Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Negative Feedback Loop And Why it Equates To Madness

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It is not for nothing that I have always said there is no longer any need to make friends with whoever one day decides they are better off pointing the open end of the magnetron in a microwave oven at me. I do not see myself changing this resolve no matter what the other decides to throw at me, no matter the amends they make.

And if the persons who decided to douse me in directed energies such as microwaves believe that they can get me to forgive them, least of all work with or for them, then they are more deluded about me than they imagine.

For starters ... They should perish the thought attacks will make me woolly brained, so dumb I will do as they please, because I will not. This is, from start to finish, an "over my dead body" issue.

And it is not so much the harm that microwaves cause to the human body that is at issue here. Nor is it the personality change.

Microwaves damage tissue, it is true, but so do I when I wipe with tissue ... Otherwise the same happens on a grander scale when I gym or merely go for a long jog.

Point is damage to tissue is not the biggest of my worries.

Under microwave bombardment, the mind, a product of brain activity, the matter itself comprising brain cells communicating with each other and other parts of the body using electric signals, gets adversely affected and alters the way it functions which in turn impacts on the personality of the person under attack.

Whereas previously a given individual was quick to respond to a specific stimuli, they may find it hard or unnecessary to respond the same way to the same stimuli after suffering nerve damage. They may also stop doing other things they did naturally and start doing others that they never used to do before.

They will in effect become different.

But then again as with self inflicted tissue damage, people have found it necessary to alter their personality to fit in with a new reality being experienced.

The biggest thing that is caused that makes it impossible for me to forgive or forget being doused with microwaves is the resulting effect of nerve damage, brain cell deaths and the rest that goes wrong when the nervous system is cooked while the vessel they serve still needs them to be as perfect as it can be for optimal health and coordination.

The very worst of culmination of damage to the nervous system are negative feedback loops that run like vicious circles within the psyche whereas the sufferer gets convinced a course of action will rectify everything, while in fact it just make things worse.

A negative feedback loop resembles the physical effects of an addiction in its manifestation, specifically an addiction to heroine whereby the very worst personality trait the individual has becomes the prominent feature of their personality.

A negative feedback loop is in effect madness induced by directed energies. The target becomes insane. Their attempts to correct their actions, to bring sanity to their existence leeds them ever further from sanity.

I have read recollections people who were once mad shared in books and such, and the summation I have made from these of what it is like to be mad is this, that when a mad person thinks to go right they physically guide their body left, and when they think to go left they go right in fact.

It is like they have their wires crossed ... The thinking is happening and it is correct but the execution of the though is the opposite.

Out of control ... Mad ...

The least forgivable thing somebody can do to another ...

I wrote to some length about negative feedback loops in my book "Coherent Madness: Effective Defence Against Covert Warfare" and would do a better job of advising people on how to make it all better, which in turn will enable them to attract positive people to them, as opposed to the solitude attracting negative minded types eventually leads to, if I had a chance to write the second instalment of the book.

As things stand, I am incapable of the feat of completing the book because of the corner into which the vermin on my case have pushed me into whereby it is a daily struggle putting food on my table. Sitting down to write creatively is possible but it usually results in asubtraction from the total that can be put on the table and leads to malnutrition.

This cannot be the time to write a book but, hopefully, things will change for the better and I will be able to not just write an article or feature explaining what a negative feedback loop is, but be able to put that down into a resource that can be accessed and shared endlessly and down the line as well, with or without the world wide web.

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