Saturday, 28 May 2011

Revolution: Why it is so near, yet so far.

Reflection on the ongoing social upheavals in the Middle East, referred to by many as revolutions or, more extremely, as the Islamic Awakening, is apt for the subject matter of this blog.

Many have lost their lives already, more are going to, while many are being tortured and mutilated as I write this. So far, regimes have been toppled, while the future of others hangs in the balance.

One thing is becoming very clear as the days role into the future, and it is that the ultimate desire of the rising masses to topple an oppressive order of international proportions is not going to be met. The obstacle to victory is nationalism: there are too many powerful players with their feet in the common people's business. They have rallied and are applying the bet on, support or influence the winning horse formula. The masses that could very easily have dealt with the issue had it retained its national parameters are out-performed by a force that is international.

The only way that has in it the prospect of success for aspirations that are by the way currently internationally held, is to meet the opponents on equal terms, i.e. revolution everywhere. It is impossible for interfering forces to continue in this role if they were encumbered on the home front as well.

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