Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Understanding Why I Write What I Write

The point of my books is to enlighten those who are already under attack, as well as others who are not, about covert warfare or organized violence. This includes showing those who are not under attack how easy they can become targets, giving as much information on the attack methods and technologies involved as is possible, and giving advise on how to foil attacks or become resilient of body and mind while under attack.

Rather than provide information that can inadvertently frighten and prevent people from standing up for their rights or speaking against the evil they perceive and, for those who are already targets, can cause desperation or resignation to a fate, I try to show there is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope that by providing precisely that information that will help develop a better understanding of what is happening, and also afford the capacity to fare better; showing vulnerabilities in the elimination processes, and revealing the entrenchment of the activity in the culture at large, rather than emphasis on the attack methods and classified or non-classified technologies involved, I will help empower Targeted Individuals as this is where I believe the battle is really at.

There are as many approaches to solving the problem of organized violence, state sponsored or otherwise, out there, as there are activists for the cause. Each and every one of us is invaluable to the process, in our own way making contributions that are making a difference. Most of our approaches are influenced by our convictions, and our own beliefs or understanding of what constitutes the best countermeasures. My approach relies heavily on self protection as I feel that, other than those who are selected for purely experimental purposes, or the fact attacks are designed to destroy the target's mind and body, targets are selected because they are seen either as weak links in the whole, or importantly, as the very vehicles through which revolutionary sentiments may find actual, real life expression.

The truth as I see it is that, in many of the targets of covert warfare, unknown to a lot among them due to immaturity, lifestyle or the effects of the attacks on their mental well-being, we have the very people who could be key to finding the method, the key that stops the activity permanently, if not renders it a mere nuisance. A lot among us are selected precisely because of this, and this here is a real war we are fighting, that has far reaching ramifications not only for our personal lives, but those of our communities. As soldiers in a war we never declared, whether we are man or woman, we have to learn how to find the strength to stand up after getting knocked out, stand up against the might that can get piled against us. We have to learn to give ourselves as much room as will enable the full expression of the very personalities deemed a problem by the system. This, rather than the process of informing those who do not yet know, among them a good number of whom could never digest the information provided anyway, and another for whom taking action is the last thing they would dare even contemplate, is what I consider the best way to go, without being as dumb as to conclude this is the only good method, that all else is useless.

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