Thursday, 5 March 2009

Imperialism and Conscious “Third World” Writers

While it remains true that a lot of people become targets because they cannot easily be socialized, social control or socialization isn't the only objective of such attacks. Military research programs, revenge for the sake of it, punishment for something done in the past, for example a whistleblower spilling the beans, or outright elimination are some of the other reasons why this establishmentarian apparatus is used against civilians.

My situation may resemble a few of these cases, especially because of its protracted nature, but it is in fact only related to one in the ultimate objective, which is elimination. I am not being punished for anything I did to anybody in the past. Nobody is attacking me because I joined their organization and spilled some secrets. I have never in my life joined any cult and have never been exposed to the secrets of such. Also, I have never been given a favour that would lead to such assaults if I failed to reciprocate in a prescribed manner or acted against those who had provided the favour. I am not refusing to stop doing that which caused the attacks to start in the first place. Attacks continue even when I am doing absolutely nothing, meaning this whole business isn’t about making me stop doing anything. I have never slept with any powerful person’s wife. I am not being moved on from one place to another because I have become undesirable since attacks happen wherever I go, plus my attackers thwart all my attempts to escape if not from the torture, then from the land and all it represents. Attack intensities escalate to levels where I am left no choice but to duck behind cover, to spend more of my scarce funds on obstructions, all of which makes following dictates of my tormentors or my mind impossible. If anybody wanted to get rid of me, then I accept they would make life impossible for me in every corner of their land, but then the very last thing they would do is make it difficult to impossible for me to leave in order to make me leave. That doesn’t make any sense at all. If somebody is using any one of these case scenarios as a reason, then it is a mere ruse.

It is very plain, it has in fact been proven on several occasions that the reason I am a target is because of what I like to do. I represent a threat to the imperialist’s order because of my chosen profession. I am a writer of articles that directly or indirectly touch on the issue of imperialism. I am a writer with a style that appeals, appeases and informs those whom imperialists would like left in the dark: the masses in the so called “third world”. I write the kind of articles to which imperialists have no answer, that they dare not contest, to which their crews of propagandists looking out for material that can be considered threatening to their handler’s agendas have no answer. I write the kind of things the oppressed simply cannot be exposed to, which is why the imperialists decided my elimination was the only answer to the problem I represent to them.

The very first attacks started before I even decided to be a writer. They were pre-emptive in nature in the sense they were based on personality profile studies and prognostications of the role I would play in the life of some people. I am by nature a gregarious fellow, and would often be the life of the party. I was talkative, and liked to boast a lot. I must have attracted the wrong kind of attention very soon in my adult life. I could not have known I was under attack at the time, or the reason for this, but it soon became very plain I was being attacked for my writing (my mind) when, as soon as I started scoring successes with major news providers worldwide, I would experience all manner of overt and covert attacks, in my home and on the streets. I would have been led to the conclusion whoever was attacking me was trying to stop me from writing, that they would stop if I stopped the activity, had it not been for the realization that dawned soon afterwards that I had actually been a Targeted Individual before I started writing professionally. It was then that I realised that the attacks I was experiencing after each successfully published article were a subterfuge intended to give me the wrong idea about my allotted lot, to shut me up in the moment, keep me from talking until such a time my talk would be nothing but drivel, given whoever was attacking me in the same manner I had been attacked before I started posting my articles to editors had a good inkling of this inherent potential. I had in fact been signed off for elimination, and there was nothing I could do that would change that.

I do believe that this lot is not unique to me, that a lot of people are currently going through the exact same that I am. It is my guess that the list of those who have been eliminated must be long indeed, and that the attacks started a long time ago, with the inception of imperialism itself. Logic has it that such covert elimination campaigns cannot end as long as a one sided relationship continues. This activity is part and parcel of maintaining the system of imperialism, especially when it is more useful (or cheaper) to keep the conquered believing imperialism and any kind of remote control by former colonizers, such as neo-colonialism or puppet leaders, belongs to the past. The lie is perpetrated that, in the present, the formerly conquered are actually benefiting from a relationship that developed from a dark past, that though this relationship is one sided in terms of resources, it is benign, the natural order of things and they who come from a backward past are better off under the tutelage of their former colonizers than when they are following their own dictates, or whims, a state with the potential to arouse an awareness of what is good for self and leads to abrasion and rebellious (expensive) activities against those who were formerly the colonizers. It is useful at the stage of conquest when the conquered have successfully been pacified and are being milked of their resources, to their detriment, without their knowledge; when they are running the colonial system themselves. Without the constant pre-emptive elimination of those who can see through the lies that keep the masses in a contended and apathetic state (or those who show the potential to develop the capacity to see through the lies), putting the pieces of the jigsaw together for the others, as such threatening the survival of the order, imperialism cannot stand or last. This is just the way things go.

It is quite a sensitive topic with the potential to cause riots if such details were made public in the “third world”, which accounts for the highly covert and systematic nature such operations are carried out. A lot of effort and time has been invested in perfecting the elimination process. A lot of state resources are utilised in the process. It is a completely military affair, conducted as such from the start to the very end. No costs are spared, anything at all is done to realize the objective. A single individual has little chance of escape as hundreds of operatives, some on training and others versed in stalking and “gaslighting”, all of them completely convinced through the use of any one of the ruses presented before, are rallied around the target who in most cases is painted as a militant. This adds to the fun the operatives will have as they feel they have a challenge and something to prove. They move in for the kill by first causing physical and mental states, discrediting the victim, and eventually move on to convince outsiders, for example friends and family, that the fault does indeed lie with the victim.

Incidentally, us writers with a “special” talent have always been the first victims of rising dictatorships.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Haunted Houses

New house, same old problem. Is it just me? Evidence says it isn’t my body causing the high EMF readings. Something else is following my movements, from house to house.

Note: Exposure to such high levels of radiation can cause serious body odours, a bad case of bad breath, swollen face, loss of weight, memory loss, red eyes, etc. (unless you are protecting yourself), and disrespect for the achievements of a system that reveals its worth by constantly stooping so low to get its kicks.

Anyone for viewing that rubbish they call Westminster? I personally wouldn't waste my digital camera memory on such crap symbols of the ruling class, would you? Attack my head, would they? Do you realize they are indirectly exposing their best in terms of mental prowess ... LOL