Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Cuba Embassy Staff Directed Energy Attacks a Godsend for Targeted Individuals?

John Hall speaks. A must watch

The Cuban Embassy attack affair is indeed a Godsend for targets of covert warfare ... it should embolden us, make us boldly go where no man has gone with our plight, for the simple reason it can no longer be considered fiction. We cannot be considered insane for so saying and can rightly consider authority's unwillingness to act on our complaints a sign of complicity ...

Take special note here that doing as John advises has been tried by several people before but remember this happened in the days when they would call us nut cases for saying something like "I think my neighbour is assaulting me with a directed energy weapon" and get away with it. Those days are behind us people, thanks to the Cuba Embassy Attacks, thanks more especially to the fumbling about the power that be engaged in attempting to bury the truth that actually caused the truth to stick out like a sore thumb.

We can look back into the past, in retrospect, and judge as such this ubiquitous inactivity, provided we know the buck has to stop at the highest echelons of power and these people evidently turned their backs on our cries for help ... look further at every article published over us that was at pains to paint us in a looney light as a sign of the same complicity and demand explanations for this.

We can look at Wikipedia's article on us located here: and ask it be taken down or archived if not updated/corrected, or this article: "United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers" located here, and check the people involved in the publication (the author is on Twitter BTW) of this piece so we can ask them to explain why they colluded with the establishment against us.

I understand that some have seen the end of our torment approach because of the things John says and also because of the truth society can no longer be blinded to the fact people are being zapped, poisoned, raped and mind controlled in their own homes. But then I am not one to fall for false hope because of the inactivity this state brings.

It remains a fact this war is far from over. It would be folly for us to relax now. We have got to keep on fighting even when there does appear to be genuine light at the end of this tunnel ...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not so optimistic about this. It happened how many months ago? I read about it and watched the report of it on the news in my East European country (Croatia), and after that - nothing.
The only unusual thing is that no one was very surprised or 'unbelieving'.