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Famous Targetted Individuals Series

The opening lyrics to the late Tupac Amaru Shakur's song "Picture Me Rolling" could have been written by one of the many people who have made the choice to go public with the fact they are targets of covert warfare. I do not say this to gain points for this cause, but because it is evident that his manner of communicating especially personal realities in relation to a common struggle is similar to this group in society in candour and as such unique, especially among members of what, for lack of a better term, can be called the Black race. Though it is an established fact, by way of various polls, that black people living in the west are more likely to become targets of covert warfare compared to other ethnic groups, very few black people, whether Diaspora or Continental, are as prepared to come out in the open about this as Tupac was.

The overriding desire in the worldwide African community is to touch on the salient, known and oft-discussed wrongs the system perpetrates against the race, usually the seen, systemic transgressions that get on the tip of everyone's tongue, the household, vivid, clear examples of experiences that give the mark of the oppressed under a tyrannical, diabolical, insane, psychopathically inclined, clinging and underneath it all, a retard of a system. Seldom is open mention made of the unseen, the hidden, intellectual oppression, intellectual or psychological violence and violation, and the psychological impact this has on the entirety of the race or on the individual ... what it does to the "I", especially as it relates to the deleterious effect it can have mentally and physically. As an example, Tupac would say "...this is not how my life was meant to be" revealing he was aware one can have knowledge of how one is faring under the circumstances in contrast to what would otherwise be the case if one was not oppressed... how someone living under high physical and mental stress in an environment where high-tech lynching and mentacide is the norm fares, which, when the mismatch of adversaries is considered means "badly", or even "terribly".

And when, by the unseen way, the man comes down on one or entirely of one's community like a ton of bricks, then the tendency of a critical number of black people is to keep as quiet about this and the ensuing negative state as is possible. This reaction to an oppressive order which amounts to fear of rocking the boat (in fact meaning meaning Africans desire  “peace at all costs”), is thought to be the best thing to do to protect self, loved ones, a career or future prospects of one, preserve sanity ... and it is also unfortunately passed on to future generations given it entails maintaining a pattern of behaviour that obviates the vague, a behaviour promoted by both enemy and many in the ranks of the oppressed that is readily emulated by the impressionable as the better coping strategy. It is in fact the worst possible behaviour that an oppressed group can adopt and internalize.

Very recently, a well known African American father was quoted advising his son never to grow a dreadlock because, as far as he was concerned ... the likelihood of trouble calling was increased when one grew a lock because of its association with the bad guy image. But then one wonders to what extent the locks are to blame for the bad image, whether it is not the race that is the real issue. The father must know this but then he wants to be as safe in a system whose ways he knows as is possible, and this, according to his reasoning, entails avoiding everything that could bring one into trouble. This is illogical thought because the real issue is being avoided.

Let me give a simple example of just why this behaviour harms the emulator as well as the community to which they belong. Consider a man under surveillance because the powers-that-be are afraid of him for one or other reason that has nothing to do with their choices. As will always be the case, they will eventually decide not to stop by mere surveillance alone but to manipulate his behaviour as well. The manner they start doing this is the most used for this, and it is called covert warfare using what are known as directed energies, for example ultrasonic or radio frequencies as these enable remote manipulation that does not necessarily involve what is understood as mind control, I.e. direct connection to and manipulation of the brains. Under the beam of these energies, the target can be made to start showing all kinds of symptoms, direct effects of radio or ultrasound waves interacting with living tissue ... flesh and bones, the most common of which could be erratic or chaotic behaviour, profuse sweating, overpowering, pervading stenches, etc. Given the peaks of the bouts of the effects will coincide with moments of heightened physical or mental activity, the target will attempt to take measures that prevent them from sweating and/or smelling, that could eventually include medication ... the consequence of which will be inevitable physical defilement. Blame for this outcome cannot be placed on the individual target if they were not conscious of their status. But then, in this system, there are very few people who fail to notice the attacks or make the connection to what they are doing or are that could call on the attacks, nor is there anybody out there worth attacking who has never heard of the technological capabilities (exaggerations or distortions hereof) that enable covert attacks or the need for them in this day and age. The real problem is that there is just this thought in many a head in our communities that we call upon such attacks ourselves... which is not the case.... and that turning into a mouse, burying self or, at least, playing dead ... singing "what a wonderful world" or, to paraphrase from the late Addison Gayle Jr., African American author's book "The ways of the New World", making poetry out of tragedies and miseries, is the way to survive the onslaught ... which is absolutely foolish, and the fiends just love this mental state they play with the individual, switching one thing on then another at opportune, life crucial moments, creating a personality at odds with their social world, watching the victim struggle to fit ... until they choose to do away with them when need arises. But in the mean time, the individual, whose life has been manipulated to absurd extents, but allowed to live in comfort that is only real to those looking in from the outside, will have given the impression they have the better coping strategy to a lot of people who understand the odds ... thanks in large part to a misinformed reaction and to a lesser degree to a power taking their time keeping pace and affecting the outcome. The space within the community that the powers- that-be can use again and again to keep the community weak is thus unwittingly preserved.

Tupac was very candid about a lot of what he thought was happening to him and his community, saw, felt and went through. Most of it is just general stuff that has already been said by others, but some of what he says in his songs suggests very strongly that he was actually a target of covert warfare, especially when he mentions the surveillance he was under and what was happening to his body. The attacks may have been biological, but they could also have been done the easiest and best method of preserving secrecy used to date ... using directed energies. The lyrics below are taken from some of his songs and represent some of the statements he made that suggest he wasn't just under surveillance, but also under remote manipulation.

Just picture me rollin'
Flossing a Benz on rims that isn't stolen
My dreams is censored, my hopes are gone
I'm like a fiend that finally sees when all the dope is gone
My nerves is wrecked, heart beating and my hands are swollen
Thinking of the G's I'll be holdin', picture me rollin'

Watch this space for the next Famous Targetted Individuals Series that will include Toni Morrison, Colonel Gadaffi

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