Monday, 26 March 2018

What it Takes to Break Free of a Pre-Approved, Media Disseminated Script Reality

Image of the shooting of the Russian ambassador to Turkey showing what are evidently crisis actors making unnatural reactions to a shooting dead incident

I don't live in America but I know ladies there, have known ladies there for a long time reporting finding foreign stuff in their homes, hearing people walking through their home at night, finding total strangers standing by their bed when they wake up, getting raped in their own home by intruders ... and I got word some of these victims of what are clearly psychopaths are going or took part in the AR 15 protest?

I understand how difficult it is for most Americans under fire to cope with such terrorism or hate crimes. Everyone has their breaking point when it gets too much and, eventually, they are led to believe a confrontational attitude to such intrusions is the worst thing they can do.

A Stockholm syndrome of sorts develops as well.

The opponent appears too mighty for them, but then the deterrent to such psychopathic acts happens to be doing the very reverse of cowering away or thinking co-operating let alone thinking the responsible fiend has their best interests at heart.

Grabbing a gun and standing firm by it, saying out loud "over my dead body!" is actually the only language such psychopaths understand, otherwise they don't go away. They may seem to have nothing better to do until the realisation is made you are the better thing they have to do.

The intruder does not have to rape someone before they see the truth in this. Or will these women/men always forgive and turn the other cheek as well?

Evidently, the Disarm America Movement is being run by psychopaths, the very same ones making false flags that are killing innocent people, that they are organizing for the same purpose ... the very same vermin raping women and children in their own homes. They are admittedly formidably mighty, but dealing a blow to their agenda is not impossible if it happens piecemeal, if it is taken as a sacrifice each and every man and woman in America needs to take ... meant to benefit those to come, the ones Americans love enough to have and fend for.

The best Americans can do if they are getting their homes regularly invaded, if they cannot stomach the idea of shooting an intruder dead, is have them know they gain nothing by doing to them what they want to do to them. Their gain by terrorizing a hapless somebody is nihil. Let them savor that truth.

But that would hardly make the fiends go away now, would it?

Obviously, sleeping with a weapon (gun) under the pillow and protecting their right to own the weapon is the only language criminals who prey on them will understand. And if what prevents the average American under attack from thinking this is deterrent enough are all those lies telling them their foe has the technology to put them to sleep and do what they want with them anyway, then they should know this is all trickery.

The mere fact they have that weapon under their pillow makes intruders think twice before intruding. This is all because of the unpredictable element, the fact intruders are never assured their victim will stay asleep during their act of trespassing.

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