Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where are Africa's Intellectuals?

Are Africans dummies, and if this is the case then "why"? Is it an issue of genetics, playing along the lines of the racist Pioneer Fund funded book "IQ and the Wealth of Nations", or is it the result of mentacide, the sense of this word being that of the term coined by the late African American intellectual Nana Bobby Hemmit? Should the answer to this question be "no", then why is the continent behaving like a gullible dummy?

It is, perhaps, just the triumph of the colonized mentality that Africa is buying into bogus reasoning and living by this false logic intended mostly to ascertain failure, genetic contamination and, ultimately, extinction. The continent is getting deceived to death, and the way this is being done is reminiscent of courtship between an intelligent being and their intellectual inferior where the west and its lies and deceptions are concerned. Africa is being told the reason for the explosive rise in the number of medical conditions is lifestyle change, even when the said changes in lifestyle affect but a small class, and Africa is buying this.

The resurgence of a pre 1975 Bucharest World Population Conference campaign has seen western population control proponents use preconception after another to convince Africa it needs to reduce its population, and there is no doubting the bogus reasoning is finding attentive ears on the continent given a lot of the continent's so called professionals are already cheerleading the genocidal movement on non other than the leading western media. The continent is being told it is overpopulated, and buying into the reasoning even when it still boasts some of the most sparsely peopled countries on the globe. 300 plus people per square kilometer population densities found in Holland or Japan are nowhere to be found on the continent, not even Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. The continent is getting told there will be food supply shortage and the reason being given for this is overpopulation when, clearly, as with foolish and inept resource management that has seen nary an African country get wealthy and affluent on its resourse abundance, it will be mismanagement that will be to blame, not the rise in population density. If the continent is run properly, then it has the potential to feed itself more times over than any of the other already overpopulated regions of our planet can.

A recent documentary I watched actually even went to the extent of using the increasing traffic congestion in African urban centers to convince its audience things will get worse as more people means more cars. The producers of this particular program showed some respect for the intelligence of Africans because they touched, ever so slightly, though, on road network design, and intimated, or hinted at the fact it could be a minor cause of traffic congestions. You see, so keen were they to deceive they could not bring their selves to the point of stating the obvious ... which is that road network design, coupled with a general paucity of roads, is the real cause of the problem on a continent with low population densities that has yet to catch up with European 70% rates of car ownership. Rates of car ownership in Africa reflect the ridiculous rich poor divide typical of the continent, which is a paltry +-10%, and if Africa is to avert gridlock on its roads, then it needs to work on moving away from the 18th century city design left by the colonizers that include inter-city roads that run through city centers to German road standards introduced by a leadership keen on seeking military advantages in the 1940s. Where this is concerned, rings and broad highways will be the better idea.

Perhaps the most clear example of how easily Africa can be deceived is the course the ebola epidemic has taken in west Africa, especially the manner people here have come to understand the affliction. There was a time when a professor left a comment on the late HIV/AIDS activist, Boyd Graves' official website that points out there is nothing about the HIV virus that does not have an analogue in other retroviruses. It is a simple strand of DNA. There is no way it can do all the elaborate things they say it does. Fast forward to 2015 and the same can be said of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) because it is performing the same feats. People going blind, limbs dropping off, minds losing it, men becoming impotent because of ebola? Might be my exaggerations but get with the action over there and you will be shocked what people are reporting. What would be interesting to know is how it is doing this, whether this is indirectly or directly. The EVD establishment, that we can be sure has been formed to manage this disease, will definitely give a bogus rationalization in response.

And, the virus has made it into people's pants. It has attained the status of a STI. Wow! A disease that is highly infectious, and yes, we already know of the infectivity curves (most infectious after death, etc.), but whatever hapenned to real venereal diseases that ravaged the sexual organ region, like, for instance, cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of sexual organs themselves? Ebola gets into body fluids but so does the cold. Giving someone the cold through intercourse does not elevate the disease to a sexually transmitted infection, does it?

Only in Africa.

The truth of the matter is that ebola is just a simple virus, and like all viruses, it has a limited cell host range. It can only infect a type of cell or organ, not every organ it happens upon. Viruses are severely limited in how many cells they can infect in the body. Viruses that infect a part of the brain can only cause damage in this, or another part of the body with a similar entryway, not every cell at once. Non of that elaborate stuff coming out of west Africa that Africans are buying. The body is complex and not easily overwhelmed. There are guards in many places, within and outside cells. Viruses need codes to enter cells that come in the form of protein envelopes. If they can fool a kind of cell, for example T cells, then the entryway they use is in most cases not found anywhere else, meaning they are restricted to T-cells. Any damage they cause to these cells can only affect the rest of the body in domino, and only when a tipping point has been reached. A man with the HIV virus in his body who starts losing his sight before the immune system has been overwhelmed has to have something else causing the damage to his sight. This can be the only logical explanation and it is so with HIV or EVD.

Strange new diseases, obviously iatrogenic (man made), are only doing rounds on this continent because it is failing to think. Where are our intellectuals to protect us from this fraud. At this rate, chances Africa will ever be prosperous are slim, and the chances of survival even slimer still given those doing the deceiving want destruction only for the people of this continent as this is the only way they can actualise their objectives. What we have in Africa, the reason the continent is so gullible is successful hi-tech mentacide resulting in a dumb predisposition, leading to colonial mindsets and such. the continent appears to have moved to the stage where it is frustrating its own bright into death or flight. This can only be the reason why internal reason is not coming to Africa's rescue.

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