Thursday, 6 October 2016

Is It Because They Know Too Much?

I am not one to boast my exploits in the horizontal, but when those voices T.I.s hear sometimes mention "he still got it", right after something has gone down, I realise two things ... 1. I have been under attack there, otherwise they would not be talking like that and 2. They are indeed watching me wherever I am, whatever I am doing and, they understand that I am still the man I used to be, based on some porn eavesdropping they have just done.

Years have passed since I was in a long-lasting relationship because there is always interference from them. I still do hit and runs, less and less of them, though, for fear my heart, exposed to directed energy assaults at that time, may stop.

Also, I have somewhat given up on the ordinary women, choosing to wait for that conscious T.I, lady because I know she will not find it odd that I sleep in a faraday cage and wear a metal cap beneath a hat when out and about, for example.

So, until then, I have to go it alone.

This lonesome existence can play on the conscious. I sometimes get to feel I no longer look my best what with the constant attacks aimed at the body parts that go into the overal looks. But when I catch the attention of some young, good looking female and win, as happens again and again, I know that my shields are working. I am being spared the worst.

I can still look good, after all that I have been through, after all these years, which is more than can be said of a lot of people who are the last beings one would expect to live under a constant barrage of directed energies.

I am thinking here of what Ayn Rand would call "second handers", the ones who go for positions like POTUS (President Of The United States), including their close ones.

May just be me but has anyone else noticed the rapid aging phenomenon with the POTUS? And it is not that the stress of The job does that. We are all under stress, some with the added strain from directed energies, so why should it show more with them?

Take a look at the following before and after photos of the last 3 US presidents, and I should not mention a wife that said goodbye to thongs for diapers in the process.

First inauguration of Bill Clinton 1993

Just 7 years later in 2000.

Dubya's first inauguration 2001

Dubya just 9 years later in 2010

And finally, perhaps most dramatically ...

Obama in 2008

Obama today, just 8 years down the line.

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