Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Sought: Lawyer With Balls to Take Up Eviction Case

I have put a stop to trying to get a lawyer to represent me in the illegal eviction case because it looks too much like there are people who are too interested in keeping the issue buried, and they are a powerful bunch. This closure extends to such like Amnesty International, and similar organizations. They are also people with relations, loved ones, addresses, and lives, who are as vulnerable to attacks as any lawyer is.

After what I have experienced, I now feel it is irresponsible of me to walk up to a complete stranger, knowing full well what the people pursuing me do to people who get involved in my case. I will definitely only succeed to make another soul's life hell as he becomes the next target of covert warfare.

What I also know is that those who want to herd me into a corner win when all of society becomes afraid of doing anything to help themselves out of a tight spot. Accepting to get isolated and eliminated will become the next step for everybody, in which case we might as well hand the throne to whoever is behind covert warfare.

Rather than get some innocent individual into trouble, I want to make it plain from the get go that those willing to take up my case should be conscious of the evil, dark world involved. They should be familiar with citizen harassment and elimination activities. They should be people who can defend themselves against the arsenal that can be launched against them, otherwise they should merely be people who are beyond reach where attacks of this mature are concerned.

I have approached two lawyers already, and, as is usual in this practice, they have gone to work contacting various people for the information and material they need to present the case. I no longer have the signed contract where it is clearly stated that the landlord must give me a notice of at least a month before eviction, unless there are other, extreme circumstances. Even then, the landlord is obliged to follow the law, and not act rashly, for example break into the property "because I have not been returning his calls", as my former landlord is heard saying on security camera footage recorded on the day, that I cannot yet publish for legal reasons.

What has happened with the two lawyers I got in touch with is this that, whenever the respective lawyer got in touch with the council for copies of the contract on file, and got this faxed to the office, I got a call from the lawyer informing me they were confident of victory because of that contained in the fine-print of the contract.

This phone call has been the last that two successive lawyers made.

I know how lawyers work. I have dealt with quite a number in my life. When they do not feel there is a need to pursue an issue, if they think the case has no chance of success, they will inform the client. They will answer and return calls if the client requests this, especially when asked by the receptionist themselves to leave their number, as I did several times, each time inquiring why they had suddenly become silent.

Do you know of a lawyer, or group of them, or even an organization, that wouldn't flinch to represent me in such a situation, without fearing the worst? If so, then please get in touch with me.

Take note that I am in the UK. The CAB is not worth contacting as believing that such things happen is the last thing they want to do.

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