Monday, 5 January 2015

Freemasons Live

It all started in the summer of 1989 in Utrecht, a student town in the center of the Netherlands. After a brief brush with the Freemasons that lasted some 5 months, strange things started happening to me. When I finally picked up on the anomalies and realized I was under covert attack, I initially could only suspect who was responsible. Though it was clear to me that somebody out there was out to get me, I could hardly tell who it was or relate what was happening to me to anyone else because it was being done in such a way as to be near impossible to know who was behind it or unbelievable. Suddenly, I realized I had to be afraid for my life, and would soon go on a helter skelter run, not really knowing who to run to, where to run to ... never again to trust anyone, ever to look over my shoulder ... moving around like a rolling stone, with all that I consumed in my bag rather than the fridge or cupboard. It was at this time that unknown persons started making surreptitious entries into my home and other properties, such as cars or external storerooms ... without stealing anything, the time when my door locks would all get their cylinders broken while that of immediate neighbours, including people I rented my home to who replaced the locks I left behind, were left alone.

How I initially responded to these sudden invasions into my life is crucial to how my life has turned out to be. Had I not stayed believing in my perceptions and kept the courage to devise survival strategies that could be considered a sign of some mental challenge, that, however, steared me clear of getting considered insane, that lessened the amount of poisonous substances I would otherwise have consumed, that I have kept till today, I would most probably be dead, in a wheelchair, or the like. For example, only cooking enough to consume while I was at home, meaning never leaving food over to eat when I returned, in the hope of minimizing the chances of poisoning or the quantity of poisons I consumed actually did do just this. I remember of some instances when I left food at home that I did experience unimagined, actual poisoning after consumption. Leaving a locking mechanism, factory made or improvised, on the door, to warn me of surreptitious entry did in fact do just that. I caught several attempts to invade my home and discouraged such entries to the point they have almost dropped to zero today.
And so on.
The Freemasons came into my life at a time when I was in serious trouble. They were quick to offer help, quick to indulge my gargantuan appetite for knowledge. I got to tour their lodge in Utrecht and was not lonesome come the festive season. They were for me an innocuous group that happened to be there. I could not see anything wrong with their offers of help and did not as such seek alternatives. I could never have dreamt that they could have initiated something as dastardly as this covert war on me. I put it beyond them to start the campaign that they did in the years that followed the initial meeting ... a campaign designed to create a stockholm syndrome-like mindset that they hoped would get me on all fours, crawling, begging to be let in ... if only I could be freed from the terror being unleashed on my life.

It took time, hindsight, before the whole episode became clear. The smoke cleared and the real face of the beast was revealed to me, and it was then that I saw that it was familiar.

I realized the Freemasons were in fact responsible for what I had gone through, and also saw with this who they really were, and by this I mean what their role in the system is ... especially regarding individuals like me. As guardians of truths that cannot be released to the general public, Freemasons also have the duty of seeing to it that these truths are not arrived at indirectly, by rationalization or logical deduction. They have to ensure they are there when the likelihood of the truths being uncovered occurs, and see to it that they stop this from happening They have to put under observation and surveillance and be ever on the lookout for those in the position and with the potential to arrive at these truths. Such people, who it is known fit a personality profile, have to get lured into one or other secret society and, if this is not possible, prevented from mental coagulation or attaining any phase in life that puts them beyond covert control that doesn't raise eyebrows or bring realities about the secret society they keep away from normal, everyday people.

This revelation about the Freemasons came to me due in part to the fact I never made any move with the potential to compromise their society, meaning they attacked me covertly even though I had not done anything wrong. I did not get in, therefore could not have broken an oath. There was a lot of giving on their part, it is true, but then I did not get commited as a result of getting this help. Not that I am unthankful but facts remain facts. Their help was not meant to be given in exchange for something else that, if not reciprocated, would result in covert attacks. What should be known is that I declined their offer rather like a man /woman would if, after a nightstand, they find that nothing has changed ... they still have their eyes fixed on something better to come. There was nothing worth joining for, and so I went my own way. If everything had been normal, the Freemasons would also have dusted themselves off, acknowledged a failure to gain a member, and gone their way.

However, unbeknownst to me, much unwanted evil followed me along this way I took, bringing along much discreditation, massive disruption, destruction, suffering and misery not just to my life, but also to close ones, especially if they were helpful ... to the communities I chose to reside in, and so forth. These attacks have been getting worse in intensity and more complex as technology improves ... the mainstay remaining all typical COINTELPRO methodology, the methods that discredit, disrupt, imprison, etc. Everything is being done to make me a leper in society, to make me imprison myself, to destroy all that I have contributed to freedom fights worldwide, to frustrate my efforts to survive with digbity, to help myself out of shame and an increasing loss of sense of self-esteem, self-worth.

If I took you by the hand and showed you all that they are doing to me, especially how immediate and permanent their presense is, if only you experience for yourself how lights in my home flicker if I jjust trip up or drop something, how brightly a candle burns and how fast it expires as a result, how quickly batteries discharge, you would flea from the scene, never to venture into my abode again, for you would have witnessed evil only replicated in the worst haunting movies such as "The Entity". The question on your mind would be "why". The Freemasons can only do what they are doing to me if what I am is the problem, not what I do or did.

Let me be clearer.

It cannot be about whatever it is that I did, but the potential of the man. It is about what I am capable of doing, how I am designed genetically, by the almighty, or nature, whatever your belief is.
What the Freemasons are doing to me and many others, what they have done to others in the past and will continue to do in the future as long as they see the need, is already known. Novels have been written over this issue, blockbuster films shot about this, albeit in ways that concentrate on the moral of the story as opposed to telling it as it is. The Freemasons and their counterparts know that their role in the system and the agenda they serve is known. But, and this is crucial, they know there is a difference between merely knowing something and knowing what to do with what you know. At this point in time, many of those who know do not know how to use what they know to affect positive change, and by this I mean bring sanity to this system, if not change it. Thus, the evil ones race ahead knowing the point when the critical number that know and can use what they know to affect systemic change can be reached if they do not act, sure they will maintain the current account as long as they leave no stones unturned, as they go about the process of eliminating or incapacitating threats to their reign. It is a fact today that, by successfully isolating their targets and manipulating opinion, they manage to make it look like somebody else's problem.
This war we face will only be won when enough people realize the connections their lives have to the few under attack, and know also that the intentions of the powers-that-be are reflected in the terror they unleash to the few marked ones. Anyone who isolates another and does terrible things to them, only to rebound into society knowing/bacause the rest do not know what they did is a threat to everyone else given they will repeat the act once they are alone with another. They are free to commit horendous acts in a situation where people who know the difference between right and wrong would not. They will never do something to another without being seen because, unless the one they are doing it to is blind, they are being seen.
They are definitely not preparing a bed of roses for anyone, Africans and those they consider other in particular.

The extremely cruel, insane and clearly sick ways they torture people who have never done anything to them says but one thing: they do not mean well. They have never meant well for most people. A lot of people would run away if all they have been up to and their plans for tomorrow were revealed.

Today, they come for one poor soul, tomorrow it will be any other poor soul, which could be a father, their child, etc. They will do this because of the ease with which they have made it look like someboody else's problem in the past. At issue is the ease with which too many people flea from those who get marked. This alone gives the room required for the excercize to continue. The evil ones can come back anytime they want knowing the majority will simply run away from the individual marked anew. They will run from friends and family, from those they pledged to protect before the mark was etched on their person.

The truth of this matter is that only the evil ones know the criteria by which they choose their targets. There is as such no way of knowing whether what one is doing will get them in trouble or not in an environment where nobody knows what could or could not get them in trouble with these hidden figures.

This is a war faced by all, and it is folly and foolish to not acknowledge this ... especially in the hope this stance will ward off attacks. In actual fact, those to blame for the fate of targets are not the targets themselves, not what they have done, but what their community fails to do. Here, it is clear that we can speak of communities being the ones to blame for what others in their midst are going through, for not reacting appropriately in a war being waged on all, for failing to see the truth the isolation, torture and elimination of individuals is a way of taking people power away from the community at large ... A way of tightening the chains that bind all.

Below are a number of pics that show the state of this war in my life today, albeit only pictures that reveal the destruction done to my attempts to survive ...

Most of these pictures deal with the plantlife that has visibly drastically changed since the former occupant left and I took over, who happens to have sown the same variety of plants as I do. The plants in my care do not grow normally. They take too long to mature and are dwarfs in size. Coincidental plants I discover growing around that I tend to by demarcation die, no matter how careful I am not to cause changes to them that will result in death, while their kind that I do not pay any attention to thrive. For example, if I see a mangoe plant growing in an area I feel is appropriate for such a tree, then I raise the soil around it, encircle it so that water stays in that area. The changes I make are around a seedling that has roots no longer than 10 cm, while the demarcation will be some 30 cm in radius. All of the seedlings I have tended to in this way have withered and died immediately afterwards while others that I ignore are still there.

It gets very personal, and only because of the isolation that has successfully been affected. Other instances when it gets personal as opposed to surreptitious include what can be considered attempts to block communication and attacks on family and others who help out. In the former case, the phone 's batteries are hit with a frequency that causes almost immediate discharge. A display showing a full charge can move from full to empty in a few minutes. This will happen when I am communicating or writing. The battery itself would not have shown any signs it cannot hold a charge. This is moreso when I use a phone that is not mine, provided I do not do anything that identifies me? For example log into my email. I can then use the battery in the same way as I do with my own phone. As soon as my identity gets established, the battery starts acting up, otherwise the phone starts rebooting endlessly.

An unbelievably sick reality is how family and friends become targets when I do something that has the potential to effectively foil a kind of attack, for instance when I increase layers of rubber against ultrsonics or metal against micowaves. They all feel safer being in denial but it does clearly show that they know they get under attack because of me. Sometimes, someone will attempt to tell me they feel the connection. I will get a rare call or get to hear that my mum, sister or other relative suffered serious heart palpitations and such ... at exactly the same time I was enjoying freedom from the usual. The message from the attacking fiends, as I understand it, as it is meant to be understood, is not that I should not protect myself, which they would find desirable, but that they can get me in many other ways. This is definitely a war of attrition.

I know, I know ... Sounds all unbelievable. You would need to experience it to believe it. I hope these pictures will go a long way in convincing you that we live in a world where those who run things are as sick as the rapists, child, female abductors or pedofiles they prosecute, and the reason there is such major media coverage of such cases becomes clear: the big fish are eating the small fish if they can absolve their psychopathic selves of association. The main point here is to show the lengths they will go to in order to gain control. In this case what I want you to see clearly is that they are prepared to use satellites against singular individuals. Here on this farm, they even team up on me, meaning sometimes attacks come from different angles simulteneously, especially when an angle of attack gets foiled. Usual attack angles can shift ever so slightly. Given satellites have the disadvantage of only being able to attack from a single location at a time, it means they are firing the rockets and shifting their position in the sky, probably altering geosyncronous positions. Taking so much trouble.

The candle in the pictures shows what happens to some items when there is either a heat surge that leaves my room with sauna like temperatures even on days or nights when the outside temperature is cool, without any heating implement turned on in my room, or I put them in a backpack and go out and about. There is something they love attacking my back for because every time I arrive at a destination, the items in the bag show signs of exposure to intense heat that does to them what a hot sun would never manage. Plastic cooking oil containers with cooking oil in them warp, sugar lumps up, candles bend without breaking, seeds get destroyed, food in lunchboxes decomposes too rapidly, etc.

As proof of how blatant they can sometimes be with their attacks ... I once poured 8 liters of water into a double foam matras and used it as an extra shield when heat blasts from up above became too much, when sitting outside the house in the middle of the night was preferable to going inside. I remember the heat I would feel as soon as I went inside, heat so intense I felt it on the leading limb, that shocked even I, a veteran in such things. Wonder upon wonder, I woke up in the middle of the night sweating profusely to find the matras had dried after a mere 3 hours or so, on a night a cotton shirt could not. I repeated the excercize using a the same two liter container, pouring it empty four times, ensuring the fluid was poured evenly so that the foam could absorbe all the water, checking that it was not draining. I got into a cooler bed and fell asleep almost immediately, but would awake after the same amount of time to find the thick material was crisp dry. Now, thats 8 liters twice on a cold night. This result cannot be achieved through drying under a blistering sun, but only if it were possible to put the wet matras into a dryer, cancling out thoughts of what the water will do to the electricity and other parts of the machine.

Right now as I sit writing this I can put my hand to the corrugated iron roof and feel that it has heated up in two circular spots in front and behind me (north east and north west of me) while there is persistent cloud cover.

My poor head ...


Mukazo Vunda said...

Mr. Vunda:
I was unable to open your facebook
page. I do not have an account there; I
prefer to call it assbook.
I have followed your blog off and on over
the past several years. I can only tell you
that you must move around in your
home. Move your desk, your bed, your
chairs; do not stay in the same spot
week after week.
You need to consider the possibility that
you are a descendant of Sheba, and
therefore a cousin of Jesus, as I am.
Though I am from another of Jesse's
sons or daughters, and not from David;
therefore I am just one of the poor
One does not have to be a Falasha to be
a Hebrew. Indeed, as the Falasha's have
sadly found out, those creatures who
occupy Israel today are not the Hebrews
at all, though they pretend to be.
I am microwaved constantly and it is
extremely difficult for me to
concentrate. It is all I can do to write this
in a coherent fashion to you.
Africa is so rich in natural resources,
gold, oil, and probably extremely rare
minerals that the luciferans want to
take everything out and leave Africa
Gaddafi is a prime example of a leader
who loved his country, tried to help his
people, stood up to the luciferans, and
was murdered. He is also meant to be an
example to anyone who would try to do
the same in the future.
My intention in 2015 is to write more
poetry ridiculing the mason Mr.
Bergoglio. There's is nothing free about
the masons. They are chained to

Mukazo Vunda said...

The above post was made by a blogger who goes by the name of Ita. The post got lost as I tried to append pictures to this post. I liked the post therefore kept looking to retrieve it and finally succceeded today. I had not deleted it in my inbox. Here it is above for you to enjoy.

Thanks for the contribution Ita.