Sunday, 21 October 2007

Stalking, Harassment,Torture: Why Do We Put Up With It?

To the casual observer, targeted individuals must come off as either incompetents or complete cowards who cannot retaliate even when they are aware DEW and other attacks are but silent bullets from an assassin keen on avoiding blame, an obvious murder attempt. It must seem to them the targetting is selective, in which case those prone to respond violently are avoided. "Putting up with it" here means silently, almost stoically endure harassment and torture, often lethal in effect, meted out by non other than other civilians, without as much as a reaction meant to reduce the danger that any sentient being makes whenever they are confronted with an assault on their life. For example, harassment from a neighbor can easily be stopped by confronting that same person, exposing them for what they are or launching similar attacks on them.

Fact of the matter is there are no simple answers, and the solutions as seen by especially those on the outside do not bring closure to the issue. Confronting a perp is a real possibility, and it is an easy thing to do, but then the perp is launching covert attacks that are only known to the targeted individual, and can easily deny this. Threatening a perp doesn't help either because he is not acting of his own whims. He is under orders and is obliged to follow else lose privileges or even freedom from similar attacks.

The most natural response to an attempt on ones life is self defense, that usually means a measured response. Since TI’s do not have silent bullet capabilities, a response could mean the demise of a perp. This happens a lot in real life, obviously. Given the number of perps stalking a single individual is significant, innocents are bound to get caught up and most probably suffer injury or even die. It is indeed a fact that a lot of the high profile cases where what the media conveniently describes as a "madman went on a killing spree" involve stalking of one by many. The blame for what happened is placed on a state of mind, but in truth it can only be those who instigate such insane persecutions without regard for horrid eventualities to blame.

It is the usual case that people who take such actions take their own lives in the end. In cases where they do not, they end up captives of the very same people who started and supported the covert warfare. Thinking this issue through, one realizes that being a targeted individual is almost always a death sentence. One is either going to succumb to weapons and agents used by perps, or go postal, murdering some of the perps and others who may not have been involved, only to end up in detention, and in a prison system already infiltrated to the rafters with the same people, back to square one.

Tragic ends to stalking procedures are not the norm for a number of reasons, one of which is that those who wage covert warfare always try to destroy that part within the targeted individual that could make them react violently, albeit following a very natural reaction pattern to stimuli, to an equally violent attack.

The most important reason for the lack of reaction is that, after a number of attacks, the TI is in such a state they can hardly do a thing about attacks. The destruction of their personality has gone so far the individual has become a mess that needs sorting out before any kind of positive reaction to the issue at hand can take place.

As the term denotes, covert attacks start when the target is not aware. Usually, people only realize they are victims of covert warfare when it is too late and the damage has already been done, they are in such a state that making simple decisions is not very easy, especially following through with resolves.

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