Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Unconventional Use of a Faraday Cage Can Block Out More Radiation

Demonstrating the shielding effect of a faraday cage

Faraday cages are always regarded as enclosures protecting what is inside from electro-magnetic radiation outside, or, conversely, as protecting that which is outside from the electro-magnetic radiation produced by what is placed inside. Apparently, most of the uses they are put to have this arrangement in mind, and I would imagine most of those developing directed energy weapons that are better at penetrating all manner of faraday cages use this model in their trials.

It is known that a faraday cage is better than other kinds of shielding designs. I discovered by chance that it is even betters when used unconventionally. This happened while attempting to make my faraday cage better without increasing the thickness of its walls, which is one way their attenuating (blocking) effect can be increased. I tried thickening the grounding wire, increasing the depth the rod was sunk into the ground, bringing the ohms as close to 8 as was possible, but got little or no improvement. Placing ungrounded shields inside the faraday cage that were insulated from it produced the best results, but then, because these metals provided partial protection, they would soon be bypassed by attackers who simply made changes to the angle of attack.

The partial shields placed inside a faraday cage led to the idea of a faraday cage within a faraday cage which blossomed into the idea of a faraday cage as a whole shield itself, ie., a faraday cage with an enclosure that's not meant to be entered, but the whole faraday cage is used as a shield by placing it in between the attacker and the target.

I came up with a design, and started working on it, but because funds were insufficient to buy all the materials needed, I came up with another idea that proved to be a good temporary solution. The construction I ended up with was good enough for the experiment to prove using a whole faraday cage as a shield would yield better results.

Given almost all the attacks I get have a vertical trajectory, I placed a primary faraday cage, made out of wire mesh, shaped like a double bed matras, about two times larger (3 meters by 2.5 meters), above a secondary faraday cage big enough to sleep in. The purpose of the secondary faraday cage was to protect me from the hotspot or electromagnetic field (EMF) that would be generated when the faraday cage on top got hit with directed energies.

Within the primary faraday cage I placed a layer of sheet metal joined so that it was as long and wide as the cage, that was insulated from the outer conducting layer , and also inserted into it a sheet of rubber with the same dimensions as the flat metal piece.

That night, I experienced no attacks. My sleeping area remained cool. There was no profuse sweating on my part. Instead, there was an overpowering odour produced by fumes that suggested burning material, of which rubber was one. The odours told me attacks had in fact occurred but they had been blocked.

The same was experienced many more nights hereafter convincing me the idea worked. But soon thereafter, not surprising given what I know about the need in my attackers, I started getting hit again. I noticed that something was different about the renewed attacks. The trajectories of the new attacks were slightly different and the areas of my body hit were completely different from previous attacks. The attacks still came from up above but were now at an angle, and they only hit me from the sides. If, during sleep, I kept in the middle of the bed, I didn't get hit. I had to move to one or the other end of the bed to feel an attack, and I could only get hit at the lowest point of my body in relation to the up-down sleeping position.

My attackers experienced a major failure getting through the primary faraday cage shield above my bed. Also, given geo-synchronous satellites could not make the change in position required to make side angle strikes, it was verified again that there had to be more than just one satellite with its energy weapon pointing at my position. There were in fact two satellites. A night soon came when I counted three satellites after I shifted too far down the bed during sleep, I got hit in the feet and the angle or trajectory of the beam suggested it was a satellite in a position that was different from the other two.

I lowered then drooped the sides around my bed of the primary upper shield in order to ensure that a satellite had to really be low on the horizon to get a clear view of my body, presuming that it would then be too far away to have a bad effect or that there were no military satellites in this part of the sky,, and it worked. Peace and calm returned to my sleeping area.

I still have not made the complete structure I set about building initially. Once completed, it should have for its walls, floor and roof six faraday cages of the same size as the first that I used as the primary shield, arranged so that they make a sleeping space that is completely protected. The structure will be the same in function as a faraday cage within a faraday cage, and, let's face it, this is the easiest way to build it.

I know I cannot live inside a faraday cage forever, but keeping out of the line of fire at sleep time is essential to how I fare. Sleep time is when the body repairs itself. It is the time for recuperation. Not having this process interfered with significantly improves my health. It improves my mental and physical strength, enabling me to better withstand attacks during moments without protection ... definitely one small step in my quest to shut them out of my life.

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