Saturday, 4 November 2017

Experimentation In The Third World May Already Have Produced An Improvement on V2K

I knew quite a bit about the covert warfare the western elite wages in 2009 but was still so ignorant about its reach I thought I was completely safe in Africa and could do away with the cumbersome shields I wore on a daily basis in Europe.

But I was so wrong and I payed dearly for this ignorance.

I used to have no eye problems while in the west but after staying half a year in Africa I needed x2 magnification to just read and x1 to see objects afar.

The very first professionals I sought help from found nothing wrong with the eyes. There were no infections for one. It all fell down to weakened eye muscles, and their best guess of a cause was sugar.

They advised me to minimise on my sugar intake which included foodstuffs one would not normally consider high in sugar content, such as the staple maize meal.

About a year after this, it dawned on me during a night in which parts of my sleeping space heated up while others remained cold, that I was under directed energy bombardment. I immediately put it down to satellite fire. I had heard it mentioned by some targeted individuals but discounted it as a source of attacks for me until then.

Years hereafter and it become painfully clear western covert warfare did not end at western borders. It was global and the paraphernalia that makes this possible had long since been hooked up and was operational almost everywhere, even in areas as remote as the African bush.

This paraphernalia includes networked satellites and hovering drones and, sometimes, hand held weapons. Everything you would expect to be hit with in the west is also available almost anywhere on the globe you may be ...

And there is more ...

A little over four years ago, the husband of a close relative passed away at home after a lengthy illness that, to me, after hearing what he had to say about his illness, was induced by way of directed energy assaults.

He worked for an independent television broadcasting company and I suspect his removal was connected to this.

The entire team of pioneers who founded the television company came under fire and, to this day, some are still on the run ...

He was ill when I just returned from Europe and improved shortly thereafter then got ill again, and so on. I found him at home one day when he was particularly weak and he called me to the side and proceeded to tell me how his illness began. What he revealed was remarkably similar to the sci-fi stuff targeted individuals post to their timeliness on Facebook, or in videos uploaded to Youtube.

His ordeal started with infections that failed to heal. He went for tests and they came up positive for the virus that causes AIDS.

Years later, after keeping stuff from falling off using medications, he lost his thumb after an infection took hold at its root and failed to heal, after medications failed to help.

I would have believed he really had HIV/AIDS and his inundated immune system was failing to deal with infections had he not told me a bizarre story about an image or television screen rolling out in front of his eyes everytime he lay down to sleep.

This scene became more pronounced towards his last days ...

He related how a full screen hanging in mid air in front of him would fill up with total strangers wishing him the worst possible fate, wanting him dead.

I had heard of V2K before then and knew the technology and technique involved, and had heard targets relate visions they had seen or saw sometimes but nothing compared to what this man told me.

I realised at once that this was a kind of advanced V2K whereby visual images as well as sound were beamed strait to the brains, bypassing the sight and auditory organs. I knew right there and then that what I was hearing was an indication the technologies being used on Africans were more advanced than those being applied on non-consenting and unwitting targets back in the west and, after an unsuccessful quest to find a similar testimony by a western TI, I concluded the technology he had told me about was probably not yet operational. It may have been in its testing phase when it was used on him. I made this conclusion based on the assumption if it was operational it would be used on westerners and we would no doubt hear about it from TI's in the west who do not believe in suffering silently like the bulk of people in the third world.

I knew hereafter that the stories he told about body parts that did not heal had nothing to do with a weakened immune system but were also caused by directed energy assaults.

I have since also experienced these attempts to prevent an injury I sustained from healing and have long since ascertained that the states were artificially induced.

I found out during the process of protecting the part that was not healing with everything from metal, rubber to leaves and moist grass, trying one or two shields at a time, that healing commenced at a normal to accelerated pace as soon as the protection kept enough of the beamed frequencies away from the part.

The part about a television hanging in mid air, especially its rarity in the experience of TI's in the west, led me to make the conclusion most of the weapons being used in the west today are first tested out in the third world before they are used on westerners. The setting of a culture where people either make little sense of attacks, consider the experience the product of witchcraft or realize what is happening but decide to keep it to themselves, is ideal for the full scale testing and development of weapons used in covert warfare.

What must be kept in mind is how advanced the capabilities of these weapons are. Those who sit behind screens controlling weapons on satellites and drones can check and double check whether the effect they want to induce is taking effect, including side effects, and if there is a need to understand what the target below is saying in order to know something vital to the experiment, then sounds are clearly transmitted using microwaves, all the way up to satellites hovering thousands of kilometres above and translators of languages from across the globe are abundant.

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