Friday, 23 March 2018

Somebody Please Push The Fool Over. He Has Already Been Knocked Out!

A Long Cock!

By accident, I found out it was not wholly me to blame. Prior to this, I thought, I believed I was ill. Seriously ill.

I made the experience several times but never put one and one together the same way I did when the same event involved another then repeated involving a similar substance ... Male sperm.

The first time it happened in another, was when a friend of mine with a plastic bag full of dried fish approached. The bag was tiny and could fit in his pocket. In fact it was stashed in his pocket as he walked towards me. He was about 50 meters removed from me when the stench of fish assaulted my nose. I asked whether he was carrying fish and he showed me the pack.

The second time this happened, the time I made connections that explained a lot, involved chickens. I was at the carpentry table working and noticed the hens I kept run towards me, then get right under my feet. About three of the total of about 23 free range chickens in my keep.

It was not rare for the chickens to search through the saw dust for food given it resembles food but they had already been there that day. They had ascertained there were no crumbs under the table and, looking around, I realised they sought my protection. They were fleeing the advances of a new cock. An extra persistent long neighbour's cock.

I liked the thing and would have wanted his seed to fertilize the eggs within my hens but, they had asked for protection from me, a male, of the wrong species no less, but my response was typical of my sex. The cock was smaller than I was ... so I started and chased the thing away.

The bird gave out noises that sounded too much like "mind your species" ... and I obeyed. So embarrassed was I, I forgot about the protective aspirations that mark out males of all but cowardly specie types.

And the cock, sensing he had won the war, approached, to the dismay of the hens, one of which was too tame it sometimes wandered into my home. And that ... was the one it wanted.

As the cock approached, this hen crouched right under me, between my legs, but ... the cock got its way quickly and I could get back to cutting wood again without worrying about stepping on some living thing. What happened next startled as much me as the hens, including the cock itself.

We all started choking!

The place suddenly smelt like a prostitute had just had 100 clients and thrown the condoms carelessly into a bin in a corner.

Now, this phenomenon is a constant wherever I go to live, and it persists whether I have just clambered over a bounding body or not. It just depends on the mood of somebody somewhere with command over some crafts circling the globe with energy weapons attached to one end.

Neighbours wherever I have gone to live, including visitors, get tired of cursing and cussing. It never stops ... and soon, because of the weird nature of the occurrence, they choose to act like it is not there.

They choose to ignore it and accept me that way, albeit with reservations.

Too strange to make sense of because even if the worst was happening, how can something so small in quantity colonise an entire neighbourhood in fumigants?

It looks too much like my seed seems to be too much of a threat to some powerful entity out there. Something along the lines of the "Super Sperm" Ice Cube mentions in a song I decline to name here, that I no longer have the urge to listen to with peace of mind even when I have his "Lethal Injection" album.

Would have ditched him already for such like Xhibit and his "Paparazzi" had it not been for the fact he was sought after by Hollywood itself. Now, I know about the pedo rumours that would make some think Hollywood is not relevant to this assessment of character, and some of them are true, but they are kept secret. There is on the other hand nothing hidden about Ice Cube's song on that album.

Let me not get distracted.

As I was saying it is either fear of the "Super Sperm" or there is something about the stuff in the nuts that aids or enables whatever it is they are doing that makes them raze my manhood more when there is a slight sign the tools are being engaged, causing stenches from the contents of nuts about the size of the average hazelnut to spread across an entire town.

But the chicken too? They may be insane but why would they want to enhance communication of sorts with a chicken? Or is this something only somebody mad the same way they are can understand?

The other thing to think about is the fishy smell that raced ahead of the bearer. This too shifts the issue from "Super Sperm" and connection or contact with an AI female because ... well ... fishy smell is not sperm.

And then again there is this possibility I am under fire every where I am. But why are people approaching me with fish in pockets also coming under fire? Is it to check whether they are not bringing me something that could help me escape a sperm stench filled existence?

Difficult to comprehend but then all madness is hard to follow. Cannot help something about this setup telling me we are dealing here with a man that's been knocked out cold but is still standing, probably in the state by their own hand, and all it will take to remove their menace is a push.

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