Monday, 31 January 2011

The Fight Goes On

It has been some time since I posted regularly to this blog. Reasons why this is so are manifold, the most important of which is the targetted status that has changed for worse. Before, I could escape the noise, so to speak, and manage to drop at least three posts a month. But all that came to an end when, slightly over a year ago now, I moved back to Africa, to a country where I knew beforehand that I couldn't be as "safe" as I had been in Europe. I made this move from bad to worse because not doing so would have cut a chunk out of my life, leaving a void that couldn't be borne. I couldn't allow my tormentors to score that one on me, and so I took the plunge, prepared to endure the worst in a place where shameful leadership is easier to
buy over, where the amount of superstition, level of ignorance or disempowerment makes a near perfect cloak for the sickly pursuit.

Another factor that has impacted on the amount of blogging I do is the prohibitive price of the internet in Africa.

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