Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Westerners and Africans set to suffer more as Western elite's global reach diminishes.

Full Speech of Putin's Warning

Woe be unto those who remain vulnerable and within the sphere of control of NATO's (read The West) military industrial complex as its global theatre of covert operations diminishes. The concentration of NATO's demonic activities will increase in these places as it relocates its installations to those areas where it remains unchallenged ... and these places are the west's own home front, and the Third World.

Countries that have what it takes to make NATO tuck-tail and are reacting to its intrusive covert activities are increasing in number, and you can bet that, behind the scenes, they are making sure the West gets the message: they are not playing games.

They will not flinch from hitting the nuke button, and usher in armageddon.

Understand here that what Russia is currently doing is not very different from what North Korea did repeatedly in the recent past. It is telling the West, in the clearest of terms, to back off, or else.

Russia is making sure the West understands that this is not a bluff.

Read between the lines and timing of Putin's admonitions to understand that, having what it takes to do this, Russia is in fact giving the West no option but to take its psychopathic activities elsewhere.

And so the West will leave Russia out of its hide-in-the-dark-ambush-and-rape-a-helpless-victim-behind-the-bushes ways, but because its very economic well-being is dependent on the continuation of these activities, it will merely relocate and, in ensuring that the move brings it advantage in future, will multiply the existing hell it already makes out of the lives of those it still dominates by a factor it will deem necessary to stabilize the economy and hold on to power while retaining the capacity to eventually regain some of its lost terrain.

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