Thursday, 22 March 2018

Assad is the man that will show you how to evade their BS tech

Bashar Al Assad of Syria

The Syrian so called civil war has been ongoing for a good 7 years now, with casualties numbering in the millions. The numbers of those displaced are much more than that.

And Assad is still in power, defying with this all predictions, including those made by that geriatric Kissinger.

If anything, what the world has learnt is this ... that this man is a David of sorts.

First thing to do to understand why I say this is get realistic. The Syria war is not a civil war but a war to unseat Assad's regime. It started out as an attempt at regime change that degenerated into the next aim on scorned Goliath's agenda ... which is the total and complete destruction of a nation.

This war is far from over and, the situation could change any which way. Assad could get caught, and maybe like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, get fished out of a hole and hanged by rent a terrorists, or caught out fleeing in a desert like Ghadafi then killed by jerky terrorists.

In the meantime however, Assad has shown like no other, that the world bully CIA and MOSSAD combo is far from invincible, to a larger extent than Saddam of Iraq did. He has lasted long enough for that truth to be stencilled in stone.

Admittedly, Saddam was also a wiley character, who in turn did way better than the man that made Hillary Clinton feel it was safe to blurt out "We came, He died".

Not with Assad.

Kissinger must be feeling like kissing his own behind goodbye could be the next thing he is forced to do for, the wicked have convinced themselves their livelihood as indeed lives depend on the success of this wicked mission.

And it is not going as planned.

What Assad is surviving as we speak, and the means he is using to do this can be thought of as that which many a nation globally need to know if they want to see a way out of their supernumerary states.

I have good reason to state the things I will say below.

Robert Mugabe before ...

Mugabe of Zimbabwe could not have slipped because he was getting too old to think strait. The man is not designed to lose his direction with age and this is very clear to note from his speeches today, even when all that is left is emotion. His emotion remains positive. Admittedly, bias aside, accusations of greed and cruelty to others aside, the man has a big heart, all else notwithstanding.

All one needs to do to realise what happened to him is check the shape or shall I say the deformation that has occurred to his scalp. If anything, this man has had a lot of whacking on that head from western military satellites that fly over the skies here.

Colonel Gahafi as a young man

Gadhafi of Libya gave us the impression he was wiley, and he was a clever guy but the ageing and deformation to his visage also points to the fact satellites, maybe even military drones, that flew about his domain, were out to get him dull and stupid.

He, like Mugabe, was not designed to falter mentally, and it shows from the things he said till the end that, even though emotional, depicted a man grounded ... a man with a big heart.

Micheal Chilufya Sata

Zambia lost two good presidents in the span of a few years and a lot points to the fact both were felled using hi-tech flying ominously overhead. In the case of Michael Chilufya Sata, the weapons used on him when he was in the opposition could have been handheld but soon retreated to the skies when he became head of state.


There was an attempt on Mwanawasa's life that left him with serious injuries, leading to ill health. This bad health was later used to deplete his life force. He could not last unprotected, and he died sooner than he should have, depriving the country of a highly talented though heavily maligned leader.

The weapons used to kill or destroy the people mentioned before in order to keep their groups suffering are Star Wars Weapons. They are fortunately no longer a figment of some mad person's imagination. If you have been paying attention, you might have heard of the Cuban Embassy attacks ... Those are the weapons I am alluding to and they are not just in the hands of mischievous Cubans as the guilty party would have you believe.

Fact of this matter is this that what remains to even out the playing field, to take away the advantage a Star Wars Weapon Network gives the insane, is for intelligence agencies in developing countries to take up the simple methods of self defense Assad and others in more developed countries know of, and are using to keep their heads above water, and also use their own people to harness the capacity to retaliate covertly ... to leave room for plausible deniability even when the explanation you give for what happened is the satellite blew up spontaneously ... because the fiends will always come back until they know it is no longer safe for them to do so.

What people need to know is satellites start off as payloads on board rockets and unless assembled in space, are always going to be smaller than weapons mounted on trains, trailers, trucks and lorries. This is the reason one does not need much foreign expertise to make simple yet bulky energy weapons with the capacity to outperform military satellites and knock them out of the skies. They cannot possibly compete or defend their presence when push comes to bugger off!

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