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Diana: Tragic End to a Remarkable Life

Portrait of Princess Diana holding Prince Harry as a baby

This ... is not going to be the usual me. I am going to go off on a limb on this one, and for a good reason.

There is a point that has to be made and I see no other option than to risk it all to make it (the point).

That which I am risking is the record I have maintained which is that, technically, I am not mentally challenged.

By technically I mean I am seldom inconsistent, the most reliable indicator of sanity. Mad people find being coherent the hardest thing to do, if they are even trying to make sense deep within that chasm within which they are imprisoned, within which they are lost.

I am going to tell a story about a woman that was special to many. I am going to say things about her, including things I think happened to her, that many will consider other worldly, or delusions.

The woman in question is Diana, Princess of Wales.

Now ... tighten your seatbelts because, this time, this is going to be one bumpy ride with this me at the wheel ...

Before I go any further let me get one thing out of the way. Let me say to those wondering why I, a black man, am not expending energy talking about people of my race who suffered similar fates to Diana's?

Why am I not talking about Franz Fanon, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Sheikh Anta Diop, Kwame Ture, Muhammed Ali, Bob Marley, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Tupac Amaru Shakur, and the rest in this list?

But I have, and I will.

If you do not know I have then you have not been paying attention, not clicking on the article links on my blog enough, and if you do not know I will continue with this and more then ... you do not know me.

So here goes, and this will be brief.

A lot of things happened the night Diana died that are still vague. Some things we can be sure of, like the fact she did not die on the spot.

Picture of the crashed mercedes taken by a first responder

Many of the people among the first responders saw her alive and moving, on a spot.

A doctor who rushed to the scene described some of the movements he saw her making as reminiscent of the same that people finding it hard to breathe and fighting to take in air make.

She was making swimming movements, doggie style.

Hope this doctor is still alive and can still recall and talk about what he saw. He administered first aid to her BTW.

God bless his soul, even when it was all in vain.

What we also know is the fact she died on the ambulance ... on the way to the hospital. Some of us, especially people who live in the area the accident happened, know that the route the ambulance took was not the shortest to the hospital.

Those who know where she is buried know or may have heard of the four black swans that were placed in a pond nearby.

Others who have done some esoteric research, especially of the occult, understand what those swans are supposed to be doing there (if they are still there in that number).

The four Swans were put there and are there to guard her spirit ... not from robbers and what not, but hold it (the spirit) in, meaning prevent it from escaping.

Diana's grave site

There was actually a documentary in which a member of the elite was interviewed about Diana and her burial place in which he unwittingly divulged the fact Diana's spirit had been up to a lot of trouble while her body languished in a mortuary in paris, and this was a way of keeping her in one place so she did not cause as much mayhem, ever again.

Good luck to them because I do not see how swans, black or white, well endowed of plumage or highly seductive, can contain a spirit as naughty and powerful as hers ...

Here's what I will tell you I know about this, and many more things, especially what those that transpired that night pointed to, and it might all sound nutty. So I ask you to stick with my mentality on this ... do not, however, cast judgement aside until later, because you need it to see some truths in the narrative.

One thing I know about the circumstances that allowed Diana to survive the crash or spin after the Mercedes slammed into the pillar is she has a spirit powerful beyond belief. Not unique but then you get the point.

This means to me that she was also a very strong woman for powerful spirits do not choose the weak to dwell in.

The one thing her spirit would not have wanted was an end to her body's life, a forced end given her time had not come yet.

Clearly (to me), the spirit saw the accident unfold and created the space her body needed to survive the crash and, when her life was no longer threatened, receded back into her and merged consciousness.

Diana's boyfriend and driver were dead at this point, their spirits freed and roaming.

Dodi's spirit hung around and would later intervene in a manner unexpected to Diana, and saying what way this intervention happened and why, or hinting at it would be getting too far ahead in this narrative.

Ambulance taking Diana to the hospital

The ambulance arrived at the scene and placed Diana on board and headed for the hospital, taking all the care required to ensure the delicate life of the princess onboard was not harmed.

There was in fact no need for the care at this point because, as already intimated, Diana was tough of design.

She was going to make it.

Events on the ground had not gone unnoticed. In fact they had been planned.

The planners got wind and confirmation of what had happened and decided there was no better time to do what they thought needed doing in the event Diana was to get as incapacitated as they had been informed she was.

They deployed their soldiers who already were trained to handel the vicissitudes of the situation.

What they wanted to do to her involved insemination, artificial or otherwise, in order to produce an offspring that would be born of a crime, a hate crime, born of a woman wronged, a child vengeful by nature, a child strong and cunning beyond belief, but controllable by the one that had made it.

Bust of Alexander "The Great"

This offspring of a woman wronged would be used in more or less the same manner Alexander was used but, his mission would be a notch higher and harder to fulfill.

His mother's life would be terminated and he would grow up in a kind of foster care home where he would be prepared for the mission, or she would be poisoned so she became insane, the result blamed on injuries sustained during the accident, making her unfit to keep the child so the same could be done to him.

Whether this child would be the anti-christ, whatever that creature or thing is, or the one who ushers his reign in cannot be known for sure.

What happened after Diana was inseminated is the big surprise I kept for the end.

The fact I believe the announcement was made via leading news outlets that Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child when she died was an announcement that the insemination had in fact been a success. It remains conjecture whether sperm was harvested from Dodi's testicles while he lay dead.

There is the real possibility that somewhere on planet earth her seed lives, born of a surrogate but, with Diana's spirit at bay, chances he is anything worth the trouble the people behind his mother's death went to to have him conceived are slim.

The first plan to have her be the mother of the child had not succeeded. She was dead. There were less risks involved in this plan but now, with Diana dead, he was in danger of termination by her spirit hence the overriding need to keep it (her spirit) caged.

So ... the big surprise. This requires re-winding back to the ambulance scene where we find Diana's all seeing spirit out of her body again and presently conscious when she was being inseminated and ... in desperation, decided to do one thing that definitely ends a spirit's reincarnation cycle as I know it.

It decided to cause Diana to self terminate by making her stop fighting to live.

Dodi Fahed

Dodi's spirit was also present. He saw this and, realizing she would be terminating a powerful spirit's cycle, decided to take matters into his own hands. He did something hurtful to himself because the flesh and bones he did it to was the woman his former vessel loved, and his feelings for her would still have been current.

He killed her.

And the rest is history.

The fact her spirit roamed free after her death has been acknowledged by people connected to her murderer so proof she did not self terminate is not really necessary.

But this is all believable or speculation that is in fact food for thought or rooted in reality if you have studied or understand the way of the occult and the need of this culture for a saviour and the extents it will go to make one.

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