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There is a pressing need for Africa to know the real level at which the battle for tribal and economic survival/supremacy is being fought and won/lost

In a world where the norm is for nation to war against nation, the search for the better strategy, tactic, weapon that aids one tribe confuse, outperform, defeat, dominate others is an ongoing activity. This is called an arms race. As a target of covert warfare, evidence of a covert arms race is more than abundant in my daily experiences. I am now certain that, at one time in the past, in this quest to checkmate everybody else or, as a rap lyric goes, stick-up the world and split it 50 50, someone looked up to the skies and, considering the technologies available at the time, realized it was possible to develop the ultimate weapon, a weapon so powerful it would make nukes seem as harmful as firecrackers.

The Star Wars program, announced by the late U.S. president Ronald Reagan, is still alive and well, and has since its inception, which actually happened way before the presidential tenure of Ronald Reagan began ... going back to the days when insects avoiding radar antennas led to the discovery radio waves could kill and as a consequency the realzation they could be potent weapons of war, back to the days that saw an American ambassador to Russia die from the effects of RF bombardment, to the very first spy satelittes with this technology onboard ... grown from strength to strength. Unbekownst to a public tuned to a media that is some 40 years behind in reports on cutting edge technology, the weapon has been operational for more than 40 years, growing steadily in capability over the years, its abundant use quite clear if one thinks outside the box.

The weapon has weaknesses still, but it has given much in terms of results to the wicked already. It has seen a lot of service in proxy wars in especially the third world where I would not be surprised if the casualty count is already higher than the toll from both major world wars. So effective has it been it has long since relegated a minor, scouting role to the ultimate 007 spy. Gone are the days when intelligence operations involved risky missions into enemy high security, top secret zones and installations. Eyes in the skies with the capacity to see through walls deliver more than any overgadgeted daredevil operative could. By merely heating up the ionosphere, the electrically charged layer of the earth's atmosphere, with microwaves, it is possible to lift it and cause pressure changes that affect the weather. Anybody anywhere can be killed by the use of either ultrasonics or microwaves. No prominent person, leader or activist need be killed by poisons delivered by operatives. Whats more is the fact hiding places are scanty given the ability of the technologies to see through hard objects. Economic sabotage is a mere mouse click away when, in agriculture, the very land can be made to seath with pests responding to frequencies, giving plants no chance, making pesticides useless. In industry, equipment can be desroyed and, if all else fails, key figures will get defiled. Able to entrain minds, rage, well-being, sleep, can be induced remotely so that revolutions, riots, demonstrations can be caused and guided. Plagues, epidemics, pandemics, are all easy to cause given all living things can be affected by RF or sound frequencies. Germs that are innocuous can become virulent when exposed to particular frequencies which makes any group vulnerable ... provided one knows the germs that are common in the population.

There is a power right now that has gone to extreme lengths with the use and expansion of the capabilities of the weapon. Using every vulnerable folk on the planet not just as test subjects for research but to control them, not flinching to cross over into other major powers' territories, they are treating this technology as the only other frontier left and investing all they can into it. They have successfully placed a constallation of satellites on all corners of our globe and are coordinating attacks.

I consider myself at an advantage where first-hand experience of this technology is concerned because I am exposed to the inner workings of the system in ways that few people are. I know for a fact that I fit the category of a high priority target of covert warfare in an "undeclared war on the poor". The continued success of this program, especially its covert aspect, has relied heavily on this new weapon.

I have been a Targeted Individual for the longest of times, surviving only by virtue of mental and physical strength, luck, and the exorbitant use of RF and sound energy shields, trying all this time to figure the system out. I, like many others in the third world, was selected for elimination for the simple fact it is believed by the powers-that-be that I can make a difference to the lives of people in the third world. I am a typical example of the "kill their bright, win the fight" strategy adopted by many a dubious conqueror to date.

Make no mistake about what is happening to me, many others before me, contemporaries, and the many more to come ... this war is not being waged to punish me for some wrong done in the past, and such. This is a war of selective targeting, meant to keep an entire third world in constant need ... in the past. It is a war on all of Africa in this case.

This war has been ongoing since the current powers seized the advantage, and will keep on until they are sure the third world is a complete fool with no chance of ever meeting others outside its realm on equal terms on every level of value. As a war of selective elimination, a war that roots out genes, the potential for a race of men to become a race of fools as a result of having some qualities bred out of them is not fiction. Examples abound of what happens to a group when men, and women, are selected for the qualities they have, then rooted out. What Africa is going through is a holistic purge as selection criteria include academic excellence, prominence, contribution to society, intellectual propensities, genetic heritage, etc., not stupidity, greed, short-sightedness, and the other negative traits that are in fact getting promoted. Thanks to a new method of control, a hi-tech weapon of mass destruction, we Africans are losing our best, and if we knew this is what is happening to us, we would not be as contended as we currently are. We would not care that our opponents wield arms that make them hundreds of times more powerful militarily than we are because this awareness would make us conscious we stand between a rock and a hard place.

We have no other choice than to rebel. Only in rebelion do we stand better chances of making it out of this in one piece, in reasonable shape.

The new weapon of mass destruction is currently being employed in undeclared war scenarios. As is alsways the case with undeclared wars, they are waged in secret. The one on whom they are being waged cannot be alllowed to wake up to the war by any means necesary, otherwise they will raise their guard. You see, the secret of undeclared wars is they are much cheaper to wage and easier to win than open, declared offensives. It would have taken much more resources in terms of human lives and equipment to wipe out the American Indians had this war been declared. As things were, they were not warned. Their guard was down. As such, even their own cooperated in the war for their own extinction, or relagation to reservations.

And so, as a conscious African aware this is happening, aware also that the aggressors are working furiously to isolate me and why ... to prevent my people being exposed to the enlightening effect I can have on them ... I have to watch as horrible, portentious things happen right in front of the watchful eyes of my people. I have to watch as some even aid and abet, knowing they know not what they do. They are not allowed to know what they do, my case a good example of the methods that blind them.

The methods in employ to isolate me are simple when there is a system, a weapon such as the one I describe in place. The close scrutiny can at times be astounding. There is no digital device in my home that is not being monitored constantly as soon as it is turned on, to the extent battery power gets affected if I use it in ways considered threatening. Lights flicker if I make a noise that is above normal. There appears to be motion and sound monitoring involved as evidenced in the last statement, or when I wake up from bed and move out of my faraday cage enclosure.

The aggressors are sure they have me isolated, and are giving me all they have, limited in scope by the fact they have to keep it secret. Even when they have isolated me, they understand I am in touch. My case is known about. People are watching.

It is clear to see from the readings my electronic equipment (sniffers, self powered and battery powered, frequency counters) make that I am constantly being showered with microwaves and, from logic, that ultrasonics are also being used. The intensities of the beams shining down on me change depending on what I am doing. They rise whenever I engage in any activity the attacking fiends fear, and others when I am just vulnerable to attack, when the most damage can be caused.

Outside this home that looks very peaceful to the passer by is another scene that also looks normal to the casual observer. Unbeknownst to most, heavy covert directed energy attacks are the norm whenever I take to long distance rides on a bike, moreso when the destination is either the home of a close one or an understanding, helpful friend. It's almost always guaranteed that I will arrive in a state, vocal cords in disarray, throat all clogged up so that I have to keep clearing it as I speak, my mind as shallow as a pond, a fishy odor emanating from my parts as though fish has been microwaved ... the results of directed energies beamed down from up above. The point of these attacks is to destroy ... to make the bike-riding excercise too hard to maintain, while also impressing the idea I am sick and/or good for nothing into the minds of those I am visiting. This is, of course, just part of COINTELPRO procedure ... disrupt, discredit, isolate, ad lib till dumber, more gratuitous and more wicked still.

As the statements made before imply, I do know when I am under attack. I have long since graduated from the level where I only know of an attack in hindsight. I have entered the realm of the conscious target, ever aware of the hidden evil's maneuverings.

There are those who maintain that attacks cannot be felt right away, that only later do effects tell the tale. The fact of the matter is that a lot of things happen when one is under fire. Some immediate effects, for example an inability to think strait or a hazy mindset, may hamper a target's capacity for objective thought or inhibit their senses, preventing them from knowing there and then that they are under attack. In some cases, individuals will only know they sensed an attack in hindsight, and only because of experience and/or a let up in attacks that allows their mind to function normally. All in all, whether a Targetted Individual senses or deduces that they are under attack depends on a lot of factors, including intelligence and individual susceptibility.

I know that the attackers are such sick people they would love to burn a target to a cinder, and they often resort to open and brutal attacks in cases where they are directed by their handlers to show the stick, meaning the target already knows they are targetted, but the covert warfare waging outfit is restrained in how overt their attacks can be by knowledge of the fact constant open attacks on a sentient can easily precipitate eyebrow raising reactions that can be unpredictable, reactions with the potential to jeorpardise the covert nature of the program in that individual case or over the long term when the populace at large is confronted with one too many similar stories. If the attacks do not raise postal inclinations in the targetted, individuals under attack could start making connections and take measures that make for difficult remote manipulation. For example, a group of perps is ordered by their handlers to attack the brains of a target who has just received a significant sum of cash in order to prevent them using the money in a manner that is beneficial to their situation. The target cannot be made aware that this is part of the attack procedure, which overt attacks will eventually do. They may start planning ahead by making and sticking to a budget before any money is in their hands, as such evade the objective.

Covert attacks using directed energies take advantage of covers or distracting factors in order not to be noticed by targets. Covers include sunlight, the cold, hot weather, strenuous activity like sports or sex, hot drinks or food, an induced hazy mindset, induced sleepy state, etc.

If one is sitting still, mind alert, an intense directed energy beam aimed at the thigh, for example, will easily get discerned. If, however, the given muscles are straining, then, since muscle activity is felt, this itself will be cover enough for levels of directed energy intensity that could otherwise be felt. Discomforts felt in the muscle as a result of the attack such as pain will most likely be rationalized away as symptoms of one thing or another. A man living in Africa who comes under attack while having sex and experiences loss of erection, weakness and pain in his back muscles that remains long after the event might start suspecting he is unfit, getting old, or that he has HIV/AIDS, while a man in Europe exposed to the same assault might feel he is getting old, unfit or needs to start taking more vitamins.

While it is known that exposure to a leaking microwave oven is seldom felt, and that long term effects of exposure such as cataracts are seldom connected to the insulting factor, exposure to high intensities of both microwaves and ultrasonic energies is felt immediately by the heating effect and, in the case of the former, needlle like sensations.

Some effects, such as those certain ultrasonic frequencies can cause, for example the feeling that one is in a cold wind, may not be immediately recognized as attacks unless the target notices a pattern and maybe an anomaly. Feeling a cold wind each time you are about to take a shower in a home that has all doors and windows shut is sure to alert a weathered and informed target to an attack, while another person may just rationalize it all away.

It can be stated, with much certainty, that when the effects of directed energy weapon attacks are felt after the fact, it almost certainly involves a target who is not conscious, one not yet alert to situations the fiends are likely to find appropriate for damaging attacks. When a target gets down to sex, when they jump on a bike, when they go to sleep, the fiends are almost certainly going to be falling over themselves getting at the attack buttons, and only a target oblivious of this truth will not expect attacks and as such not discern any at such moments. This is moreso when the fire is intended to prevent a physical activity, when the effects are meant to be immediate.

Personally, I can affirm that the days when I got attacked with directed energies and placed the blame for any damage done on factors unrelated to directed energies are long gone. In Holland, a crowded country where bikes can often be a better alternative to cars, the country where satellite attacks with directed energies began for me, I remember destroying mountain bike after another, and usually after owning them for a few days. I usually pulled the spokes on the back tire loose, ending up with a wobbly bike, and, often at the same time, managed to wring out one or both pedals. The bikes became unusable and, in a country where it was cheaper to buy a second hand bike than get an old bike repaired, I remember locking most of them to a rack and leaving them for the council to dispose of.

These occurences were definitely not the result of me having too much strength in my legs, nor was it carelessness. But then I was not informed, and hardly a conscious target back then, thus I was unable to see the all too clear signs of the directed energy attacks causing this. I tended to conclude the material the bike was made of was cheap, suspect deliberate damage, and so on. Most of my conclusions were drawn without thought given to the reality I sometimes knew the past of the bike. I once bought a bike from a neighbor, a huge Dutchman who was not too gentel with it. I had often seen the bike at the mercy of his obvious strength, but then never seen the thing give issues. The bike was in perfect condition when I just got it from my neighbor, and rode as smoothly as can be. The gears changed smothly as well, and I remember taking the bike into town from the outskirts where I lived, through the well designed cycle lanes and back. What surprised me was that it took that one trip to make a lot go wrong. It started with the gears that, previously well oiled, started to get stuck. A few more kilometers added to the clock within what was a mere week and the bike was no longer fun to ride. It became a pain, a complete shambles, damaged in exactly the same parts as all the other bikes I have owned since.

Cannot be too sure but I believe the fiends take advantage of either the different properties of the metals to cause friction, for example cause the bearings to expand beyond the capacity of the enclosure, or they affect the grease so that it loses the properties that make it work. One thing I know for sure is that the grease depletes rather quickly. The other thing that becomes common about all bikes I ride is a tendency to be as light as a mountain bike is supposed to be, then heavy as a truck the next. There are also rhythms discernible that repeat without sync. For example, when a bicycle has worn bearings or a broken metal somewhere, there will be a noise made every time there is pressure on that part. If the part makes a rotation every paddle, then the sound will also be heard once every paddle. If the broken part moves erratically, then the sound will be irregular. My bikes, however, can produce a sound every four paddles, for a long stretch. Once I heard these sounds on a stretch that was a good kilometer ... unheard of even when the damaged part is making rounds out of sync with the wheel or larger part.

The bike attacks have been getting heavier with time, as a result of an increasing desperation or improved technology. It is now usual on the journeys I make, along the way, that attacks get too heavy to bear, too much ... and I find myself forced to find cover from the fire under trees, the leafier the better. Twice now, men sitting or walking by the road have mentioned feeling a tremor as I passed. One of the two occasions invlolved a man sitting in his yard who mentioned this to a friend as I passed (making sure I heard him too). I was made to understand that he was watching me return. The second time, this remark was made as soon as it was experienced, on the same stretch of road.

It is my understanding that only ultrasonics can cause this.

The number of times people have expressed witnesssing strange realities going on around my person are too numerous to count, and they span continents. Here in Africa, many have been left with no doubt I am a target of a world power using sophisticated technologies on me after simply feeling the strange phenomena with their senses, for example the tremors (that I also experience in different locations, at different times around town btw), while others have come to this same conclusion by way of electronic equipment.

The latter happened a lot when I lived in Kitwe, the second largest town in the country, located on the copperbelt province. Here, a group of operatives cased my house with eavesdropping technology, alerting me to what they were doing by any covert means they found. I took them for perps at first, proxys in this war (plenty of these cockroaches here), but soon became secure in the knowledge they were on my side. I relaxed and let the show continue, but not without my rude interruption or defense. You see, they also had offensive directed energy weapons that they tended to test out on the surroundings.

The surveillance continued for a good four months and the results, as relayed to me by a thing said here and there, now and then, confirmed the fact I was under attack. The confirmation was not restricted to the home area alone. A group of guys following me around town by car also confirmed they had detected what they termed "rain" falling on me as I went out and about. This incident drove the conviction that I was indeed tagged home.

It feels good when people see for themselves that what I am always on about is not imagined ... that it is in fact true. Here in the third world, however, the conclusions drawn about the point of the witnessed phenomena tends to be dissapointing ... to use a euphemism. In Kitwe, for example, on one occassion, one of the men casing my home wondered out loud late one night what it was I had done wrong, what crime I had commited ... to keep them attacking me for so long. The conclusion of a wrong done, a crime commited is simply shallow. It overlooks the implication of the huge costs involved in terms of the mission's surveillance ... people needed to affect elimination (or punishment as it may be understood), the means used, for example satellites, the need for permanence of surveillance and attacks, the duration of the program, the international and covert nature that points out an intent to eliminate (punish) without some semblance of due process, wihout the facts of the case seeing some kind of daylight. It is an inabilty to see what is clearly pointed out by the cost, method and especially the means employed, which is the fact this whole operation is a military strike ... a strategic one at that ... and this can only be of one nation on another. This fact cannot be overstated, and needs to be told as many times as will make it sink in ... the covert method is only chosen because the strike has better chances of success as those under attack are kept asleep. The activity belongs to undeclared warfare. Not declaring a war makes it less costly than declarering it. Public scrutiny, outrage, etc., is not an issue given the war is not being waged in the minds of the populace at large. Success is guaranteed when those against whom it is being waged do not come to realize they are under attack, as such raise their guard.

Covert warfare does not always manifest in undeclared wars by nations or tribes on other nations or tribes, but can also be a government on its own people with fears, freedoms or rights as the precipitating issues.The program I am under is of a nation, or block, keeping another in the past. Truthfully, where it is an issue of the west chasing a third world citizen in his own country, what is happening can only be understood as selective elimination with an eye on the state of the whole of the nation. Where imperialism is concerned, this is a known modus operandi. It is effective, cheap, as such a much used way of keeping a group in the dark ... a way of not alowing them to realize why they are backward ... a way of not making them aware of the level from which the war for advancement has always been fought. The point is to make those who are kept in the past to not just think they are incompetents, but become incompetents in deed ... to make them keep thinking opening Adam Smith's book, understand and follow his teachings to the word, is what everyone is doing. The point is to prevent countries that are always getting the shorter end of whatever stick marks progress to fail to realize that the decrepitude that keeps getting worse around them is a product of them constantly losing their best (I say so about my own self because I am convinced there is no other explanation for why I am under such intense surveillance and attack and that, almost certainly, my head would have ended up at Buckingham Palace if I had lived in pre-colonial Africa) so that imperialists can secure their positions ... so that they can cope.

Only this explains why it is that "they" are so keen on doing that which isolates me (and let's not forget the many others out there they are doing the same to), why, out of all elimination procedures, attacks are aimed at my brains, at making me get dumb, keeping me out of the action, silent and confined to one location. Communication with others, when attempted, brings attacks aimed at as much keeping my ideas away from the community as making my survival impossible.

Frankly, my capacity to move around freely is a threat to this arrangement which is why they stop at nothing to make the journeys by bike (God forbid I come to own a car again) as unpleasant as will make me abandon the mode of transportation or gain little out of it.

And the attacks are getting worse.

On Sunday the 22nd of February 2015, while returning from a close relative's place, I was assailed as never before with directed energies. Taking advantage of plausible cramp given I had already done close to 40 kilometers on the bike, attacks made it near impossible for me to paddle, let alone get on it. So heavy was the fire assuming the reclined position on the bike got me cramped, so that I found myself walking most of the remaining approximately 30 kilometer journey.

One reason I was sure I was under attack, the reason I always know I am under attack, is the simple fact the electronics are palpable. I know when they start, peak and abate. I feel them, right down to their effects. On the bike, the attack point is the pelvic area, down to the thighs. The region consists the muscles that are used most in cycling and I can understand why a reader would conclude I am mistaking my own physical weakness for attacks but, trust me, weak is far from where I am right now. I am a very physical person, have always been. In fact, I am athletic, and have the build to go with that. I am always involved in one physical activity or another and can confirm that, despite my age, I can still do the same number of pressups, can still jog the same distance as I did in my prime.

I had an embarrassing episode when I tried protecting this region of my body using a metal and rubber shield worn under my trousers. As is usually the case, attacks are heightened as I approach a crowd of people, if I walk into a busy market, pass a pretty woman, when another cyclist overtakes me ... any kind of situation that plays on the assailants' vain idea of situations that could play on my vanity, so that they take advantage of it to negatively affect as much the community's as my mentality. As I approached the crowd, I noticed that their attention was drawn to the bulge in my pants. At that same moment, the fiends decided to increase attack intensity. Suddenly, I felt like I was getting electrocuted in my manhood. The current rose to such heights I could not help but contort, and there, I must have looked like I was going through a particularly persistent erection and in need of much space in my pants. Some people who'd previously only been milling around the road turned away in a show of disgust, some prudishly, while others merely averted their eyes.

I kept wearing the shield despite this incident, despite the electric shocks to a manhood that desperately needs its potency checked ... considering the attacks endured to date ... because performance on the bike improved significantly, and also because of the early warning of an attack in progress that this served. I only dropped the idea because of the damage it caused to my clothes. I am still thinking of a better design as my manhood ranks high in priority on the list of body organs that require absolute protection.

As things were on this Sunday, I got wierd cramps in the thighs. Unlike the normal known about the state, whenever the cramp stopped and I got back on the bike (knowing from memory that the relief was going to be transient), I found that I could determin the part of my leg that eventually got cramped by simply covering part of the thigh with my free, expansive hand, while keeping the other on the handle bar. The cramp would then only affect the uncovered part. Also, it did not matter whether the limb that got affected had assumed the position or not. I am now an expert at locomotion tactics with an eye on avoiding getting too negatively affected by such attacks that include using only one leg to push the bike pedals or switching paddling rhythms. I learned to cope, to persevere under the circumstances, in this instance to progress on a bike journey despite being under attack. I used knowledge gained the hard way ... for exmple the fact that attacking satellites usually have a fixed position in the sky, and that though they are switched for better attack angle, sometimes doubled, only one part of the body can be under attack at a time. Not using that part prevents fatigue in that part. When this fails, then the better thing to do is not to strain too much. Also, because attacks are usually rhythmic, the aim to destroy natural (learned) cycling rhythm, switching rhythms puts a spanner into the works. These lessons were actually not learnt on the bike but transfered to it from days when I took long distance walks.

Discovery of the better coping strategy started with long walks that became the better option of keeping fit in Africa. On one such day, while heading north in the blistering sun, sweating profusely from the heat, I passed a thickly grown tree to my right while the sun was slightly to the left, and felt as though I had walked into a shade. Retracing my steps, the same sensation was repeated. Given my heading, given the fact there was but bush on my left with nothing in sight, not a parked vehicle or a spot that could hide a perp wielding a directed energy weapon, the source of the heat could not have been on terra firma, but up above ... from a satelite positioned north east of me. After this experience, I started walking with an umbrella, not, as some expressed, for protection, but to know where attacks were coming from by filtering out the sun's rays. This helped me learn a lot, for example the fact that attacks are constant, that they are coordinated between satellites, etc. As mentioned before, the fiends take advantage of distrations. They use covers for their attacks, in this case tropical sunlight intensity, distracting noises, moments of heightened physical exertion, body heat and tiredness. Switching walking rhythms became the best manner of avoiding fatigue or getting tired prematurely. On the sunday in question, however, no amount of switching helped ease or avert cramp ... in either the straining leg or the one that was playing passanger. The other thing that gave it all away as an attack from up above is the fact now and then, after repeatedly throwing myself on the bike, I actually got to paddle it with ease, as though the whole cramp attack had not happened at all. This didn't make sense. The other truth that dispelled any doubts I could have harboured concerning what was really going on is that it was possible to avoid getting cramped by simply mingling with the walking public. Such opportunities were unfortunately few and far between. For the most part, I was alone and exposed to the evil eyes up above, and pissed off I cussed constantly.

Only when I got near home did the attacks relent. I paddled furiously in the dark, without a light on the bike, through a terrain muddy from a heavy downpour earlier in the day ... slipped and fell a couple of times, and wondered, as has become the norm this rainy season, why it always rained heavily in the region whenever I went far from home. One thing I knew for a fact was that "they" had had enough of my cycling escapades. They felt they could not afford to let them go on. Too risky for the continuity of their little secret program. They were now, more than ever, intent on putting an end to them.

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