Friday, 14 November 2014

It Only Gets Worse

Have not been online for a good 6 months, have not done anything to anyone that could prompt revenge attacks, but things have progressively worsened. It is currently very hectic down here. Now I understand very well why they want and force absolute isolation on TIs.

From classic attacks on machines belonging to TIs, to sauna like temperatures indoors that stay on till dawn.
The bastards are even targeting cesspools on the farm and making them smell like 1001 pigs. It is working on the less speculative locals. Such abnormal smells they take to be possible on God's earth. by God's creatures. Cannot expect things to be different considering the culture, I mean, if in 2014 you can believe rubbing "medicine" on your body can shield you from bullets, that there are people who fly like witches on a broom at night, etc. and stupid etc., (complete with buy-in power), then you will believe anything..

Much harm is being done to me, short of the use of the full potential of the weapons, most of them aboard satellites BTW. Now and then I am reminded of the fact the weapons are capable of much more destruction. I do know that the covert nature of this war is what is keeping the evil forces from leaving traces. But then I do not see the era when the full potential of these weapons is employed, with relish, to be that far off. They are already creating those fake terrorist groups in all parts of the third world, those old diseases as well. You think you are exempt in your region African? Then you are naive. Those "context-less activity", foaming at the mouth terrorists will be in your neighborhood soon, raping your daughters, murdering your friends, and they will provide the excuse or cover for people to get killed by satellite attack.

My bike is a machine. It is susceptible to manipulation, and right now they are doing their best ro make my cycling experience very hard. The area hit the most is the paddling area, including my groin and pelvic area. . Properly greased ball bearings get stuck, tires suddenly get soft, then harden, giving the effect of invisible bumps on the road. A properly oiled bike on tires pumped to the max comes to a halt while going downhill. The slope is real, and not an illusion as I have driven along this road several times and not have had to paddle.

Looks like they are taking advantage of the extreme heat and isolated circumstances to cause as much damage to my body as is possible. Got burnt on the right temple and top of ear without realizing it because it was so hot. only when I was shaving the next day did I discover the scabs and discoloring of the skin. The area covered by my hat and the line where the side of my glasses passes was not burnt. The skin in the area has softened, but the discoloration remains.

Wish I had a camera right now because there is so much I could share with you, so many strange things happening on the farm, right down to strange plant growth. Got to find a way to SHOOT this stupid sheriff dead.

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