Monday, 2 December 2013

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I have tried as much as possible to make this blog as accessible as can be to visitors here so that they (you) do not miss a thing, and the article link in the right hand column is part of that effort.

I made a few recent changes that help with this, starting with the "navigation" column (middle right), the "Latest News" link on it, "Featured Article" link on it that sets the tone of this blog so that nothing gets twisted, and very recently. the "Main Page" link on it that helps you see latest posts, in case you come here via a link to an old article and the article list (below the navigation column) has not been updated.

There are now a total of 170 articles on this blog, posted within the span of 10 years. The rate at which I post new articles has not been constant, with lows that have lasted for a year when I posted nothing, to highs when I have posted three to four good articles per week. The rate at which I post new pieces is rising. This means we will cross 200 articles posted in a very short period of time.

This, plus the fact some of the very first articles have been removed from the menu by third parties (but still remain on the blog), means the blog will be a maze hard to navigate at most, which just means visitors missing out on a lot of good stuff.

But if this blog is treated like a normal inbox, it remains possible to read every single post of interest or at least browse them all, bookmark or save the entire pages for offline reading. At the very bottom of each article, if you start from the home page, are links to older posts. By clicking through these you can view every single article ever posted here and pick out those you would like to read, bookmark or save.

This piece will be appended to the latest news article and will also have a direct link to it on the navigation column to tip and guide future visitors through the blog so that it does not scroll out of sight of the main page as posts are added. Also, I hope to make a new page to which links to new articles will be posted because I feel the article link in the right hand column has grown too long.


Broken links Please report them immediately, othewise scrow down to the Blog Archives and find the article of interest. If it is a new article, then it should be listed among the first that will appear by simply typing I have tried in vain to correct a double address rendering issue occuring with the article "Major Casualties". Follow the procedure above or manually enter the following url into the browser's address field:

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Mukazo Vunda said...

Articles from shortly after this blog was started have been removed from the right column link by a third party.

The articles are still here on blogger but, to access them, you will need to go to the links provided at the bottom of the right hand column or browse backwards from the first page, clicking the before link at the bottom of each page as you would your email inbox.

Each blog page has a total of 5 articles. There are 125 articles in total therefore it should take 25 pages to get to the last entry.

Eventually, you will get there and you can browse the last ten items and see which ones you find interesting enough to read.