Friday, 5 September 2008

A Night In The Life Of An Extra Targeted (Marked) Individual

I awoke this morning checking my system for damage after a night of heightened attacks. Lights flared and got glaringly bright when, as I lay down to sleep, after the assassin aimed his weapon at me and started isolating vulnerable parts, I threw some rudimentary protection around my body. This prompted the killer to increase power levels to the point I felt as though I was standing in a strong wind that was not having external, physical effects on me, but internal... searing, tearing through tissue and bone. The temperature soared in the building from normal for the time of year to a tropical level, and I started sweating heavily.

As is usual when this happens, I took out my electronic equipment and started charting the attack direction. Improvising to make up for the lack of sophistication of the cheap devices, I soon discovered the direction the attacks were coming from.

Nobody can reach me from either side, the top or bottom floors, except the front and back of the building, within a parked car or building across the road. In front of the building is a row of trees that are good enough as a shield against microwaves. The buildings beyond that are almost completely obscured from sight by the thick growth apart from a gap in the trees where, about a hundred or so meters away, another 11 storey building can be seen. Within this gap about ten flats are visible (households), if that, yet, somehow, the establishment has already managed to find someone willing to kill any marked individual on their behalf, out of a selection of only about 20 people.

This “problem” is huge.

The beams were too much to bear, therefore I immediately assumed the defensive position, wedging myself between the thickest concrete and whatever two piece conducting shield with dielectric in between I could find, shifting in profile so that as little of my body as is possible could be seen from the attack position. Soon enough, the impact of the beam was reduced to insignificant levels, even when the rest of the building remained hot, the lights still abnormally bright. I was at once cool and no longer sweating.

I do not trust the establishment, and therefore I cannot say this with certainty, but the sudden increase in intensity of the beam may have caused electronic disturbances in the neighborhood that could have prompted somebody to make an emergency call as, soon afterwards, a chopper rose and hovered around the location for a while. Either this or they were simply part of the spotting team since such increases in temperature can render through the wall viewing technology useless. The warmer the surface temperature of an object, the easier it is for microwaves to pass through it, yet at the same time imaging technology that depends on heat signatures fails to go beyond the hot surface.

I was cool and safe now, but according to my instruments there was still a lesser beam directed at me from behind the building, a location I was least worried about because there was too much solid material in between. The criminal handling the equipment was trying his/her best to get me, aiming the poison at the sensitive areas, but then this was a distinct sensation that tells the difference between an attack intense enough to affect the sensitive areas even when they are not in the direct line of fire, and one where they are singled out. The power levels of this second attack were so low it made no sense protecting myself from this attack. And soon enough, I was nodding off again.


Toloane said...

I should not forget to add that, unless there is a complete faraday cage around the enclosure, sleep for a target is never peaceful, even when, as was the case this time, I manage to find a location that is not reachable. Such secutiry is usually temporary as the perps do overtime trying to find an angle from which they can make successful attacks.

The need is such...

Anonymous said...

What you describe as heat (microwave) attacks to different parts of the body are almost identical in nature to what I have experienced with "cold" temperature attacks. I have also felt what I believe are the microwave attacks, but in my neck of the woods, the weapon of choice for the organized criminal gangstalkers in some type of weapon which focuses directed cold blasts onto different body parts.

Anonymous said...

Do you have an idea how do these weapons look like?
Do you think that all perps have one?