such as Haiti.

Just read the text below from the book by professor Mamadou Koulibaly titled "Servitude of the Colonial Pact". Remember as you go along that even though complicity by Africans in this fate can be assumed, which also suggests low intelligence at work, the circumstances of the time were such that the colonial powers could force into office people who recognized the primacy of their interests, and did not hesitate to remove, sometimes brutally, anybody they felt was not compliant such as Lumumba or Sankara. African independence was as such hijacked.

Just before France conceded to African demands for independence in the 1960s, it carefully organized its former colonies in a system of "compulsory solidarity" which consisted of obliging the 14 African states to put 65% of their foreign currency reserves into the French Treasury, plus another 20% for financial liabilities.

This means these 14 African countries only ever have access to 15% of their own money! If they need more they have to borrow their own money from the French at commercial rates!

And this has been the case since the 1960s! Believe it or not it gets worse. France has the first right to buy or reject any natural resources found in the land of the Francophone countries. So even if the African countries can get better prices elsewhere, they can't sell to anybody until France says it doesn't need the resources. In the award of government contracts, French companies must be considered first; only after that can these countries look elsewhere. It doesn't matter if the CFA countries can obtain better value for money elsewhere.

Presidents of CFA countries that have tried to leave the CFA zone have had political and financial pressure put on them by successive French presidents. Yet these same monies provide private funding to French politicians during elections in France. Thus, these African states are French taxpayers - taxed at a staggering rate - yet the citizens of these countries aren't French and don't have access to the public goods and services their money helps pay for.

And here you can see very clearly just why countries in Africa still wallow in abject poverty, as the French and other colonizers, who also undoubtedly have similar conditions in place for their so called former colonies, go about blaming African dumbness for their poverty and encouraging structural adjustment programs via their dubious IMF that make things worse for the common masses.

The book "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" was not coincidentally funded by the Pioneer Fund who, if you check, have funded several dubious causes.

Fact of this matter is that no race has a monopoly on intelligence, at least not by default. Every race on planet earth should be doing wondrous things, yet, within just a decade, the Chinese have almost revealed to all nations that we are all slower than we thought we were under western tutelage, dumber than we believed we were, that we have been standing still for ages. Why?

The answer is simple.

The western elite ...

Wherever they have gone and conquered, and stayed for a lengthy period of time, mean intelligence has dropped significantly and this is due to how the western leadership rules. They dumb everybody down to below their level of intelligence because that's the only way they can rule with ease.

The level of intelligence of the western elite is really below par for them to go about empire building with an inadequacy complex that is real as a result of purges done on its own people (on its own ranks) in the dark ages, so woe be unto the group whose intelligence is lowered below an already low level of intelligence.

The facts I will write hereafter speak of self evident truths that few people have thought to take note of. They clearly expose the correlation between rates of advancement of nations in our time that differ almost by how long there has been interaction with the west. You will realise once you read this, that the correlation is not solely because some countries have followed sound economic models ... that arguably are also a product of their intelligence, or that they are whiter than others, but that it has all to do with the degree of exposure to the west.

Hong Kong people are Chinese people through and through, right? Yet they are hardly as creative and enterprising as people in mainland China.


Look at the Japanese. They were once upon a time more progressive than the Chinese currently are but they were cut down to levels where they are a shadow of their old selves, cut down by non other than their colonizer: the west or NATO represented as America (Remember Malcolm X's "Country in the clear" remark?).

Anybody who lived during the ninenties and was mature enough and tuned into global news reports remembers the western trade wars against Japan that caused this once promissing economy to cave in. These people will know what I am talking about. The trade wars were similar in nature to those that the west has just started against China.

Once upon a time the Japanese championed human progress just as the Chinese are doing right now. They were talking of taking a step into Fuzzy Logic, a concept they belived was beyond what the west could grasp.

They were cut down before they got too fuzzy, before they rushed too far ahead of the west.

Cutting the Japanese down at that point in their development may be seen by some as strategic for the west in light of past military ambitions of this country, and I bet it was used as justification for this in western circles, but realistically it was tantamount to fighting human progress, and is exactly what the west is doing again with China.

Compare North Koreans to South Koreans, the former who have made remarkable technological advances under tough sanction circumstances compared to the faltering latter. Look at the Vietnamese, compare them to the Indonesians, Philipinos, Africans, South Americans.

The record speaks for itself: the more entrenched the west gets into your country or nation the dumber you become as a people.

You see, what causes the west to consistently do what it does everywhere it goes is programming, serious programming from Ancient Greece, that has been passed on down the line to date, programming that creates a mindset that sets out to ruin or stultify adversaries, even if potentially so, or self designated, as a way of keeping them under control, that is BTW applied to locals as well, not just outsiders or foreigners, and, at the very top, the effect on the mentality is very much like the state of the apes in the book in the link at the head of this article.

The western elite are bred for what they do, and their focus on their destructive role as the bringer of wealth and prestige is singular and total. There are very few things that can stop or distract them from this role. No amount of logic or convincing will work. They simply cannot see sense as everyday people see it. They were made and trained to be obtuse, immune to logic save that which agrees with the mindset, programmed to be this way by masters in antiquity who are no longer there to de-program them so their madness is in auto pilot.

They could easily cause the destruction of our planet or death of the species.

The book in the link may have been motivated by the manner African leaders of post independence Africa tended to run their republics, especially the puppets who did exactly as they were told, but this is where the similarity starts and ends. The apes in this book were also genetically bred for their role, which is also true of the western elite.

If you have read the book then think of such things as child sacrifice, pedofilia, homosexuality and dark cults as the factors that were handed down from Ancient Greece's master programmers that still regulate the western elite's behaviour, the stuff that makes them programmed to be the way they become: pricks , thieves, robbers, sociopaths, psychopaths with nothing else on their minds than making the oligarchy stronger the only way they are programmed to do, by being disagreable, by being psychopaths and sociopaths.

In order to get your head around this you may need to study the history of the Aegian Sea, and you will see a recurring theme that sees highly advanced cultures destroyed one by one, by a roaming culture of barbarians that terrorised the area, culminating in the fall of Crete, then Kemet ... This culture's ways, this barbaric culture's mores are what have been passed on to current day western nations.

Pay special attention, as you go along, to the manner the Ancient Greek masquerade of Kemet began and progressed. Notice the absurd and illogical process in which a conquering group clads itself into the garb of those it conquered, reversing the norm where the conquering group strives to make the new subjects adopt its culture, how instead the Greeks adopt the culture of the people whose civilization they were in the process of destroying ... follow through to the Romans then the dark ages till the ways of the current successor culture of these barbarians that dominates today, and you will understand why the west is the way it is today.

As stated earlier, the stultification affects people within the culture as well. They are also dumbed down, and if they have a lot to offer intellectually then they are robbed blind of their intellectual property then discarded, and from this it is possible to see just why people like the genius inventor Tesla, and many others like him in the west, suffered and continue to suffer and die at the hands of the western elite, just as others in the dark past of this culture got overrun, destroyed and their ideas stolen, their legacy appropriated.

And on a side yet comical note, you will understand why it became necesary for a bizarre media frenzy in the west that announced that a craft already known to be flying through the Kuiper Belt, a region strewn with large rocks, would suddenly spot a large rock (?) just before the Chinese landed their rover on the backside of the moon. You will understand just why it became essential for Obama to announce that America was going to make a supercomputer that is faster than the Chinese Tianne 2.

You see, for the west, it is never about descency and human progress, but about spoils, vanity, masquerade, greed, prestige, honour and oligarchy, just as it was thousands of years ago for that group that destroyed civilization after another. All of this is part of the programming from old. This is how the programmers envisioned the machine they created would stay formidable, the oligarchy given immortal status.

And you will not doubt when people like me say the west is singularly the biggest obstacle to human progress, the biggest threat to the survival of the species by far, and will remain so until it is either isolated and impoverished to oblivion, or the elite is overthrown.

The critical thinker and author Marimba Ani has actually spoken and written at length about this issue, albeit focussed on the white race persona, and on a more esoteric level that is more limited in time scope than my take on it, a contrast to my focus on their elite as the insulting factor. Her works are in fact cultural anthropology studies conducted by a black individual on the western/white culture, as opposed to what we are generally accustomed to which is the reverse. Mine are also the same, just a difference in focus, dynamics and depth. Anyone interested in delving deeper into this topic needs to read what she has said.