Sunday, 18 January 2009

Running De Facto Concentration Camps

But it could not conceivably be true, right?

Because I move around with all manner of electronic gadgets designed to detect and measure Radio Frequencies (RF) and Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), and I am a legitimate target, it is now very clear to me that entire swaths of the city of London are armed with some kind of electronic attack device, and I would conclude that this is true for all cities in the country, as well as the entire west, for that matter. The number of households from which attacks are launched on the streets of London is stunning, and I am not talking mistaking WIFI, mobile and other rapidly increasing communication noise for attacks with intent to harm. What I am inferring here are actual high power density microwave attacks registered with faultless equipment, every second or third house down a street, registered by the body’s own senses as well, by sudden dull pains or intense heat and extreme vertigo, in a healthy person who is not suffering from any acute sensitivity to RF or EMF. The truth of the matter is that as a target here in this land of plenty (freedoms included), one is seldom in the clear.

On the increase are also the number of mobile attacks that I am detecting. Because I am a legitimate target, my moves around the city are followed to the last step. The roads I am walking along can suddenly fill with traffic, and I do not really need to have my devices turned on to know I am under attack as the side of my body nearest the road will start to go numb, from the foot right up to the shoulder, and this is not a mentally induced phenomenon from a paranoid mind because, as I said already, I can verify whether I am being attacked by just checking with the equipment I carry around with me.

The current effort, as far as my observations go, is to leave no area in the city unchecked by these weapons. At the moment, there remain a few areas that are not yet completely covered with the weapons, and others that cannot for various reasons. What I have observed is that it doesn’t take time before the demons break all the rules and move an emitter near me whenever I discover one such spot and move in. They do this by intimidation, infiltration or simply by packing a car or van near the location whose engine will remain on throughout the night, from which people will get in and out continuously while the neighborhood sleeps. If this is not possible then the poisoning option is taken, which means there will be a lot of poisonous cloud throwing and other attempts to defile the body.

Most of the locations that I used to frequent to hide from the incessant harassment that follows a target have now some powerful device permanently placed there, most of which do not require an operator as they can be operated remotely. Otherwise these locations start getting frequented by types of people very few would like to be in the vicinity of. At many of these locations, especially the ones where the pubic mingles, high frequency attacks are the norm. We are talking here of the Gigahertz frequencies that cause discomfort to the target and make them unpleasant to be around. They instill vertigo, a sudden rise in body temperature, profuse sweating and bad odors from as much the sweat pores as the mouth. These attacks commence soon after entry into the premises, or at specific moments when the impact on the surroundings is highest.

I once took to sleeping in a church where some worshipers are allowed to remain before early morning services. I noticed that during the interim period between services there would be no attacks, or at least very few of them. Once the service commenced, however, whether I was sleeping or in attendance, I would get attacked so intensely by deliberately using these higher, less penetrating frequencies so that unusual odors would rise from my body and would cause me to suddenly feel very heated and start sweating profusely, causing immediate reactions from those around. The attackers would actually continue attacking even when I left my audio signal RF and EMF detecting devices turned on, that would start beeping loudly as soon as attacks started, even though some members of the church knew what that signal meant. I do not need to go into details to convince you that this is very true, and the motivation very easy to decipher.

These events, and concern for the patronage of the church, what with the potential effects of such behavior on attendance, not to mention what those who keep an ear to the ground would do when it became plain the church was being assailed with RF and EMF, prevented me from either sleeping in the church or partaking in prayer, and also keeps me away from a lot of places in the city. I should stress here that this is not a “which came first: the chicken or the egg” situation. I am neither the type who has bad hygiene nor am I unpleasant in any other way that would make me expendable, and this is easily proven. For example, keeping away from places where attacks are highest, or spending as little time in them as is possible, or even switching places within the locale makes the symptoms become non-existent. This shouldn't be the case if it all emanated from within my person.

The truth here is that the attacks themselves are responsible for the transient negative states, and those of us targets who are doing everything to minimize or cancel the effects are proving this truth, and raising a lot of eyebrows.

Let me keep it plain here: the point of such attacks is to discredit and isolate the target, to eventually make them an officially undesirable element in society. By leaving some churches or mosques or avoiding locations where I can socialize, I am allowing my attackers to triumph in this objective, no? But then there is realistically very little else I can do in this situation. I know however that because the attacks are timed to coincide with given moments or events, that I am conscious of this MO, I can evade getting the bad label attached to my back side. Because of this resilience, the truth about what is happening to me, and a whole lot of other people, has become evident to many in the city, a lot of whom express this knowledge directly or indirectly.

Of late, for the past three months to be exact, I have noticed that attacks are much more vicious than they ever were in the past, and though signs of microwave attacks have always been part of the ordeal, they used to be of the kind that can be mistaken for something else. Attackers are no longer afraid to leave marks that cannot be explained any other way than that they are a result of exposure to exotic weapons. As can be seen in the picture below, they have been leaving burn marks on the unprotected parts of my head: my forehead, the ears and the back of the head. I have documented a lot of the burns on the forehead, that might look like pimples or another kind of inflammation to the untrained eye, that leave a dark spot characteristic of burns when they have healed. These spots mark the last chance trajectories of attacks that happen at night while I rest, aimed at the brains, revealingly following the base of the protection I wear on the head. The impact with the brains can also be felt in the morning when I awake. The headaches will be linear, starting from the spot where the burn mark is, upwards into the inside of my head. If the attack was launched through the ear and there is a visible small round burn mark there, then that side will also be slightly deaf.

Before I started wearing effective protective gear on my scalp and around my torso (check my book for methods of making effective shields), less severe burns would occur on the top of my head, the chest, etc., and didn’t just form at night when I was immobile, asleep, but would form as I walked about on the streets, in Amsterdam, Holland, and later in London, the UK.

Attacks above the eye, below the level of protection

I have pasted a youtube video below showing an instance of a brazen attack experienced this morning in a house I share with four other fellows that happens much too regularly nowadays. The alarm signal on the Cell-sensor I left turned on as I showered goes off, without fail, as soon as I re-enter the room. The attacker(s) don’t flinch at the fact the people in the house can hear the sound, and know what it means as I always tell those close to me what the gadgets do.

I believe the blatant level to which attacks have escalated is because the infiltration (recruitment into the program) of the population is critical enough for there to be certainty no loose ends will be left. This means those of us who will die of microwave induced conditions or will display injuries to organs that can only be caused by burning with such a weapon will not get this identification in our autopsy reports because the man who will carry this out will most probably be afraid to reveal what he has seen, or will be on the payroll of those who are behind this activity. Everybody from the ambulance personnel to the doctors who will treat those who are still alive on arrival at the hospital will be involved in some way.

There can be no better explanation for this.

The RF and EMF weapon has become the new gun, the new murder weapon of choice. The difference with poisoning or the gun is that they both point out foul play. A gun is also loud and the culprit is left as a result visible, standing with a smoking gun in his hand as it were, while with this new weapon hate can be expressed freely and abundantly, and agendas kept covert. Programs can be carried out on the population and people controlled biologically without anybody knowing about it. Time and again disease, especially HIV/AIDS or cancer, will be used as cover for the effects such attacks will have on some people. I am tempted to go back to the past for a parallel situation, which is when the west invented the machine gun and mowed many a third world village army to the ground. Lots of people are walking around being zapped, attributing the results of such invasive attacks to disease and whatnot. A good number know that this is happening, but believe that by ignoring the reality they will not become targets, and are as a result walking about unprotected, just as those people in the past who had heard of machineguns still walked with bare chest into the line of fire because some medicine man had made them believe rubbing some potion on their chest would make them bullet-proof.

(After finishing writing this article, I went for a walk and, right outside the door, encountered a perp on a bike who did all she could to express disagreement with what I had posted to the web, and emphasize the personal. I kind of guessed this is what she would do by body language when I saw her in the distance, and tried to ignore her as much as I could (while keeping a surreptitious eye on her), but she was at such pains to show that she disagreed my evasive behavior was mistaken for lack of attention, which led the perp to extremes that made her look foolish when I made it plain I had noticed her actions the first time she made them. Stupid zombie slaves… Normal people do not impose themselves on a stranger like that. But then this will reveal to those who can fathom the possibility just how organized the structure is. Rapid responses to even articles being written in the moment on the net are a reality we targets have to live with.)