Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Mentality that Helped Turn Africa into a Huge Natural Experiment

I am living in Africa now. Getting accustomed to the culture has not been easy, but I have not done too badly if you exclude getting a job and consider the fact I was born here after all. There are a few things that have become very clear to me due to my prolonged stay here, issues I would probably not have known to the same depth I do had I stayed on in the west. They include:

GMO's have come to stay in Africa, but then with a twist.
GMO's are everywhere here but, unlike is the case in the west, are largely unannounced. There are no labels telling buyers what crop they are dealing with. Their impact on poverty has yet to be assessed, but it is clear to see where signs exist that the crop is genetically modified that they are:
a) not that much more resistant to disease. In fact, they seem to be weaker than traditional varieties,
b) do not offer higher yields than traditional, natural varieties,
c) are not tastier.

Africa has been turned into a large natural experiment
This fact was observed by Wolfe Geisler, the slain German Physician who exposed the scandal of biological experimentation in Africa, particularly the West Nile district of Uganda. The experiments conducted here were controlled by geographical boundaries, but since then things have changed tremendously. Since the mid eighties, the entire Africa has become a huge natural experiment, thanks in large part to Wouter Basson, the South African who invented DNA profiling protocols that made it possible to genetically distinguish race. Africa's foes have increased since then to include experimentation with the aim of perfecting the Star Wars technology. The need to control population in the third world has become secondary. Fact of the matter is, today, the technologies are so advanced nobody is safe anywhere in Africa. I have personally ascertained this, gone through grueling attacks from up above that reached fever pitch when I decided to sow corn.

The fraudulent nature of the population and climate conferences becomes plausible. I have seen convincing signs that tell that, as was the World Population Conference of 1974 a means of controlling third world perceptions, of making the prevention of population growth in underpopulated African countries seem necessary, that, ultimately, the use of covert means that included chemical and biological agents were desirable, the Climate Conferences are a smokescreen for a new phase in this war on the poor that start with the announcement of the star wars program in the eighties. It is clear that, since then, satellites have been added to the complete arsenal. They are used extensively in combination with pathogens on the ground to cause pandemics. The reason it became necessary to find a cover for such activities was the fact the use of satellite based Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) affected the weather, and this was going to be picked up and give the program away. Thus was sought a ruse that would distract the wary from the real cause.

My experiences here tell me the freak in freak weather is the hand behind the weather. And there is much more.

Third world countries will remain the arena where new technologies are tested due to the fact the cultures are susceptible to manipulation that makes them shut their eyes to the truth. The control that can be affected on the perceptions of people here make for a gullibility that is remarkable. This is thanks in large part to meticulous work done by cultural anthropologists who mapped the beliefs, superstitions, mysticism, etc., of the third world. This is the reason, in some countries here, eyebrows will not be raised when rainfall falls out of season, if only it is on a day people will associate with ancestral activity, for example independence day. What is strange is people here will not see something wrong with the priorities of ancestral spirits when their plants start wilting due to drought. These here are mentalities that will only accept to pin the label "freak" on weather if only it does not fall on a special day, and is not what they are accustomed to.

This mentality is a creation. The symptom is best explained by Ralph Ellison in the following statement, made in his book "Invisible Man":  

"he has eyes and ears and a good distended African nose, but he fails to understand the simple facts of life. Understand. Understand? It's worse then that. He registers with his senses but short-circuits his brain. Nothing has meaning. He takes it in but he doesn't digest it. Already he is- well, bless my soul! Behold! a walking zombie! Already he's learned to repress not only his emotions but his humanity. He's invisible, a walking personification of the Negative, the most perfect achievement of your dreams, sir! The mechanical man!" 

As a target of covert warfare, I should say the going is much better for a targeted individual living outside Africa as a result of this. Let me give an example of the many more things that can go wrong here, and only here, to make this clear. Currently, I am getting the witch label pinned on me by careful manipulation that includes actually affecting behavior in me or others. I argued with a man who had illegally occupied my land about a month ago. This same person died a few weeks after this and, now, people predict the person who argues with me will be dead within a certain period. This is not good for me as it could lead to a lot of trouble in the long run. Currently, I am engaged in a feud with another man who has forcibly cut out and sold a portion of my land. Given what I know of those observing me via satellite, all the way from America, knowing how I am perceived in this community, they could easily do something to this person and the blame for this will be placed on me. Otherwise they could do something to me and the blame will be placed on that person.

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