Sunday, 18 May 2008

Room Without A View

Here I have a video displaying the heat surges that would always happen after a long absence from the flat I lived in. Every time I stayed away for more than 8 hours, I would come back home to a cold flat, since I always left the heaters off. The flat would have the same temperature as that outdoors. The perps could not bombard an empty house after all. They had to wait for my return...

As soon as I stepped in through the front door, I would quickly do what had to be done in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, because attacks were unbearable in these unprotected rooms, then retreat to the safety of the bedroom where the layers of foil obstructed much of the radiation.

The weapons used against me were so powerful they managed to slice through even this protection, so that there were some effects, for example I didn't need to heat the room up at night while I slept, as the following clip demonstrates... Attacks would escalate when I was doing positive things for myself, for example exercising, eating, especially writing, etc. The intensity or degree the shield could be penetrated decreased as I added more layers, then insulated each layer from the other with a dielectric. With every layer added, the heat surges and the electronic sensations felt while I was in the room, reaching a crescendo while asleep, as well as the physical effects of microwave assaults through the night diminished to the point of becoming negligible.

The shielding does work, but it requires to be layered sufficiently. I think I would have done better if I had used sheet metal layers, rather than mere foil that would sometimes heat up incredibly in the regions corresponding to the favorite angles of attack of the perps. Observe the shoddy work done on the walls. This is because the perps gradually took to extreme and highly discernible electromagnetic bombardment as soon as I started working on the shields. I had to work as quickly as I could otherwise suffer severe pains, hence the poor finish.

The thermometer used in the clip is fit for the purpose. It was checked for accuracy, BTW.

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